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Chapter 985 - Ten Receiving Stages

Sunlight descended from the sky and when it fell onto the rooftop of the pagoda, the entire ancient stone pagoda seemed to have been sizzling with flames. Layers of lustre circulated on the surface of it with an extremely old and terrifying surge of fluctuations. Like a ferocious beast, something was slowly awakening within the stone pagoda.

Everyone in this region had felt the undulations and they couldn’t help contracting their pupils with deep shock in their eyes. The undulations that it was giving off was truly somewhat stunning.

However, the shock only lasted for a brief instant before it disappeared and was replaced with dense expectation and ecstasy. That’s because those strange events meant that the Primordial Body Refining Pagoda was going to open.


Under the numerous heated gazes, the Primordial Body Refining Pagoda emitted a low noise before the ground around the pagoda started to crack. Thereafter, ten ancient stone stages rose up from the ground.

The stone stages were filled with profound runes and those runes flickered with a faint lustre and extremely thin strings of light could be seen spreading out, which connected to the Primordial Body Refining Pagoda.

When the ten stone stages appeared, a commotion had broken out in this region and Nine Nether had also frowned her brows. “There’s actually only ten Receiving Stages for the Primordial Body Refining Pagoda this time…”

“Receiving Stages? What does it mean?” Mu Chen looked at the experts that were in an uproar as he asked in puzzlement.

“The Receiving Stages actually means the quota available to enter the Primordial Body Refining Pagoda. A stage can only receive a single person… which also means that there are only ten people that can enter this Primordial Body Refining Pagoda.”

Nine Nether helplessly said, “Last time, there were twenty Receiving Stages. I never thought that there would be only half of that this time…”

Mu Chen eyes contracted once he understood Nine Nether’s words. With a smaller number of Receiving Stages, the quota for the Primordial Body Refining Pagoda would be even rarer. With so many experts here eyeing it, he would definitely have to pay a great price to obtain one Receiving Stage.

Mu Chen swept his gaze around. He could sense the atmosphere in this region suddenly tensing up. Cold lights flickered in the eyes of the experts and when they looked at the other clans, killing intent surged in their hearts.

Ten Receiving Stage quietly sat around the Primordial Body Refining Pagoda. Along with their appearances, the Spiritual Beast Clans that were eager suddenly turned silent, coldly silent.

Mu Chen had lightly knitted his brows. Although he had also harboured the wishful thinking of being able to easily enter the Primordial Body Refining Pagoda, judging from the current situation, the ten Receiving Stages seemed to require a bloodbath before one could firmly stand on it.

“Since there are only ten Receiving Stages, I’m afraid there’s a change in our plan.” Nine Nether looked at Mu Chen, Mo Feng and Mo Long as she said in a low voice.

“Amongst the ten, it’s impossible for us to occupy them all. Not to mention our chances of success, even if we managed to succeed, it would be a calamity and not fortune.”

Mu Chen, Mo Feng and Mo Ling nodded their heads. If they could each obtain a stage, then the other geniuses of the Spiritual Beast Clans would definitely have their eyes turning red. At that time, they might even be ganged upon by the other forces. At that time, they might not even be able to obtain a single stage and would have to retreat in a pathetic state. Therefore, they had to let go at this moment.

“I suggest we aim at getting two Receiving Stages. It’d be great if we can allow two people to enter the Body Refining Pagoda, that’d be the best outcome.”

“Two stages…” Mu Chen slightly pondered. If that’s the case, then only two amongst them could obtain the opportunity to enter the Primordial Body Refining Pagoda, while the other two waited outside.

If that’s the case, it would be too unfair for the other two. After all, no one wanted to give up on this opportunity.

“I suggest Mo Feng and Mu Chen seize the stages, while I and Mo Ling help from the side… I wonder if you guys have any other opinions?” Nine Nether cast a glance at the three of them and slightly smiled.

Mu Chen was stunned when he heard her words and felt touched in his heart. That’s because, according to normal circumstances, it should be her and Mo Feng seizing the stages. After all, both of them were genuine Seventh Grade Sovereigns, thus they had higher chances in obtaining the stages. However, Nine Nether gave her quota over to Mu Chen. Clearly, she was intending to give the opportunity of the Primordial Body Refining Pagoda to him.

She clearly knew that the opportunity of the Primordial Body Refining Pagoda was extremely important to him.

Mo Feng and Mo Ling were stunned as the former looked towards Mu Chen. “The Elders have said that you will be the one to make decisions. Since you have decided, then Mo Ling and I naturally have no opinion.”

Although Mu Chen’s strength appeared to only be at the Sixth Grade Sovereign Realm, Mo Feng vaguely knew that Mu Chen had concealed quite a bit of strength after these recent days of interaction. Thus, he did not object to Nine Nether’s suggestion. Furthermore, Nine Nether was the one that decided to give her opportunity to Mu Chen, so he couldn’t say anything about it.

“Hehe. Big Brother Mu Chen, you must do your best.” Mo Ling chuckled.

“Thanks.” Mu Chen cupped his hands to the two of them and said while feeling somewhat touched. Regarding Nine Nether, with their relationship, it was naturally not needed for them to speak such words between them. However, he had decided in his heart that in the Divine Beast Origin, he had to help Nine Nether obtain the Undying Bird’s Divine Blood to perfect her bloodline.

Although they had decided, the atmosphere in this region was still in a deadlock, but everyone knew that this would not last long…

It was indeed as everyone had expected. This deadlock lasted for few minutes, before Han Shan of the Demonic Rhino Clan slowly walked out and swept his ferocious gaze out, before his somewhat sharp voice resounded, “Since everyone doesn’t want to be the one to start this, then let my Demonic Rhino Clan do it!”

After he spoke, his silhouette had burst out and heavily landed on a Receiving Stage, before he swept his ferocious gaze around, while sending an ominous aura. He was like a primordial ominous rhino.

“I, Han Shan want this Receiving Stage! If any of you are unresigned, then come and challenge me!” Standing on the Receiving Stage, he coldly said.

Han Shan stood with his hands behind his back while emitting an overbearing aura. The eyes of the surrounding experts had suddenly changed. Everyone here were the elites of the younger generation amongst their clans, thus they were extremely prideful, making it impossible for them to be intimidated by Han Shan.

Thus, when Han Shan finished his words, a cold bellow resounded, “Hmph, I have long heard of you being overbearing, Han Shan. Today, my Demonic Elephant Clan will give it a try!”


A towering figure descended from the sky and onto the Receiving Stage, which caused the ground to violently tremble.

Everyone directed their gazes over to see a huge black figure, covered with ancient tattoos blossoming with light, as if they possessed the power to tremble the heavens.

That person held a pitch-black stick. The stick was extremely dense, causing cracks to appear on the ground, which was made of extraordinary material, the moment it touched the ground.

“It’s actually the genius of the Demonic Elephant Clan, Xu Kun. It’s said that he has already stepped into the Seventh Grade Sovereign Realm, with an innate strength that could move mountains. Heh, if the two clans are to fight, it will definitely be an earth-shattering battle.”

The moment that person appeared, he had instantly attracted many startled voices. They must have recognised that the person that went up was not a pushover. It was no wonder why he would dare to go up and challenge Han Shan.

“The Demonic Elephant Clan?”

Han Shan slightly contracted his eyes with an indifferent expression. But he did not speak. Instead, he abruptly stomped his feet, causing the ground to crack and an ominous aura rolled out. His figure was like a primordial ominous rhino as he shot out with ferocious attacks, starting the battle.


Boundless and violent Spiritual Energy shock wave instantly exploded on this Receiving Stage.

The battle of those two had immediately caused the deadlock in this region to be torn apart and all the experts couldn’t wait anymore. Hence, one powerful Spiritual Energy after another soared into the sky and, in the next instant, there were several silhouettes bursting out, before they charged towards the other Receiving Stages.

“Let’s move out!”

When Nine Nether saw the current situation, she let out a low roar and, in the next instant, the four of them had flown out, splitting into two factions and had landed on the two nearest Receiving Stages.

Mu Chen’s silhouette had quickly appeared on the Receiving Stage, standing without moving under all the startled gazes. It was so much so that he had even slightly closed his eyes while standing on the Receiving Stage like a statue.

Nine Nether stood in the sky of the Receiving Stage with boundless Spiritual Energy sweeping from her body. Purple flames surged and a terrifyingly high temperature had directly caused the nearby atmosphere to evaporate. The overbearing flames had caused many experts to raise their eyebrows, causing hesitation to appear in the eyes of those experts that wanted to seize that Receiving Stage.

“That brat’s cultivation is only at a mere Sixth Grade Sovereign. He actually dares to occupy a Receiving Stage, he’s simply courting death!”

“That brat seems to be a human? How did he manage to come into the Divine Beast Origin?”

“No idea what the Nine Netherbird Clan is up to, they’re even helping that brat obtain a Receiving Stage?”

“Hmph, only knowing how to borrow the help of a woman, how useless!”


Many gazes were directed over, before cold ridiculing voices resounded. Towards those disdainful voices, Mu Chen remained steadfast with his eyes closed without moving.

“Nine Nether actually wants to help that human obtain the Receiving Stage?”

Not far away, amongst the Sky Roc Clan’s party, Liu Qing was startled while watching this scene. Shortly after, she mocked, “Nine Nether is truly dreaming. Not to mention that the brat’s cultivation is only at a mere Sixth Grade Sovereign, it’s simply impossible for him to guard that Receiving Stage. Furthermore, even if he manages to enter the Body Refining Pagoda, it will also probably be hard for him to have any harvests. She’s simply a fool.”

“Furthermore, does she really think that she can protect that kid with her strength alone?”

Standing beside Liu Qing, Zong Teng indifferently looked at the imposing Nine Nether, before he calmly opened his mouth under Liu Qing’s excited gaze. “I will go and chase Nine Nether away. You will deal with that human. Our Sky Roc Clan will take this Receiving Stage.”

“A mere Sixth Grade Sovereign, there’s nothing to fear.”

The red-robed man grinned and a ferocious light flickered in his eyes, before a powerful Spiritual Energy fluctuation exploded from his body. Clearly, he had also stepped into the Seventh Grade Sovereign Realm!

Zong Teng nodded his head, before he took a step forth and appeared before Nine Nether, who had purple flames blazing around her.

The man named Zong Yan landed on Mu Chen’s Receiving Stage, looking at the latter with ridicule, as if he was looking at a prey.

Mu Chen seemed to have sensed him, since he had slightly opened his eyes to indifferently look at Zong Yan, before gently flicking his ten fingers and spiritual lights flew out that couldn’t be seen with the naked eyes before integrating into the Receiving Stage.

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