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Chapter 975 - Entering the Divine Beast Origin

When Mu Chen defeated both Jiang Ya and Qin Xuan, the last quota had completely fallen into his hands. In the coming days, he did not leave but stayed in the Nine Nether Realm, awaiting the opening of the Divine Beast Origin.

During the days that he stayed in the Nine Nether Realm, Mu Chen had gotten a place to stay, lead by Nine Nether, and shut himself in without coming out, concentrating on his cultivation to adjust his own state. After all, he was clear that although he had already displayed his strength in his fight with both Jiang Ya and Qin Xuan, it was still impossible for them to accept an outsider like Mu Chen so quickly.

Hence, Mu Chen couldn’t be bothered to bootlick, so he stayed there and focused on his cultivation, aiming to be able to help Nine Nether obtain the Undying Bird’s Divine Blood in the Divine Beast Origin. After all, he did not come to the Nine Netherbird Clan to form friendships, but just purely help Nine Nether.

So during the days that he stayed in the Nine Nether Realm, he did not come in contact with the clansmen of the Nine Netherbird Clan. Nine Nether was the only one that he usually came in contact with whenever she told him pieces of information about the Divine Beast Origin.

Time passed extremely quickly and without him knowing, ten days had already passed.

When the first shine of sunlight of the tenth day shone onto the majestic Nine Nether Mountain, Mu Chen had suddenly opened his eyes in the room and his black pupils flashed with sharpness.

Mu Chen looked out the window and slightly his expression changed, before his silhouette flashed out to the courtyard. Not far away, there was a beautiful silhouette swiftly making her way over before stopping in the courtyard, it was naturally Nine Nether.

“Let’s go, the Divine Beast Origin will soon appear.” Nine Nether landed on the ground and looked at Mu Chen with a bewitching smile on her face that was extremely beautiful. After dealing with the trouble from their Bloodlink Bond, Nine Nether had clearly looked more at ease. She was no longer like the past, filled with worries in her heart every moment..

Mu Chen smiled and nodded his head. He did not speak, but flew up the sky before swiftly making his way towards the Nine Nether Mountain under Nine Nether’s lead.

Along the way, there were innumerable steaks as well. Those were the clansmen of the Nine Netherbird Clan rushing towards the peak of the mountain. Although the quota for the Divine Beast Origin was extremely few in number, these clansmen still had the yearning to see the Divine Beast Origin.

The two of them swiftly travelled and some ten-odd minutes later, they entered into the region of the mountain peak before descending onto the peak.

The peak was covered with a multitude of people at this moment, with Patriarch Tian Huang and the Elders standing at the centre of the plaza, and Mandala standing beside him. Compared to Mu Chen, the Nine Netherbird Clan was extremely courteous when treating Mandala. Regardless of anything, she was a genuine Greater Earth Sovereign Realm and with her strength, not to mention the Nine Netherbird Clan, she could easily become a VIP even in the powerful forces of the Great Thousand World.

Before Patriarch Tian Huang, Mo Feng and Mo Ling had already arrived.

Under countless gazes, Mu Chen and Nine Nether landed beside Mo Feng, whom he was indifferent to, having an expression as if nothing mattered to him. Mo Ling, however, gave Mu Chen a youthful and lively smile.

When Patriarch Tian Huang saw the four of them gathered, he gently nodded his head, before raising it and cast a glance at the sky, then faintly said, “The Divine Beast Origin will soon appear. I will tear open the space along with the Elders and the four of you will take that chance to enter.”

When the four of them heard his words, they all nodded their heads.

Patriarch Tian Huang cast a glance at Mu Chen before saying, “The Divine Beast Origin is in the spatial void with a chaotic space rift wreaking havoc. If you guys are swept in it, you guys will definitely die. You have never entered the Divine Beast Origin, so you have a low understanding of it. After you enter, keep close to Nine Nether at all times.”

“Yes.” Mu Chen nodded his head. He had considered having gotten through quite a bit of dangerous situations over these past few years, thus he understood the dangers contained in the Divine Beast Origin. So, he would naturally not be foolish.

Patriarch Tian Huang did not speak but raised his head and looked at the sky, waiting for the best opportunity to take action.

Mandala walked towards Mu Chen and smiled. “After you go into the Divine Beast Origin, I will go back to the Great Havenlaw Domain. When you successfully come out, the Nine Netherbird Clan will send you back to the Northern Realm.”

After speaking about it, she paused before continuing, “After you leave, I will use the Starlight Demon Suppression Pyramid to sense the location of the Ancient Haven Palace to obtain as much accurate information for you as possible for when you return.”

She knew that the reason why Mu Chen came to the Northern Realm was for the evolution method of his Great Solar Undying Body hidden in the Ancient Haven Palace. Since she had received so much help from Mu Chen, it was natural for her to help him as well.


As she had expected, when hearing her words, even Mu Chen couldn’t help feeling excited, even with his character. The Primordial Immortal Body was too important for him, so no matter what, he had to obtain the evolution method in the Ancient Haven Palace.

“I have received favours from you, so it’s natural for me to reciprocate.” Mandala smiled before her expression turned serious. “But I have to remind you that the moment the Ancient Haven Palace appears, the Skylaw Continent will be greatly shaken. At that time, even I am not sure about how many forces will be attracted and the competition will be one that far surpasses your imagination.”

“Furthermore, you’re not the only one targeting the evolution method for the Great Solar Undying Body…”

When Mu Chen heard her words, he contracted his eyes as he looked at Mandala’s serious expression and recalled the information that she had told him in the past… In this world, he’s not the only one that cultivated the Great Solar Undying Body.

There were other lucky people that obtained the cultivation method for the Great Solar Undying Body as well, and they were naturally absolutely stunning people. At the same time, they would become Mu Chen’s greatest obstacles in obtaining the Primordial Immortal Body.

Regardless of how many people were there that cultivated the Great Solar Undying Body, there would only be one that obtained the Primordial Immortal Body.

The brutality of the competition would definitely exceed Mu Chen’s imagination. It was the survival of the fittest, where the weak became nutrients for the strong… Obtaining the Great Solar Undying Body was a massive opportunity for Mu Chen and, at the same time, a great danger.

“With your current strength, you can ascend the peak amongst the younger generations of the Northern Region, but it’s far from enough.” Mandala seriously said.

Mu Chen nodded his head, the Northern Region is only a portion of the Skylaw Continent. Not to mention about the other continents, even amongst the younger generations of the Nine Netherbird Clan alone, his Sixth Grade Sovereign Realm cultivation wasn’t particularly outstanding. So he naturally understood that it was still insufficient for him to compete for the opportunity in the Ancient Haven Palace with his current strength.

“I know.”

Mu Chen solemnly looked at Mandala and slowly nodded his head. If he managed to break through to the Seventh Grade Sovereign Realm in the Divine Beast Origin and reached the second level of the Dragon-Phoenix Physique, then he wouldn’t have to fear, even if he faced an Eighth Grade Sovereign, and only those with that cultivation could be considered as experts in the Skylaw Continent.

He knew that Mandala was reminding him not to let his guard down. Although he had not met his opponents that had cultivated the Great Solar Undying Body as well, he could imagined that they were definitely absolute geniuses. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be able to cultivate the Great Solar Undying Body to such an extent.

When Mandala saw his response, she no longer spoke, but turned around and left.

Mu Chen looked at Mandala’s silhouette and his gaze turned more grave. He initially thought that as long as he could find the Ancient Haven Palace, he should be able to obtain the evolution method of the Great Solar Undying Body. But Mandala had given him a wake-up call. If he wasn’t powerful enough, then even if he found the evolution method, it would only benefit others instead.

“Looks like I must definitely have a harvest in the Divine Beast Origin this time.” Mu Chen slowly clenched his fist and his gaze turned sharp. Although he spoke in this way, the competition that he would face would be even more brutal and he could only do his best to obtain the evolution method of the Great Solar Undying Body.


As Mu Chen became resolute in his heart, a gale suddenly appeared in this region and he raised his head, before he saw a fluctuation in the sky. Rippling rings had endlessly spread out.

When the ripples appeared, countless ancient scenes flashed past filled with desolate auras.


Seeing this, Patriarch Tian Huang, who had been waiting for a long time, immediately yelled and a myriad-foot streak of light burst out from his heart, before a massive scarlet bird could be vaguely seen in the streak of light with torrential flames that could incinerate the heavens and earth.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

In that instant when Patriarch Tian Huang made his move, the Elders of the Nine Netherbird Cla had also immediately moved. Instantly, streaks of light soared into the sky and slammed against that space.

Along with numerous Earth Sovereigns making their move, space slowly tore apart and a patch of darkness could be seen in the space, along with an extremely ancient a desolate aura that swept out.

When the aura faded, there seemed to be innumerable beast roars that resounded from the ancient darkness.


Veins popped on Patriarch Tian Huang’s arms. He suddenly shifted his gaze onto the four of them and roared.

Mo Feng grabbed onto Mo Ling and charged forth, whereas Nine Nether grabbed onto Mu Chen. They turned into streaks of light and soared into the sky, before they shot into the cracked space without any hesitation.


In that instant when the four of them entered the cracked space, a terrifying chaotic spatial rift spurge forth and the steaks that were formed by the attacks of the Earth Sovereigns started to crumble.

“What a terrifying spatial rift.”

The four of them stopped and couldn’t help sighing as they looked at the disappeared space. Even with so many of them joining together, they could only tear a crack in the space for such a short period of time.

Patriarch Tian Huang and the rest raised their heads and looked at the direction that the four of them disappeared in, then inwardly let out a sigh. In that place with brutal competition, no one knew whether their Nine Netherbird Clan could obtain the opportunity. After all, their Nine Netherbird Clan could only return defeated in the past.

“We can only wait and hope that they can return safely this time.”

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