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Chapter 983 - Sky Roc Clan

The vast continent was tattered and broken, filled with a ruin-like atmosphere in this entire region. But even if this continent was tattered, it still emitted a unique pressure that caused everyone here to feel revere in their hearts for the ancient times.


Looking at the boundless horizon as the wind blew, four streaks of light flew over from the distance, bringing along the ear-piercing sounds of the wind as they swiftly flew towards the distance.

Those four streaks of light were naturally Mu Chen’s group, who had placed their objective on the Primordial Body Refining Pagoda after arriving in the Divine Beast Origin.

They had already travelled for nearly half a day and they had also encountered other Spiritual Beast Clans along the way. But due to them having their guards up and fear for each other, they did not have any disputes.

After all, before seeing any treasures, no one wanted to exhaust their energy in vain. Anyone that could come to the Divine Beast Origin wasn’t ordinary, or they possessed some capabilities. Therefore, they wouldn’t go provoking others without benefits.

It was precisely so, so Mu Chen and the rest felt rather free from the troubles in their journey.

“According to our direction, we should be a day away from the nearest Primordial Body Refining Pagoda.” As they flew, Nine Nether held a compass made of beast bones with a lustre on it that vaguely formed into a blurry map with a pagoda picture at the centre of the map. That must’ve been their objective for this trip.

Mu Chen nodded his head, he wasn’t anxious, since he had slightly closed his eyes in their journey. As his thoughts circulated, he had been endlessly absorbing the Spiritual Energy between the heavens and earth.

But as Mu Chen was swiftly absorbing the Spiritual Energy, he could sense the surge of peculiar energy being mixed in it and when it was absorbed into his body, Mu Chen could sense his blood aura seemingly becoming a little more lively.

The Spiritual Energy in the Divine Beast Origin actually contained a trace of energy that could refine the physical body. Slightly tracing back the energy, Mu Chen could sense that it was the desolate aura that was spreading out between the heavens and earth.

“It’s no wonder why the Divine Beast Origin would have such importance and weight in the Divine Beast Continent. Cultivating here is greatly beneficial for Spiritual and Divine Beast Clans.”

Mu Chen inwardly praised. Although he had been absorbing for half a day, the improvement still wasn’t comparable to a single drop of the Spiritual Blood Paste, but it’s endless in this place and he did not need to bitterly search around as he did for the Spiritual Blood Paste. In the long term, this increment was rather terrifying.

“Looks like the refining effect of the Divine Beast Origin has for the physical body is truly beneficial…”

Sensing the surging blood aura in his body, a smile appeared on Mu Chen’s face and he grew even more expectant towards the Primordial Body Refining Pagoda.

As long as he could break through to the second level of the Dragon-Phoenix Physique, he would be able to confront a Seventh Grade Sovereign with just his physical body alone at that time!

Not only did he need to help Nine Nether obtain the Primordial Undying Bird’s Bloodline during this trip to the Divine Beast Origin, but he also needed to increase his strength so that he would be qualified to compete for the evolution of the Great Solar Undying Body when the Ancient Haven Palace appeared!

During the next day’s time, the four of them travelled without stopping and under their full speed of travel, they had finally reached the area where the Primordial Body Refining Pagoda was located.

The four of them appeared on a lone peak and they looked into the distance, before they saw a huge city that was thousands of miles away standing in the group of mountains.

Although this city was already in ruins, they could still tell the majesty that it once possessed, despite being in ruins. During ancient times, this city must’ve been a great city in the Divine Beast Origin.

“That is the Great Desolate City, a top force of the Divine Beast Origin in ancient times. There’s a Primordial Body Refining Pagoda left in this city.” Nine Nether pointed towards the ancient and ruined city.

Mu Chen nodded before looking at this region with his eyes contracted. “Looks like the attraction force of this Primordial Body Refining Pagoda is pretty big…”

In his perception, he could sense a powerful aura whistling over from the distant horizon and the objective of those people was this Primordial Body Refining Pagoda.

Furthermore, aside from the aura of those swiftly rushing over, Mu Chen knitted his brows as he looked at the ruined city. There were quite a few Spiritual Energy undulations and someone must have reached this place.


When Mu Chen sensed the Spiritual Energy undulations in the city, his expression suddenly changed, before he raised his head and looked in a direction. There were several long streaks in the horizon. Furthermore, those streaks were moving in their direction as though they had sensed their existence. Thus, the breaking sound of wind had immediately resounded in the sky above them.

“Haha. I was wondering who it was, so it’s Nine Nether… There hasn’t been any news about you for years, I even thought that you’d failed…” When those several silhouettes appeared, a girl’s pampered laughter resounded. Although her voice was beautiful, her words were extremely harsh.

When Nine Nether heard her words, her face instantly turned cold. When she raised her head, a ridiculing smile appeared. “Liu Qing, looks like you still haven’t gotten over your loss to me.”

Mu Chen raised his head as well and saw four silhouettes appearing in the sky before them. Amongst the four silhouettes, there was a green-clothed lady. She had a slender and voluptuous figure with exquisite brows, looking somewhat seductive. It’s just that, at the moment, a cold light had flashed in her eyes from Nine Nether’s rebuttal.

Mu Chen frowned his brows as he looked at this bunch of people. Clearly, he was puzzled about their origins. But judging from the current situation, Nine Nether seemed to have a deep implication with this green-dressed lady called Liu Qing.

“Big Brother Mu Chen, they’re from the Sky Roc Clan. In the past, the Sky Roc Clan would send their younger generations to our Nine Netherbird Clan to spar, and Liu Qing was defeated by Big Sister Nine Nether. I never expected for her to be this narrow-minded, to remember this matter so clearly.” While Mu Chen was puzzled, Mo Ling whispered and her tone did not have much of a favourable impression of Liu Qing.

“Sky Roc Clan?”

Mu Chen was stunned, before slightly nodded his head. It’s a Spiritual Beast clan that wasn’t at all inferior to the Nine Netherbird Clan. That clan also had some history and they possessed the bloodline of the super Divine Beast, the Gold Winged Roc. Upon awakening that bloodline, they would possess a boundless potential.

“I never thought, Nine Nether, that your mouth would get more formidable after so long.”

As Mu Chen and Mo Ling spoke, Liu Qing coldly smiled as she looked at Mu Chen and her brows were raised. “I previously heard some news that you have formed a Bloodlink Bond with a human. I believe he must be the one, right?”

She examined Mu Chen with pride in her eyes and a hint of disdain.

“Sixth Grade Sovereign… you even dare to bring him to the Divine Beast Origin with his strength. Looks like he’s pretty important to you, but you have to be careful. If he dies in the Divine Beast Origin, you might have to be buried with him, Nine Nether.”

When Mu Chen heard her words, his brows knitted with a flash of cold light in his eyes. However, he only looked at Liu Qing with indifference. He did not lose his composure after being ridiculed, but an ill will rose in his heart for this girl. If opportunity allowed, he would definitely give her a good lesson.

Liu Qing looked at Mu Chen with indifference and a flash of astonishment in her eyes, which must be from the composure that the latter had shown, which wasn’t something someone of his age should possess.

“You don’t have to worry about this matter. If you think that the previous lesson I taught you was not enough, I can accompany you to play at anytime.” Nine Nether coldly said.


The corner of Liu Qing’s mouth curved as she turned her head and looked at a clansman beside her. “Big Brother Zong Teng should have reached the body refining pagoda by now, right?”

“Haha. With Big Brother Zong Teng’s speed, it’s hard to find an opponent for him amongst the Seventh Grade Sovereigns.” That expert of the Sky Roc Clan smiled as he looked at Mu Chen’s group with a smile-yet-not-smile expression.

“Zong Teng?”

When Nine Nether heard that name, she couldn’t help contracting her eyes with a trace of fear in her eyes.

Seeing her reaction, Mu Chen couldn’t help feeling doubtful, so he transmitted his voice to Mo Ling, “Who is Zong Teng?”

Mo Ling frowned her brows. Her complexion wasn’t too good. “Zong Teng is the most outstanding youth within the younger generations of the Sky Roc Clan. It’s said that he has awakened the Gold Winged Roc’s bloodline and has an extremely powerful strength. He had once fought with a genius of the Phoenix Clan and wasn’t any inferior to them, his fame is extremely great amongst the younger generations of the Spiritual Beast Realm.”

When Mu Chen heard her words, only then did he understand what was going on. It was no wonder why Liu Qing would show such a fearless appearance, so she was relying on the fact that she had someone backing her up.

When Liu Qing saw Nine Nether go silent, she couldn’t help smiling with complacency. But she did not say anything else, until she chuckled, “Looks like your objective is also the body refining pagoda. That’s good, at that time… I will get Big Brother Zong Teng to take care of you guys.”

The words ‘take care’ were emphasized and everyone here understood the reason behind it.

“Look who’s cawing.”

Mu Chen raised his brows and indifferently spoke out.

Liu Qing was stunned, before she was angered by Mu Chen’s words to the point that her face had turned pale. Shortly afterwards, she clenched her teeth and glared at Mu Chen, then coldly smiled. “I hope that you can still smile when you see Big Brother Zong Teng!”

After she spoke, she couldn’t be bothered to stay there any longer and turned into a streak of light, then swiftly crossed the horizon, towards the ruined city.

Looking at their distancing silhouettes, Mu Chen had lightly squinted his eyes.

Zong Teng… They hoped that that person didn’t obstruct their opportunity for the pagoda. Otherwise, Mu Chen wouldn’t give a damn about which genius he was from. He would not be the slightest bit lenient!

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