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Chapter 979 - Spiritual Blood Paste Embryo

A clear phoenix cry resounded as crimson flames gushed from Mo Ling’s body, almost as if it was about to incinerate the sky, abruptly causing the temperature in this region to rise to the point that even space had vaguely distorted.

“Phoenix Flames?!”

At this moment, the Thunder Crow Clan’s expert who was fighting Mo Ling had sensed something wrong with the flames and exclaimed. Immediately, he did not hesitate to retreat and at the same time, a black Spiritual Energy burst out from his body and formed into a shield in an attempt to block Mo Ling’s attack.

He had never expected Mo Ling, who seemed to be the weakest, would actually have such astonishing strength. Furthermore, how could a clansman of the Nine Netherbird Clan cultivate the phoenix flames?

Although the Nine Netherbird Clan possessed the bloodline of the Primordial Undying Bird, the Primordial Undying Bird was a variant of the Phoenix Clan. So it was impossible for them to possess the phoenix flames, even if they managed to awaken that bloodline.

The Phoenix Clan was a powerful clan in the Spiritual Beast Realm, as they were aloof and powerful. Thus, they viewed other clans in disdain. It was so much so that even the Dragon Clan wasn’t placed in their eyes. At the same time, many of the aerial Spiritual Beast Clans possessed a trace of the Phoenix Bloodline, which was the reason why they could stand out amongst the Spiritual Beasts in the Spiritual Beast Realm, while the Phoenix Clan possessed an extremely high status amongst the aerial beasts.

Sizzle! Sizzle!

Crimson flames swept out, attempting to incinerate the black lightning that was obstructing it. It then swiftly covered the lightning under the fearful eyes of the Thunder Crow Clan’s expert.


A flaming figure fled out in a pathetic state, covered in blazing flames as he issued a shriek. A brief moment later, he had circulated the Spiritual Energy in his body to extinguish the flames. But he was already burnt to his last breath, emitting black smoke around his body, which made him look extremely pathetic.

At this moment, there wasn’t the slightest fighting intent coming from him, nor did he dare to compete for the Spiritual Blood Paste in this place and his silhouette retreated, looking sorry.

Mo Ling and the expert of the Thunder Crow Clan only fought for an instant and had suffered a crushing defeat. Naturally, it was also because the latter was careless, since he never expected the feeble-looking Mo Ling to have concealed such shocking strength. Thus, he was passive right from the start of the fight to the point that he had lost before he could even fight back.

When Mo Ling defeated the Thunder Crow Clan expert, Mu Chen, who had been paying attention to that side, had retracted his gaze with astonishment.

So it turned out that Mo Ling possessed such powerful means. It was no wonder why she could obtain the quota of the Nine Netherbird Clan. But if she was a clansman of the Phoenix Clan, why was she in the Nine Netherbird Clan?

Wasn’t the Phoenix Clan extremely aloof? So why would they lower themselves to come to the Nine Netherbird Clan?

Mu Chen shook his head in puzzlement and the dragon-elephant light halo in his hand clashed with the expert from the Thunder Crow Clan.


In that instant of collision, that expert of the Thunder Crow Clan had a change in his expression, sensing an indescribable dominating power as the energy emitted dragon roars and elephant whistles.

Under the shock wave of that power, the offence from the Thunder Crow Clan’s expert was completely crushed to the point that before he could even circulate his Spiritual Energy once again, he saw the dragon-elephant light halo break through his offence and strike his chest.

Poof! Poof!

A mouthful of fresh blood spewed from his mouth and the expert of the Thunder Crow Clan flew back in a pathetic state. Lowering his head, his wound was so deep that bones could be seen, which filled fear on his face.

How could a Sixth Grade Sovereign Realm human possess such strength? In the previous collision, he could clearly tell that, whether it was in terms of the physique or the refinement degree of Spiritual Energy, Mu Chen had surpassed him.

This human was simply playing the pig to eat the tiger!

As his heart was overwhelmed with shock, the expert of the Thunder Crow Clan seized the opportunity to retreat with injuries. He no longer dared to place any idea on that meteorite, since he knew that they had completely misjudged this time. Although the Nine Netherbird Clan’s formation seemed weak, it was just a façade.

The two experts that attempted to seize the Spiritual Blood Paste had been instantly crushed, which caused the faces of the two Seventh Grade Sovereigns that were obstructing Nine Nether and Mo Feng to drastically change. At this point in time, how could they not tell that they have been tricked by their opponents?

“Good, good, what a good tactic from your Nine Netherbird Clan!” The black-robed man spoke with his teeth clenched.

Nine Nether and Mo Feng paid no attention to them, but their attacks grew even more ferocious, causing the two Seventh Grade Sovereigns from the Thunder Crow Clan’s party to be held up by them and couldn’t pay any attention to Mu Chen and Mo Ling.

As Nine Nether and Mo Feng tangled up their opponents, Mu Chen and Mo Ling had landed on that giant rock and the two of them gathered together. Mo Ling blinked her eyes towards Mu Chen as she chuckled, “Big Brother Mu Chen, how is it?”

Mu Chen gave a thumbs up as he smiled, “Formidable, it was out of my expectations.”

Hearing Mu Chen’s praise, Mo Ling’s face showed a smear of pleasure, revealing the temperament of a young lady.

“You’re from the Phoenix Clan?” Mu Chen curiously asked.

Hearing his words, the smile on Mo Ling’s face froze for an instant and her spiritual eyes turned a little dark, but she did not answer Mu Chen’s question.

When Mu Chen saw her expression, he was stunned. Shortly after, he understood that there was information that he was unaware of, so he immediately shifted the topic. “Let us hurry up and seize the Spiritual Blood Paste here.”

Mo Ling nodded her head.

Mu Chen landed on the giant meteorite and, when he got closer, only then did he realise that the blood aura that was contained in this rock had exceeded his expectations.

A bloody light constantly spewed out from the surface of the giant rock, dying the entire rock red, which made it look extremely demonic.

“What a dense blood aura lustre…”

When Mu Chen saw this scene, he couldn’t help licking his lips. Compared to those other rocks that contained the Blood Spiritual Paste, they simply paled in comparison.

“I wonder how powerful the Spiritual Blood Paste in this is?” Mo Ling’s face was filled with expectation. Along the way, they had not seen a rock with such an intense blood aura so one could tell that the Spiritual Blood Paste in this rock had exceeded what they have obtained in the past.

“We’ll know after taking it out.”

Mu Chen smiled, no longer hesitating, and heavily stomped on the ground. A terrifying energy swept out as the cracks started to spread out, with him at the centre, like a spiderweb. They had swiftly spreaded out and covered this rock in just a few breaths of time.

Although his feet seemed gentle, the power of his physical body had all been unleashed without holding back.

Huge cracks spread out and the meteorite exploded as the surface crumbled. The intense blood aura had turned even more ferocious.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

As the explosions slowly spread towards the depths of the meteorite, a ten-odd-foot wide bloody light substance suddenly gushed out and Mu Chen could clearly see a head-sized bloody ball burst out in an attempt to escape.

“You’re trying to flee?”

Mu Chen smiled at this scene and flicked his finger before him. The Spiritual Energy swept out, instantly enveloping the bloody light, before pulling it back.

The bloody light slowly flew back towards Mu Chen as he stretched out his hand to take it. Looking at it, his pupils had uncontrollably contracted.

In the bloody lustre was an oval-shaped object that seemed transparent. But there was an object in it, which seemed to be an embryo.  But the embryo was extremely bizarre, it wasn’t in the shape of any Spiritual Beasts. However, it did seem to possess the appearance of numerous Spiritual Beasts at the same time.

This Spiritual Blood Paste was not in the form of a paste and it seemed to possess spirituality.

Mo Ling was astonished as she looked at this scene from the side and her eyes blossomed with light, before she said with pleasant surprise, “This is a Spiritual Blood Paste Embryo. The blood aura in it is too powerful, that’s why it possesses spirituality. But it’s impossible for a consciousness to be born in this item. Otherwise, it would be able to take form into a genuine Spiritual Beast after myriads of years.”

When Mu Chen heard her words, he was a little startled before understood her. It was like a treasure of nature that could possess spirituality after being powerful to an extent.

“This Spiritual Blood Paste Embryo is comparable to a hundredfold of all those Spiritual Blood Paste that we have previously harvested.” Mo Ling exclaimed in admiration as she smiled, “If this is taken to the market in the Great Thousand World, it’s worth at least five million Sovereign Spiritual Liquids.”

Five Million Sovereign Spiritual Liquids.

Mu Chen smacked his lips, since even he couldn’t take out that much Sovereign Spiritual Liquids if he emptied himself.

“Looks like we’re pretty lucky.” Mu Chen smiled before storing the Spiritual Blood Paste Embryo. As for the meteorite beneath his feet, it had gradually started to crumble after the Spiritual Blood Paste Embryo was extracted and swiftly shattered into fragments of rocks.

“Let’s go.”

Mu Chen called out to Mo Ling and the two of them flew out towards the meteorite that they were previously on.

Seeing the arrival of the two of them, Nine Nether and Mo Feng no longer tangled themselves with the two Seventh Grade Sovereigns of the Thunder Crow Clan and returned as well.

The black-robed man’s face was pale upon seeing this sight, then he fixed his gaze onto Mu Chen and Mo Ling, before clenching his teeth. “Good, your Nine Netherbird Clan won this round. But this matter will not be finished so easily. When we reach the Divine Beast Origin, my Thunder Crow Clan will settle this matter with you guys again!”

“You’re welcome to try anytime.” Nine Nether smiled coldly.

The black-robed man coldly glanced at the four of them, but he couldn’t be bothered to speak anymore. He had quickly turned around and returned before his party four swiftly travelled into the distance with their tail between their legs.

Mu Chen looked in the direction that they had left in and understood in his heart that this grudge with the Thunder Crow Clan was too big. However, it was all worth it for this Spiritual Blood Paste Embryo.

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