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The Monster-infested Fifth Floor

TL: om3gakais3r
ED: RadianceWave

I arrived at the fifth floor, and the first thing i should do is checking around.

Yup. There was no monster.

Being relieved, I brace myself and go forward.

The corridor here is wide, it's around ten meters so I can freely swing my sword around. But on the contrary, this made me terrified.

That's because perhaps there's a humongous monster here.


Before the end of the path, I laid my back against the wall.

Just now, I feel like I heard something. Hiss, hiss, that kind of sound.


I closed my mouth to silence myself.

Right there, a giant ant with the body length more than three meters was eating its prey.

Is that, a Buffalow?.

Being eaten by the ant, the Buffalow was roaring in desperation. Although the bull-type monster was fierce and strong, it's almost like the Buffalow was not even considered as a danger (by the ant).

If I remembered correctly, ant's jaw is strong. It could easily lift things ten times of its weight.

Long ago, a certain scholar said that if ants were becoming humongous then the world's danger would be dangerous.

Danger would be dangerous? First, the use of the word was a problem, also without any hypothesis, i couldn't decide anything.


Giant Jaw Ant

Level 45


Agility UP Carry Strong Jaw


Hiih, looks like if I got caught by its jaw, i wouldn't be able to escape.

I thought its level would surpass Shinigami for sure.

What should I do, I'm scared but let's just attack it.

While it's still engrossed in eating its prey, i feel like can defeat it.

Let's do it!

I brought out the Flaming Rock Bullet in front of me. Since I've just learned it, I want to try it once.

Carefully, I peek my face out from behind the wall, then checking if I haven't been noticed by the ant and then I shoot the 100 cm Flaming Rock Bullet.

Full power from the beginning.

The big rock which was enveloped by the white flame was flying as if cutting the wind.


The surprised ant parried the Flaming Rock with the Buffalow it currently eating.


The Buffallow was burned by the flames.

The Jaw Ant threw the Buffallow and then immediately going to my direction.


With unbelievable speed, it closed its jaw!

If i didn't use backstep to evade, i'd be the next prey….

Thanks to the practices in teacher's class, I'm somehow safe.

Because of that, a slight distance made between me and the ant. While shooting normal Rock Bullet, i shorten the distance.

The rock was easily crushed.

The Jaw Ant was distracted, I was successfully cut its antennae.

I retreated for a while to readjust myself (his stance,etc).

Snap-snap, the ant was clicking its jaw as if intimidating me and then it started to attack me again.


Roll Roll

Roll Roll Roll


What the heck is this huge ant doing?

It's earnestly walking around on the same place.

Ah, I see… It's because the Ant Jaw has lost its antennae

It's not good to miss such oppurtunity so I shoot Flaming Rock Bullet.

Pshoo, Bam, Boooom—-

The flying rock was hitting the Ant's abdomen and burned it.

[Whoa, the hot air was too much]

Quickly, i cut the part that didn't burn which are its legs. Perhaps it could be used as a material.


Giant Jaw Ant's Leg Rank B X6


By the way, when inspecting myself, I've leveled up to 43.

My remaining LP is 800 so I can't force myself (to use LP)

Perhaps, should i turn back?

After pondering for a while, i decided to spend around an hour near the stair.

In an hour, i could use Dugeon Level Transportation again.

If the situation became dangerous, let's just use Flash —> Level Teleportation combo.

Therefore, i continued capturing my dugeon.

I walked through the maze-like passage for three minutes. There were also cases when i crept around and laid my back against wall.

There it is… there's something after this corner…



Sounds like a cute bird's squeal, but in contrast it sounds like dangerous being

I peek out a little.

It looks like a development where a python and a toad is going to an intense battle.

Seems like the cluck-cluck squeal was from the toad.

Both of them, which were bigger than the ant before are glaring at each other.

This place is completely a monster-infested place.

The one who made the first move was the python.

Slithering on the ground, it opened its jaw widely and showing its fang like it’s going to bite. The toad was quickly jumped.


But the toad banged its head to the ceiling and fall down to the ground.

That, of course you would!

The python easily wrapped around the toad’s body.

It’s literally a frog stared down by a snake. (A frog stared by a snake is a japanese idiom describe being paralyzed, unable to move.)

Well, in the first place this battle was…


Giant Snake

Level 50




Giant Frog

Level 144




I was dumbfounded by the fact that I didn’t expect, bumps/warts on the toad’s back discharged a white thick fluid gushingly.

The constricting snake was of course, touched those liquid.

And then, pssshhhh… I heard a sound like meat being burnt and then smoke is rising.


Because its body was melted in one go, thump, the snake’s body was split into two parts.

Ain’t that frog too strong…?

The ant from before was level 45, it must be that the frog is something special.

As one would expect, the snake is out of the frog’s league. Because the snake was sensing that its enemy is hard to beat, it seems that it’s going to escape, but at the same time.

A sound of footsteps could be heard from the deeper part of the passageway.


The toad was becoming vigilant. Of course. Even it made my whole body goes goose bumps.

What, the, hell, is, that?

A black—Lion.

Its mane was thick, its body was ripped and its tail was swinging freely. And all of that were as black as darkness.

Except for the eyes. Its color was red, shining with strength.

The parts it’s different from normal lion aren’t only its color. This one’s body size is a lot bigger than the normal one. Even though– the strangest part was the one on its head…


Perhaps out of unable to endure its fear, the frog launched the preemptive strike. It shooted out its tongue.

It hit the lion’s mane and sticking tightly to it. It seems the stickiness is quite high.

Just like that, the toad leaped forward and then Thunk!? For the second time, it hit its head to the ceiling and fell to the floor.

What are you trying to do, mr.Toaddddd!?

The lion shook its claws as if saying “are you stupid?” and defeated the frog in one blow.

Are you kidding me, of course the toad was stupid but its level is 144 you know.

Appraising the lion, I was astonished.


Level ???

Skill ???


There’s no single information came out.

Perhaps it has skill that prevents Appraisal.

No, there’s no time for doing this!

The black lion noticed my existence, with a gallant steps it closed the distance between us.

What an overwhelming intimidation, moreover the mysterious thing on its head. Why? Why the heck is that thing on its head!?

Anyways, it seems I couldn’t run away. (Our power) couldn’t even be compared.

Because of that, I used the combo I learned from Master.

Flaaaaaaaashh, a bright light explodez

『Ah, wait there human, I have something to tal-!?』

In a hurry, I used Level Teleportation skill and made a hole in front of me. I jumped into it quickly.

And then I breathed a relieved sigh after I saw the 1st floor’s door.

My forehead was drenched by cold sweats.

「That lion, talked, right?」

I thought that it said something about human in its very low-pitched voice.

I wondered that was the type that could communicate?

If it were really not an evil being and could make a conversation with me, I wanted to ask it something.

「Why the hell was a tulip blooming on your head!」

About that.

It seems that I’d be late from the promised time with the Holy Maiden.

I ran through the town in a hurry.

When I reached the front side of the tool store I’m familiar with, Emma was there swinging her arm widely.

「You’re late–! Over here.」

Because she waited for me, I hurriedly going to her direction.

Either because I’m in a panic or because I’m tired, my foot tripped on a stone and I was going to fall forward.


My face was landed on oh-so-bountiful Emma’s chest.


「Mnh, Sorry!」

It’d be cool if I say 『Nice cushion!』here but unfortunately I’m a coward. Yeah, I’m a coward because I’m scared that she’d slap me on the face.

「Muh- That surprised me~」

「Really, I was in a hurry. I’m sorry for the sexual harassment.」

「Nah, there’s no need to apologize that much. Eh, by the way we’re late so let’s hurry up!」

「Oh yeah, that’s true.」

While keeping my walking pace with Emma, I thought about this;

Earlier was the effect of 【Lucky Pervert】, wasn’t it?

One second later, my theory was proofed..


Somehow a gust of wind blows through the street which was rarely being blown by wind. As if a prank, the gust of wind was flipping the skirt of a woman near me.

The flashy, youthful colored panty was showed into my eyes.

Honestly, I didn't feel happy at all.

That was because… that woman was a wrinkled granny.

Something is welling up inside me.


「Were you so stimulated that you want to throw up? There, a little bonus for ye.」


This skill needs to be improved….!

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