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Chapter 15  Reaching the Ling Nature Level in the Rain In the big martial arts arena, they both were motionless because Chen Lei had consumed most of his energy and also had to maintain the light column while Chen Feng was trapped by the Ling power. However, the performance of Chen Feng was far above the expectations of all the people. Half an hour had passed, and he was struggling there without any progress. "What is he doing? Does he really believe he can get rid of the shackle of the Ling power at the Ling durability level? I’ll not allow them to fight like this any longer, otherwise an unexpected result may occur.” Chen Lei clenched his fists and greatly worried about his two sons in this fierce rivalry. Tang Ao stood up to stop Chen Xiong, saying, “What are you doing? If you intervene at this moment, they might be injured more seriously. Now we have to wait!” "Wait? No way! If they go on like this, I’m afraid they both will be killed where they stand!" Chen Xiong’s eyes were opened so wide that even Tang Ao, the king, could not dissuade him.   Tang Ao squeezed out a bitter smile, but he was not angry. He shouted, “If you intervene now, can you ensure both will be okay? Yes, with your actual strength, you can protect one of them, but are you willing to lose the other son?” “Well. . . ” Chen Xiong seemed to be in so much pain that he did not notice the subtle change in the martial arts arena. Looking toward the arena, Tang Ao was shocked and said, "Look, Chen Feng started his weird sword art once again. It truly is incredible!" "Eh? This force was agitated by his sword, but it’s a little different," Chen Xiong muttered. It turned out that Chen Feng could not break the restriction and the strength inside his body was also locked. All the Ling forces and sword power had been completely maintained in his body, except for the essence cultivated through the unknown martial art.   He was naturally glad to have made such a discovery. However, the essence of blood was too mysterious to the point that he didn’t want it to be noticed by anybody. Since there were so many masters of martial arts on the site, it would bring him a lot of trouble if it was noticed by them. Therefore, he slowly ran the essence of blood in accordance with the route of the Golden Day Thunder Swordsmanship.   In the end, the Golden Sun Thunder Swordsmanship was exerted together with the sword force, which was formed in the air when he stepped inside.    The thunder that cracked through the air mixed with lightning strikes. However, the massive attacks that were expected never appeared, except for a few raindrops. . .   It was raining unexpectedly. The rain fell on Chen Feng and Chen Lei standing in the martial arts arena with some fishy smell, continuously slapping on Chen Feng’s head, shoulders, and feet.   A strange idea suddenly occurred to Chen Feng. The raindrops fell in different sizes with the patience of penetrating stones, the arrogance of falling from a height, and the violence of roaring waves. However, although they were just water with various forms of performance, their power was completely different.   "Raindrops? If I can completely integrate into the raindrops, then the restriction will never prevent me from doing anything." Such an idea suddenly occurred to Chen Feng and he seemed to have understood something.   Looking around, his hollow eyes were full of the shadow of the raindrops. He stood there motionlessly; even without the restriction by Chen Lei, he would never move even a little at that moment.   "What happened to him? How can he be so emotionless? Is he dead?” "Don't talk nonsense. If such words were heard by our master, you would be doomed to punishment.”  With a glimmer of light flashing in his eyes, Chen Xiong said, “Your Majesty, did you discover the different force agitated by Chen Feng?” "Well, it’s unexpectedly true. Is he going to . . . ?" "Aha, yes, he intends to break through the current level by means of this rain to reach the Ling nature level. Once the breakthrough has been done successfully, I’m afraid that the light column with the Ling force will never be able to restrain him." Chen Xiong finally felt at ease. Chen Feng paid no attention to the reactions outside. At that moment, his heart had been completely integrated with the raindrops drifting in the air and his body seemed to gently fall like the rain to overlook at the whole arena in his mind.  “Is that the Ling nature level? At that level, a door seems to be opened and everything in the past has become clearer at the moment of breakthrough,” Chen Feng murmured.   Suddenly he could move his body, like the rain being gently stroked, and the bondage of the Ling force had been broken through. Chen Feng immediately felt the changes of his body. A faint black layer flew out with a stench, which was quickly washed away in the rain.   "Third brother, you . . . you have already reached the Ling nature level?” Chen Lei, feeling stunned, noticed his body’s changes.    Chen Feng nodded with a smile. "I happened to break through it, but I haven’t been able to challenge you yet."   Then came the final result of the Chen family competition. Chen Lei, at the Ling shape level, won first place, while Chen Feng ranked second, and Chen Jian took third.   The prizes for the top three in this competition were weapons of the highest quality, or armor. Chen Lei chose a top-grade long spear, while Chen Feng got a top-level external armor, which was just what he wanted then. As for Chen Jian, he picked a long sword of top quality.

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