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Lu Li instructed for the two Main Tanks who were at critical HP to be healed back to full. He then sent a small group out to Revive those who had fallen.

Fortunately, Shadow Impact had a cooldown and couldn't be cast whenever. Otherwise, Lu Li wouldn't dare to bring this group of level 40 players to fight a level 50+ Boss.

With a 7-8 level gap, there would be a significant amount of bonus damage dealt. The situation would be so delicate that if something went wrong, the party would be wiped.

When the Boss' HP dropped below 50%, its attack rhythm increased. In this state, Hex not only could cast Shadow Impact, but also had a skill called Chaos Hit.

Chaos Hit - targets that are hit by this attack will be put into a state of confusion and will attack their teammates. Also creates five clones of the target.

If you were hit by this skill, you would become the Vile Priestess Hex's minion, and there would be six of you.

The five clones would each have one of your skills. If you were DPS character like a Mage, it would be Frostbolt, while if you were a Warlock, it would be Shadow Bolt. However, these mobs were usually rapidly dealt with as they were unable to heal.

If the target was a Healer, things would be even easier. Instead of attacking their former teammates, they would choose to heal the Boss.

However, if the commander was hit and the players couldn't deal with him in time, it would only be a matter of minutes before they were wiped.

Many big guilds had specific strategies for fighting Vile Priestess Hex.

In order to complete this phase as quickly as possible, Lu Li chose to begin using the Skulls filled with Resentment.

Although the previous stage was difficult, as long as they could maintain control of the Boss, there was little chance of wiping. As such, there was no need to use this item.

However, it was a mistake to think that there were many of these Skulls filled with Resentment. They looted many corpses at Jinth'Alor, but the drop rate for this item was so low that they had only collected ten. These ten might not even be enough, and Lu Li still had to watch out for Hex's Berserk form.

On command, the designated players threw their Skulls, which hit the Vile Priestess Hex one at a time.

Once these heads touched her, they immediately exploded into a cloud of gray smoke which was absorbed into her body.

Hex let out a shrill cry.

A debuff immediately appeared over her head - Armor Pierce.

"Keep going; don't stop! We need to maintain five stacks!" Lu Li shouted.

Armor Pierce was a useful debuff that would significantly increase the amount of damage that the Boss took. Unfortunately, this state only lasted for five seconds and most players could only two skills in this time.

After stacking another five Skulls, the second debuff appeared - Root.

Root's effect prevented Hex from moving, but she was still free to cast her skills. Hex was a Ranged Caster, so this debuff didn't really affect her.

Although a flurry of Skulls had hit Hex, many of them didn't have any effect. Square Root 3, who initially thought that they had quite a few skulls and had urged Lu Li to use them, was now completely silent.

However, it was interesting to see all the different debuffs of Dawn on display.

In addition to the previous Armor Pierce and Root, there was a following series of debuffs including Silence, Curse, Fatigue, Sickness, Cripple, Slow, Fear, Sleep, Charm, Dazed and Disarmed.

Some like Coma, Disarm, Sickness and Fatigue were useful. They prevented the Boss from attacking, or would reduce their damage and Armor.

There were some that didn't do anything, like Slow. It would have been better to reduce Hex's attack speed rather than her movement speed.

Of course, having these effects stacked together still helped.

When the Boss' HP dropped below 40%, she attempted to summon another demon when she was suddenly hit by Fear.

As a result, Hex stopped attacking and began to aimlessly run about. Amidst the chaos, it casted Shadow Impact before it could fully recover.

In that moment, there was a small group fighting the Boss made up of light-armor professions. The results were obvious…

Ten players died and seven were left at critical HP.

As luck would have it, the DPS players couldn't get out of the way and the seven remaining players didn't have enough time to recover.

After this unfortunate event, there were only one to two players left.

Lu Li let out a cry of distress before instructing the Main Tanks to pull the Boss away so that some of the Druids could Revive the stronger players. However, there was no way they could Revive them all. The Druid Resurrect skill was limited and there was nothing they could do after they ran out.

On the ground, there were more than fifty corpses that were still lying on the ground. Lu Li hastily Revived some of the ones nearby.

There were some small mobs around the area, but they weren't too problematic as they were outside the range of the Evil Priestess.

The other guilds had no idea. Even if they caught wind of it, they would still see the difficulty of their situation. No one could get in and no one could get out.

In the second phase, they had lost many players and had also used up 80% of their Skulls.

Phase 3 began when Hex fell to 20% HP and was a little simpler. Apart from the Chaos Hits, there were some other skills that dealt a lot of damage over an area.

Even so, they still couldn't afford to be careless. Bosses in Dawn could counter-attack, and would even have tricks at 1% HP.

Naturally, Lu Li wasn't the kind of person to do things carelessly. Those who didn't know what was happening thought that everyone was going to get wiped. However, everyone else kept fighting and prepared themselves for whatever ridiculous things Hex decided to throw at them next.

In fact, there were no major incidents until it reached 5% HP.

Azure Sea Breeze was struck once by a Chaos Hit. Dealing with six Azure Sea Breezes took a lot of effort, but fortunately, he only had a lot of HP. He could tank a lot of attacks, but he couldn't kill anyone.

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