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Chapter 999 - Five Quotas

When Mu Chen’s words spread out from the thundercloud stage, not only was there no reply, even area outside of the Body Refining Pagoda was enveloped in a deathly-silent atmosphere…

Everyone was dumbfounded at this scene. They were staring at the location that Lu Sui had disappeared from, as if they could not recover from the shock brought out by the outcome.

Previously, when Lu Sui had executed such a terrifying move, the majority of the experts there had already thought that the outcome of the battle had been determined. However, they never expected Mu Chen to flip the situation once again, and kick Lu Sui, who seemed to have victory in his grasp, off.

Everyone was dumbfounded for a good moment, before they recovered from the shock and their gazes turned extremely grave. Previously, Mu Chen had not even brought out his Spiritual Arrays. He had only defeated the Seventh Grade Sovereign Lu Sui with his strength at the Sixth Grade Sovereign Realm. Although the latter was careless right from the beginning, and thus, losing the initiative, it still showed how terrifying Mu Chen was.

With that strength, he could confront the top geniuses in the Body Refining Pagoda.

In the direction of the Sky Roc Clan, Lu Qing’s face was pale as she looked at the slim silhouette on the screen. Gulping her saliva, fear appeared in her eyes for the first time.

At this point in time, she would be foolish to still treat Mu Chen as an ordinary Sixth Grade Sovereign.

With the fighting strength that he had displayed, in addition to the powerful Spiritual Arrays, even Zong Teng would have a hard time getting the upper hand if they fought.

Previously, she was ridiculing and looking at Nine Nether with contempt. But right now, she had completely embarrassed herself and she could understand that from all those mocking gazes that were shooting over.

“Why is that Mu Chen so powerful?” Zong Yan, who had lost to Mu Chen, also had a grave expression. Previously, he had also thought that Mu Chen was relying on Spiritual Arrays to deal with the experts. But who could have expected that without using any Spiritual Array, Mu Chen would manage to defeat Lu Sui in such a ferocious manner?

“Looks like only Big Brother Zong Teng can deal with that person.” Another expert of the Sky Roc Clan nodded his head.

Liu Qing gently nodded her head. Not only had they misjudged Mu Chen’s strength, but even Zong Teng might have probably misjudged his strength. That fellow truly was a freak.


After the shock that was brought out by Mu Chen in the Body Refining Pagoda, a light suddenly flickered on a stone stage outside the pagoda and a sorry-looking silhouette appeared.

When that silhouette appeared, he immediately retreated in a flash and appeared amongst the Thunder Crow Clan. Showing himself, he was naturally the pale-faced Lu Sui with his Spiritual Energy diminished.

The surrounding gazes were all directed over in an instant.

Lu Sui’s face was pale as he hatefully glared at Mu Chen, who was on the screen, before turning his head and directed his ferocious gaze towards Nine Nether and Mo Ling. Beside him, the several experts of the Thunder Crow Clan also had ill expressions.

However, Nine Nether wasn’t afraid when facing their gazes. She coldly sneered, “A beaten dog still dares to come out and act fierce?”

With Lu Sui being heavily injured and having lost all his fighting capability, the rest of them were nothing to fear. If they dared to charge at them, then Nine Nether wouldn’t mind getting rid of them all to be rid of future threats.

Lu Sui’s hateful gaze was locked on Nine Nether but, in the end, he had with unwillingly retracted his gaze, before swiftly retreating and sat down on a ruined construct to recover from his injuries.

The few others from the Thunder Crow Clan also appeared around him to protect him.

When Nine Nether saw their response, she no longer bothered herself with them and looked at the screen once again, focusing onto that youthful silhouette and her tightly clenched fist finally relaxed.

It was also clearly unexpected for her that Mu Chen would win so easily. That’s because, according to her estimation, even if Mu Chen could firmly set his foot down, it would be hard for him to defeat Lu Sui so easily with his strength at Sixth Grade Sovereign, and if the battle was dragged to the end, there might’ve been some unexpected changes to the outcome.

However, the outcome was a pleasant surprise for her.

Clearly, Mu Chen had also obtained great benefits from the three levels of the Body Refining Pagoda. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been able to display such a shocking strength.

“It’s said that the fourth level of the Body Refining Pagoda is extremely wondrous. If one can set foot in it, they will be able to obtain benefits that far exceed the third level…”

Nine Nether slightly smiled. Judging from the current situation, there shouldn’t be any problem for Mu Chen to enter the fourth level. As for Mo Feng, his strength was one of the tops amongst the group, so it shouldn’t be hard for him to obtain a quota in the top five as well.

It looked like in this trip to the Body Refining Pagoda, their Nine Netherbird Clan might be the biggest winner.

On the thundercloud stage

No one responded to Mu Chen’s words and at this moment, even those as powerful as Han Shan and Xu Kun felt a little fearful of Mu Chen. Therefore, they would naturally not choose to go head-on with him.

Thus, the all experts in the surroundings were quiet, before swiftly retreating from Mu Chen’s area, stating that they weren’t going to fight him.

When Mu Chen saw this scene, although there wasn’t a change in his expression, he still felt inwardly relieved. Others could only see the almighty scene of him defeating Lu Sui. But they didn’t know that the fists that he had previously thrown were the excess energy from the third level.

Previously, Mu Chen’s body was like a sponge that had absorbed water to the limits. Those earlier fists of his had squeezed the water out completely, returning his bloated body to its original state.

So if he tried to execute that sort of attack again, the power wouldn’t be as powerful as before.

This sort of special effect of accumulating energy in his body was naturally brought to him by the Dragon-Phoenix Physique. In this way, he could obtain results that no one had expected, becoming a formidable trump card.

“The Dragon-Phoenix Sutra is indeed powerful.”

Even Mu Chen was full of praise for this. The Dragon-Phoenix Sutra was truly fitting as a wonderful technique. According to his estimation, the Dragon-Phoenix Sutra was definitely not ordinary, even amongst Divine Abilities.

Mu Chen briefly exclaimed in admiration before calming his heart. Although there wasn’t anyone here to provoke him, he had no intention of provoking others as well. He stood on the spot, awaiting the result of the elimination.

As for Zong Teng, Mu Chen knew that Zong Teng was definitely behind Lu Sui finding trouble with him. But since the current moment wasn’t the best chance for him to make a move, he could only push his plans back.

But even so, Mu Chen’s sharp gaze was still locked onto Zong Teng, and his surroundings surged with Spiritual Energy, like a leopard that was about to pounce on its prey, filled with threat.

Mu Chen’s actions made Zong Teng, who was facing Mo Feng, to feel unpleasant, since he had to separate his mind to pay attention to Mu Chen, preventing Mu Chen from suddenly making a move together with Mo Feng.

In this way, Zong Teng’s attention was somewhat distracted and he gnashed his teeth, before took the initiative to retreated from the region that Mo Feng was in.

“Brother Mo, it’ll be hard for our fight to have a conclusion. So why don’t we each find our own opponents and obtain the quota?” Once Zong Teng retreated, his voice resounded.

Mo Feng indifferently cast a glance at Zong Teng, before nodding his head. That’s because he knew that if they were to remain in a confrontation, there wouldn’t be an outcome. If he joined hands with Mu Chen, they might evoke the ferocity in Zong Teng, and even they would have to pay a considerable price from the counterattack.

Right now, the most important thing for them was to obtain a quota to enter the fourth level.

When Zong Teng saw Mo Feng’s reply, he felt inwardly relieved and he swiftly retreated, leaving the area that Mu Chen and Mo Feng were in, then he briefly pondered before making his way towards the weaker ones.

When Mu Chen saw Zong Teng leaving, he no longer bothered himself with Zong Teng and exchanged a gaze with Mo Feng, then nodded his head with a smile, expressing his gratitude for holding Zong Teng back.

Mo Feng’s gaze became somewhat more gentle at this moment, since Mu Chen defeat of Lu Sui had caused Mo Feng to view him as someone on the same level, and he no longer kept up the indifference he had from before.

Therefore, he had also nodded his head towards Mu Chen, before he turned around and started to choose his own opponent.


The remaining others had also chosen their own opponents. At this moment, Spiritual Energy violently blew on the thundercloud stage as impacts swept out in waves, which caused space to incessantly tremble.

On the thundercloud stage that were wreaking havoc with Spiritual Energies, only Mu Chen’s situation was undisturbed, since no one stepped within a thousand-foot radius. At this moment, he was like a spectator as he watched the battles. At the same time, he had also imprinted powerful moves into his heart.

Although there shouldn’t be any clashes on this level, there were still two more levels waiting for them. Who could guarantee that there wouldn’t be any decrease in the next level?

Since that’s the case, he could only fill himself up with information about the others.

Under Mu Chen’s observation, the battles on the thundercloud stage lasted for a period of time before they started to end, and the outcomes were as expected.

After Mu Chen, it was Han Shan of the Demonic Rhino Clan that defeated his opponent and obtained a quota.

After him, Mo Feng and Zong Teng both obtain their victories.

The final quota went to Xu Kun, who had previously lost to Han Shan outside the Body Refining Pagoda. This person had a shocking strength, since even Han Shan had to execute a good deal of moves before he could obtain a victory.

When Xu Kun obtained the last quota, the massive thundercloud stage became silent once again and the five silhouettes stood as five boundless auras soared into the sky, clashing with one another.

However, the clashes only lasted for a brief instant, before the five of them retracted them at once. They took a glance at each other, then they no longer hesitated and flew out, appearing on the five lightning mats.

Thereafter, their gazes were directed at the space behind the thundercloud stage with blazing greed as comets streaked across that space.

Those streaks were drops of Lightning Essences, flickering with dazzling lustres.

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