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Chapter 977 - Giant

In the darkness, a meteorite swiftly flew, and under that high speed, it did not cause any noise. The entire space remained in a deathly silence as Mu Chen’s group sat on the meteorite.

The current meteorite that they’re on wasn’t the same as the one they came with at first. During their journey, they had changed three ‘rides’ but what made Mu Chen feel a little regret was that they did not discover any Spiritual Blood Paste after three meteorites. Clearly, as Mo Feng had said, it was Mo Ling’s luck for being able to find that piece.

“Counting the time, we should still have half a day before we’re near the Divine Beast Origin.” Nine Nether opened her eyes as she looked in the darkness and said.

Mu Chen nodded his head and his gaze was still fixed towards the distance, looking around for the meteorites that would appear.

When Nine Nether saw him, she couldn’t help smiling. “After we’re near the Divine Beast Origin, the number of meteorites will gradually increase and I believe we will have some harvest at that time.”

Mu Chen couldn’t help rubbing his nose with resentment, then gradually calmed his mind.

The meteorite that carried the four of them swiftly streaked across the void and during the upcoming journey, they did not find anymore meteorites, making the one that they’re on right now their last ride…

Time swiftly passed in the darkness and suddenly, Mu Chen opened his eyes and he raised his head, then looked towards the left.

Darkness fluctuated and they saw several meteorites that flew past and towards the distance.

When Mu Chen saw those meteorites, a spiritual light gathered in his eyes and he looked at those meteorites. But a brief moment later, he had retracted his gaze with some disappointment.

That’s because there weren’t any bloody lights on those meteorites. Clearly, those meteorites did not have any Spiritual Blood Paste and although he was a little disappointed, it did not lessen Mu Chen’s expectations, since the appearance of those meteorites meant that they’re already approaching the Divine Beast Origin. At that time, the number of meteorites would gradually increase…

Furthermore, as Mu Chen had expected, the silent darkness became much more lively as time passed. Numerous meteorites constantly whistled out in the surroundings as they streaked before Mu Chen’s group.

At this point in time, the four of them couldn’t hold themselves back any longer and they all moved out. Spiritual Energy gathered in their eyes as they sensed the blood aura on those meteorites with their full strength.

As they examined them, Mu Chen finally realised something for the first time.

On a greyish-black meteorite, which was roughly a hundred feet in size, Mu Chen could keenly sense a faint bloody light vaguely emanating from the meteorite, it was the Spiritual Blood Paste.

Immediately, Mu Chen had moved and threw a fist forth. Instantly, boundless Spiritual Energy formed into a streak of light that flew out and shattered that meteorite with a single punch. As the fragments of stones shot out in every direction, a bloody light flew out as well.

Mu Chen’s palm slightly distorted and a suction force exploded forth, which pulled that bloody light back and fell into Mu Chen’s hand.

Mu Chen opened his palm and in the faint light, there was an infant’s fist-sized Spiritual Blood Paste and a dense bloody scent emanated from it.

It was naturally the Spiritual Blood Paste that Mu Chen had been coveting for a long time.

Obtaining his first Spiritual Blood Paste, joy uncontrollably rose up on Mu Chen’s face. But at this moment, he did not have the time to refine it. More meteorites were whistling by in the surroundings and under that high speed, everyone had opened their senses to the maximum to sense the Spiritual Blood Paste in those meteorites.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

One meteorite after another flew across and several meteorites had shattered under their attacks. Although many of those meteorites were empty without any Spiritual Blood Paste, they weren’t without any harvest. After a wave of meteorites were shattered, they had found eight pieces of Spiritual Blood Paste each with their own sizes.

“Still pretty good.”

Nine Nether was somewhat satisfied with their harvest and their luck had been pretty good. Under normal circumstances, it was normal to not even find a single bit of Spiritual Blood Paste after ten-odd Meteorites.

Mo Feng had nodded his head as well and split the eight pieces of uneven Spiritual Blood Paste into four portions.

Mu Chen grabbed onto the two pieces of Spiritual Blood Paste in his hand and kneaded them into five pellets before devouring them.

A boiling sensation appeared in his body once again and in that instant, Mu Chen had heard the thirst that came from his body. The boiling sensation felt like magma cleansing his flesh and blood…

The powerful energy contained in the Spiritual Blood Paste was the best kind of nourishment for physical bodies.

A scarlet light spread throughout Mu Chen’s face and after a brief moment, the scarlet light gradually dissipated and Mu Chen slightly opened his eyes with a light flashing in his black pupils. Slowly clenching his fist, he could sense the powerful energy coursing through his limbs and meridians.

Although it was the second time that he had experienced the wonderful effect by the Spiritual Blood Paste, he still couldn’t help gasping in surprise. Raising his head, his expression suddenly changed when he was about to speak. His eyes were looking towards the distance, at the distant void of darkness.

In the distance, a faint light appeared within the darkness that shot through the void and reflected in Mu Chen’s pupils.

“We’re approaching the Divine Beast Origin.” Nine Nether had also sensed the changes and she exclaimed.

Mu Chen felt inwardly relieved upon hearing this, since even someone as with his will had felt suppressed in this period of journey in the deathly silence.

“Around the Divine Beast Origin is a belt of meteorites with innumerable rocks, so it’s the best time for us to look for Spiritual Blood Paste…” Mo Feng raised his head and looked into the distance as he said.

A belt of meteorites?

When Mu Chen heard his words, his heart trembled and he couldn’t help licking his lips as the expectation filled his heart to the point of bursting…


Just as Mu Chen’s heart was filled with expectation, the meteorite beneath his feet streaked across the void, which lasted for nearly half an hour, before Mu Chen realised the surrounding darkness was swiftly dissipating and a light was blossoming in the distance. Around the light were innumerable meteorites that left shock in Mu Chen’s eyes.

The meteorites were swiftly revolving around the Divine Beast Origin and every single one of those rocks were larger than any of those that they had previously seen in the past.


The meteorite that brought them over had charged into that belt of meteorites before swiftly moving towards the Divine Beast Origin.

After entering the belt of meteorites, Mu Chen’s eyes had swiftly turned red. That’s because in just a few breaths of time, he had found some Spiritual Blood Paste in at least five meteorites.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Thus, Mu Chen had quickly made his move and a beam of Spiritual Energy whistled out like a dragon, heavily slamming against those meteorites, causing fragments of stones to shoot out in every direction.

As the fragments of rock shot out, innumerable bloody lights gushed out.

Mu Chen made a suction force with his hand and those several bloody lights flew over in his direction, then hovered above his palm. Even with his composure, he couldn’t help smiling with his teeth showing.

He had already sensed that he was getting closer to the second level of the Dragon-Phoenix Physique…

Boom! Boom!

When Mu Chen made his move, the other three had also made their moves as they travelled through the belt of meteorites. As one meteorite after another shattered, they had gotten quite a bit of harvest.

The harvest had even caused a smile to appear on Mo Feng’s face, which was like an ice block.


Mu Chen moved once again and a meteorite had shattered from Spiritual Energy, before a bloody light flew into his hand and was stored by him without even taking a look at it.

After harvesting another Spiritual Blood Paste, Mu Chen continued and his expression changed before raising his head to look at the right side of the countless meteorites.

Directing his gaze over at this moment, he couldn’t help contracting his pupils.

At the same time, Nine Nether and the rest had also sensed something, so they directed their eyes over. Immediately, the expressions on their faces involuntarily changed and a smear of joy flushed out of their eyes.

That’s because, in their sight was a few myriad feet high meteorite. The size of it was too massive and it was a giant compared to the other rocks.

Naturally, the size of the meteorite wasn’t the cause of the change in their expressions. But at this moment, a dense bloody light was constantly gushing from the surface of that meteorite, dying the entire rock in crimson.

A dense bloody scent emitted from the meteorite and even when looking from afar, they felt the blood and flesh in their bodies boiling at this moment.

“Such a huge meteorite… and such dense blood aura…”

Mu Chen looked at the giant rock and his breathing became heavy. He could confirm that if they could obtain the Spiritual Blood Paste in that giant rock, it would even surpass the harvest that they had previously obtained!

“The Spiritual Blood Paste in this meteorite is probably already at the level of Spiritual Blood Paste Essence…” Nine Nether’s eyes glowed, since such a dense blood aura was rare, even in the Divine Beast Origin.

“Prepare to make a move, we must get it!” Nine Nether firmly said.

From the side, Mu Chen, Mo Feng and Mo Ling heavily nodded their heads. How could they not be drooling at such a shocking Spiritual Blood Paste?

However, as they got closer to that giant, a peculiar fluctuation rippled out in this area of meteorites just when they were about to make their moves.

“Haha, I never expected to encounter the Nine Netherbird Clan here… But if you guys are smart enough, then it’s best for you guys not to have any intentions on the Spiritual Blood Paste in this meteorite.”

When a voice spoke out, several silhouettes enveloped in lightning appeared on a meteorite not far away and their gazes were all fixed onto the four of them with a smile-yet-not-smile expression on their faces.

Nine Nether and Mo Feng’s gazes were instantly directed over and their eyes abruptly turned cold.

“The Thunder Crow Clan?”

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