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Chapter 981 - Physical Body Improvement


When a tiny crack of the True Dragon and Phoenix’s eyes opened, the three that sat before Mu Chen heard an intimidating dragon roar and phoenix cry abruptly resounded from him. In that instant, the three of them had instantly widened their pupils. They could sense a terrifying surge of might awakening from Mu Chen’s body.

It was the might that belonged to the True Dragon and Phoenix.

However, the power seemed even more boundless and massive than it was before.

Mo Feng and Mo Ling felt it more intensely, since they also had the bloodline of the Phoenix Clan in them, whereas the True Phoenix was the genuine emperor of the Phoenix Clan.

Thus, when the True Phoenix might awakened within Mu Chen’s body, their two bodies couldn’t help trembling for a moment. They even had the misperception that Mu Chen, who sat before them, wasn’t a human, but a superior existence of the Phoenix Clan which, made them revere him.

“Why does he possess such a powerful True Phoenix might?” The indifference on Mo Feng’s face had long disappeared as he looked at Mu Chen, whose eyes were closed, with disbelief. Even in the Phoenix Clan, the True Phoenix pressure wasn’t something that just anyone could possess. But right now, it had appeared from Mu Chen.

Nine Nether took in a deep breath as well with shock in her eyes. She knew that Mu Chen had cultivated the Dragon-Phoenix Sutra. So despite Mu Chen possessing a trace of the True Phoenix pressure in the past, it was shocking, but the pressure was too faint. Aside from shocking others, there wasn’t any practical usage, only an appearance.

But now, the True Phoenix pressure bursting from Mu Chen’s body had got stronger to the point that even they would feel fearful as the Divine Beasts that possessed the Phoenix Bloodline when facing that pressure. Even their strengths would feel a little suppressed because of this.

This pressure couldn’t be avoided unless one possessed absolute strength to be immune to that sort of pressure. That’s because the pressure originated from the bloodline and the nobility of a True Phoenix.

Buzz! Buzz!

While the three of them were left in shock, the True Dragon and Phoenix Tattoos erupted with dazzling golden light on Mu Chen’s body and a horrifying suction force exploded.

The suction force did not belong to them, and the Spiritual Blood Paste Embryo that hovered at the centre of them violently trembled as two crimson currents whistled out from it.

The two crimson currents were ten-odd feet in size, containing extremely massive blood auras as they were being completely devoured by the True Dragon and Phoenix Tattoos.

Watching this scene, the three of them were a little blank as they stared at Mu Chen. Previously, they had spent half a day for them to be able to absorb a strand of blood aura from the Spiritual Blood Paste Embryo. But at this moment, the True Dragon and Phoenix Tattoos on Mu Chen’s body were simply like a whale.

The suction speed made them feel envious.

“Absorb faster!” When Mo Ling saw the whale devouring a wave of blood aura, the suction force exploded once again, she couldn’t help speaking out.

Although the Spiritual Blood Paste Embryo possessed a massive blood aura, even one with a larger scale probably couldn’t withstand the True Dragon and Phoenix Tattoos being like a whale. So if they did not seize the moment to absorb the mist, then there wouldn’t be anything left for them.

When Nine Nether and Mo Feng heard her words, they immediately nodded their heads and no longer spoke, then focused their minds to refine strands of the blood aura from the embryo and swiftly absorbed it.

As they refine it, the True Dragon and Phoenix Tattoos on Mu Chen’s body exploded forth with terrifying a suction force, as expected, instantly causing two scarlet beams to come out of the embryo.

When Nine Nether and the rest saw the two scarlet beams, which were roughly ten feet before, looking at the pathetic strands that they were absorbing, the corner of their lips couldn’t help twitching…

But they knew that this was probably just the beginning.

For nearly the next half an hour, the True Dragon and Phoenix Tattoos on Mu Chen’s body constantly devoured like a whale as the beams with powerful blood aura endlessly poured towards them.

Under the massive perfusion, the purple-golden True Dragon and Phoenix Tattoos gradually had a faction of scarlet on them. Furthermore, the True Dragon Tattoo seemed to have become larger and its body was wriggling with power, while the scales seemed to be forged from amethyst and gold, looking indestructible.

The True Phoenix Tattoo had also gotten even deeper and its folded wings had slightly opened up.

However, the eyes of the True Dragon and Phoenix Tattoos did not continue to open, remaining at a tiny crack. But even so, the might that emanated from them had caused Nine Nether, Mo Feng and Mo Ling to be startled in their hearts.

At this moment, he would probably be able to intimidate quite a bit of people if he wanted to pretend to be from the Dragon or Phoenix Clan, except for the fact that he couldn’t show a Divine Beast form.


It was also at this moment that the Spiritual Blood Paste Embryo, which had revolved between them, finally showed gradual signs of exhaustion after such a large amount of absorption and a crack started to appear on the surface of the embryo.

Nine Nether, Mo Feng and Mo Ling looked at the crack and they helplessly shook their heads. According to normal certain points-of-view, a Spiritual Blood Paste Embryo was enough for them to absorb for days. But because of Mu Chen’s existence, it is already exhausted after not even half a day.

Just that this time, probably about ninety percent of the blood aura contained in that Spiritual Blood Paste Embryo was absorbed by Mu Chen alone.

This time, Mu Chen had clearly benefited the most.

Nine Nether gave an apologetic glance to Mo Feng and Mo Ling. After all, it was her suggestion for this method of sharing and judging from the current situation, the siblings had clearly suffered a great loss.

Facing her apology, Mo Feng shook his head, expressing that he wasn’t bothered by it. Although a Spiritual Blood Paste Embryo was precious, it’s not impossible for them to get another one in the Divine Beast Origin. Furthermore, this method of sharing was agreed by all of them beforehand and Mu Chen probably never expected to have benefited so greatly by it.

Crack! Crack!

The numbers of cracks gradually increased on the Spiritual Blood Paste Embryo. Towards the end, Nine Nether, Mo Feng and Mo Ling couldn’t help coming to a stop and allowed Mu Chen to extract that last bit of blood aura.

As the last beam flew out, the Spiritual Blood Paste Embryo, which was initially dazzling, had instantly turned dim and the lustre had dissipated. In the end, it had turned into ashes as it fell down.

The blood aura contained in this Spiritual Blood Paste Embryo had clearly been completely exhausted.

When the Spiritual Blood Paste Embryo disappeared, the Dragon and Phoenix Tattoo on Mu Chen’s body seemed to have sensed this and the lustre gradually diminished as they returned into tattoos on Mu Chen’s chest and back.

Mu Chen’s gaze had also abruptly opened at this instant.

His black pupils still looked deep but in that instant when he opened his eyes, there was a dragon and phoenix flashing in his eyes and an astonishing pressure abruptly swept out.

Under that pressure, Nine Nether, Mo Feng and Mo Ling immediately circulated their Spiritual Energy, since the pressure had caused the Spiritual Energy circulation in their bodies to slow down.

But fortunately, the pressure came very quickly and also disappeared quickly as well. In just a few breaths of time, it had completely disappeared and Mu Chen’s pupils returned to normal.

He lowered his head and looked at the True Dragon Tattoo on his chest, before his gaze flickered. Although there didn’t seem to have been many changes to the Dragon and Phoenix Tattoos, Mu Chen knew that he had improved once again in the Dragon-Phoenix Sutra.

Although he still had some distance to the second level, Mu Chen could feel the opportunity and hope to break through.

Mu Chen slowly clenched his fist and he could sense that his physical body had gotten much stronger through his cultivation. Especially the Dragon and Phoenix Tattoos. They seemed to vaguely possess a special power.

Generally speaking, the cultivation this time had a considerable increase in his fighting strength.


When Mu Chen was immersed in the increase of his strength, a gentle cough resounded before him. When he raised his head, he saw Nine Nether and the other two staring at him.

When Mu Chen saw the gazes of those three, awkwardness instantly rose on his face. Although he was in his cultivation, he knew what was happening.

He cast a glance on the ash on the ground. It was the remains of the Spiritual Blood Paste Embryo, since the blood aura in it had been completely sucked dry.

“Sorry about that, I did not know that it’d be so overbearing…” Mu Chen immediately apologised. After all, the four of them had a share in the Spiritual Blood Paste Embryo and he had absorbed it in such an overbearing manner. It was naturally unfair for the three of them. Although he and Nine Nether wouldn’t be bothered about this matter, he did not have that sort of deep relationship with Mo Feng and Mo Ling.

“If we can find other treasures in the Divine Beast Origin, I’ll use them to make it up for you guys.”

When Mo Feng and Mo Ling saw the apologetic expression on Mu Chen’s face, the former did not speak, but was looking at the Dragon and Phoenix Tattoos on Mu Chen’s body, while the latter pouted her lips. “Okay, consider that you pass through this matter, we will not bicker with a whale like you.”

Mu Chen dryly smiled as he retrieved clothes, covering his body and also blocked out Mo Feng’s gaze.

Mo Feng retracted his gaze and cast a deep glance at Mu Chen. He had viewed the latter more in his heart. Initially, he had only maintained a bystander eye regarding the matter of Mu Chen’s participation. That’s because, in his view, even if Mu Chen managed to defeat both Jiang Ya and Qin Xuan, it didn’t mean anything. The two of them weren’t anything before him. But after the previous matter, he knew that Mu Chen had probably hidden quite a bit of stuff. So if he still viewed him with indifference, then it would mean that he was a fool.

Perhaps with the participation of this person, they might truly be able to obtain an unexpected outcome in this trip to the Divine Beast Origin.

“We’re reaching the Divine Beast Origin!”

As thoughts circulated in Mo Feng’s mind, Nine Nether’s voice had suddenly rung out.

The three’s hearts trembled before they raised their heads and saw that the endless belt of meteorites had finally come to an end. At the end of it was an endlessly massive ancient continent that floated in the void.

This continent was filled with a desolate aura. Even if they were still far away, they were still shocked to the point that their breathing had frozen.

Vaguely, there were innumerable ancient and powerful beast roars that resounded from the ancient times.

They’d finally reached the Divine Beast Origin.

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