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Chapter 1709: 1709
Chapter 1709: A Big Meeting

While they were fighting in the Instance Dungeon, Square Root 3 sent a message .

It was said that the major clubs were conducting a big meeting . This time, it wasn’t being led by Jade Flower Lover as usual, but by Sorrowless himself .

Since it was Sorrowless calling the meeting, there was a stronger response .

“What is the meeting about?” Lu Li asked . Since Sorrowless had organised a meeting and rushed to have it promoted, no one dared to ignore it and Lu Li didn’t want to be ignorant either .

“I think it’s about Instance Dungeons,” Square Root 3 said .

“That’s fine, I’ll go have a look . ”

Lu Li’s team was about to get wiped again . He left Sky Moon in charge and got a damage output player to replace him .

Square Root 3 gave Lu Li a room number and a complicated password .

After Lu Li entered, he was still surprised, even though he had mentally prepared himself . There really were hundreds of people in this chat room . Even if the room owner limited the number of messages that a person could send, the screen was still filled with messages .

“Hey, Lu Li is here . Let me introduce you . Everyone, this is Ruling Sword’s representative . I’m sure everyone has heard this name before,” Elevenless announced .

“Why are you here? Where’s your big brother?”

“Hey, can you not count? I am eleven and he is thirteen . I am obviously his big brother,” Elevenless shot back . He seemed to care about what he was called .

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“What is the meeting for?” Lu Li asked, choosing not to bother with him .

“I don’t know . The master hasn’t said anything yet,” Jade Flower Lover answered somewhat bitterly . When he saw the authority that Sorrowless’ name commanded and compared to his, he just couldn’t help but feel sorry for himself .

“There are some people who aren’t here yet . Please wait a bit longer,” Wendelian said .

She was a member of Gale Legion, so she naturally would be on Glory Capital’s side . She didn’t want Jade Flower Lover to spread dissatisfaction, not that it was likely to happen anyway .

Everyone waited in the chat room for another half an hour as the number of people entering decreased .

When people stopped joining, Lu Li found himself participating in a large-scale conference of the entire Chinese gaming circle . He counted up the players and found that more than 800 players were in this chat room .

If every club or guild sent a player, then there would be more than 800 people .

There weren’t this many large guilds, so Sorrowless had probably also invited medium-sized guilds that he considered to be top-notch . Lu Li wasn’t clear on what Sorrowless intended, but he had a few guesses .

“Everyone has been waiting for some time . Thanks for that,” Sorrowless began to speak . His voice made the rest of the room go quiet .

“Everyone knows of the Instance Dungeon Boss Ouro . Well, the foreign regions have also reached this point of the game . I don’t know how they are going in the other regions, but defeating this Boss has now become a matter of pride for the Chinese region . As such, I invited everyone who is strong to be a part of this chat room . ”

“Previously, there have been similar situations, but most of them have been about Wild Bosses . Some people have one, and others lost them, but we have never been left behind here in China . ”

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“But Ouro is different . The other regions reached this Boss before us, and they have specifically formed a strong alliance to defeat it . I even have received several reports that they have reached the stage of Ouro going Beserk . It is likely that they will achieve First Clear within the next 2 weeks . ”

“Among us, we have the elite of the elite . Especially someone like… Lu Li . What do you think?”

Lu Li had been studying the clubs and guilds that were present . He didn’t expect to be questioned first . He didn’t want to just give away everything he knew . However, one couldn’t blame Lu Li either . He and Sorrowless were clearly rivals . The strongest impression Lu Li had of Sorrowless was that he was a mortal enemy .

“Lu Li glanced at the messages that had been sent and quickly wrote up something

“I strongly support everyone’s plan . This is a big deal that affects all of the Chinese region . As a member of this region, Ruling Sword will work hard to fight this Instance Dungeon . We will not allow the foreign regions to get ahead of us . ”

“…” Sorrowless wanted to scold him . This Lu Li guy really wasn’t cooperating at all .

If all Sorrowless wanted to do was to get everyone to fight in the Instance Dungeon, there was no real need for such a meeting . Even if he didn’t do this, everyone would still compete viciously to get Ouro’s First Clear .

“Lu Li, how far has your First Clear team gotten?” Jade Flower Lover asked .

There were more than 800 people in this chat room, but there were a few people dozen people whose chat wasn’t limited .

These people all led guilds that were capable of taking down the Ahn’Qiraj Temple on their own . Then there were some guilds with some limitations on their messaging, because they weren’t capable of doing that . The guilds that were even smaller didn’t have messaging rights, and had to apply to send a message .

This kind of ruthless hierarchy had been in the gaming circle for a long time .

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There were many people who hated this, but it was hard to change the system . Once they were in a position of privilege, they became strong supporters of the system .

“We have reached the third stage, and we sometimes get it to Berserk,” Lu Li answered, not hiding their progress .

These 800 players represented the backbone of the entire Chinese gaming circle . There was no need for him to keep a low profile in front of these people . If Ruling Sword wanted to improve, they would eventually need to look to these people .


Sorrowless’ pitch got higher, and everyone in the room immediately understood what he meant .

“It seems that Glory Capital has almost entered the Berserk stage too . We, Blood Red War Flag, aren’t too far behind . We can get it to go Berserk at least 4 out of 10 times,” Jade Flower Lover said .

If Jade Flower Lover said that they were still in the first stage, then Blood Red War Flag wouldn’t be able to call themselves a top 3 club anymore .

“We are similar,” Elevenless chimed in with envy .

“We are a little worse . We are still on the third stage, but at the beginning . We lose too many players then, so we can’t get much further,” Lucky Southern Persian spoke up . He was representing Seventh Heaven .

“We are also in the third stage,” Heart of War said .

Everyone couldn’t help but express their surprise .

This guy was really making a comeback!

“I guess I don’t have to say anything, but our progress is the same as Ruling Sword . ”

Water Fairy was still in the Instance Dungeon, so there were two representatives here .

They hadn’t said anything until now, but everyone felt sick when they heard it .

This three-guild alliance had taken so many First Clears . Drizzle Court and Peerless City had followed Lu Li to achieve great success . No matter what everyone else said, they had to admit that they were jealous of them .

Why didn’t their guild have a supporter like how Water Fairy supported Lu Li?

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