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Chapter 976 - Spiritual Blood Paste

In this dark space, the darkness seemed like it could even devour the atmosphere, which would make others feel extremely suppressed and heavy…


However, in the darkness that no one knew how long it lasted for was broken at this moment and ripples fluctuated in the void as a tiny crack vaguely appeared with several streaks of light that shot out and appeared in this darkness.

The four silhouettes stood in the space, enveloped by Spiritual Energy, and they looked around with caution. After seeing that there weren’t any abnormal movements, only then did the spiritual light around them start to weaken.

As the spiritual light weakened, their silhouettes were gradually revealed, and naturally, they were Mu Chen, Nine Nether, Mo Feng and Mo Ling that came from the Nine Nether Mountain.

“This is the Divine Beast Origin?” Mu Chen was somewhat taken aback at this black and empty space, since everywhere in his view was all darkness, it looked nothing like the Divine Beast Origin.

“The Divine Beast Origin is in this void.” Nine Nether looked around with a grave expression, before looking at the distance and briefly pondered. “Spiritual Energy will be dissolved by the darkness in this void. So if we stay in this void for too long, even our Spiritual Energy will gradually dissolve and we’ll end up trapped here.”

When Mu Chen heard her words, he was startled before he immediately nodded his head. Naturally, he had sensed that the Spiritual Energy that emanated from his body was dissolving at an extremely fast rate.

The most terrifying factor was that Spiritual Energy couldn’t be absorbed in this void. Thus, causing the Spiritual Energy in his body to be constantly dissolved and he couldn’t recover any.

“If this goes on, our Spiritual Energy will dissolve before we even find the Divine Beast Origin.” Mu Chen frowned. Although he was somewhat startled by this, he did not panic since Nine Nether and the rest must have come prepared with their clan’s knowledge of this place.

As Mu Chen had expected, Mo Ling chuckled, “Big Brother Mu Chen, do not be so anxious. We’re waiting for our ride to come, then we’ll be able to pass through this void and reach the Divine Beast Origin.”


Mu Chen was stunned with doubt in his heart. Even life couldn’t be sustained in this void, so where would the ride be coming from?

Although Mu Chen was puzzled in his heart, he did not ask any questions. In any case, all he had to do was to follow them, and as he thought about this, his heart calmed down as he quietly waited.

They did not wait for a long time and Mu Chen’s gaze changed. He abruptly raised his head and looked towards the left and saw ripples fluctuating in the darkness. Thereafter, he was shocked to see a huge rock that was roughly a hundred feet in size quietly moving through the darkness, like a meteorite that charged in their direction.

“That’s our ride…” Nine Nether smiled towards Mu Chen as she continued, “After sitting on it, we only need to change it a few times and we will reach the void that holds the Divine Beast Origin.”

Mu Chen opened his mouth, but he could only bitterly smile. He never thought that they would have to use such a bizarre method to find the Divine Beast Origin. Luckily he had someone leading him, otherwise, he would probably be dead in this void.

“We must be on the rock or else we can only wait for the next one, and the next one will take around half a day. If we’re unlucky, we might not even have one after one or two days.” Nine Nether seriously reminded.

Mu Chen’s heart shook, then he immediately nodded his head. If one or two days had passed, then the majority of his Spiritual Energy would have probably almost dissolved and if anything happened, he would be in a dangerous situation.

As they spoke, the huge rock had already whistled over and flew past the four of them at an extremely swift speed. It was also at this moment that the four of them shot forth and landed firmly on the huge rock with their Spiritual Energy surging out, then nailed themselves onto the rock.


The huge rock trembled as it swiftly streaked across the darkness and flew towards the distance.

After arriving on the huge rock, Mu Chen realised that this rock seemed to be emitting a special forcefield that seemed to be blocking the dissolving power outside.

Facing this scene, Mu Chen could only inwardly praise it before looking at Nine Nether and the rest, and was left stunned. That’s because after the four of them landed on this rock, the three of them had swiftly spread out and been searching for something, inch by inch.

Mu Chen was dumbfounded at their actions, but he did not voice out his doubts and disturb them. After a brief moment, Mo Ling’s joyful voice suddenly resounded and she clenched her hand. A bloody light that was on the ground flew into her hand.

On the other hand, Nine Nether and Mo Feng returned empty-handed.

“What’s this?” Looking at Mo Ling, who had returned joyfully, Mu Chen couldn’t help asking.

Mo Ling chuckled as she opened her hand. The bloody light spread out with a fist-sized paste. However, that paste was red in colour, as if it was stained by blood. Vaguely, there was an extremely dense stench of blood that emanated from it. When Mu Chen sniffed that scent, he felt his own aura and blood boiling with an indescribable feeling that surged in his heart, filling him with the desire to devour this blood paste.

“This is the Spiritual Blood Paste. In ancient times, the powerhouses of the Divine Beast Origin sensed the plan of the Fiend Clans and before the destruction arrived, they had self-destructed their own physical bodies in an attempt to obstruct the Fiend Clans. So this Spiritual Blood Paste contains a trace of the blood and flesh essence of those powerhouses. This Spiritual Blood Paste can be consumed and upon consumption, it will greatly benefit the physical body. If there are experts that specialise in alchemy, they can refine the Spiritual Blood Paste into a Spiritual Blood Pellet, which can help one shed the body and exchange the bones.” Nine Nether looked at the puzzlement on Mu Chen’s face and explained.

Hearing her, Mu Chen finally understood.

Mo Ling held onto the Spiritual Blood Paste, then split it into four. After giving a portion to Mo Feng, she passed the other two over to Mu Chen and Nine Nether.

“Thanks, Little Ling’er.” Nine Nether gently smiled and did not refuse Mo Ling’s good intentions.

Mu Chen, on the other hand, wasn’t too familiar with Mo Ling, and thus, he felt a little awkward. But when he received it, the impression he had with the girl before him increased quite a bit.

Mu Chen took the Spiritual Blood Paste and, after splitting it into four portions, it was already the size of a thumb. Copying Nine Nether and the rest, he rubbed it with his finger and rolled it into a pellet shape, then tossed it into his mouth.


The instant the Spiritual Blood Paste entered his mouth, Mu Chen sensed the stench of blood exploding out as a heat surge rolled down and instantly melted throughout his body. The boiling sensation even caused a smear of red light to appear on Mu Chen’s face.

The boiling sensation lasted for several minutes before an indescribable comfort spread throughout Mu Chen’s body, causing him to uncontrollably spit a mouthful of air out.

When the heat completely disappeared, Mu Chen recovered from it and immediately sensed his body before his face turned slightly pale. That’s because, with his accurate senses, his body had only gotten a slight trace of strengthening.

Although that trace wasn’t too distinct, Mu Chen was clear that ever since he had completed the Dragon-Phoenix Physique, he had not felt such a strengthening sensation anymore.

During the usual days whenever he used his Spiritual Energy to refine, the strengthening effect wasn’t that distinct. After all, the cultivation of physique would be harder as it progressed. But right now… after consuming that Spiritual Blood Paste, Mu Chen felt that his body, which hadn’t been showing signs of improvement, strengthened, thus causing him to be shocked.

The Spiritual Blood Paste was simply a divine item for physical bodies!

When Nine Nether saw Mu Chen’s shock from the side, she smiled, “You must know that if the Spiritual Blood Paste that you have consumed was sold, it would definitely cost a few hundred drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid and it’s also a market where there is no stock despite the market.”

Mo Feng cast a glance at Mu Chen and indifferently said, “The Spiritual Blood Paste is one of the things that we’re after in this trip to the Divine Beast Origin. But this item is extremely hard to encounter and it won’t be in large amounts. Previously, Ling’er was lucky, otherwise, there wouldn’t have been enough of it to divide into four.”

Mu Chen nodded his head and also gave another nod towards Mo Ling to express his gratitude, before uncontrollably licking his lips. He felt like someone that was tempted by the Spiritual Blood Paste and if he could obtain more of it, then perhaps his physique would be greatly strengthened and would definitely be of great help for him in breaking through to the second level of the Dragon-Phoenix Physique.

“When we’re close to the Divine Beast Origin, there will be larger meteorites than the one we’re standing on. If we’re lucky enough, we might be able to get some Blood Spiritual Paste.” Knowing the drool in Mu Chen’s heart, Nine Nether spoke out.

Nine Nether, Mo Feng and Mo Ling sat down and no longer spoke, allowing the huge rock to take them away as they moved in the darkness towards the depths.

Mu Chen had also sat down beside them, but he did not disrupt the silence. Only his gaze was flickering as he stared into the distance, waiting for the other meteorites to appear.

At this moment, the benefits of coming to the Divine Beast Origin had, once again, shook Mu Chen’s heart and he grew more expectant.

Before they’re even in the Divine Beast Origin, there was already something like the Spiritual Blood Paste. He had no idea what sort of treasures were awaiting them when they reached their objective.

Just thinking about it, Mu Chen’s heart grew with expectations.

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