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A+ A- Chapter 491: Heart Disease
"Are you able to take out three million? If you can’t…" the old doctor asked.
He knew how much $3 million was. Even if the dollar had dropped significantly, most of the average people wouldn’t see that much money in their lifetime. Three million dollars was enough to buy a good house in the average areas.
"No. I can afford it," Lu Lu replied without any hesitation.
In this moment, Lu Li would fulfill anything that the old doctor asked for. He was usually smart, but once things came to his sister, he instantly became a fool.
If everything in life went as planned, then life wouldn’t be so interesting.
There had to be someone who made you lose your cool. For Lu Li, Lu Xin was this someone.
"You can afford three million? That game must’ve really, really earned a lot of money…" the old doctor said in surprise; he didn’t expect this answer.
Lu Li had said that he could afford it, but this didn’t mean that he would have to use all of it. The doctor was stating a fact, while Lu Li was showing his determination.
The old doctor was already the most famous cardiologist in the nation, but he only had around one or two million dollars in his savings.
Of course, this was also because of his generosity; he often helped his patients, regardless of money.
He had originally planned to help Lu Li, even if Lu Li couldn’t afford it.
"Please lower the risks

to a minimum; money isn’t an issue." In Lu Li’s perspective, surgeries always came with risks. There was no way he would let his efforts go to waste because he wanted to save some money.
"Helen Svalford is the most famous heart surgeon in the world. She has performed up to 700 heart transplant surgeries, she’s serious, strict and rarely makes mistakes. Last week, she came to China to perform a surgery. I’ve always kept in contact with her and have planned to ask her to perform the surgery. What do you think?" the old doctor asked.
Helen Svalford!
Because of his sister, Lu Li had spent his spare time studying the medical world. This was the name that he paid the most attention to.
Helen Svalford was from England. With the medical technology of Europe constantly dropping, she was referred to as ‘the last fig leaf’ for the European medical world.
She was currently the best heart surgeon in the world, and all of her patients were either millionaires or politicians.
"Is it really possible to have her perform the surgery?" Lu Li instantly felt like three million was worth it.
Previously, he had searched up some records from the past. Every famous doctor had some "dirty spots" in their career; it was just a matter of whether they had more or less. However, Helen Svalford didn’t even have one.
Apparently, she had spent all her years before she was thirty traveling around the world to educate herself. She had never performed on

on a human body before she was 35. She spent up to ten years testing her skills on animals, and the first time she performed a surgery on a person, it was for Queen Elizabeth XIV of Great Britain.
Lu Li never thought that he would be able to have someone so legendary perform a surgery for his sister.
"Twenty years ago, she came to study in China. I taught her a bit, so we kept in contact after," the old doctor said, then hesitated before continuing, "The donor… her family also placed in some effort."
"Donor… what happened to her?" Lu Li remembered that for someone to donate their heart, it meant that they were most likely going to pass away soon.
"The name of the donor is Mei Wu; she’s 21 this year. She had a car accident last week and is in a state of unconsciousness. There’s a chance for her to pass away at any moment, so it’s best that you get ready now. We’ll go to Jinling together; the conditions are better there," the old doctor sighed as he pinched his eyebrows slightly. "When you get a chance in the future, you should visit her parents with your sister. That was their single daughter; I don’t even know how they are going to survive without her…"
"Sure, I definitely will. Doctor Don, thank you so much. If you need anything at all in the future, just let me know," Lu Li said as he stood up, expressing his gratitude.
"I’m not even sure

even sure why I’m working so hard for someone my age." The old doctor waved his hand and asked Lu Li to quickly go get ready.
Lu Li didn’t really have anything to prepare. He had already begun his preparation as soon as he discussed the plans with the specialists. Lu Xin didn’t go to school either and she wasn’t allowed to play games for too long. Her diet was carefully monitored and she was ready to enter the hospital any moment.
The giant stone that had been placed on his heart had not been entirely lifted up.
It was waiting for a giant toss, a giant toss that would come when his sister finally removed herself from the disease.
As he sat in the electric car, he felt for the first time like the city was such a great place. Even the cold buildings in the rich section felt warmer under the sunset.
Once upon a time, he had hated all of this.
After a dozen minutes, Lu Li arrived back at home.
"Xin Xin, hurry and pack. We’re going to Jinling." Lu Li called out his sister from the game by knocking on her helmet.
"What happened?" Lu Xin took off her helmet and yawned; she pulled up her slipping dress and was still quite sleepy.
The gaming helmet was originally designed to help the player relax, but Lu Li had also secretly adjusted his sister’s helmet. As such, she was often in a hypnotized state. After she left the potion store, Lu Xin’s excitement Lu Xin’s excitement for their new house had decreased. Besides playing with the orphans, she spent most of her time playing on the grass or sleeping with the fairies.
Lu Li brought a wet towel from the bathroom and told his sister everything as he wiped her face.
Lu Xin finally woke up and felt overwhelmed.
She was about to go into a surgery and walk out with a completely different heart. Understandably, she was utterly terrified.
She hugged Lu Li tightly as she dug her head into her brother’s arms.
"I’m scared."
"I’m here; don’t worry about anything. There are no risks to the surgery," Lu Li comforted his sister as he also comforted himself.
"But…" Anyone would be afraid if they were in her situation. Lu Xin held her hands together so tightly that her veins showed, then lifted her head and asked bitterly, "Will I still recognize you after I change hearts?"
"Of course you will; you’re still my sister." Lu Li was stunned.
"But it’s a different heart! Will you still be as nice to me in the future?" The little girl was about to cry.
Under anxiety, people often switched topics or became unreasonable, and Lu Xin was probably in a similar situation. Most of the time, she was a good and strong child.
Lu Li continued comforting her as he helped to pack her clothes and luggage. These weren’t necessary, as once they entered the sterile ward, everything they used would be from the hospital.

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