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According to the tournament rules, Moonlight had to stay on stage to face off against opponents until he was defeated.

At the end of the first fight, his HP, cooldowns and actives all remained the same.

His second opponent was a warrior.

A fight between two players of the same class would usually be quite entertaining, assuming they were on the same playing field. However, the enemy Warrior could be described as mediocre at best and barely stood a chance.

The fight last lasted for less than a minute before he went down.

At the end, Moonlight was still on 71% HP; the two players he had fought had barely even scratched him. It seemed like the reserves for the single elimination matches wouldn't be needed.

After the Warrior, the opposing team sent in a Paladin, Warlock, and Hunter, but each of them was defeated in a matter of seconds. This marked the end of the single elimination matches. Moonlight still had 42% HP left over and he barely even bothered trying in the last few matches because he felt so bored.

Ruling Sword received five points while their opponents received 0.

The audiences were completely silent for the entire match because they were bored out of their minds. They were annoyed because they had spent a whole silver coin to watch Ruling Sword slaughter some random noobs.

The ticket prices had increased from 10 copper coins to a silver coin.

In the Preliminary matches, the arena could hold 10,000 people, which equated to 100 gold per match. The system and tournament committee took 60% of the profit, leaving 40 gold per match for the participating players.

Moonlight was too tired to participate in the team elimination matches, so Ruling Sword's team consisted of Lu Li, Fat Monkey, March Rain, Sakura Memories and Kitty Likes Meat, with Mu Qiu as a reserve.

"Moonlight doesn't want to participate. Let me initiate the fight later," Fat Monkey said as he entered the arena.

"Um.." Lu Li hesitated, then nodded and said, "Fine, but if we're up against a strong team, we're following the order that we planned for. We're also trying to develop Kitty Likes Meat more before the finals."

"I'll take turns with Kitty Likes Meat then." Fat Monkey was pleased.

He didn't mind if his opponents were weak; he just wanted someone to beat up.

According to the order that they planned for, Lu Li would usually start. If he was killed, then Moonlight would follow, then Kitty Likes Meat, Fat Monkey and finally Mu Qiu.

The enemy team consisted of a four-DPS-one-healer team composition which was the same as Ruling Sword's.

Fat Monkey was terrifying as usual; he immediately blinked into the enemy team and casted Frost Nova, followed by hail of Ice Bolts and Ice Lances. As he was unleashing his wrath against the enemy team, he suddenly felt alone.

When he turned his head back, he saw his four teammates sitting there watching him.

"What are you guys doing? Come and help me!"

Fat Monkey was scared and casted Frost Shield to protect himself. Even though he was quite powerful and they were up against noobs, there was no way he could take on all five of them at once.

"Look at how reckless you are. I thought you were going to kill them all by yourself," Lu Li chuckled.

He had been waiting to teach this guy a lesson. Since this match was a guaranteed win, he decided to troll Fat Monkey and let him have a taste of what it was like to be beaten up by a group of noobs. Perhaps next time he won't be so reckless.

He had asked the others and they all agreed to help pull off this prank.

Even the rookie Kitty Likes Meat was looking forward to this. It was human nature to find entertainment in the misfortune of others, especially if they were someone as arrogant as Fat Monkey.

Fat Monkey's face suddenly turned green as the Frost Shield was about to time out.

As the invulnerability timed out, he used his item active and ran away as quickly as he could in a random direction. "Where are you going Monkey?" Lu Li yelled.

"You guys are a bunch of dogs. I'll never trust you guys again…" Fat Monkey felt wronged because he trusted them like brothers, and yet they had betrayed him like this.

"Ok, let's go."

Lu Li never expected Fat Monkey to get killed - he wasn't stupid. If he couldn't 1v5, he would run away.

The first match finished quickly and they tallied up 10 points as well as 40 gold in ticket money.

"We're making bank! You owe me a drink!" Fat Monkey yelled angrily. If he wasn't so good at running away he wouldn't have survived.

"Fine." Lu Li was quick to say yes.

Although a fraction of the money had to be given to the guild, it was only natural for them to celebrate their first win.

The seven of them entered the tavern and Fat Monkey ordered the most expensive wine.

It costed 70 gold for a bottle. Lu Li laughed while Fat Monkey ordered.

"Were you nervous for your first match Kitty?" Lu Li asked.

"Not really - I found it fun like I always have," Kitty Likes Meat answered as she sipped on the wine. She was an experienced arena player, so these types of tournaments were quite familiar to her.

You could also kill other players in arena while spectators watched.

"Get used to tournaments like these in the future. The team we were up against today was quite weak, but you still made some mistakes in the fight," Lu Li said, then began giving her pointers for what she could have improved on today.

Kitty Likes Meat listened as she continued drinking. She became tipsy very quickly; it was obvious that she didn't drink much.

Lu Li decided not to stop her because he wanted to see her father's reaction to her daughter returning home drunk. He wondered whether he would be worried about his daughter's safety while hanging out with Ruling Sword.

Square Root Three hoped that Kitty's father would become the coach of Ruling Swords so that he could watch over his daughter closely.

Was there anything more dangerous than a young lady getting drunk in public?

Lu Li finished speaking with Kitty Likes Meat, then changed his focus to Fat Monkey. "

Monkey, next time you have to wait for my call to initiate. Please be more humble and cautious. The professional players can easily exploit your recklessness and ultimately create a disadvantage for our team."

"As long as you guys follow up next time…" Fat Monkey was still talking back.

"Don't look down on others. Let's go and form teams; I'll personally shut you down," Lu Li said as he finished his alcohol and left.

Fat Monkey wasn't afraid at all and followed behind.

He recruited four players who were experienced in the arena while Lu Li asked random players from the guild and did not allow starters such as Moonlight or March Rain to join.

Both parties entered the arena.

The 5v5 arena was the most popular PVP mode. However, since there were still matches ongoing in the tournament, there were very few audiences that spectated them.

The two sides created a chatroom and discussed strategies.

Fat Monkey's strategy was simple - he was to initiate the fight while the others stayed behind him and blasted the enemy. This was the typical reckless glass cannon strategy that Fat Monkey used.

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