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Chapter 986 - Sky Mount Divine Seal

In the sky of the Receiving Stage, Zong Teng stood with his hands behind his back as he calmly looked at Nine Nether, who was enveloped in torrential purple flames before him, before looking at Mu Chen, who stood without moving on the Receiving Stage, then faintly said, “Your Nine Netherbird Clan’s appetite is pretty huge, splitting into two parties and intending on occupying two Receiving Stages?”

Nine Nether coldly cast a glance at him, then said, “So what?”

A golden light appeared in Zong Teng’s eyes, before his gaze had turned sharp. Casting his gaze over, a sword aura swept out that practically wanted to pierce through others. “You’re courting death, how foolish.”

As he spoke, he waved his sleeves. “This Receiving Stage is not something that the two of you can take. Leave now and I will let the two of you go. Otherwise, perhaps you might be able to save your life, but that human will be reduced to a puddle of blood.”

“Boasting shamelessly.”

Regarding of Zong Teng’s words, Nine Nether had only replied with a mocking smile. Even if Zong Teng had awakened the Gold Winged Roc’s bloodline and obtained its evolution, it’d be laughable if he thought that she didn’t have any cards up her sleeves.


When Zong Teng heard her reply, his gaze had instantly turned sharp. He did not speak any further, but suddenly took a step forth. Instantly, a golden Spiritual Energy dominated out and vaguely formed into a great roc behind him. That great roc was flickering with golden lustre and a surging, powerful aura faintly emanated from him.

The moment Zong Teng made his move, he had immediately summoned his Divine Beast form. The overbearing aura had caused the countenances of many experts to slightly change.

That’s because all of them had felt slightly pressured by Zong Teng’s Divine Beast form, which originated from the super Divine Beast, the Gold Winged Roc. Although Zong Teng was still some distance away from evolving into the Gold Winged Roc, he already possessed a little bit of the power that belonged to the Gold Winged Roc.

“I’ve long heard of you possessing the extremely perfected version of the Undying Bird’s bloodline. But today, I will see whether your Undying Bird’s bloodline is more powerful or is my Gold Winged Roc more powerful.”

Zong Teng looked at Nine Nether with his sharp gaze, before clenching his fist and a golden feather appeared. The golden feather surged with a golden lustre, before it had turned into a golden halberd.

Nine Nether looked at Zong Teng, who had immediately summoned his Divine Beast form, with a smear of graveness flashing across her eyes. Although Zong Teng was a loathsome person, the strength that he possessed was truly fearful, which she had to face with all her power.

Nine Nether clenched her hand and the black-feathered longsword with purple flames had appeared in her hand. Thereafter, the colossal Nine Netherworld Bird had also appeared. As purple flames spread out, it had quickly expelled the pressure that emanated from Zong Teng.

The two of them stood in the sky with shocking vigour. Boundless Spiritual Energy clashed, causing a distortion in the sky.

Many experts had been attracted by this confrontation and a bizarre light appeared in their eyes. Nine Nether and Zong Teng were absolute geniuses in their respective clans. So they had no idea whether the final victor of this battle would be Nine Nether, who had awakened her Undying Bird’s bloodline, or Zong Teng, who had awakened his Gold Winged Roc’s bloodline.

Outside the battlefield, the remaining party of the Sky Roc Clan looked at the confrontation between Zong Teng and Nine Nether, before someone nodded their head. “Nine Nether is, indeed, truly worthy of being the one from the Nine Netherbird Clan that possesses the most perfect bloodline over the last tens of thousands of years. Even Big Brother Zong Teng actually can’t do anything to her.”

Liu Qing coldly smiled, before looking at the Receiving Stage. “Big Brother Zong Teng is not trying to defeat Nine Nether. He only wants to hold Nine Nether back while Big Brother Zong Yan deals with that fellow. He and Nine Nether have formed a Bloodlink Bond, so as long as the human dies, Nine Nether will also suffer heavy injuries. At that time, we don’t even need Big Brother Zong Teng to make a move and Nine Nether might not be able to escape death.”

As she spoke, a harsh arc immediately rose on the corner of her lips. If Nine Nether’s group of four was to go after one Receiving Stages with all their strength, then perhaps they might be able to secure it. But since they were foolish enough to split their forces, they’re simply courting death.

In her view, Nine Nether and the rest were doomed to lose in this confrontation.


When all the gazes gathered over, Zong Teng and Nine Nether had already made their move and a sharp golden light filled the heavens and earth, along with torrential purple flames.

Zong Teng and Nine Nether were both at the Seventh Grade Sovereign Realm, both possessing their powerful Divine Beast forms. Thus, their fight would definitely be extremely intense. However, it was precisely because the two’s strengths were equal, so everyone knew that it would be hard for a victor to emerge in this battle, unless both sides were to go all-out…

Clearly, Zong Teng did not have this intention, since his motive was only to hold back Nine Nether. But what left others somewhat shocked was the fact that Nine Nether clearly knew of this, yet she had no intention of breaking this deadlock situation. She was allowing the deadlock to continue.

As the deadlock continued, Zong Yan, who was dressed in red robes, had quickly descended onto the Receiving Stage under countless gazes, before crossing his arms. He then looked at Mu Chen, who was not moving with a smile-yet-not-smile expression.

“If you get lost from here, I can let you go. All I will take is an arm from you.” Zong Yan glanced at Mu Chen.

But despite his words, Mu Chen still did not move. His eyes slightly closed, as if he was meditating.

When Zong Yan saw this scene, not only was he not furious, he faintly smiled and murmured to himself, “Simply a brat that’s courting death…”


When his finished speaking, his gaze had turned completely cold, before he suddenly stomped his feet and his silhouette burst out with a scarlet long spear in his hand. A scarlet light emanated from the spear, as if it was a great roc hunting dragon. It was imposing and massive as it flew towards the centre of Mu Chen’s brows like a bolt of lightning.

“Sky Roc Art - Flaming Roc’s Dragon Locking Spear!”

Zong Yan had ruthlessly attacked without any leniency when he unleashed his attack. A powerful Spiritual Energy pressure enveloped out, fully displaying his strength as a Seventh Grade Sovereign.

When Liu Qing saw this scene outside the stage, her eyes instantly lit up. Zong Huo’s move was something that even Seventh Grade Sovereigns would have to face seriously, but Mu Chen actually did not move when facing such an attack. It looked like he had given up and was waiting for death.

But just when Liu Qing was prepared to watch Mu Chen die, the latter suddenly stretched his finger out and gently flicked.

“Indestructible Golden Bell Array!”


A strong light suddenly burst out from the ground beneath his feet and innumerable light beams intertwined and formed into a massive golden bell around Mu Chen. The surface of the golden bell was circulating with a peculiar light that made it seem like it couldn’t be destroyed.

“A Spiritual Array?! You’re a Spiritual Array Master?”

The sudden appearance of the bell had startled Zong Yan and his gaze grew even colder. “It’s just a mere Earth Grade Spiritual Array. So this is the card up your sleeve? But it’s a pity that it can’t block me!”

As he spoke, his attack became even more ferocious. Astonishing whizzing noises resounded from the scarlet longspear. Thereafter, his longspear had pierced forth and heavily slammed against the golden bell.


An astonishing and clear noise resounded and intense ripples could be seen on the surface of the golden bell, before it spread out in layers and swiftly covered the entire bell.


Although the defensive capability of the golden bell was powerful, it also couldn’t bear the full attack of Zong Yan’s ferocious attack. The cracks were rapidly spreading out.

Huo Zong looked at the golden bell that was on the verge of shattering and a cold sneer rose on the corner of his lips. So the reason why Mu Chen did not move was that he was secretly setting up a Spiritual Array. Mu Chen was cunning, but he was a little too naïve. Although the Spiritual Array had caught him off guard, it was useless before absolute strength.

When the bell shatters, Mu Chen would definitely die under his spear!

Above the Receiving Stage, Zong Teng’s halberd was before him, blocking Nine Nether’s sword, and he faintly smiled. “Looks like you will definitely lose this time.”

He had clearly noticed Mu Chen’s desperate straits down below. The moment Mu Chen lost, then Nine Nether would naturally be heavily injured because of him as well.

But facing his words, Nine Nether’s gaze remained calm. Not only did she not panic, the corner of her rosy lips even rose into a mocking smile.


When Zong Teng heard her words, his eyes instantly contracted. He had sensed something wrong, since Nine Nether could still maintain her composure…


But at that moment, the golden bell that had enveloped around Mu Chen couldn’t endure Zong Yan’s terrifying attack and had completely shattered.

Spiritual Energy exploded and Mu Chen’s figure was revealed before Zong Yan without any protection.

“You can die now.”

A mocking arc rose on the corner of Zong Yan’s lips as a blazing, flaming scarlet spear bolted towards Mu Chen’s throat under Liu Qing’s brilliant gaze.

As the spear lustre swept out, Mu Chen’s tightly shut eyes had abruptly opened.

An endless chill surged within his eyes, which caused a chill to rise in Zong Yan’s heart and a sense of unease gushed out.

Mu Chen indifferently looked at him and flicked his finger. Thereafter, a spiritual light exploded towards every direction from the ground, before gathering above Mu Chen’s head. In the blink of an eye, it had formed into a small divine seal under the shocked gazes of countless experts. The divine seal was like a mountain, giving off an indescribable weight that even space couldn’t bear, before cracks appeared in space.

“Heaven Grade Spiritual Array!”

Many experts took in cold breaths. Such a powerful Spiritual Array was definitely a genuine Heaven Grade Spiritual Array, and it was the only reason that could make them feel so threatened!

That human who looked to be in the Sixth Grade Sovereign was actually a genuine Heaven Grade Spiritual Array Master?!

Under many shocked gazes, Mu Chen had indifferently waved his hand and the divine seal had pressed towards the nearby Zong Yan!

“Heaven Grade Spiritual Array - Sky Mount Divine Seal!”

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