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Chapter 978 - Thunder Crow Clan

“Thunder Crow Clan?”

Hearing Nine Nether and Mo Feng’s cold voices, Mu Chen instantly contracted his eyes, before looking at the distant meteorite where four silhouettes stood.

The four of them wore black robes with lightning flickering on the surface of their bodies. All of them had thunder runes on the centre of their brows and looking from afar, they looked like the eyes a lightning bolt. They were filled with a peculiar oppressive pressure.

“They’re from the Thunder Crow Clan?”

Mu Chen lightly knitted his brows. The Thunder Crow Clan was also a Spiritual Beast Clan and their fame in the Great Thousand World wasn’t any inferior to the Nine Netherbird Clan. Generally speaking, they were a top quality force with an extremely powerful foundation.

“Yeah, those fellows are extremely detestable with many past grudges with our Nine Netherbird Clan. I never expected us to meet them before we even entered the Divine Beast Origin.” Next to Mu Chen, Mo Ling nodded her head and her face was filled with hatred. Clearly, she did not have the slightest good feeling about the Thunder Crow Clan.

Mu Chen gently nodded his head and brought his guard up. Judging from the current situation, the Thunder Crow Clan had also sensed the giant rock and, according to his estimation, it’s simply impossible for this matter to be dismissed. Not to mention that the Nine Netherbird Clan and Thunder Crow Clan both had deep grudges between themselves, to begin with.

As Mu Chen had his guard up, one of the four black-robed silhouettes took a step forth. He had a tall and robust body, with a gaze that was as sharp as a blade. Sweeping his eyes out, space seemed to have been torn apart.

That person cast a glance at Mu Chen’s group with a dark gaze, but most of his attention was focused on Nine Nether and Mo Feng. As for Mu Chen and Mo Ling, he had completely ignored them. Clearly, he could sense that amongst the four of them, only Nine Nether and Mo Feng had stepped into the Seventh Grade Sovereign Realm.

“Your Nine Netherbird Clan is getting from bad to worst these years, you even dared to come to the Divine Beast Origin with this formation, you guys are simply courting death.” A mocking arc rose on the corner of the black-robed man’s lips as he smiled.

Nine Nether’s face was cold as she coldly said, “Meeting a bunch of crows coming out, just our luck.”

When that black-robed man heard Nine Nether’s words, a cold killing intent flashed in his eyes, before he eerily said, “If I were you, I would not waste my saliva talking here. I will give you guys ten breaths of time to leave this place; otherwise, if the intention to kill rises up within me, I will have your Nine Netherbird Clan’s party buried here before we even reach the Divine Beast Origin!”


As he spoke, a black Spiritual Energy gushed from his body like a tidal wave and everywhere within a thousand-foot radius was filled with the Spiritual Energy. The tidal wave-like Spiritual Energy flickered with lightning and a vague rumbling of thunder enveloped this region, along with a powerful oppression.

The three experts of the Thunder Crow Clan that stood behind that black-robed man stomped their feet and three powerful surges of Spiritual Energy exploded, which made the black-robed man look even more mighty.

When Mu Chen sensed the four powerful surges of Spiritual Energy, his gaze lightly flickered. From feeling the Spiritual Energy, the other party also had two genuine Seventh Grade Sovereigns, with the other two also being pretty powerful. According to Mu Chen’s guesses, they were probably comparable to Jiang Ya and Qin Xuan.

At least judging from the surface, the formation of the other party was indeed stronger than them. After all, they had Mo Ling who was the only other a Sixth Grade Sovereign aside from him.

Clearly, Mo Ling’s fighting strength at the Sixth Grade Sovereign was incomparable to them.

It was no wonder why the Thunder Crow Clan dared to act in such a strong manner. They must have determined that the formation of the Nine Netherbird Clan was weaker than their own, it’s just that the cultivation that was revealed on the surface wasn’t the genuine strength that they possessed…

Thus, when Nine Nether heard the black-robed man’s words, she wasn’t afraid and a smear of ridicule appeared on her face, before she sneered, “Truly exaggerating. I’m afraid that you guys should be the ones to get lost instead!”

“You’re courting death!”

When the black-robed man heard her words, his face turned completely dark. Shortly after, he no longer bothered to speak and he eerily roared, “Lei Feng, you and I will go obstruct the two of them.”

“Lei Guan, Lei Yun, the two of you will go harvest the Spiritual Blood Paste. If they dare to obstruct you guys, immediately kill them. Seize the moment, we have to retrieve the Spiritual Blood Paste before that meteorite leaves this region!”

Regardless of whether it’s their party or Mu Chen’s party, they were all using the meteorites beneath their feet to head towards the Divine Beast Origin and the giant rock was moving towards a different direction from them. So if either of them wanted to obtain the Spiritual Blood Paste, then they had to obtain it before that meteorite left this region.


Behind that black-robed man, a skinny man nodded his head, before his sharp gaze fixed onto Nine Nether and Mo Feng.

He’s the other one aside from the black-robed man that had stepped into the Seventh Grade Sovereign Realm. Thus, only the two of them could hinder Nine Nether and Mo Feng.

As for the task of obtaining the Spiritual Blood Paste, it was left to the other two. But it was more than sufficient, since the other party’s formation only had two Sixth Grade Sovereigns, aside from the two Seventh Grade Sovereign, who were simply a burden. If those two Sixth Grade Sovereigns dared to make their moves, they could just slaughter them.


The four from the Thunder Crow Clan were swift with their actions, after confirming the plan, they no longer hesitated. The black-robed man and the man called Lei Feng had turned into two black lightning streaks of light as they flew out. Two hundred-foot black Spiritual Energies mixed with flickers of lightning violently swept towards Nine Nether and Mo Feng.

“Mu Chen, Mo Ling, we’ll leave the two of them to you.”

Nine Nether and Mo Ling exchanged a glance before they both flew out, quickly obstructing the attacks of their two opponents. The two from the Thunder Crow Clan had no idea what their opponents’ plan was, but they definitely wouldn’t expect that the two who were viewed as burdens by them would leave them greatly shocked.

When Mu Chen and Mo Ling heard Nine Nether’s words, they nodded their heads. Mo Ling did not have the slightest fear on her face. On the contrary, her face was filled with excitement as she looked at Mu Chen with a smear of slyness in her eyes, before giving a provocative smile towards Mu Chen. “Big Brother Mu Chen, why don’t we compete to see which one of us can deal with their opponent faster?”

When Mu Chen, who was about to make his move, heard her words, he couldn’t help contracting his eyes, before looking at the smiling Mo Ling. He was a little shocked and curious in his heart. That’s because, judging from the surface, Mo Ling only appeared to have a cultivation at the Sixth Grade Sovereign Realm, and on the other hand, the two’s opponents weren’t any weaker than Jiang Ya and Qin Xuan.

“Let’s give it a try, then.”

Although he was puzzled in his heart, Mu Chen did not refuse and, on the contrary, nodded his head. That’s because he wished to see how Mo Ling was able to obtain one of the four quotas of the Nine Netherbird Clan so firmly that even Jiang Ya and Qin Xuan couldn’t shake her spot.


When Mo Ling heard Mu Chen agreeing to her suggestion, she instantly smiled and in the next instant, she had already flown towards the giant rock with her crisp chuckles.

Mu Chen’s silhouette moved, creating afterimages, and he appeared above the rock with a few flashes.

“Get lost, the Spiritual Blood Paste is not something trash like you can dip a finger in!”

When Mu Chen just appeared, a lightning figure had already appeared before him. It was one of the Thunder Crow Clan’s experts that had touched the boundaries of the Seventh Grade Sovereign Realm. He looked down at Mu Chen and eerily said.

However, Mu Chen had only faintly smiled in response, before forming a seal with his hands together. Instantly, space fluctuated behind him and his Sovereign Sea vaguely appeared along with terrifying Spiritual Energy undulations.

“A human?”

The Thunder Crow Clan’s expert that appeared before Mu Chen was stunned when he sensed a different fluctuation of Spiritual Energy that wasn’t the same as Divine Beasts. Shortly after, the mocking smile hung on the corner of his lips grew denser. Although he did not know how a human was mixed amongst the Nine Netherbird Clan, humans were weaker than Divine Beasts in an equal fight, and everyone knew this…

Therefore, when he saw that Mu Chen had revealed his identity as a human, Mu Chen was simply courting death in the eyes of the Thunder Crow Clan’s expert.

“No matter how he got in, no one will care about his death.”

The expert of the Thunder Crow Clan’s expert coldly smiled, before black lightning swept, flying out from his palm. It was like a lightning dragon that was violently enveloping towards Mu Chen.

But despite the ridicule that the expert of the Thunder Crow Clan’s expert had on his face, his attacks were filled with killing intent, without any intention on holding back. Clearly, he was still a cautious person and did not commit a low-levelled mistake of underestimating his opponent.

However, facing the ferocious attack of the Thunder Crow Clan, Mu Chen maintained an indifferent expression, then suddenly formed his seals with his hands together. Instantly, the Sovereign Sea behind him emitted the sounds of dragon roars and trumpeting elephants.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

When the dragon roars and trumpeting elephant resounded, twelve beams of light flew out from his Sovereign Sea and whistled around Mu Chen, forming six dragons and elephants, which stood in the sky.


A terrifying Spiritual Energy impact exploded, which caused space to undulate.

Mu Chen’s hands formed together, as if he was holding the sun and moon in his palms. The six dragons and elephants whistled out and swiftly formed into a light halo in his palm with the dragons and elephants revolving on the light halo.

Along with the improvement of Mu Chen’s strength, the Nine Dragons and Elephants Art gradually reached greater perfection. If it was in the past, he naturally couldn’t compress the power of the dragon and elephant energy so exquisitely.

Thus, the Spiritual Energy shock wave that emanated from the dragon-elephant light halo had caused the surrounding space to crack…

Facing the terrifying Spiritual Energy that exploded from Mu Chen’s palm, the Thunder Crow Clan’s expert had contracted his eyes with a smear of astonishment. That’s because, under that Spiritual Energy oppression, he had felt a great threat.

How did that fellow create such a shocking attack?!

When his heart trembled, Mu Chen maintained an indifferent expression, then he threw a palm forth and the dragon-elephant light halo swept out.

“Six dragons and elephants…”


The roars of dragons and elephants turned into a current that swept through the void, before enveloping the expert from the Thunder Crow Clan…

It was also at this point of time that a crisp and clear cry resounded into Mu Chen’s ears, which caused his heart to tremble. Sweeping his gaze over, his pupils slightly shrunk.

In another direction, a pair of scarlet wings unfolded behind Mo Ling with torrential flames. Vaguely, it had formed into a massive flaming bird behind her. This bird wasn’t the same as the evolution of the Nine Netherbird Clan. There was powerful oppression that quietly emitted from it.

The pressure wasn’t something that the Nine Netherbird Clan possessed. That’s because it’s the phoenix pressure!

Oppression only unique to the Phoenix Clan!

Mo Ling was actually from the Phoenix Clan!

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