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Chapter 996 - True Dragon Fist

When Mu Chen and the rest had stepped onto the thundercloud stages that lead towards the fourth level, a lustre had gathered outside the Body Refining Pagoda, which formed into a large screen. In the screen, every single rock and brick of the thundercloud stage could be clearly seen.

Outside the Body Refining Pagoda, everyone was looking with nervous gazes as they looked towards the large screen.

Everyone knew that half of the people would be eliminated on the thundercloud stage and only the five remaining were qualified to step into the fourth level of the Body Refining Pagoda.

The elimination rate was too frightening.

At this moment, everyone gradually recovered from the shock brought by Mu Chen’s surge, but they still couldn’t help occasionally looking at the slim and youthful silhouette in the screen with peculiar lights in their eyes.

Liu Qing’s face was pale as she gnashed her teeth. She never imagined that the human brat would actually explode with such a terrifying potential at the last moment and catch up to the rest, despite lagging so far behind.

The momentum that Mu Chen used to catch up to Zong Teng and the rest even made her feel somewhat fearful. At this moment, she had to admit that Mu Chen did possess some unimaginable strength to be able to obtain the quota of the Nine Netherbird Clan to enter the Divine Beast Origin.

She had truly misjudged and embarrassed herself.

“That fellow is truly a madman to be able to catch up.” Beside Liu Qing, a Sky Roc Clan’s expert had also sighed and felt disbelief.

Liu Qing’s face gradually recovered, before she took in a deep breath. “That fellow is truly unexpected. But regardless of what means, the next one will be the genuine challenge.”

“And this time, I’m afraid no one will give him any time to set up a Spiritual Array after exposing it earlier on. Losing such a powerful means like the Spiritual Array, any of the geniuses at the thundercloud stage could easily defeat him.”

On the thundercloud stage, aside from Mu Chen, the other nine were all Seventh Grade sovereigns, in addition to the power as Divine Beasts, their fighting strengths would be even more ferocious. This way, Mu Chen would undoubtedly be a sheep amongst wolves.

Furthermore, regarding his fearsome Spiritual Array, losing the decisive opportunity would also represent losing the intimidation. Probably no one would sit still and allow him to set up his Spiritual Array.

The Sky Roc Clan’s experts also nodded their heads in agreement. Regardless of what secret technique Mu Chen previously used to allow him to catch up to the rest, the upcoming test could only rely on his own strength. Evidently, they did not think that after he lost the opportunity to use his Spiritual Array, Mu Chen could become one of the remaining five.


As they conversed, a commotion suddenly rang out in this region and all the experts saw the genius of the Thunder Crow Clan that appeared before Mu Chen.

“It’s actually Lu Sui of the Thunder Crow Clan?!”

“Looks like he is going to make his move towards Mu Chen. His strength is pretty powerful, he’s even stronger than Zong Yan of the Sky Roc Clan. Furthermore, since Mu Chen has already revealed his Spiritual Array trump card, this battle isn’t in his favour.”

“It’s still too early to say that. Who knows, Mu Chen might still have other trump cards. Based on his past actions, he doesn’t seem to be a reckless person. Since that’s the case, because he dared to enter the Body Refining Pagoda with his strength at Sixth Grade Sovereign, he would be too arrogant if he didn’t have any means to rely on.”


When Lu Sui of the Thunder Crow Clan appeared before Mu Chen, the experts outside the Body Refining Pagoda were all in discussions. But after experiencing all the past few times when Mu Chen turned the tables around, no one dared to casually reach a conclusion.

Although Lu Sui was powerful, Mu Chen was abnormal as well.

“Looks like you don’t have the time to set up any Spiritual Arrays this time…”

While everyone outside was discussing amongst themselves, Lu Sui stood before Mu Chen and grinned, revealing his pearly-white teeth that looked extremely cold.

Mu Chen stared at the Lu Sui before him and slightly knitted his brows. Shortly after, the spiritual light in his hand gradually dissipated. It looked like revealing his Spiritual Arrays had made these fellows feel fearful to the point that they weren’t willing to give him any time to prepare.

Although Lu Sui was casually standing before him, Mu Chen could sense the boundless Spiritual Energy sweeping out beneath his feet, destroying all those Spiritual Seals that he had sent to the ground earlier.

This way, the Spiritual Seals in the Spiritual Array would be damaged and the Spiritual Array wouldn’t be stable. If Mu Chen forced his way, it would be hard for him to obtain any effect and he would just be wasting his time.

“What’s wrong? Not going to use your Spiritual Array?” Seeing Mu Chen’s action, ridicule appeared on Lu Sui’s face. Giving up on his Spiritual Array was undoubtedly breaking his limbs in his view.

“Using other means occasionally might be more interesting.” Facing Lu Sui’s ridiculing smile, Mu Chen’s hands joined together and sensed the powerful energy flowing in his body, before he lightly smiled.

Facing Mu Chen’s mocking tone, Lu Sui’s face had turned dark, then he pointed out of the stage and eerily said, “There’s still enough time for you to get lost from the stage. Otherwise, no one will bring your corpse back if you die here.”

But evidently, Mu Chen looked at him with a smile on his face. Mu Chen’s gaze had instantly caused the violent killing intent in Lu Sui’s heart to surge, since Mu Chen was looking at him with a gaze that made him feel like he was a fool at this moment.

“You’re courting death!”

Killing intent surged and Lu Sui no longer bothered speaking. With a stomp of his feet, a violent Spiritual Energy swept out of his body. There was actually lightning flickering in his massive Spiritual Energy and a rumbling thunder resounded that seemed to be reaching a resonance with the lightning that wreaked havoc between the heavens and earth.

A powerful pressure was emitting from Lu Sui’s body along with it.

Sensing the pressure, a flash of shock appeared in Mu Chen’s eyes. The Thunder Crow Clan seemed to have a high resonance with lightning energy and the Spiritual Energy in their bodies even contained a trace of lightning energy, causing their Spiritual Energy to be even more violent.

“I want to see what a mere Sixth Grade Sovereign like you can do without your Spiritual Arrays?!”

Lu Sui’s words contained killing intent and, in the next instant, thunder rumbled and he had turned into a flash of lightning. The speed was as fast as lightning, then he had appeared in the sky before Mu Chen in a single flash.


Lu Sui’s countenance was cold as he looked down at Mu Chen, before throwing a palm down with endless lightning gathered in his palm. The palm gently landed but it contained practically an annihilating force.

“Great Lightning Gathering Palm!”

The palm looked like it had gathered tens of thousands of lightning bolts and that single palm looked like it could annihilate the sky.

As the flashes of lightning reflected in Mu Chen’s eyes, he looked at Lu Sui’s palm that contained the violent lightning bolts. His gaze slightly flashed. Compared to Zong Yan, Lu Sui’s strength was clearly much stronger. It was no wonder why he could become the genius of the Thunder Crow Clan and couldn’t be underestimated with just this fact alone.

However, facing Lu Sui’s violent palm, there wasn’t any fear on Mu Chen’s face and the depths of his eyes surged with a blazing fighting intent. He could sense that the muscles in his body were trembling with a thirst for battle.

After experiencing the refinement of the three levels of the Body Refining Pagoda, the power contained in his muscles was too powerful. Currently, he truly required a battle to fight to his heart’s content, allowing the energy in his flesh to be fused completely with his body.

Mu Chen licked his lips and a dazzling golden light exploded from his body. The bones in his body seemed to be trembling as a dragon roar and phoenix cry resounded from his body.


The blood in his body rolled and the energy in his body couldn’t be suppressed any longer. Therefore, Mu Chen basically did not have any thoughts of suppressing it. With a stomp of his foot, he charged towards the palm coming from Lu Sui.

“You’re courting death!”

When Lu Sui saw Mu Chen pouncing forth towards him, his face turned savage. Not to mention a mere Sixth Grade Sovereign, even those at Seventh Grade Sovereign wouldn’t dare to face his palm head-on. So Mu Chen’s action was simply him courting death in his eyes.


A sinister smile appeared as the endless lightning bolts that gathered in his palm turned extremely violent. The rumbling thunderous noises trembled the horizon as the light intertwined and his palm expanded by a few hundred-folds, like a huge mountain of lightning that was ferociously pressing towards Mu Chen.


Mu Chen’s figure had immediately appeared in midair as he looked at the palm of lightning that was pressing over. Shortly after, he took a deep breath and a purple-golden dragon rune wriggled and moved to his fist.

The True Dragon Tattoo stretched its claws out and combined with Mu Chen’s five fingers. The purple-golden dragon scales were flickering, emitting a terrifying power.

At this moment, his fist and the dragon claw had perfectly fused into one at this moment.

Indescribable energy burst forth from Mu Chen’s hand and the energy even made him, himself, feel startled.

Along with the improvement of his physique during this period of time, Mu Chen had also gradually sensed that the energy contained within the Dragon-Phoenix Physique was gradually being unleashed by him.

“This fist is named the True Dragon Fist!”

Mu Chen’s hand was covered by the dragon claw and his veins were wriggling like dragons. When he raised his head and looked at the palm of lightning that was swiftly expanding before his eyes, he could see Lu Sui’s sinister face through the lightning.

The latter seemed to already be enjoying the victory of killing him at this moment.

But it was a pity that his wish wouldn’t be fulfilled.

Mu Chen smiled, then he no longer hesitated and threw his fist, which was flickering with the purple-golden dragon scales, out and it heavily clashed with the lightning palm, unleashing a terrifying energy.

He even shattered space with this fist.

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