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Five scrolls with strange light and mysterious fluctuations hung before Mu Chen. The scrolls were also packed with runes.

It was the Heavenly Grade Array Map.

Mu Chen was so excited, he lost his cool. This was the first time throughout the years that he had seen this grade of Diagram Array. He quickly clenched his fists, and the five scrolls fell into his hands.

Spiritual energy burst out from his palms and flowed into the scrolls. He could feel a large amount of information flowing into his brain like a windstorm.

Earth Grade High Ranked Spiritual Array, Lotus Spiritual Sword Array.

Earth Grade High Ranked Spiritual Array, Tianluo Array.

Earth Grade High Ranked Spiritual Array, Unperishable Admiralty Array.

The first to appear in Mu Chen's mind were the three Earth Grade High Ranked Spiritual Arrays. Even Sixth Grade Sovereigns were wary of this grade of spiritual array. These three spiritual arrays were good for attacking, capturing, and defense. They possessed extraordinary power. It was apparent that Mandela had put in a lot of effort in getting hold of them.

However, Mu Chen was not captivated by the three spiritual arrays. He shifted his thoughts, and golden light with text burst out in his mind.

Heavenly Grade Low Ranked Spiritual Array, Heaven's Divine Seal.

Heavenly Grade Low Ranked Spiritual Array, God's Punishment Array.

Mu Chen shut his eyes to sense the large amount of information in his brain. He then slowly opened his eyes, and he could not hide his excitement. He grabbed the scrolls in his hand and muttered, "Heavenly Grade Spiritual Array…"

Although these were Heavenly Grade Low Ranked Spiritual Arrays, even a Grade Seven Sovereign could be badly injured by them.

"I wanted to get some higher grade Diagram Arrays for you, but time is running out… Most of these Diagram Arrays were owned by the Spiritual Array Masters, and they value the arrays more than their lives. It was not easy to get hold of them," Mandela said.

"It is good enough." Mu Chen nodded. Given his current strength, he could only set up a Heavenly Grade Low Ranked Spiritual Array. He had much to observe and learn in order to set up this level of spiritual array.

Even if Mandela had managed to get the middle grade or even higher grade spiritual arrays for him, he might not be able to set them up.

Mandela looked at the scroll in Mu Chen's left hand and said, "Out of these two Heavenly Grade Spiritual Arrays, the last one is extremely powerful. The price of it was double that of the other one."

Mu Chen was stunned when Mandela mentioned the God's Punishment Array. As he went through the information in his brain, he suddenly froze.

"This God's Punishment Array is an incomplete array…" As Mu Chen said this, his reaction was very strong.

"This is an ancient spiritual array used during the Primordial Age. There should be three of them, including the God's Punishment Array. If the three scrolls come together, it can even kill an Upper Earthly Sovereign."

When the Three Kings heard that, they were shocked. Could it be the Ancestral Master Array since it is able to kill an Upper Earthly Sovereign?

"It is a pity… The God's Punishment Array is the weakest among the three, which is why it has been circulated around. As for the other two scrolls, they have rarely been seen. It seems unlikely the three scrolls would be gathered together." Mu Chen shook his head.

The value of the three scrolls was comparable to the Starry Suppression Tower. To a Spiritual Array Master, this grade of Ancestral Master Array was most appealing.

"Although God's Punishment Array is the weakest among the three, it is still more powerful than the ordinary Heavenly Grade Low Ranked Spiritual Array. No wonder its price was higher than the rest. It is value for the money." Mu Chen smiled. He would have to spend some time learning more about the God's Punishment Array. It was a good deadly weapon, and now he had additional ammunition to bring along with him to the Land of the Divine Beasts.

After the breakthrough, Mu Chen's confidence level increased tremendously. Even if he had not used any spiritual arrays, he would have no problem defeating Liu Qing.

Mandela looked at Mu Chen and said, "You still have two more weeks before the deadline. You can go into retreat for another ten days before we set out for Nine Netherbird Clan!"

"Alright." Mu Chen nodded. He had just broken through and would need a few days to get used to the sudden increase in his spiritual energy. Moreover, he would need to try out the spiritual arrays so that he could set them up.

Once he had made up his mind, Mu Chen immediately darted back to a quiet place in Nine Nether Palace.

For two weeks, Mu Chen never stepped out of Nine Nether Palace. All of his time was spent on adapting to his current spiritual energy and understanding the Heavenly Grade Spiritual Arrays.

In the process of studying the Heavenly Grade Spiritual Arrays, Mu Chen started to experiment with them. He failed many times and every time he failed, violent spiritual energy would burst out from the inner part of Nine Nether Palace. Many of the top powers in Nine Nether Palace were fearful, as the spiritual energy explosions were so powerful that even a Grade Six Sovereign would be unable to bear them.

The failed attempts went on for nearly ten days, but they gradually lessened. The runaway explosions had stopped by the final two days. Deep within Nine Nether Palace, vast spiritual energy shot up into the sky, and spiritual light burst out. It looked as though something frightening was churning…

The changes had caused fear in many of the top powers in Nine Nether Palace. As they looked deep inside Nine Nether Palace, they saw that the thing that was churning had not been released but had disappeared.

The top powers looked at one another and figured it as an experiment that Mu Chen had carried out. They sighed and thought that he had failed again…

Mu Chen stood with his hands behind his back in one of the courtyards in Nine Nether Palace. He looked at the spiritual energy fluctuations that were gradually dissipating and smiled. He did not look depressed but seemed to be enlightened.

"Heavenly Grade Spiritual Array…" Mu Chen looked at his palms and smiled.

After he had failed many times in his experiments, Mu Chen started to experience the power of the Heavenly Grade Spiritual Arrays. They were indeed more powerful than the Earth Grade Spiritual Arrays.

It had been worth his efforts spending time trying them out.

Suddenly, footsteps were heard outside the courtyard. Mu Chen smiled and before the visitors could say anything, he said, "Come on in."

Two ladies went into the courtyard. They were Tang Bing and Tang Rou. Tang Bing had been the housekeeper of Nine Nether Palace for two years, and she had done a great job. This designation made her only inferior to Mu Chen and Nine Nether, and it had added to her prideful character.

Tang Rou was gentle and shy, and although she knew Mu Chen well, she still blushed when Mu Chen smiled at her.

Tang Bing looked at Mu Chen and said, "Do you intend to tear Nine Nether Palace down…"

Tang Bing was serious in her work, and she went by the book. When Mu Chen heard what Tang Bing had said, he simply smiled at her. Although he was holding a high position in Daluo Territory, he had treated the two sisters as friends. He would not use his position to put them down.

"Dominator wants you to get ready to go to Nine Netherbird Clan tomorrow." Tang Bang went straight to the point and gave him the message that she had been instructed to pass on.

Mu Chen was shocked when he heard it, and after a while, he nodded.

Tang Bing bit her lips and with her prideful look gone, she asked, "Will Sister Nine Nether be coming back?"

Nine Nether had established Nine Nether Palace, and she had brought the two sisters along with her. They regarded Nine Nether Palace as their home, and if Nine Nether left the palace, even if Mu Chen was able to sustain it, the feeling would be different…

Mu Chen looked at Tang Bing, who was a bit depressed, and Tang Rou, whose eyes were red. He kept quiet and thought how much they must have suffered at Nine Nether's departure. Although they had concealed their feelings well, now that Mu Chen would be leaving soon, they could no longer hide it anymore.

Mu Chen looked at the two pretty sisters and patted them on their backs. He smiled warmly at them and said, "Don't worry, I will bring Nine Nether back."

Tang Bing and Tang Rou looked at the smile on Mu Chen's face. He had always been gentle, but they could hear the determination in his voice.

The two sisters then smiled and nodded.

"Oh yes, bring this along with you…"

Tang Bing suddenly took off the light bracelet from her wrist, handed it to Mu Chen, and said, "There is a total of 1,500,000 drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid in it. I have been saving it up. I think it will be helpful to you…"

Mu Chen was shocked when he looked at the universal bracelet. He knew that Tang Bing was competent in her work, and she had controlled the Sovereign Spiritual Liquid well to enable Nine Nether Palace to run smoothly and expand.

Previously, Mu Chen had great difficulty in getting some Sovereign Spiritual Liquid from her. However, this stingy girl had suddenly given him such a large amount of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid, it took him by surprise.

"If you and Sister Nine Nether are no longer here, there is no point keeping the Sovereign Spiritual Liquid."

Tang Bing looked at Mu Chen and seemed to have read his mind. She curled up her lips and stared at him and said, "I know you have been saying that I am stingy."

Mu Chen smiled and accepted it, as the Sovereign Spiritual Liquid was important to him. As he took the universal bracelet, he once again said softly, "I will definitely bring her back!"

"We trust you… you… you must be careful," Tang Rou said. She looked at Mu Chen with great faith.

Mu Chen took a deep breath and lifted up his head. He looked in the direction where Nine Nether had gone and clenched his fists.

Nine Nether, I will not listen to you this time. I must go to the Nine Netherbird Clan!

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