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Chapter 1969: 1969

Chapter 1969: Attack the Black Temple

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Blood Red War Flag, Ruling Sword, Glory Capital, Peerless City were the final four . An intense battle was about to begin .

Lu Li went to draw lots and was put up against Peerless City .

They were fighting their own people, and this was just the semi-finals .

In any case, no one could deprive Peerless City of their right to fight . Not even Water Fairy could; all she did was say a single phrase .

“Fight, fight to the death . ”

If even her boyfriend didn’t seem to be pulling any punches, then everyone else was willing to fight with everything they had .

Peerless City were elated and were keen to get into the fight . They wanted to demonstrate their ability to everyone .

Of course, this meant that the old rivals Blood Red War Flag and Glory Capital were put up against each other .

Blood Red War Flag had a glorious history and once dominated the game . They still occupied an important position in the gaming industry, but they had recently succumbed to Glory Capital’s pressure .

Jade Flower Lover had strong personal technique and the club had been slowly but steadily training their members . Then, they encountered Sorrowless .

But now, Sorrowless had actually retired .

Jade Flower Lover felt like his time had come . He still wasn’t that old yet and so he decided to take Blood Red War Flag back to the top of the game again .

Their match was scheduled to take place later . The first match was between Peerless City and Ruling Sword .

Ruling Sword and Peerless City’s match was quite festive .

It was basically one crowd gathering together .

After such a long period of cooperation, the three faction alliance had almost been completely integrated . Many members of the Elite Group from all three guilds had fought side by side .

However, when it came to the competition, everyone still took it seriously .

Lu Li was abused by Green Flag Wine when he went in . In this current patch, he really didn’t stand much of a chance against Green Flag Wine .

However, Mu Qiu helped Lu Li take revenge .

Everyone had studied these outcomes a thousand times already . All the trump cards that each side had were crystal clear to the other and there was basically no suspense .

After some back and forth, Ruling Sword lost the individual rounds 2:3 .

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In the team match, Lu Li gave a motivating speech . He didn’t want to lose to Peerless City, otherwise, his status as a family member in the future would be compromised .

After they ran into conflict in their marriage, Water Fairy would say that he had lost to her underlings . Lu Li would then immediately lose his confidence in defending himself .

“For the Boss’ future household status and to settle who really is the best, we have to win!” Fat Monkey shouted as he jumped onto the table after Lu Li left .

In the team match, Ruling Sword was like a wolf hunting its prey and Peerless City had no idea what was going on .

In the end, Ruling Sword secured the victory .

In this way, they had taken the away match with a final score of 4:3 . The home game was postponed for two days and everyone started on the Black Temple Instance Dungeon while they waited .

This place once belonged to the Draenei, but it had later been occupied by Orcs and the Pit Lords . The original Draenei people had since been displaced .

Akama had been wandering and fighting for so long that he looked dishevelled .

Illidan, who occupied the Black Temple, had lost his mind . He vowed to crush all invaders to dust . However, Akama had resolved to take revenge and joined the thousands of footmen in order to retake his homeland .

The Instance Dungeon’s location was in Moon Shadow Valley . The quest to open it was quite complicated, but ultimately not too difficult with the team’s strength .

There were some Bosses loitering at the entrance of the Instance Dungeon . These were very powerful so it was best not to provoke them .

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After entering the Instance Dungeon, the monsters turned out to be very difficult to deal with .

The small water elementals were always wandering around, so it was easy for the players to find themselves facing more than one wave of monsters . After dealing with these monsters, they welcomed the first Boss – High Warlord Naj’entus .

Long before Vashj became the commander of the Naga, Naj’entus was already Vashj’s most trusted confidant .

As one of Vashj’s earliest two followers, he and Karathress paved the way for Vashj to gain leadership of the community . After Vashj successfully became Queen of the Naga, Naj’entus was named High Warlord and was made responsible for all military affairs .

Karathress was named Fathom-Lord, and was responsible for all political and diplomatic affairs .

However, this result had stirred up some conflict between him and Karathress . It turned out that the noble-born Karathress had always looked down on Naj’entus, who had come from nothing . The two had some conflict before Vashj became queen . Although they were equal in status, Karathress often mocked Naj’entus’ origins in public .

Naj’entus suffered the humiliation silently .

However, when Karathress was named Fathom-Lord, becoming the Queen’s lieutenant and was able to spend night and day with the Queen, he felt sidelined even though he had sole military power . His supressed anger had finally been ignited and began plotting a mutiny against Fathom-Lord Karathress in order to regain the favour of the Queen .

However, this was when Illidan started his attack on the Black Temple . As Illidan’s left- and right-hand men, Vashj and Kael’thas also received orders to coordinate an attack .

After receiving the orders, Vashj gave Karathress authority and told Naj’entus to march out .

In the end, the fierce battle between the Naga did not occur .

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Naj’entus, who had been bloodthirsty, vented his anger on the Demon and Fel Orcs who guarded the Black temple . He even rushed into the Black Temple before Illidan gave the command to attack . All those who dared to stand in front of him were pierced by his halberd .

This battle made Naj’entus famous, and even Illidan appreciated him . After the occupation of the Black Temple, Illidan demanded that Vashj and Kael’thas each leave half of their troops at the Black Temple . Among them, it was also proposed that Naj’entus should be left behind .

Vashj naturally did not dare disobey Illidan’s orders, so Naj’entus was now the guardian of the Black Temple and had to stay there forever .

After many years, Naj’entus’ physical appearance and personality had changed due to such a long life . Because he had not soaked in the sea for such a long time, his scales lost their original blue colours and turned grey . His eyes had also turned blood-red because of long-term exposure to Demon’s breath .

He had become irritable, impatient and even more cruel .

The only constants were how much he missed his queen and his irritable anger .

In fact, this was a story of two underlings fighting for favour in front of their goddess . Unfortunately, these were still underlings after all and Vashj didn’t see any of this between them .

The players now needed to face this Boss . This was a test of the team’s HP . The entire Boss battle required the team members to have more than 10,000 HP . Preferably, they would have even more than that .

This was a prerequisite for the team to even challenge the Boss, otherwise, the whole battle would be very difficult .

This time, the First Clearing Team was composed of the three clubs . Sky Moon was the Commander while Lu Li and Water Fairy were fooling around as team members .

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