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Chapter 64 Unusual Talent (Part II)

"Is there anything to eat in the kitchen? "Said Old Yun, while he was looking at the cook on duty.

After finding that the man was one of the elders of the family, the cook said earnestly, "Yes, I can make anything you want."

"It's not me who want to eat. It's him." Old Yun pointed to Yuxiao next to him.


The cook looked quickly at Yuxiao and asked. "What would you like to eat, young master?"

"Just bring me some cooked food." "Said Yuxiao unkindly.

"Well, wait a moment."

With this, the cook on duty took two steamed buns and a bowl of leftovers from the room, which should have been eaten at noon, and brought them out.

After Yuxiao took over, he squatted impolitely at the kitchen door and devoured the food. Then he handed the bowl to the cook on duty and said. "Give me more food and a bowl of water."

"I'm sorry. There's no hot water." "Said the cook on duty.

"Just give me a bowl of cold water." "Said Yuxiao.


After the cook finished speaking, he walked into the kitchen, then he brought out a bowl of vegetables and two steamed buns and handed them to Yuxiao. Then the cook went into the kitchen again. When he came out with a bowl full of water, Yuxiao had eaten all the vegetables and steamed buns. Yuxiao took over a bowl of cold water in the hands of the cook, finished within a few gulps.

"Your body has just begun to recover. Don't overeat or overdrink." Old Yun reminded Yuxiao.

After listening to his words, Yuxiao suddenly realized that he didn't need to be too polite to them. Anyway, they were going to use him as an experiment. At this moment, he looked at Old Yun and said, "Thank you for your concern. I will go into the kitchen and see if there is any other food."

As he spoke, he walked straight into the kitchen, ignoring the cook on duty. When he came to the kitchen, he saw all kinds of things in it. He picked up an apple and ate it. Then he picked up a large piece of cooked meat and ate it with green onions. In a short time, he ate a large piece of cooked pork into his stomach, and then he ate cooked beef, roast chicken, roast duck, which gradually filled up his stomach. The cook on duty was aghast at all this. The food was the dinner for hundreds of people of family in the afternoon, and he ate one-fifth of it in a short time. That is to say, he ate the food for dozens of people by himself.

The cook on duty was stunned and thought, "How big is this guy's stomach? How can he eat so much food?"

Old Yun was also very surprised, he thought in his heart. "This person's martial art is not top, the appetite should be considered invincible in the world."

"So comfortable, so comfortable."

At this point, Yuxiao patted his bulging stomach and belched. Then he reached out and picked up a whole roast pig and a whole roast sheep. He looked at Old Yun's face with a satisfied smile and said: "Yes, the food here is better than the inn. Old Yun, now I listen to you explain family rules slowly.


At this time, the cook on duty pointed to the roast whole pig and roast whole sheep that Yuxiao was holding in both hands and wanted to say that these were the staple food of all the people in the afternoon. However, he was temporarily frightened by his eating and could not even tell them.

"Oh, I won't come in the evening. This is my food for the evening. Do you have any objection?" Yuxiao said to the cook. No one knew whether he was really confused or faking it.

Old Yun was standing beside him, his heart was in a tangle, he thought. "If he eats like this, he can eat our family to the poor." But he now told the cook directly, "You can purchase some more food later. Let's go."

The cook was very upset when he heard this. "Do you think I can buy it at any time? What if the housekeeper doesn't give me the money?" But he did not dare to object, he quickly nodded and agreed: "Yes."

Yuxiao was not in the mood to look at the cook's expression. He was not in a good mood or disgusted with all the family members, including the old man in front of him.

"Old Yun, I found that after I had eaten enough, my body was full of strength, and I felt that I had completely recovered. Why don't we go and talk business with chief now?" "Yuxiao said as he carried the roasted meat and held out his round stomach.

Old Yun felt speechless when he heard what he said. He looked at Yuxiao and thought. "What an unusual talent he is!"

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