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Chapter 46 The Battle (Part II)

This level 9 evil-beast was intended to chase Master Li, before he suddenly saw a magical realm crashed into himself. His eyes were filled with contempt. After he uttered a mantra, a fiery red magical realm appeared in the sky and flew toward the space where the snowflakes were falling.

Master Li looked at this side in a hurry and growled, "Millions of sacred forces gathered."

Then, the brilliant blue light of his gigantes sword suddenly turned into a red and white light. It was a thousand-feet-long and a hundred feet wide. He brandished his sword and cut away at the human-formed level 9 evil-beast who was fighting with Master Bai.


This human-formed level 9 evil-beast had no time to dodge this blow, and after a furious dragon roar, he changed back into itself. The black dragon withstands Master Li's attack, which hits his flesh into blurred, and his scale flies to the sky. Master Li spit out blood, he collapsed to the ground.


The wounded level 9 evil-beast let out a roar, and then launched an attack on Master Bai in the air. A black flame shot out of his mouth, and he rushed at Master Bai as well. He was of the view that it's unable to escape this attack. As he gnashed his teeth, the huge axe glowed red and his body doubled in size, but he was still much smaller than the level 9 evil-dragon.

Then he clenched his axes and chopped at the oncoming black dragon. The slash, with a red light, fell directly on this level 9 evil-dragon, cutting the black dragon's body into two pieces. At the same time, he was also hit by the black flame and turned into ashes. The gigantes axe became a flash of light and then disappeared into the air.


The dragon, who was cut into two pieces, is not yet dead. He was howling in the air in rage. His mouth is constantly burning black flame towards the direction of the human elite in the air.


Master Tang and that human-formed level 9 evil-beast against the magical realm issued a sound, it seems that the outcome will soon be resolved. There was a jarring crash in the air as if it had been broken, and dark cracks appeared in the sky, then the figures of the two men appeared out of this magical realm. The handsome young man was unhurt, and Master Tang spat blood and fell from the sky to the ground.

Just then a big hand suddenly appeared in the sky and grabbed at the injured black dragon. A slight panic flashed in the eyes of this injured black dragon. He could not avoid and being immediately scratched into powder, after then, bloody rain fell to the ground. Then another large hand appeared in the sky and grabbed at the handsome man. A look of panic flashed in the handsome man's eyes. He instantly returned to himself, and meets his thousand-feet-long body into the large hand in the sky. After a loud noise, the black dragon turned over in the sky, and the big hand was gone.

"You brute, take my shot."

At this time, the old man in green appeared in the sky. His hair was as white as snow. His eyes were wide open, and his hands were constantly changing different fingerprints.


The level 9 evil-dragon felt the terror emanating from the old man in green. With a roar, he opened his mouth and spat out a black magical realm. Suddenly, the sky became black within ten thousand feet, and the old man in green was swallowed by the dark magic. Then the black magical realm becomes half black and half red, and the two magical realm keep turning. The old man in green had finished the final print of his hand, and a ten-thousand-foot blue ray flew straight through the black and red magical realm into the sky.

When this ten-thousand-foot-long blue light goes higher, it becomes an one-hundred-thousand-foot-long blue machete. Then it came to the dark and red magical realm. As the big blue machete fell through the air, a thin crack appeared in the sky, as if it had split the sky in two.


The light of the blue machete falls into the dark and red magical realm, which is broken directly. The black dragon was cut in half and fell from the sky. The broken black and red magic dove straight into the body of old man in green, by taking advantage of his momentary weakness after he finished a skill.

Then the old man in green felt that his belly was filled with the breath of rage, which was rushing through his veins. The eyes of the old man in green had turned red, and now he was staring into the distance at thousands of flying evil-beasts fighting the human elite.

The old man in green quickly developed a hand print, and a large hand appeared in the air above his head. It was patting toward the flying evil-beasts. Each time it hits a level 7 evil-beast, it is killed in an instant. It has shot hundreds of times in the air, and one of the evil-beasts has died in each time.

Then the old man felt that the Qi in his body was no longer under control. A harsh flashed in his eyes, and he flew into the crowd of evil-beasts. "Boom! The earth trembled beneath his feet, and the sky was suddenly covered with a blue light for hundreds of miles around a central point. Regardless of the flying evil-beast or the human elite within this range, all of a sudden disappeared from the sky. A hundred-miles area of the sky then turned to pure blue, which is quite beautiful.

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