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Chapter 959 - Liu Qing

“Brat, is this old man correct?!”

Elder Tianque’s roar rumbled like thunder, which shook the horizon, and his gaze was like an unsheathed sword with a sharpness that pierced through space and enveloped Mu Chen.

Under his sharp gaze, Mu Chen felt a terrifying pressure sweep over and the gaze felt it wanted to pierce through his chest. It had directed caused the blood and aura in his body to boil and he felt a hint of sweetness in his throat. However, the sweetness was suppressed and when he raised his head, he looked directly into the eyes of Elder Tianque without evading, before a sharp aura had shot forth from his eyes as well. Even if he knew that he wasn’t a match for Elder Tianque, his intent was in no way inferior.


When Elder Tianque saw that such a puny Fifth Grade Sovereign did not kneel down and admit his fault and even dared to meet his gaze, he instantly snorted and was about to take a step forth to unleash an even more terrifying pressure to cause this person before him to bow down.

“Making a move in my Great Havenlaw Domain, are you treating me like I’m invisible?!” But just as he took a step out, Mandala’s enraged voice had resounded and Elder Tianque felt a horrifying pressure enveloping towards him. Under that pressure, the feet that he lifted actually couldn’t step forward.

Although he could forcefully take that step, with his perception of danger, he knew that if he took that step forward, Mandala would definitely make a move towards him. At that time, even if he could retreat, he would definitely be in a terrible state.

No matter what, Mandala was now a Quasi-Greater Earth Sovereign, which was even more powerful than a Lesser Earth Sovereign. On a one-on-one match, he did not have any chances of winning.

Elder Tianque’s gaze flickered with changes, before his fluttering clothes settled down and the pressure that emanated from him had calmed down as well.

As his pressure faded, Elder Tianque looked at Mandala with anger and coldness in his eyes as he solemnly said, “Great Havenlaw Ruler, this matter is extremely important to my Nine Nether Bird Clan. I hope that the Great Havenlaw Domain can hand that person over to this old man on behalf of my clan. At that time, our clan will definitely remember this favour in our hearts!”

Mandala cast a glance at Elder Tianque as she said with indifference, “Impossible, Mu Chen has contributed so much to the Great Havenlaw Domain. So if you want to touch him in the territories of my Great Havenlaw Domain, then you are waging a war with us!”

Although her voice was soft, the resolution in it could be felt, which had directly caused Elder Tianque to contract his eyes. He naturally did not expect such an intense rejection from Mandala.

“Great Havenlaw Ruler, you’re willing to wage a war with my Nine Netherbird Clan for a mere Fifth Grade Sovereign?!” Elder Tianque solemnly said. Although the power of the Great Havenlaw Domain had slightly exceeded his expectations, it was still a force with a thin foundation and was incomparable to a Spiritual Beast Clan with a long history. So if they were to start a war, the Great Havenlaw Domain would definitely be annihilated.

“If my Great Havenlaw Domain can’t even protect someone that has greatly contributed to us, how are we ever going to stand in the Northern Region in the future? If that’s the case, we might as well disband early.” Mandala coldly smiled.

“Furthermore, even if your Nine Netherbird Clan has a deep foundation, you must be prepared to sacrifice several Earth Sovereigns to annihilate my Great Havenlaw Domain. Perhaps even you will be included amongst that group as well!”

As she spoke, Mandala’s eyes were already shining with killing intent. Such strong words had directly cause Elder Tianque’s face to turn ashen. But as he flew into a rage, he was also inwardly startled. In his view, the Great Havenlaw Ruler was simply insane and her reaction had gone out of his expectations. Casually speaking about having both sides suffer casualties to the death… Even if their Nine Nether Bird Clan was stronger than the Great Havenlaw Domain, they couldn’t accept the death of several Earth Sovereigns.

Even after thousands and myriads of years, their Nine Nether Bird Clan only had a few of them and every single loss would cause them to heavily suffer.

“Elder Tianque!”

Just when Elder Tianque’s face was darkly flickering and the torrential aura around him showed signs of exploding, Nine Nether had angrily roared, “Back then when I was heavily injured, if it wasn’t for Mu Chen, I would have already died. So generally speaking, he’s a benefactor of my Nine Netherbird Clan and now, you’re going to bite the hand that feeds it?!”

Elder Tianque answered with a solemn voice, “Nine Nether, I know that you value relationship. But there are other ways to repay favours. You have the purest bloodline of our Nine Nether Bird Clan over the past thousands of years. Even if you wanted to form a Bloodlink Bond, it should be with a Divine Beast with a similarly noble bloodline. This brat is so ordinary, how can he bear such great fortune? To him, it does more harm than good!”

“Ordinary?” Mandala coldly said, “Mu Chen is the Overlord of the Dragon-Phoenix Record in our Northern Region. Amongst the younger generations of the entire Northern Region, there’s no one that can surpass him.”

Elder Tianque and Liu Qing, who stood behind him, were stunned with astonishment in their eyes. Clearly, they did not expect Mu Chen to have such achievements.

“Heh. The Northern Region is pretty huge and I never thought that the younger generations around here would be so incapable. Even amongst our clan, a Fifth Grade Sovereign can only be deemed satisfactory. As for seeking the peak, it’s simply a joke.” Elder Tianque quickly recovered as he cast his lips aside with disdain. Clearly, he was filled with doubt regarding this so-called Dragon-Phoenix Record of the Northern Region.

When Mu Chen heard Elder Tianque’s disdainful words, he wasn’t angered, but he smiled instead. “I am indeed lucky to be able to become the Overlord of the Northern Region. As for my qualifications, why doesn’t Elder send someone out to give me a test?”

Facing Elder Tianque’s forceful words, Mu Chen did not cower under Mandala’s protection, since he knew the pressure that would bring if Mandala fought with the Nine Nether Bird Clan. Therefore, he had spoken out on the spot to divert some of the pressure.

But Mu Chen did not speak arrogantly with Elder Tianque. No matter what, the latter was still an Earth Sovereign and it’s easy for Elder Tianque to kill him. So he told Elder Tianque to send someone out to give him a test.

Right now, if Elder Tianque wanted to send someone out to test him, it would definitely be that Liu Qing. That person was not simple and according to Mu Chen’s estimation, his strength should be similar to Nine Nether. But even if they were to fight, the latter might not be able to achieve victory with Mu Chen in a short amount of time.

When Elder Tianque heard Mu Chen’s words, his gaze flickered and he coldly smiled. “You’re pretty crafty, brat. But if this old man wanted to make a move, no one could protect you… But since you’re bold enough to step out, today, this old man will see how capable you are!”

“Liu Qing!”

“Here!” The handsome and azure-clothed youth solemnly answered.

“Capture him within ten rounds!” As he spoke, Elder Tianque looked towards Mandala and the three Emperors. “I believe you guys won’t interfere between a spar of younger generations, right?”

Once he confirmed that the brat was ordinary and passed the information back to the clan, the Elders in the clan would definitely be enraged. The most talented bloodline of their Nine Nether Bird Clan over the past thousands of years could never be stained by the bloodline of humans. Once the matter grew big, he’d see whether the Great Havenlaw Domain would still dare to face them head-on.

Mandala and the three Emperors knitted their brows, but they no longer spoke. After all, Elder Tianque was representing the Nine Nether Bird Clan and they weren’t in a good position to use resist. Since he wanted Liu Qing to make a move, then so be it.

Mandala cast a glance at Liu Qing. This person wasn’t ordinary and must’ve been an outstanding figure even amongst the younger generations of the Nine Nether Bird Clan. But the Nine Nether Bird Clan was too haughty, to want to capture Mu Chen in ten moves… Just thinking about it, the corner of Mandala’s lips rose into a cold sneer. After all these years, those that belittled Mu Chen did not end up well.

“Great Havenlaw Ruler knows the overall situation, indeed.” When Elder Tianque saw Mandala’s silence, he gave a satisfied smile before nodding his head towards Liu Qing behind him.

Liu Qing nodded his head and slowly walked out.

But just when he moved, Nine Nether had obstructed him and coldly looked at Liu Qing.

“Your Highness Nine Nether, be rest assured that I will not take his life. I will only let him know some principle.” Liu Qing lightly smiled towards Nine Nether’s cold gaze.

“Nine Nether, do not interfere in this matter! If this brat needs you to protect him, then he’s too useless. Even if your father knows about this matter, he will definitely not allow you to act recklessly!” Elder Tianque solemnly said from the side.

Nine Nether coldly cast a glance at Liu Qing before sneering, “I just don’t want you to embarrass yourself later on.”

Liu Qing contracted his eyes as he gave a noncommittal smile, but he did not say anything else and strode forth, walking past Nine Nether and slowly walked towards Mu Chen.

Along with him slowly striding out, anyone could sense a blazing and violent Spiritual Energy fluctuation gathering in his body like a volcano.

His sharp gaze turned even sharper as the Spiritual Energy caused his clothes to flutter. Vaguely, there was a crisp clear voice resounding from him.

An astonishing demeanour slowly spread out from his body.

When the three Emperors sensed Liu Qing’s bearing, they had squinted their eyes. Judging from his bearing, even amongst the Kings of the Great Havenlaw Domain, perhaps only the Asura King might be able to suppress him.

The younger generations of the Nine Netherbird Clan was truly somewhat capable, no wonder Elder Tianque was so prideful.

Under everyone’s gaze, Liu Qing walked till he was ten feet away from Mu Chen, before stopping his feet. He indifferently looked at Mu Chen and faintly said, “I only want to let you know by stepping out… that humans are only noble because they know where they stand.”

However, Mu Chen did not respond to his words and maintained a calm expression, before he stretched out his hand and bent it.

“Great Havenlaw Domain’s Mu Chen seeks your teachings.”

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