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Colonel Troteman said that he would search for Keeshan's body and Lu Li told him the direction that the dragon had flown towards. He then left the peace and tranquility of the lakeside town with Water Fairy.

As always, the mottled walls of Stormwind City were a record of the passage of time, but also told a story of the three wars.

Hero Valley was a splendid valley in the southern part of the city. Being the only way to Stormwind, every visitor had to journey through it.

Statues of heroes stood on both sides of the road and greeted the visitors as they walked through.

There was the Elf Ranger Alleria Windrunnner, Human Paladin Turalyon, Human Mage Khadgar, Dwarf Paladin Kurdran and Human Warrior Danath Trollbane.

Each of them had an epic story that could never be fully told.

However, none of them were Thieves. There was no hero statue or any hero at the entrance of Stormwind that was a thief.

On the way, Water Fairy casually disclosed the way that she had managed to find a Thief mentor.

To put it simply, it was a sunny afternoon and she had killed a dozen or so Horde players who had snuck into Stormwind. Her technique was clean and masterful, so she was recognized by one of Pasonia's disciples.

"Pasonia!" Lu Li felt that the name sounded familiar.

It was a pity that no matter how much he thought about it, he couldn't remember where he had heard the name before.

"Aunt Pasonia is very powerful. She has taught me many Thief skills, particularly in way of assassinating. I think she is an Assassin," Water Fairy's gushed as her eyes lit up.

Fortunately, her teacher was a female. Otherwise, Lu Li might have felt a bit of jealously, but he didn't understand why.

"What's her surname?" Lu Li asked.

Water Fairy thought that Lu Li didn't trust her, and was trying to convince him of her trustworthiness.

"Shaw, Pasonia Shaw. She didn't hide anything from me."

"Shaw!" Lu Li exclaimed, then turned his head and asked Water Fairy, "Do you really not know who she is?"

"I'm sure she was someone extraordinary, but now she just looks like an ordinary old lady. When I met her, she was picking some mulberries in the forest," Water Fairy explained, then asked in curiosity, "Do you know her story?"

"Perhaps you haven't heard of Pasonia Shaw, but have you heard of Madias Shaw or MI7?"

"I've heard of MI7, but not of Madius Shaw," Water Fairy answered as she shook her head.

"You really are uneducated…" Lu Li muttered weakly.

"Quickly, tell me!"

Water Fairy's dagger was already at Lu Li's neck. The female tycoon's ego was on the line as this was the first time anyone had called her uneducated.

"Okay, okay," Lu Li reluctantly accepted and began explaining, "MI7 is the Stormwind Assassin Corps, which is considered one of the oldest-existing organizations in Azeroth. Before the First Great War, the Stormwind City aristocrats felt like things were becoming difficult to achieve legally. To solve this problem, one of them by the name of Lovell Youngden secretly contacted a Thief in prison."

"This Thief isn't Aunty Pasonia right?" It was hard for Water Fairy to imagine that kind-hearted woman as a criminal.

"Not only was she a criminal, but she was also a repeated offender. She had been repeatedly arrested and was quite notorious," Lu Li explained, ignoring the angry eyes of Water Fairy. "Lovell promised her that she would be dealt with leniently, but she had to form an organization that would carry out any dirty work required. She immediately agreed, but asked to do it her own way."

"This was the origin of MI7, and Aunty Pasonia was the founder of MI7…" Water Fairy concluded. She wasn't stupid a girl.

"That's right - not only is she a powerful assassin, but she is also a capable leader. From a criminal to the mysterious leader of MI7, she created one of the most powerful organizations in the Mainland. You thought that she was just some former imperial guard," Lu Li said, unable to help but envy the good fortune of Water Fairy.

The fact that she had met Pasonia Shaw and not Madias Shaw only further illustrated that she was fate's daughter.

If she had met Madias, the current leader of the MI7 and the grandson of Pasonia, she would have indirectly joined MI7 while also being part of Ravenholdt Manor. Once it came out that she was affiliated with both of these organizations, she would be bound to suffer.

However, things were different with Pasonia Shaw. She had already retired and now had no relationship with MI7.

Ravenholdt Manor would have no objections to Water Fairy becoming her disciple. MI7 also wouldn't care as to who an old lady took under her wing.

"I can ask for you next time, if Pasonia is still accepting apprentices," Water Fairy offered.

Lu Li's heart was touched and didn't try to stop her, but he wasn't optimistic about being accepted by Pasonia.

They entered Pasonia's residence in Stormwind, which was a simple, small, wooden house with two rooms.

Pasonia had completed several assassination quests during the war.

Keeshan had completed 248 quests, but Pasonia had completed a few more. However, many of them were conducted in secret and their details were unknown.

She was quite old as well - after all, her grandson was now the leader of MI7.

However, Lu Li could still see in a glance that she was once a beautiful woman. She was kind and polite with a head of white hair, but she had kept herself quite well. There were a few wrinkles on her forehead and a faint scar in the corner of her temple which added some mystery to her appearance.

"Aunt Pasonia, the crisis in the lakeside town has been averted. This is my friend Lu Li; he helped me a lot during the quest," Water Fairy explained.

"A Thief always acts alone," Pasonia said in a serious tone, but in the blink of an eye, she changed her expression and laughed, "But if you bring someone you like, then there is no need to abide by this rule. When you're young, regardless of whether if you're a Thief or a Mage, love is more important than anything…"

Water Fairy was slightly embarrassed and even Lu Li felt a bit uncomfortable.

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