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After calming down, Lu Li found some inconsistencies with his conclusion. He watched for a while, but only found Doomguards and Hellhounds. There weren’t any higher-end Burning Legion units.

In the center was what seemed like an altar.

Lu Li slowly approached it, but he didn’t dare to get much closer. Not only were the Hellhounds capable of absorbing mana, but they were also quite strong. If they found him, the sheer number of Doomguards would be enough to gang up on him, even though this was just a Burning Legion scouting party.

There was the dead tree, an altar and Doomguards in this abandoned little world. Lu Li kept speculating.

Sargeras or his men were probably here killing the Abyss demons that were resisting. They had destroyed the world tree and forced the indigenous species of this world to follow him as he went on destroying other worlds.

These Doomguards and Hellhounds might have been the ones that were too weak to escape.

However, that couldn’t be right – these had to be the descendants of those survivors. No one had studied the lifespan of these things, so he couldn’t be sure.

Right now, it seemed as though they were trying to summon a formidable ancestor.

He didn’t know that there wasn’t a Boss here, but it was reasonable to assume that monsters that could build an altar weren’t weak. Furthermore, it would be impossible for the population to reach this size without a leader.

Lu Li observed as he walked around the tree and finally found a bigger Doomguard.

It was said that Doomguards were able to evolve when they became strong enough. It was even possible for them to become Demon Lords. Obviously, this Doomguard had not yet evolved, and Lu Li speculated that it might not even be a fully-fledged Boss.

Lu Li wandered around, then picked a Doomguard that was furthest from the others.

He wanted to test out the strength of the Boss, but there were too many monsters around it. Moreover, Hellhounds were particularly sensitive creatures. He was also worried about the unknown level of the Boss.

If the Boss was too strong, he might just instantly lose 10% EXP.

In fact, most experienced players could guess a Boss’ level based on the monsters’ levels.

Some players thought that the Bosses of the same species would have the same skills. The only differences would lie in the Boss’ occupation and unique skills given by the System.

Lu Li had already seen quite a few Doomguards before.

He also chose a Doomguard that had a Hellhound following it. In the Burning Legion, the Doomguard was the combat unit and some of them had Hellhounds as hunting dogs.

Lu Li planned to stun the Doomguard and kill the Hellhound first.

Unfortunately, he was discovered by the Hellhound before he even got close. The monsters here had to be much higher-levelled. Lu Li took out his crossbow and shot an arrow at the Doomguard’s body.


The damage was quite low. One reason was because Thieves weren’t crossbow users, but it was also because of the level gap.

After the attack, Lu Li saw the target’s level and HP. The Doomguard was a level 45 Elite, while the Hellhound was level 42. The former had 12,000HP while the latter had 8,000HP.

These two were not going to be easy to deal with, and he didn’t have much time left either.

Lu Li activated the effect on his shoe – Wirt’s Fake Leg, Instant Cast, leap forwards or backwards 8 yards. This time, he chose to bounce backwards before he used Vanish. This successfully put him outside the Hellhound’s detection range.

The Hellhound sniffed around for a while, but was ultimately unable to find him.

The Doomguard waved his double-headed spear and couldn’t help but roar. The other Doomguards came and explored the area, but Lu Li had already left, so they were just looking in vain.

These Doomguards were actually capable of summoning their allies, so Lu Li felt like it would be very difficult for him to overcome this secret area.

Because monsters were around level 45, the Boss would likely be level 50. After all, it ruled an entire clan of monsters and was likely at the top of the food chain in this small world.

Lu Li hoped that he would be able to bring other players here – there was not much that he could do alone.

The other thing he was concerned about was the gorillas that were outside. He didn’t want to be chased like a dog again, so he needed to kill the gorillas with the guild’s main force.

The gorilla Boss was level 45, and it was unlikely that throwing rocks was all it could do.

Lu Li retreated in Stealth until he was a safe distance away before channeling the return portal.

When he returned to Darnassuss, the world suddenly became blindingly bright, and he received a whole variety of messages.

"Lu Li, get rid of the Boss quickly. The monkeys have discovered our ship…"

"If you don’t come, we’ll have to go."

"Lu Li what happened to you? Why aren’t you showing up on the map?"

"Lu Li…"

"Lu Li…"

Most of them were from Laugh Into the Heavens and Hachi Chan, who were wondering why he hadn’t returned yet. They asked about where he had gone and why they couldn’t contact him, before finally asking about how he suddenly managed to level up.

Lu Li then remembered to open up the level rankings. He was first on the list and was the only level 38 player.

He was probably going to be in the lead for quite a while now. As he thought of those players who had several teams working to level them up, Lu Li couldn’t help but feel a sense of superiority.

‘You guys keep going – I have a technique that’ll make you eat the dust.’

These messages obviously couldn’t be ignored. Lu Li just gave an excuse, saying that it was too late and that it would take too long to explain. It was probably better for him to keep this a secret.

He pleaded Laugh Into the Heavens to keep the gorilla island a secret to avoid the Boss being taken by someone else.

Of course, Laugh Into the Heavens had no problem with that – he had already saved the princess. Lu Li and Hachi Chan had received some EXP for helping him, but he had received a larger EXP reward, a Skill Point, a Gold equipment and a Skill Book. It was a huge harvest for him.

He proposed giving Lu Li the equipment and the Skill Book, as he had played a decisive role in getting the boat and pulling the Boss away.

However, Lu Li refused without hesitation.

He just wanted the Ancient Demon Eye, and now that he had it, he didn’t want anything else that didn’t belong to him. He wasn’t being pedantic; it was just a basic professional ethic.

Moreover, the equipment was only decent. For someone like Lu Li, it was far from exquisite. The skill book was also for a Druid skill that couldn’t be considered as being too rare either.

Additionally, Lu Li had received countless congratulations from his acquaintances. He also saw a message from Water Fairy.

This female tycoon didn’t beat around the bush and got straight to the point – she wanted to pay Lu Li to share his levelling method.

Lu Li was helpless. Even if he wanted to take her, he needed to wait until he was ready before going back to the secret area.

However, Water Fairy also had another purpose for sending the message. She said that she would visit Lu Xin tomorrow at the hospital, which meant that Lu Li would get to see the legendary Water Fairy in real life.

He wasn’t terribly excited about this – after all, he wasn’t interested in that way. However, he definitely was curious. Would Water Fairy wear a veil in real life just like in the game?

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