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Chapter 995 - Brutal Elimination

Outside the Body Refining Pagoda

A screen was hovering before the Body Refining Pagoda with a light violently flickering as it charged forth with a terrifying speed. In just a few minutes, it was already approaching the barrier that headed towards the third level.

The surrounding experts were all dumbfounded at this scene, before they recovered from the sudden shock after a long time. Thereafter, a shocked commotion resounded.

“This… what’s going on? Why is Mu Chen’s speed suddenly so quick?!”

“What a terrifying speed! That speed of his has simple exceeded everyone else’s. Heavens, he’s reaching the barrier towards the third level!”

“Hiss, what a terrifying speed!”


Voices of disbelief erupted and the experts of the various clans were all dumbfounded. Clearly, none of them expected Mu Chen to explode forth with such momentum when he looked like he had given up earlier.

The party from the Sky Roc Clan had shock written all over their faces, especially Liu Qing. The prideful smile that hung on her face froze and her gaze was fixed on the light dot that was frantically flickering. It was as if she wanted to devour that light.

“Bastard! How is that possible?!”

Liu Qing’s heart rolled with waves and she had a pale expression as she clenched her teeth. “That fellow must have used some secret technique. That’s right, he will not be able to last for long. It’s impossible for him to break through the barrier towards the third level with that!”

However, before she finished speaking, another commotion resounded once again.

“He entered the barrier towards the third level!”

“How fearsome, he’s still not decreasing his speed!”

“Can it be that the barrier doesn’t pose any obstruction to him?”

That light dot on the screen that was heading towards the third level was still violently flickering. Furthermore, what made others feel even more disbelief was the fact that the speed wasn’t decreasing; instead, it had increased!

The atmosphere outside the Body Refining Pagoda became frozen.

Even Liu Qing had slightly opened her mouth, but her words stuck in her throat. That appearance of her having her eyes widened looked quite hilarious.

No matter how disbelieving it was to them, they could only accept this brutal reality…

In the depths of the Body Refining Pagoda’s third level

This region was extremely dark, covered in layers of thunderclouds to the point that even the sky was densely covered with huge lightning dragons tearing apart the horizon. The might of the lightning even caused the heavens and earth to tremble.

At this moment, as the lightning wreaked havoc, several silhouettes stood in the sky with boundless spiritual light erupting from their bodies, dissipating the bolts of lightning that struck down.

Zong Teng, Han Shan and Mo Feng stood at the most front, with their gazes gathered before them.

Over there was a few myriad-foot cloud that seemed to have been formed with thunderclouds. Behind the cloud stage, space appeared to have shattered, but innumerable streaks of light could be seen in it like comets.

Zong Teng and the rest looked at those comets and their eyes couldn’t help squinting. That’s because they could sense drops of liquid flickering with lightning in them.

An extremely pure and violent flow of energy emanated from them.

“Those are… Lightning Essences?”

Greed instantly surged on their faces. The so-called “Lightning Essence” was something formed after lightning was refined to a certain degree with the effect of cleansing the marrow and bones. Furthermore, it’s ability to refine the physical body that wasn’t any inferior to the Spiritual Blood Paste.

Zong Teng and the rest gradually retracted the greed in their eyes. The Lightning Essences were behind the thundercloud stage, thus, they would have to get through the thundercloud stage if they wanted to obtain those lightning essences.

That was also the barrier towards the fourth level.

Those that could pass here would be able to enter the fourth level of the Body Refining Pagoda!

They looked behind the thundercloud stage and saw that there were five mats with lightning flickering on them. Looking at those five mats, their eyes flickered.

That’s because they knew that the five mats should represent the number of people that could enter the fourth level.

That would mean that this thundercloud stage would eliminate half of the people here.

It was a brutal elimination.

But facing this, the countenances of Zong Teng, Han Shan and Mo Feng remained indifferent. They remained silent with confidence. Clearly, they were greatly confident in themselves that they would be amongst the five quotas.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

As they waited, there were sounds of screeching wind that occasionally resounded from the rear as one pathetic-looking figure after another gradually approached.

They were the geniuses of the other clans that fell behind Zong Teng, Han Shan and Mo Feng. When they saw the five mats, their pupils contracted and their gazes had turned much more grave.

Evidently, they understood the difficulty of seizing one of the five mats.

As lightning wreaked havoc in this region, the numerous silhouettes stood in the sky, each having a great distance apart; they clearly had their guards up against each other.

Zong Teng slightly opened his squinted eyes and counted the number of people present here, before the corner of his lips lifted. As he had expected, there were only nine people present.

Mu Chen from the Nine Netherbird Clan must have been eliminated.

“How laughable.”

Zong Teng murmured to himself as he shook his head. He couldn’t be bothered to pay any more attention to the failure and swept his gaze around to look at the other eight and laughed, “Everyone, it’s about time. Why don’t we enter the lightning stage together? We’ll all rely on our own means to see who can obtain them.”

Far away, Han Shan, Xu Kun and the rest indifferently nodded their heads.

Only Mo Feng had slightly knitted his brows as he looked back and gently sighed. If Mu Chen still didn’t appear, then he must have probably been eliminated.

When Zong Teng saw that no one had any objections, he smiled and took the first step out. However, just when he was about to enter the lightning stage, his countenance suddenly changed and he abruptly turned his head around to look into the distance with puzzlement.

At the same time, the eyes of Han Shan and Mo Feng had also contracted. They could feel an extremely powerful Spiritual Energy fluctuation being emitted from the rear.

“There’s still someone coming?!” Sensing that fluctuation, everyone was startled before exchanging gazes and their hearts jolted.

“It’s that Mu Chen! He actually caught up at this moment!”

Shock was written on Han Shan’s face as he looked into the distant rear and his voice turned solemn. “What a fast speed. Could it be that he’s not afraid of the lightning in this place?”

Clearly, he had also sensed that the Spiritual Energy fluctuation had charged straight on without any worries of being struck to death by the flashes of lightning.


As the hearts of the several geniuses trembled, the lightning at their rear turned even more violent. But in this ten-odd breaths’ time, everyone saw a golden light tearing apart the darkness in this region and whizzed over.

One bolt of lightning after another descended from the sky, only to hit that golden light. However, those flashes of lightning had only caused his body to tremble without decreasing his speed.


As the golden light flickered, that person had appeared outside the lightning stage. As the golden light dissipated, a youthful figure had appeared within everyone’s eyes.

As the golden light faded, Mu Chen stood in the sky and looked at those staring at him, before lightly smiling. “I have been keeping you guys waiting.”

Standing on the golden light, he had a slim figure with the surface of his skin circulating with golden light. Facing Mu Chen, who came along with gale and lightning, even experts as powerful as Zong Teng and Han Shan had squinted their eyes. Clearly, they had sensed a vague threat coming from Mu Chen.

“Why does that fellow seem to be stronger than before?!” Zong Teng did not have any expression on his face, but he still couldn’t help balling his fists. He could sense that the current Mu Chen didn’t seem to be the same as before.

Han Shan cast a deep look at Mu Chen, before sweeping his gaze out. “Since everyone is here, then let us start. Regarding who is able to reach the fourth level, we’ll all depend on our own capabilities.”

As he spoke, he no longer hesitated and moved forth, turning into a streak of light, and landed on the thundercloud stage with his hands behind his back. Vaguely, he emitted a fearful ominous aura.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

After Han Shan, the rest had also moved out and they landed on the thundercloud stages. However, they still kept some distance away from each other.

Mu Chen had also landed on the thundercloud stage and his gaze flickered. Judging from the looks of it, the trial for the fourth level should be a mass fight. No matter what, only the five of them that could remain standing on the thundercloud stages could be qualified to enter the fourth level.

“Half of us will be eliminated?”

Mu Chen murmured to himself as a spiritual light gathered on his fingertip.

As the spiritual light gradually gathered on Mu Chen’s fingertip, Zong Teng’s eyes suddenly contracted, before he turned around and looked in another direction.

There was a black-robed man looking at Mu Chen with a cold gaze at this moment. That person was the genius of the Thunder Crow Clan that Mu Chen’s party had previously fought within the belt of meteorites.

That black-robed man exchanged a glance with Zong Teng and both of them obtained a common understanding. Immediately, he eerily smiled and strode forth towards Mu Chen.

Mo Feng had also sensed intent the genius of the Thunder Crow Clan had towards Mu Chen and he immediately frowned his brows, before was about to step out.

Just when Mo Feng was about to move, a figure flashed before him and Zong Teng appeared with a smile-yet-not-smile expression.

“I’ve long heard of Brother Mo being a pillar amongst the younger generations of the Nine Netherbird Clan. Now that we’ve met today, I hope that Brother Mo can grant me some teachings.”

Mo Feng’s gaze was cold as he stared at Zong Teng, who was obstructing him. The latter clearly wanted to hinder him on purpose, providing time for the genius of the Thunder Crow Clan to deal with Mu Chen.

“Do you think that you will be able to get rid of Mu Chen by holding me up? You’re too naïve.” Mo Feng coldly sneered.


When Zong Teng heard Mo Feng’s words, he gave a smile. “Without any time to set up a Spiritual Array, what is a Sixth Grade Sovereign?”

He slightly turned his head and glanced at the black-robed man who had appeared before Mu Chen and a smear of a sneer appeared in his eyes. The brat that caught up to them with all he had would probably be the first to be eliminated.

Looking at things this way, that person was truly laughable.

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