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Chapter 1851: 1851

Chapter 1851: Attitude Reversal

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This time, he didn’t dare hastily approach the Throne of the Elements . Instead, he called Water Fairy over .

“What do you need me to do?” Water Fairy asked curiously as she looked in the place where there were several Boiling Elementals . She was unsure of what she had to face .

“There is nothing you need to do . Just stand by and watch . If I die, help me get my equipment,” Lu Li said with a hint of fear . “I’ve been here before, and I almost got one-shot a few times . You’re here just as a contingency . ”

Water Fairy walked off to the side where she could sit down, and watched as Lu Li approached the Elementals .

As Lu Li approached, the Boiling Elementals started to become agitated .

This was the same as last time; it seemed like they were about to attack . Lu Li had to resist the strong urge of turning around and running . He was being watched by his girlfriend, so he had to appear manly . He couldn’t embarrass himself now .

Soon, these Elementals started to calm down, as if they were trying to ease his anxiety .

“Looks like we can get in . Come with me Snowy, but don’t stay too close,” Lu Li warned as he waved her over .

Water Fairy came to Lu Li’s side and the two walked together within the Throne of the Elements . It seemed to be a wide-open area . After Lu Li entered, he could see that it was densely packed with Elementals .

Elementals were not that easy to kill, otherwise, this place would be a nice place to farm .

After walking for a while, they saw the altar . However, there were four Furies and an old Orc Shaman standing in the way .

Shamans were known as Elemental Mages, as they controlled the power of the Elements .

“This is probably the NPC I am looking for,” Lu Li said as he stepped forwards and greeted him politely .

“Respected Elemental Emissary, I am a foreign adventurer . ”

“Oh, I have seen your people before . You come from a place called Azeroth, and you killed many Orcs there . ”

Gar’rok’s voice was just like all the other Orcs; it sounded rough and aggressive .

It gave off a cold attitude, one that hinted he was willing to fight if this conversation took a wrong turn .

“I am different from them . I am a lover of peace . I have come to Draenor to sightsee,” Lu Li lied through his teeth, then added, “I once studied under a teacher that was a Draenor native, so I thought to visit her hometown . ”

“A Draenor native? Who is it?” Gar’rok asked in curiousity .

“Garona . Have you heard of her?” Lu Li responded .

“This is impossible, she… she died a long time ago,” Gar’rok stammered . He did not sound very convinced .

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Lu Li followed his mentor’s advice and confirmed Garona to be “dead” .

“She indeed died, and she died due to the power of the Doomhammer, but I did study under her . There is no reason for me to fake that, is there?”

“Oh, what a pity,” Gar’rok sighed, looking stunned before asking,” As her disciple, is there anything you want from here?”

“I want to be able to use the strength of the Throne of Elements to level up my ring,” Lu Li answered . “I am willing to pay for it . If there is anything you need, I will deliver it to you . ”

“There is no way!” the Orc Shaman categorically refused Lu Li’s request .

“The strength of the Throne of the Elements can’t be used to easily,” the Gar’Rok explained, as his tone lightened slightly .

“I know the principle that strength must come with a cost . Or, if I am willing to pay enough, then I would be able to acquire this strength . If I am able to get what you want, why should I not be allowed to acquire the strength from this altar?”

“This is different, I can’t promise this to you . But…”

The Orc Shaman had a funny expression on his face . After a while, he slowly began to speak again, “What kind of price do you plan to pay?”

“Here is a list . I think it should be enough to compensate for the strength I will acquire,” Lu Li said, presenting a list to him .

All the materials in the list were rare materials in the game . There were some gems that an altar required . All altars in the game worked in a similar way, and this was no exception .

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As for the quality of the materials and gems, shameless Lu was once again being stingy . Of course, these were low-value items from the players’ perspective, but they were full of energy .

The altar could be seen as a converter or extractor . No matter what was put into it, it could turn the items, like gems, into energy .

“Not enough, this is not enough . I need to make changes to this list . You…”

The Orc Shaman thought for a moment before giving Lu Li a glance .

“Come find me tomorrow, and I will give you a new list . ”

“…” Lu Li felt like he had been caught out .

He was really worried . Would he really have to pay a steep price?

He had used the reputation of his mentor, and had hoped to get what he wanted with these worthless materials .

However, the NPC had already spoken and appeared to be quite firm on his decision . Lu Li didn’t have much else to say . Compared to the previous rejection, this was already a pretty favourable response from Gar’rok .

After leaving the Throne of the Elements, Water Fairy brought up her confusion .

“Did you feel like that was a bit weird?”

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“What was strange about it? Do I look strange? I thought I looked quite handsome today actually,” Lu Li joked .

Water Fairy rolled her eyes and responded, “I didn’t see anything handsome today . ”

“Why won’t you just play along,” Lu Li muttered dejectedly before continuing in a serious tone, “I thought it was strange as well . He clearly rejected my request at first, but there was a sudden reversal in attitude . ”

“Maybe he needed the materials for the altar at the Throne of the Elements,” Water Fairy guessed .

“No, this is the Throne of the Elements . The place is already filled with energy,” Lu Li said as he shook his head . “When his attitude changed, his movements and tone didn’t seem quite so natural . ”

“I thought you hadn’t noticed . I guess I worried for nothing then,” Water Fairy sighed, feeling discouraged .

“No, thank you Snowy, I am grateful that you helped me observe this situation . There must have been something or someone that changed his mind . Do you think my mentor had a private conversation with him?”

“NPCs can’t have private conversations,” Water Fairy laughed, and felt that Lu Li was taking this too seriously .

“I hope the materials that he is looking for aren’t too ridiculous . I am already feeling the pain from giving the materials up,” Lu Li said sadly .

“If you don’t have enough, you can take some from us,” Water Fairy offered generously .

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