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Published at 21st of July 2020 09:00:14 AM
Chapter 1081: 1081

Ai Bao had never expected Ink Painting on Porcelain to do her such a big favor!

 Although… Why did Ink Painting on Porcelain know about her messy relationship with Wu Hanxiao?

 She was still feeling conflicted when her friend sent her a message on QQ . “You know what, last time when I edited Ink Painting on Porcelain’s recording, I happened to mention you in passing and told him what Wu Hanxiao did to you . Porcelain said he would get even with Wu Hanxiao for you .

 “P . S . : I think Ink Painting on Porcelain cares about you a lot… He told me that he listened to all the radio plays you worked on as an organizer and his phone’s ringtone is an anime theme song you covered…”

 Ai Bao was surprised . Despite working in the voice-acting circle, she seldom sang anything herself . The only time she had was for a bet, where she covered a Japanese song which she posted on her webpage .

 Ink Painting on Porcelain… used a song she sang as his ringtone…

Holding her face in her palms, Ai Bao smiled dumbly .

 Was her voice that great?

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 On her way back home, Ai Bao couldn’t help but begin to hum a tune .

 “You’re my eyes that experience the change of seasons for me… Because you’re my eyes, I can see…” Immersed in her singing, she only stopped when she saw the look on An Yibei’s face .

 “Mr . An… was I too loud?”

 An Yibei forced a smile . “Ai Bao, promise me not to sing Chinese songs again . ”

 “But why?” Ai Bao asked in grievance .

 “Other people can’t tell you’re off-key when you sing in a foreign language . ”

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 Ai Bao was crestfallen .

 She found the song she sang and was astonished after listening to it for two seconds .

 Shit! She was completely out of tune!

 Who gave her the confidence to post it online in the first place?! That was horrible!

 Ai Bao closed the webpage and didn’t know how to process the whole thing .

 “Mr . An, I think someone’s secretly in love with me…” said Ai Bao sadly .

 How come she wasn’t elated by the revelation that a famous guy liked her?

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 An Yibei said calmly, “That’s good news . At least it means you’re more popular than I expected . ”

 Ai Bao bit her lip . “Are you afraid that the other guy may take me away from you?”

 “Go ahead . ” An Yibei smirked . “I’d like to see him try!”

 Ai Bao’s eyes twinkled . “Wow! Say that again! That sounded so heroic!”

 Before An Yibei could reply, Ai Bao’s phone began to ring .

 She picked it up .

 “Baobao, I made your favorite sour and sweet fish . Come back home tonight!” It was from Ai Bao’s dad .

 Flustered, Ai Bao stammered, “But I’m busy…”

 “How busy can you possibly be? You know what, you have to come back tonight . Auntie Wang set you up with a guy, so come back and have a look . You can still make a new friend if you don’t like him . ”

 “Dad, stop setting me up with guys!” Ai Bao blushed . Stealing a glance at An Yibei, she said in a tiny voice, “I have a boyfriend now…”

 After a long silence, her dad said in a trembling voice, “What did you say, Baobao? You have a boyfriend? Really? Are you making it up because of the blind date?”

 Ai Bao said in resignation, “Dad, why would I lie to you? Just stop setting me up on blind dates…”

 An Yibei asked suddenly, “Is that from your dad?”

 “Yes . ”

 “Let me talk to him . ” He pulled over, then took the phone unhurriedly . “Hello, Uncle, this is Baobao’s boyfriend… yes… sure, I’ll take her to you now . ”


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