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Chapter 980 - Refine

When the four from the Thunder Crow Clan left, Nine Nether and Mo Feng looked at Mu Chen with the expectation in their eyes already dripping out.

When Mu Chen saw this scene, he took out the Spiritual Blood Paste. Instantly, the blood lustre swept out and the blood aura fluctuated, which caused scarlet lights to appear on their faces.

“This is… the Spiritual Blood Paste Embryo?!”

Nine Nether and Mo Feng’s gazes were fixed onto the Spiritual Blood Paste Embryo. Even with the latter’s indifferent and cold character, his face was covered in shock. They could expect that the Spiritual Blood Paste in this meteorite wouldn’t be weak, but they never expected the Spiritual Blood Paste to form into an embryo.

“If those fellows from the Thunder Crow Clan knew about this, they would probably feel regret to the point that their intestines would turn green.” After a long while, Nine Nether was the first to recover from the shock and her tone contained an unconcealable surprise.

Mo Feng had also gently nodded his head with a smear of pleasant surprise in his eyes. They had yet to enter the Divine Beast Origin but they already obtained a Spiritual Blood Paste Embryo, their luck truly was pretty good.

“How are we doing to split this Spiritual Blood Paste Embryo?” Mu Chen looked at the three of them as he asked this extremely sensitive question. The Spiritual Blood Paste Embryo was extremely precious and if they did not divide it well, it would easily cause some friction amongst them. Although Mu Chen trusted his relationship with Nine Nether, he did not have much of a relationship with Mo Feng and Mo Ling, after all.

Mo Feng and Mo Ling exchanged a glance before looking at Mu Chen. The meaning behind their actions was evident, they were going to leave it to Nine Nether to decide on this matter.

When Nine Nether saw that everyone was waiting for her, she briefly pondered, before smiling. “This item is already an entity, so it’s impossible for us to divide it up equally like before. Why don’t we refine it together and it will purely depend on luck to see who can refine the most.”

Nine Nether’s meaning was clear. They would take the Spiritual Blood Paste Embryo out and the four of them would refine it together. This way, it would be considered somewhat fair and so, Mo Feng and Mo Ling didn’t have an opinion about it, then nodded their heads.

Mu Chen naturally had no objection on this matter.

“Judging from our current speed, it will probably take another half a day before we leave this belt of meteorites. Let’s seize the moment to refine it. There were all sorts of geniuses from the other clans in the Divine Beast Origin, so the competition will also be extremely intense. Every bit of increase in our strength will grant us a higher chance of succeeding as well.” Nine Nether took a glance at the endless belt of meteorites and solemnly said.

Mu Chen and the two others nodded their heads once again. Although the Spiritual Blood Paste Embryo was precious, the effect would naturally be better if they could use it as an ingredient to refine into pellets. But right now, they clearly did not have that luxury of time. Facing the cruel competition in the Divine Beast Origin, they had to use all the resources they had at this moment and convert them into their strengths.

The four of them had made a decision and no longer hesitated. They immediately sat down in a square formation. At the same time, Mo Feng had clenched his fist and a golden bell, flickering with abnormal light, appeared in his hand.

The surface of the bell was golden in colour and ancient runes appeared at the same time. If one attentively looked at it, they would realise the runes on it seemed to be a roaring phoenix.

Mo Feng flicked his finger and the golden bell expanded in the air as it left his hand and turned into a golden bell that enveloped the four of them.

A golden light gradually retracted from the surface of the golden bell and turned into a substantial form, then all four of their silhouettes were hidden. Looking from afar, there didn’t seem to be anyone on this meteorite.

“This is the Phoenix Bell, a Peerless rank Divine Artifact with defences and hiding capabilities. With this item, we will be able to safely refine the Spiritual Blood Paste Embryo and we can also hide the blood aura from the investigation of the other experts.” When Nine Nether saw the look of admiration on Mu Chen’s face, she explained.

“Then, that’ll make things easier.” Mu Chen gently felt relieved and also felt a little envious. A Peerless Rank Divine Artifact was already considered as the pinnacle amongst the Divine Artifacts. The might of such a Divine Artifact was not on the level of an ordinary High Rank Divine Artifact.

Till now, perhaps only the Starlight Demon Suppression Pyramid was stronger than this artifact. However, it was a pity that Saint Artifacts were like a huge axe in the hands of a child for him and it was impossible for him to unleash the might of it. Thus, he could only part with the treasure and gave it to Mandala.

As for Peerless Rank Divine Artifact, he also had one in his hand, the Great Meru Demonic Pillar. Although it was an ancient Ominous Artifact, Mu Chen had found the flaws in it as his cultivation rose. Although the ominous aura was stunning, it was an external force. According to Mu Chen’s guesses, it seemed to be missing a core. Otherwise, it wouldn’t just possess such power and this was probably not noticed by the Demonic Dragon Palace.

Mu Chen sighed, then calmed his heart before opening his palm and the Spiritual Blood Paste Embryo slowly rose, before it hovered in the centre of the four of them.

“Let’s begin.”

Nine Nether cast a glance at the three of them, then shut her eyes. After putting her hands together, a force of Spiritual Energy gushed out, which enveloped around the Spiritual Blood Paste Embryo. As the Spiritual Energy was absorbed, strands of scarlet mist flew out of the Spiritual Blood Paste Embryo and Nine Nether opened her lips and it entered her body.

When Nine Nether moved, the other three no longer hesitated and they formed seals as well. Three flows of Spiritual Energy enveloped the Spiritual Blood Paste Embryo, not disturbing each other as they extract strands of scarlet mist into their bodies.


When the first strand of extremely dense scarlet mist entered Mu Chen’s body, his body uncontrollably trembled. The weak and feeble-looking mist turned into boiling magma as it flowed through his limbs and meridians. In that instant, Mu Chen could even hear sizzling sounds coming from his body.

His body was currently greedily devouring the heated wave, disregarding the boiling temperature.

The boiling current dissolved in his flesh and blood, and in its path, his flesh and blood had emitted astonishing vitality and a surge of terrifying energy gradually grew.

The power contained in that Spiritual Blood Paste Embryo was undoubtedly stronger than those Spiritual Blood Pastes that he had previously taken… According to Mu Chen’s guesses, just this mouthful of scarlet mist alone was comparable to a single Spiritual Blood Paste pellet.


The meteorite travelled through the huge belt of meteorites with the four of them on top, moving towards the dazzling sun at the centre with the four of them sitting on it without moving.

At the centre of the four of them, the Spiritual Blood Paste Embryo slowly revolved, constantly emitting a scarlet mist that was devoured by the four of them.

The refining lasted for half an hour.


A somewhat scarlet breath slowly spat out from Mu Chen’s mouth. He could feel his flesh and blood getting more heated and lively, as if the energy wanted to explode.

Furthermore, Mu Chen was stunned that as the blood aura in his body had grown stronger, the True Dragon and Phoenix Tattoos on his front and back had faintly trembled.

The trembling made them look as if they were about to awaken!


When the thought flashed in Mu Chen’s mind, his body violently trembled and a scarlet light gushed out of his body, instantly reducing his clothes to ashes.

When his clothes shattered, a purple-golden huge dragon tattoo was quiet on his chest, but it was emitting a terrifying pressure.

At the same time, on his back was the True Phoenix Tattoo with its wings folded. The wings trembled with a similar terrifying pressure that had started to spread out as well.

Two terrifying pressures fluctuated around Mu Chen, which caused even space to slightly tremble.

The commotion had instantly startled Nine Nether, Mo Feng and Mo Ling into awakening and they looked at Mu Chen, who had his eyes closed. The Dragon and Phoenix Tattoos on him had shock appear on their faces.

“This is… the True Phoenix Pressure? And the True Dragon Pressure?!” Mo Feng and Mo Ling exclaimed, with the former unable to maintain his indifferent composure, his face was covered with shock.

The siblings possessed the Bloodline of the Phoenix Clan, thus they were extremely sensitive towards the True Phoenix Pressure. At this moment, they could sense that their bodies were starting to tremble as the True Phoenix pressure spread out.

True Phoenix, the Emperor of the Phoenix Clan!

Even if the True Phoenix pressure didn’t belong to him, the pressure was still rather shocking.

“Why does he have the True Dragon and Phoenix pressure?” Mo Ling was dumbfounded. Generally speaking, only descendants of the True Dragon and Phoenix could possess such pressure. But no matter how they looked at Mu Chen, he was a genuine and pure human.

Although Nine Nether was somewhat shocked, her face did not turn pale from shock like the other two. After all, she knew about Mu Chen’s Dragon-Phoenix Physique long ago, and the so-called “True Dragon and Phoenix pressure” originated from the Dragon-Phoenix Sutra, which he cultivated.

If he managed to finish cultivating this technique, not to mention the True Dragon and Phoenix pressure, he might even possess the power of the True Dragon and Phoenix.

“Looks like his Dragon-Phoenix Sutra is improving.” Nine Nether thoughtfully looked at Mu Chen, who had his eyes closed, as joy rose in her heart. As they got closer to the Divine Beast Origin, if Mu Chen was stronger, then their harvests would also be greater.


When Nine Nether was murmuring to herself, a dragon roar and phoenix cry suddenly resounded and the three of them witnessed with shock filled their faces that the Spiritual Blood Paste Embryo before them was being absorbed by a powerful force. Instantly, two currents of crimson mist gushed out and poured into the True Dragon and Phoenix Tattoos on Mu Chen’s chest and back respectively…

As the scarlet mist constantly poured in, the three of them were instantly shocked to see that the True Dragon and Phoenix Tattoos had slightly opened their eyes…

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