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Chapter 997 - True Dragon’s Might


When the fist that was covered with purple-golden dragon scales clashed together with the descending lightning palm, a huge noise was produced from the collision, as if the sky could collapse at anytime, and numerous black cracks were spreading out in space.

The dazzling golden light and lightning spread out like tens of thousands of snakes, devouring the nearby space and the experts that were initially around them immediately retreated while looking at the point of confrontation between Mu Chen and Lu Sui with shock.

“Mu Chen is actually confronting Lu Sui?” Everyone was startled. Clearly, they never expected that despite losing his Spiritual Arrays, Mu Chen would still dare to confront Lu Sui.


However, their astonishment swiftly turned grave, since they realised that the violent lightning in the collapsed space did not go like a hot knife through butter as they had expected. The feeble-looking golden light also did not collapse as they had imagined.

“Mu Chen actually took an attack from Lu Sui?” Someone gaze’s flickered as their expression turned even more grave. The contempt that they initially had for him had been completely wiped at this moment.

In the distance, Zong Teng, who was confronting Mo Feng, had a slight change in his expression and his gaze had turned darker. That Mu Chen was truly troublesome.

“As I have mentioned, you’re too naïve to think that Mu Chen is so easy to deal with.” Mo Feng faintly said.

When Zong Teng heard his words, he couldn’t help smiling. “Brother Mo is rejoicing a little too early. Lu Sui is not as weak as you think. Compared to him, Mu Chen still has some distance between them.”

Mo Feng declined to comment and his hands were hung down with a calm expression on his face. He did not make his move in his confrontation with Zong Teng. That’s because both of them knew that the moment they fought, it would be hard for a victor to be determined amongst them and with other experts watching in the surroundings, those fellows would pounce forth the moment they suffered heavy injuries.

Zong Teng’s motive was just to tangle Mo Feng up, giving Lu Sui the time to deal with Mu Chen. Likewise, Mo Feng, who was confident in Mu Chen, had also decided to keep watch on Zong Teng, preventing Zong Teng from launching any sneak attacks against Mu Chen. Because if that’s the case, even if Mu Chen had some cards up his sleeves, it would also be hard for him to deal with two Seventh Grade Sovereigns.

The two of them stood in the sky without moving, but both of them had a cold light flickering in their eyes, displaying the killing intent in each other’s eyes.


While Zong Teng and Mo Feng stood in confrontation, the violent lightning and golden light still wreaked havoc in the distance, which shattered space.

Behind the lightning palm, Lu Sui’s face had become a little distorted while savagely looking at the scene before them with rage surging in his eyes.

He never expected that the palm that he was so confident of would be held back by Mu Chen.

“Such a futile effort, you’re overestimating yourself!” Lu Sui gnashed his teeth as he roared. The Spiritual Energy in his body surged like a flood. The lightning beneath his palm violently exploded, detonating in the nearby space.

The gale on the fist violently expanded, somewhat having the momentum to destroy the golden light.

Lu Sui was clear that the thundercloud stage was too chaotic and so, he couldn’t drag the battle out. He had to deal with Mu Chen as soon as possible so that he could reduce his exhaustion of Spiritual Energy. Otherwise, if he exhausted too much of his strength, even if he had won the fight, he would be preyed upon by the other experts, reducing the competitors.

Therefore, he had to quickly deal with Mu Chen.

As lightning swept out, Mu Chen’s eyes contracted. However, he did not retreat; on the contrary, he advanced instead. On his right arm, veins constantly wriggled like dragons and every single wriggle would emit surges of horrifying energy.

The True Dragon Tattoo on his arm became clearer and the dragon claws, which covered Mu Chen’s fingers, had become more robust with a boundless aura that was gradually emanating from it.


Mu Chen’s eyes flickered with a golden light as he took a breath in. He could sense that there was a flow of robust energy running through his body that was constantly pouring into his fist.

As the energy brewing in his fist grew more terrifying, the golden light that was being emitted gradually retracted.

When Lu Sui saw this scene, his eyes flickered with joy, since he must have thought that Mu Chen was incapable of holding on any longer.

However, the joy only lasted for an instant, before his eyes abruptly squinted. He then saw Mu Chen slowly waving his golden fist out.

This fist was so heavy, it was as if it contained a huge dragon.


Mu Chen’s fist, which was covered with the purple-golden dragon claw, clashed with the lightning palm once again, Lu Sui’s face had drastically changed at this moment.

That’s because he could sense how terrifying the energy that was contained in Mu Chen’s fist was.


Cracks practically appeared in an instant on the lightning palm. Furthermore, the energy was so ferocious to the point that Lu Sui couldn’t even react to it before the lightning palm crumbled from that single fist that was enveloped with a dragon claw and emitted a golden light!

As the golden light gushed out, the lightning collapsed and Lu Sui’s figure burst in retreat in a pathetic state with his face changing between green and white. His eyes were aghast as he looked ahead of him.

He never imagined that Mu Chen’s fist would be so powerful.

That strength wasn’t something that a Sixth Grade Sovereign could possess!

Mu Chen’s fist not only shattered his Great Lightning Gathering Palm, the terrifying power that pierced through nearly shattered the Spiritual Energy in his body.

“Damn it. That fellow’s strength…” Lu Sui gnashed his teeth as a cold light flickered in his eyes. As he retreated, he swiftly circulated the Spiritual Energy in his body. It looked like he couldn’t deal with Mu Chen head-on and he had been underestimating Mu Chen in the past.


However, just when Lu Sui had decided to retreat while using other means to deal with Mu Chen, the latter did not give him any opportunity for that. As the golden light flickered, Mu Chen’s figure had already mysteriously appeared before him, before he waved his purple-golden dragon fist over.

Lu Sui’s countenance changed as he quickly placed his hands before him and put up a defensive stance with violent lightning Spiritual Energy coiling around his arms, which vaguely formed into a lightning shield.


Under the golden dragon fist, the lightning shield had collapsed and Lu Sui’s figure shot back.

When he flew out, Mu Chen chased after him with his golden dragon fist slamming forth one after another, not giving Lu Sui the chance to catch his breath.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

In just ten-odd breaths, Mu Chen had already thrown out ten-odd fists. When every single fist of his landed, Lu Sui would be sent flying back even more and the latter’s Spiritual Energy fluctuation, which was initially boundless, dissipated under his punches.

Anyone could tell that Lu Sui had been too careless, losing the initiative before gradually being forced to such a pathetic state by Mu Chen. If it wasn’t for his own strength being robust, he would have been heavily injured under those series of attacks.

But even so, when he was trying to retreat out of Mu Chen’s attacking range, his face was pale and a trace of blood was on the corner of his lips.

When he looked at Mu Chen, it was no longer shock on his face. After the ten-odd punches, his pride had been completely diminished by Mu Chen.

On the thundercloud stage, the experts that were paying attention to this battle had extremely solemn expressions on their faces. When they looked at Mu Chen again, fear appeared in their eyes.

They had initially thought that Mu Chen had relied on Spiritual Arrays to enter the Body Refining Pagoda. But at this moment, they knew that the latter’s physical body was terrifying as well and it wasn’t any weaker to their own Divine Beast physiques!

That fellow was practically a humanoid Divine Beast!

In the sky, while Lu Sui’s face turned unsightly as he looked at Mu Chen, who was before him, the latter did not have any expression on his face. Only the piercing momentum coming from Mu Chen made him feel somewhat fearful.

Under the black gaze of Mu Chen, Lu Sui felt as if he was being stared at by a primordial ominous beast that he wouldn’t be able to escape from.

At this moment, Mu Chen became someone extremely tough to deal with.

Lu Sui’s face was pale as he gritted his teeth. “Mu Chen, we’ll put it down here. If you want to continue any further, then don’t blame me for being ruthless. At that time, I will definitely drag you along with me, even if I suffer heavy injuries!”

Lu Sui was a ruthless person, so even if the situation wasn’t favourable to him, he wouldn’t put himself up as a fool. Furthermore, he was confident that despite Mu Chen’s shocking bearing, he would be able to drag Mu Chen down with him if they fought for real.

However, Mu Chen had only lifted his eyes when facing Lu Sui’s ruthless words. Mu Chen’s manner of staring at him did not weaken; on the contrary, it grew stronger instead.

Without any expression on his face, his body was practically on the verge boiling over after the previous battle. A powerful surge that seemed like it wanted to shatter space was gathering in his body.

If he didn’t vent out this energy, he would injure himself instead.

So at this moment, it was impossible, even if he wanted to let this matter rest.

“If you can block this last move from me, I’ll let you leave.” Mu Chen indifferently said.

“Arrogant fool!”

Facing Mu Chen’s words, Lu Sui nearly exploded from anger, since he was actually forced to such a pathetic state from a Sixth Grade Sovereign human. The expression on his face turned even more sinister and as he looked at Mu Chen, his gaze made him look like he simply wanted to tear Mu Chen apart.

“Since you’re seeking death, then I’ll fulfil your request!”

Lu Sui barked out and lightning violently exploded around him. A rumbling thunder resounded across the horizon as oppression spread out.

Mu Chen was indifferent to this as he took in a deep breath and a golden light gathered in the depth of his eyes, vaguely forming into the shape of dragon and phoenix. He slowly clenched his hand and it started to tremble.

That’s because he could sense that the True Dragon and Phoenix Tattoos on his body were wriggling at this moment and a terrifying surge of energy seemed like it wanted to tear his body apart.

If he didn’t release this energy, then the first thing to explode would be his body!

Mu Chen did not want the physique that he had been bitterly refining to be ruined. Therefore, he could only allow Lu Sui, who was before him, to bear the destructive power.

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