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Chapter 971 - Skynet Array

Two deep marks were left on the massive azure plaza with two silhouettes standing at the end of each mark and their feet were deeply implanted into the ground, before they slowly removed them.

There were countless gazes directed over from the around plaza and those mocking voices had already completely disappeared. Clearly, the scene of Mu Chen withstanding Qin Xuan’s attacks had caused many of the Nine Netherbird Clan’s clansmen to be shocked.

Under innumerable shocked gazes, Qin Xuan pulled out his feet from the ground and deeply looked at Mu Chen. For the first time, his eyes had turned serious.

Through the previous confrontation, he already knew how powerful this young man before him was. Despite all the advantages of having the physique of a Divine Beast and higher cultivation, he was still in the lower hand during the previous confrontation.

All this proved that the current Mu Chen was someone worthy of him to view seriously with all his strength.

“Looks like I have previously misjudged you.” Qin Xuan took a deep breath in as he slowly said.

“You’re being too polite.”

Mu Chen lightly smiled, but he wasn’t complacent because of this. Qin Xuan was, indeed, powerful and through the previous confrontation, he had already circulated his Dragon-Phoenix Physique to the limits. But even so, he couldn’t gain much of an advantage from their physique confrontation.

In the past, when Mu Chen fought with those like the Netherworld Prince, he would definitely gain the advantage the moment he used his physique body. But at this moment, it wasn’t so efficient.

Clearly, an expert with a Divine Beast physique was truly a tough opponent.

“To express my apology… I will now go with my full force.”

Qin Xuan looked at Mu Chen as a sharpness flashed in his pupils, before he stomped his foot. Instantly, icy wind burst out from his body and a massive frost bird was formed behind him under the sky full of snowflakes.


When the frost bird appeared, it flapped its wings, which caused snowflakes to sweep out along with a sharp cry that was filled with a chill that resounded between the heavens and earth.

A powerful Spiritual Energy oppression had dominated out as well.

“Qin Xuan actually brought out his Divine Beast form… Looks like he’s not intending to go easy anymore.”

“But with that, I don’t think there’s much suspense towards this confrontation.”


Along with the appearance of the frost bird, discussions instantly resounded from the surroundings and self-confidence had restored in the eyes of the Nine Netherbird Clan’s clansmen. That’s because they were clear about how powerful Qin Xuan would be if he fought for real.

“Nine Netherfrost Bird…”

Mu Chen raised his head and looked at the massive frost bird behind Qin Xuan, then slightly contracted his eyes. This must’ve been Qin Xuan’s original form, an entirely different evolution path from the Nine Netherworld Bird. Although it wasn’t as rare as the Nine Netherworld Bird, the ice power was also extremely tough to deal with.

Qin Xuan was clearly not intending to go easy any longer.

Mu Chen’s expression turned a little solemn, before he clenched both of his fists and a Spiritual Energy light blossomed from his fingertips.


Qin Xuan leapt onto the Nine Netherfrost Bird and his gaze had turned much colder, before he clenched his fist. Snowflakes swiftly gathered in his palm. In the next instant, it had formed into a massive ice bow with ancient snowflake runes on the bow.

When the ice bow appeared in Qin Xuan’s hand, his entire aura had turned icy and sharp and was completely different from before.

Qin Xuan’s gaze fixed onto Mu Chen like a sharp hawk. He did not speak any words, but had swiftly pulled the bow. Instantly snowflakes swept over and formed into an icy arrow of ten-odd feet.

A dark-blue light flickered on the sharp end of the arrow, quietly emitting a sharp aura that seemed to even be able to penetrate through space.

Sizzle! Sizzle!

The bow was instantly drawn to a half-moon with the arrow fixed onto Mu Chen. Without waiting for Mu Chen to respond, Qin Xuan had already released the drawn bow in his hand.


The sky of snowflakes instantly exploded and everyone could see a white light bolting across heavens, aimed towards the centre of Mu Chen’s brows at lightning speed.

In that instant when the arrow previously appeared, Mu Chen had felt his hair standing on end and a chilling intent circulated on his skin as a golden light flowed in his eyes. In the next instant, he had stomped his feet and his silhouette had moved to the left a few feet.


When Mu Chen moved away, the arrow shot at his previous location, which instantly caused the ground to collapse and a huge crater appeared filled with ice.

The crater was ten-off feet and when Mu Chen’s silhouette appeared, he looked at the crater and his heart trembled. That’s because he could sense that the rock in the crater was corroded by a terrifying chill aura and the slightest touch would cause it to turn to dust.

The power behind the snowflake was truly powerful. But the crucial point was that the arrow was too fast and even at Mu Chen’s full power, he could only barely avoid it.


When Mu Chen was shocked in his heart from the power of the arrow, another subtle sound rang out and he raised his head, then immediately contracted his eyes. Qin Xuan pulled his bow once again on the frost bird and there were three arrows ledged on the bow with ancient runes gathering on the arrow tips.


The sound of arrows tearing through the wind resounded as the three lights streaked across the horizon.

Mu Chen’s silhouette burst in retreat, while pushing the Dragon-Phoenix Physique to the limits. A golden light blossomed and numerous afterimages appeared; however, the moment those afterimages appeared, they were immediately shattered by the arrows.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Three explosions resounded from the azure stone plaza and the ice craters appeared once again while Mu Chen’s silhouette appeared far away in a somewhat pathetic state.

Qin Xuan cast a glance at Mu Chen without any expression on his face. He did not speak a word, but the second he pulled his bow, five ice arrows appeared.

When Mu Chen saw this scene, he tightly knitted his brows. If he allowed Qin Xuan to endlessly unleash the arrows, then he would be inferior in the fight. The moment he got struck by an arrow, then perhaps a storm-like arrow would arrive and defeat him completely.

“This person is actually better fighting at a range than close combat.”

A light flashed in Mu Chen’s eyes and his silhouette abruptly burst out towards Qin Xuan. Clearly, he was intending to move close to the latter, so that Qin Xuan wouldn’t be able to endlessly unleash his arrows.

But when Qin Xuan saw Mu Chen’s movements, he faintly smiled before stomping his feet on the ground. The huge frost bird flapped its wings and a blizzard raged within a thousand-foot radius. The frost bird flapped its wings and swiftly appeared in the distance. At the same time, several white lights shot out from Qin Xuan’s hand.


An arrow heavily struck into the ground before Mu Chen as frost swiftly spread out, forcing Mu Chen’s feet to tap on the ground as he briefly paused and forcefully changed direction.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Over the next few minutes, Mu Chen was in a pathetic state caused by the arrows. Every single time he was about to go within a thousand feet of Qin Xuan, he would be forced to stop by a peculiar arrow and could only turn back to dodge the arrow that shot in his direction.

Regarding this matter, everyone in the Nine Netherbird Clan felt heavily relieved. No one knew how many people had suffered under this fighting strategy from Qin Xuan. Not only were they defeated, but they were also even made to leap here and there, which was extremely pathetic.

Everyone knew at this moment that Qin Xuan was at an invincible position.

On the stone base, when the few Elders of the Nine Netherbird Clan saw this scene, they gently nodded their heads. Although Qin Xuan was a little shameless fighting this way, only the outcome mattered in this world. After all, if they were to encounter enemies in the Divine Beast Origin, their opponents wouldn’t be talking about fighting fairly.

“Looks like there’s an outcome to this matter.” The azure-robed Elder faintly smiled, before continuing, “Jiang Ya has yet to make his move and Qin Xuan alone has forced him to this pathetic state… From the looks of it now, Mu Chen will definitely not be able to take the quota away.”

Nine Nether clenched her fist as she looked at the silhouette constantly dodging the attacks that came at him from every direction and she couldn’t help clenching her teeth.

She knew that Mu Chen was in an unfavourable situation at this moment.

“That fool, why is he still not using the Great Solar Undying Body…?” Nine Nether was burning with anxiety in her heart. If Mu Chen had used his Great Solar Undying Body, then even if he couldn’t defeat Qin Xuan, he wouldn’t be forced into such a pathetic state.

Just as Nine Nether felt anxious in her heart, Patriarch Tian Huang, who was beside her, calmly looked at the plaza as he watched Mu Chen’s silhouette, which was dodging from every direction. Suddenly, his pupils contracted.

“That brat…”

Patriarch Tian Huang looked at Mu Chen’s dodging figure. Based on his terrifying control over Spiritual Energy at the Greater Earth Sovereign Realm, he had vaguely felt that every time Mu Chen’s silhouette flashed, his feet would touch the ground and, in that instant, there seemed to be a surge of Spiritual Energy bring infused to the ground.

Patriarch Tian Huang’s gaze gradually turned deep like the starry sky, whereas the heavens and earth started to become transparent to his eyes. Thereafter, he had abruptly squinted his eyes.

That’s because at this moment, he saw a massive light array appearing from the ground of the plaza. It’s just that the array was hidden in the ground and couldn’t be detected.

“This is… a Spiritual Array?!”

“He’s actually a Spiritual Array Master?!”

Patriarch Tian Huang’s heart trembled. So Mu Chen wasn’t being forced into a pathetic state by Qin Xuan, when he leapt up and down, he was actually secretly laying out a huge Spiritual Array around Qin Xuan!

Just as the heart of Patriarch Tian Huang trembled, Mu Chen’s silhouette, which was initially dodging here and there, suddenly stopped. He gently stomped on the ground before pouring the last bit of Spiritual Energy in.

“You finally stop running?”

When Qin Xuan saw Mu Chen, he gently smiled, “Since that’s the case, then let's end this.”

As he spoke, he pulled his bow to the maximum once again with ten-odd arrows formed on his bow and a terrifyingly sharp chill dominated out.

Mu Chen had also raised his head at this moment and looked at Qin Xuan, who had pulled his bow, with a smile on his youthful face and gently said, “After playing with you for so long, it’s truly time to end this.”

When he finished speaking, Mu Chen suddenly stomped his foot on the ground.


The ground beneath his feet instantly crumbled and myriad feet of light shot out from the plaza. A startling Spiritual Energy undulation suddenly burst out from the ground.

Skynet Array, activate!

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