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"Stop dealing damage to Whitemane. Memories, attack Mograine instead. Everyone else, pay attention to the Boss’ health bar. Make sure to keep the Whitemane’s health lower than Mograine’s, or else he will go berserk."

There was only a certain chance for the boss to go berserk, but just to play extra cautiously, Lu Li’s went for a conservative strategy.

The team had a low damage output and the healers were under a lot of pressure.

This was especially so for Hachi Chan, who was half a healer and half a damage dealer. These kinds of Druids were good in long duration fights, but they lacked the burst for healing. If it wasn’t for the fact that Wandering had good technique, he would’ve died already.

"Memories, pop down a mana regeneration totem and cast Bloodlust once it goes off cooldown."

While Lu Li dealt damage to Whitemane by himself, he also took the time to conduct the battle.

"It’s off cooldown. Do you want me to cast it now?" Sakura Memories placed a mana regeneration totem between March Rain and Hachi Cha so that both of them were able to receive the mana regeneration effect.

"Come back to Whitemane, and at the call of three, cast Bloodlust. Everyone, use your special effects. March, don’t forget to use your Shadow Demon if it’s ready."

Lu Li’s brain wasn’t a calculator, so it was impossible for him to be fully aware of everyone’s situation, especially in a fast-paced battle.

With the cast of one Bloodlust, both bosses had their health bar dropped below 50%.

"Careful. Call out when you get controlled."

Lu Li made an estimation of the time and confirmed that they had reached another critical moment.

"What do you mean by getting controlled?" No one really understood what he meant.

"As in, when you lose control of your own actions. For example, when you attack your team members or heal the boss," Lu Li explained patiently, feeling like he was a babysitter.

"Dream, Dream! Are you trying to kill me?!" Hachi Chan called out.

"I... I... I’m sorry, I didn’t want to aim for you."

Remnant Dream had been controlled and her arrows were raining down on Hachi Chan. Her pet was also chasing closely behind.

"Hachi Chan, run towards Remnant Dream; get her closer to her pet. Flower, freeze them," Lu Li instructed.

This skill of Whitemane’s was known as Dominate Mind, and could control a player for ten seconds.

Lonesome Flower’s Frost Nova could freeze someone for eight seconds, so this effectively solved the problem.

However, Remnant Dream could still shoot arrows. She had a good set of equipment, so all of her attacks were very painful. Everyone quickly left her shooting range.

"Make sure to look out for the Consecration on the floor. Drink your potions when they’re off cooldown and don’t wait for the healers to heal you. Can’t you see that they’re running out of mana? Don’t use your damage reductions yet. Flower, your shield... never mind, you’ve used it. Make sure you use your refrigerator skill when the couple casts their ultimate skill."

It was impossible to keep everything under control; a good commander needed to adapt to various situations.

Techniques and strategies weren’t too useful against brute force; the only thing that kept the situation under control was their damage reduction.

The two bosses stood together as waves of fire poured in from their left and right like tides. All players that were burned by this skill constantly took damage.

"Damage reduction!"

Lu Li used his Gale Steps and after his temporary invincibility, activated the shield on his clothes and finally made it through this wave of damage.

Lonesome Flower followed the previous instructions and used his refrigerator skill while the others relied on their damage reduction skills to survive. These combination skills were the strongest skills that the Boss couple can cast. This was also at the point where most teams would wipe.

Since everyone was busy keeping themselves alive, Whitemane found her chance to heal Mograine.

Her healing skill recovered 10,000 health points for him.

Ten thousand points of health wasn’t much of a problem – they just needed to spend a little more time on the Boss. What was critical about this heal was that it made Whitemane’s health lower than Mograine’s.


Mograine saw that her wife was taking more damage than himself, so he went berserk.

"****!" Lu Li felt helpless.

They had already tried their best to control the health points of the bosses. Who knew that a problem would still occur?

There was no point in blaming Wandering and Sakura Memories for not interrupting the skill. They had to solve the problem first, or else the team would wipe.

"Breeze, use any damage reduction skills you have left. Drag Mograine so that he’s facing everyone with his back. Close-combat classes step back a little, ranged classes focus him down." Lu Li had already stopped attacking – it would be a death wish if he kept dealing damage to Whitemane.

From this point onwards, there would be many stages in the future with two bosses. What they were dealing with now was only the basics.

If they wiped again and again, their skills would eventually improve. With a bit of luck added on top, they would be able to clear the dungeon.

However, Lu Li didn’t want to repeat the run a third time. He had the most complete guide for the dungeon and was a part of the current top team in the game. His defeat wasn’t definite yet.

Not only did Mograine’s damage increase after he went berserk, but his attacks also came with a splash effect that burned nearby units. Remnant Dream’s pet died because she didn’t call it in time.

This showed the importance of a guide – if the close-combat classes didn’t run, the healers would be under more pressure.

There were only three ranged class players – Remnant Dream, Lonesome Flower and Sesame Rice Ball. The three of them dealt damage to Mograine together, while March Rain and Hachi Chan healed Azure Sea Breeze. As for Whitemane, Wandering was dragging her around while Lu Li and Sakura Memories ran behind her to interrupt any of her upcoming spells.

They didn’t lose any members, and as long as the main tank and healer could endure through the berserk mode of the boss, they would eventually pass through this stage.

When Mograine’s health dropped below Whitemane’s, his berserk effect ended.

This was indeed quite a frightful stage, but the ten-man team made it through.

"From now on, hold back your damage reduction skills. Those who don’t have damage reductions after thirty seconds, leave the hall," Lu Li instructed.

After everyone calculated their cooldowns, Sesame Rice Ball, Sakura Memories and Remnant Dream turned their heads and ran.

This wasn’t a good way to avoid skills; the constant running would cause an interruption in their damage output. Once they failed to keep up their damage output, the healing of the boss would pose a real problem.

Of course, they had no other choice. Without damage reduction skills, there was no way for them to survive the next wave of ultimate skills.

The ultimate skill was casted but everyone survived with the use of their damage reduction skills. However, the two bosses recovered a significant amount of health, especially Mograine.

"Everyone, focus on Mograine," Lu Li said as he switched his attention to the Paladin and began to deal insane damage. He also turned his head constantly to check up on Whitemane, afraid that she would cast another healing skill or group resurrection.

"I’m running low on mana!" March Rain cried out worriedly.

"Hold still. Don’t worry if you don’t have mana and drink potions when you can. Memories, make sure to place down totems when you can. How long until Shadow Demon is off cooldown?" Lu Li didn’t have the time to wipe the sweat that dripped from his forehead. He tilted his head back and drank an Intermediate Healing Potion.

If they had Advanced Healing Potions with them, they probably wouldn’t have had such a tough time.

"Shadow Demon still has another minute; the potions are around two minutes. I didn’t remember the precise time." March Rain’s mana bar was almost empty, so she could only use small skills that costed less to heal for a bit.

March Rain had leveled her Shadow Demon to level five, so its cooldown had been reduced from five minutes to 200 seconds.

"Wandering, stay. Hachi Chan, heal Breeze. Breeze, do you have your damage reductions yet?" Lu Li scanned the current situation; he wasn’t so sure anymore.

"I still have two damage reductions left. One is a skill, the other is an equipment effect."

Azure Sea Breeze didn’t need to check his skill menu or equipment menu – he had been keeping track the entire time.

"Alright, hold on until March Rain’s Shadow Demon goes off cooldown. Everyone else, drink potions and activate your special effects whenever you can. We’ll win if we can make it through this."

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