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Chapter 998 - Definitely Taking One


Violent thunderous rumbles exploded in the horizon as Lu Sui sinisterly looked at Mu Chen with lightning ripples spreading out from his body. Every single lightning ripple would cause space to distort.

Although he was somewhat regretting that he was tempted by Zong Teng to deal with Mu Chen, he no longer had any hesitation now that he’s forced to this step. So he had already decided that even by risking to be heavily injured, he had to kill Mu Chen here and now.

Otherwise, the reputation of his clan would be affected if this matter spreads out!

“Since you’re not accepting my offer, then you can die here!”

Lu Sui’s roar thundered as lightning shot from his eyes. His hands joined together and seals were swiftly changing under the lightning. Along with his changing seals, a dazzling lightning Spiritual Energy violently surged from his body before forming into scars of lightning floating before him.

Each of those scars contained an extremely terrifying Spiritual Energy, which was refined to the limits from the Spiritual Energy of Lu Sui’s body.

The scars floating before Lu Sui then swiftly converged together. Instantly, lightning enveloped the horizon and exploded, then a massive lightning seal, which was roughly a thousand feet, swiftly formed.

The lightning seal hovered in the sky and when it appeared, the lightning in this region had endlessly whistled over and a terrifying pressure spread out along with it.

On the thundercloud stage, the other geniuses were also startled when they sensed this fluctuation and their eyes contracted before saying in low voices, “It’s the World Annihilation Lightning Seal, a Perfect Rank Divine Art. Lu Sui is actually forced to this degree…”

Perfect Rank Divine Arts could be considered as a powerful trump card, even for the geniuses present here. But no one expected that Lu Sui would be forced to unleash his trump card when facing a mere Sixth Grade Sovereign like Mu Chen.

Far away, Zong Teng cast his gaze over and was somewhat startled. But shortly after, he gently smiled. This powerful attack from Lu Sui should be able to change the situation around.

With Lu Sui’s cultivation in the Seventh Grade Sovereign Realm while executing a Perfect Rank Divine Art, even he would have to be cautious when facing it. Although Mu Chen’s strength was somewhat surprising, it’s impossible for him to receive this attack from Lu Sui.

Standing opposite of Zong Teng, Mo Feng’s expression had turned solemn, but there wasn’t any panic on his face, since he knew that the only thing that he could do to help Mu Chen now would be to hold back Zong Teng. As for Lu Sui, Mu Chen could only rely on himself to deal with him and if he really couldn’t resist him, then Mu Chen could only leave the Body Refining Pagoda.

“Mu Chen, I hope that you can hold on, this is the best that I can do for you.”


When Zong Teng and Mo Feng spoke, the lightning before Lu Sui grew even more violent and the thousand-foot lightning seal swiftly formed and the ripples of lightning had collapsed the space.

Lu Sui stood behind the lightning seal as he looked down at Mu Chen with cold eyes. Initially, he wanted to use this to deal with the five final geniuses. But since he was forced to reveal this by Mu Chen, the others would be on guard against this and he would lose the initiative.

Therefore, he had to slaughter Mu Chen here, no matter what!

Far below the lightning seal, a golden light endlessly surged on Mu Chen’s body and his initially pitch-black pupils had turned golden at this moment, as if they were made of gold and filled with an unspeakable prestige.

Mu Chen did not raise his head to look at the massive lightning seal; instead, he lowered his head to his own arms and veins were constantly wriggling like dragons on his arms. Due to his flesh feeling like it was boiling, he even felt that he was about to dissolve.

Slowly clenching his fist, he could sense the True Dragon and Phoenix Tattoos in his body were slightly trembling at the same time. It’s as if they couldn’t wait to unleash the terrifying energy they held.


Mu Chen took a deep breath, then raised his head and looked at the massive lightning seal that was held up in his field of view and his gaze gradually turned sharp.


A deep dragon roar resounded from Mu Chen’s body, trembling his flesh as the True Dragon Tattoo covered his right arm. It was as real as a genuine dragon’s claw and it was slowly stretching out, perfectly fusing with his five fingers.

At the same time, the True Phoenix Tattoo on his rear had moved for once, wandering through Mu Chen’s skin before arriving on his left arm.

The True Phoenix Tattoo slowly unfolded its wings and its purple-golden wings fused with Mu Chen’s left arm.

True Dragon on his right and True Phoenix on his left!

Mu Chen’s arms blossomed with purple-golden light, which looked like they were formed with purple-coloured gold, possessing indestructible power and of both his arms were constantly trembling.


When the True Dragon and Phoenix appeared on Mu Chen’s arms, Lu Sui had also finished gathering his strength in the sky and he savagely looked at Mu Chen, before waving his palm down without any hesitation.

“World Annihilation Lightning Seal!”


When he slammed his palm down, the lightning seal emitted an earth-shattering noise, causing the rumbling thunder in the sky to be suppressed. Thereafter, the lightning seal had turned into a lightning light as it tore through space and pressed down towards Mu Chen like a bolt of lightning.

Even the geniuses in the surroundings who had already retreated increased their speed to retreat even further. Evidently, they knew how terrifying this attack from Lu Sui was and they didn’t want to be caught up in it.

While the massive lightning seal pressed down with a huge shadow being cast over, Mu Chen appeared tiny and insignificant at the centre of the massive seal…

Under everyone’s gaze, Mu Chen raised his head and looked at the descending lightning seal, before slightly closing his eyes and the purple-golden light on his arms became even more dazzling.


A dragon roar and phoenix cry resounded within Mu Chen’s body, trembling his flesh and bones, which caused Mu Chen’s bearing to ferociously rise, reaching the limits.

A golden light that seemed substantial shot out from Mu Chen’s eyes, then he raised his right arm and threw a punch forth!

“True Dragon Fist!”

A dazzling golden light gushed out and formed into a purple-golden dragon, unleashing a roar that shook the heavens and earth.

“True Phoenix Fist!”

After his right fist, Mu Chen followed up with his left fist and a brilliant phoenix cry resonated. A golden light gushed once again and a golden phoenix flapping its wings, sweeping up a golden storm.

The golden dragon and phoenix turned into two streaks of light as they flew that charged into the horizon, intertwining at the same time like a fusion between a dragon and phoenix. As the golden light fluctuated, it had immediately shattered space.

On the thundercloud stage, every genius here was shocked and their faces were filled with astonishment. They were looking at the intertwining golden dragon and phoenix and they felt a startling oppression being emitted from them, which had even caused the blood in their bodies to tremble.

From the golden dragon and phoenix that were formed with golden light, there seemed to be a trace of the True Dragon and Phoenix aura!

“Why does Mu Chen’s attack contain the aura of the True Dragon and Phoenix?!” Someone exclaimed with disbelief written on their face. The True Dragon and Phoenix were pinnacle Divine Beasts, even in the Dragon and Phoenix Clans, the emperors of each respective clan. It was impossible for an ordinary person to possess them, not to mention a mere human!

Lu Sui was also shocked at this moment and a ferocious light surged in his eyes. Regardless of why Mu Chen’s attack contained a trace of the True Dragon and Phoenix aura, it wouldn’t be able to make him waver. On the contrary, it made his decision to kill Mu Chen even more firm.

Since he was already matched with his opponent, then he had to quickly kill him and leave no threat behind.


Lu Sui roared and the lightning seal, which was pressing down on Mu Chen, grew even more majestic and the lightning violently exploded, which caused the heavens and earth to tremble.

Under the numerous shocked gazes, the lightning seal pressed down as the golden dragon and phoenix formed into a golden streak of light that soared upwards. In the end, the two suddenly clashed in the sky!


In that instant of collision, a dazzling lustre exploded, which caused everyone to shut their eyes from the dazzling light.

It was also in that instant of collision that Lu Sui’s face instantly, drastically changed and he saw that the lightning seal, which was pressing down, had actually slowed down at this moment, before gradually coming to a stop.

“He blocked it?!” Lu Sui contracted his pupils.


But as he felt disbelief, the lightning seal suddenly trembled, issuing a cracking sound, before cracks densely covered the lightning seal in a swift motion on the surface of the lightning seal.

In just a few breaths’ time, cracks had spread out on the lightning seal and the golden light shot through the cracks.

Lu Sui’s face swiftly turned pale and he immediately retreated.


In that instant when he retreated, the massive lightning seal suddenly exploded and the lightning light spread out in every direction. A golden streak had shot out, which enveloped towards the retreating Lu Sui.

In the golden light, the golden dragon roared while the golden phoenix issued a cry. The trace of the True Dragon and Phoenix aura had immediately frozen Lu Sui’s blood.


The speed of the golden dragon and phoenix was indescribably fast to the point that Lu Sui couldn’t dodge it. He could only watch as the golden light entered his body.


In that instant of impact, fresh blood gushed from Lu Sui’s mouth and his chest collapsed before he shot back in a pathetic state. The Spiritual Energy fluctuation around him swiftly diminished and he had clearly been heavily injured.

After Lu Sui was heavily injured, the golden streak of light had also been completely exhausted and turned into sparkles of light, then scattered.

Lu Sui’s face was pale as he looked at the sparkles of light, which covered the sky, with a dull expression.


While he was in a daze, a mysterious figure had suddenly shot up with a piercing wind and had aimed for Lu Sui’s head with killing intent.

Sensing the killing intent, Lu Sui’s heart turned cold, since he knew that it must’ve been Mu Chen. He never expected that the latter would be so ruthless to the point of not even allowing him to catch his breath.

Now that he had been heavily injured, there was a chance that he could be killed by Mu Chen if he continued to fight.


Lu Sui’s body trembled with fear and rage. However, he could only roar in anger. Filled with unwillingness, he swiftly retreated, then exited the range of the thundercloud stage.


When he exited the thundercloud stage, a light immediately flickered around him and his silhouette had instantly disappeared. Evidently, he was kicked out of the Body Refining Pagoda, losing the chance to move forth.

“Mu Chen, I will definitely tear you to pieces!”

Just before Lu Sui was kicked out of the Body Refining Pagoda, his roar, which was filled with fear and anger, resounded.

Mu Chen stood there, looking at the spot that Lu Sui had disappeared from with indifference. He paid no attention to Lu Sui’s words and had turned around to return to the centre of the thundercloud stage.

As Mu Chen landed on the thundercloud stage, the entire region became quiet and fear filled the eyes of the other geniuses.

Mu Chen had also raised his head, indifferently sweeping his gaze at those geniuses, before fixing his gaze onto Zong Teng, who was facing Mo Feng while alternating between green and white. Then, Mu Chen’s calm voice resounded.

“I wonder if there’s still any friends here who wish to compare notes?”

Mu Chen stood with his hands behind his back as his voice spread out on the thundercloud stage. His voice wasn’t loud, but there was a fearful bearing that spread out.

The few other geniuses that had ferociously preying gazes had their eyes slightly flickering before they moved back. That’s because, at this moment, Mu Chen didn’t seem to have been exhausted from the battle; on the contrary, he felt even more dangerous.

They already knew that at this moment, Mu Chen’s momentum had already been formed and it was hard for anyone to pick on him.

Amongst the five quotas, this person would definitely take a spot!

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