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Two giants stood in the air, and terrible spiritual energy swept out like a raging storm. It roared between the heavens and the earth, and the clouds in the sky were torn to pieces.

Although the area had long been blocked by Mandela, it was still within the boundaries of Daluotian, so when such astonishing spiritual fluctuations erupted, the area soon became a little turbulent. Countless silhouettes whistled in the distance and eventually floated far above the sky, watching the confrontation.

They did not intrude into the area at will, for they also saw Mandela, and since the Dominator was there, the battle before them was taking place with her permission.

Some of the Sovereigns who had the responsibility of defense breathed a quiet sigh of relief, then turned their attention to the distant confrontation. A look of surprise appeared in their eyes.

"Isn't that Lord Mu?"

"There's someone fighting with him. Who is that? I have never seen him before, but that spiritual oppression is overwhelming!"

"Such a spiritual oppression... This person must have stepped into the highest peak of Sixth Grade Sovereign. Among the lords, only Lord Asura would be able to defeat him. Where does this man hail from?"


A great deal of whispering broke out in mid-air. Since the end of the Great Hunting War, Mu Chen's fame in the North Territory had increased steadily, and he was even the top character among the younger generation in the North Territory. Thus, when these great Sovereigns of Daluo Territory suddenly saw someone confronting Mu Chen, who was so reputable now, they felt very astonished.

"I heard that the Nine Netherbird Clan came to welcome Lord Nine Nether back to their clan. If my guess is correct, the young man should be a prodigy from the Nine Netherbird Clan." There were still high-level leaders in Daluo Territory, thus they had more insider information.

"However, the Nine Netherbird Clan is formidable, indeed. At present, this man is at the top of Sixth Grade Sovereign, and his strength, placed in any one of the North Territory's forces, would inevitably be valued greatly," someone remarked and sighed.

"This man is extraordinary, and I don't know if Lord Mu can win…" Some people worried that although Mu Chen had been reputable in the North Territory for a while, his strength was only that of a Fifth Grade Sovereign. Of course, if he could use his position as a war troop dispatcher to summon fighting intent, then the prodigy from the Nine Netherbird Clan might not be able to last even five rounds. Unfortunately, Mu Chen could not employ fighting intent in the current battle.

Ordinary people might sneer at a Fifth Grade Sovereign if they tried to compete with a Sixth Grade Sovereign, but if it happened to be Mu Chen, they reconsidered the odds of winning, because the latter had created so many miracles over the years.

Thus, in this battle, people could not tell what the final outcome would be.

While the confrontation between Mu Chen and Liu Qing attracted the attention of the great powers of Daluo Territory, the two combatants were not distracted by their gazes. Their gazes were locked onto each other as chilling glints flashed in their eyes, and their spiritual energy raged like a storm.

Liu Qing, who was on the Nine Nether Flames Sparrow's back, slowly gripped the crimson spear in his palm tightly. The next moment, scarlet flashed in his eyes, and he suddenly stomped his foot.


At his feet, the huge Nine Nether Flames Sparrow suddenly emitted a loud and crisp cry. It then opened its long, sharp beak as a sea of crimson fire immediately swept through the sky, permeating it.

"Nine Nether Flames Sparrow Art, Scarlet Sea Burning the Sky!"

The crimson spear in Liu Qing's hand pointed to Mu Chen from afar. Suddenly, the scarlet sea of fire swept out. Wherever it passed, the space twisted and distorted, causing the vision of people who were looking in the distance to blur.


The sea of fire surged, and in the twinkling of an eye, it instantly enveloped the Great Solar Undying Body. However, in the face of the roaring scarlet sea, Mu Chen's face was calm as he stood upon the Great Solar Undying Body's head, and a golden light bloomed around it.

The sea of fire roared, but the Great Solar Undying Body was as firm as a rock. Not only did it not melt in the sea of fire, the whole body of gold became increasingly golden in the scorching heat, looking like a majestic golden body from afar.

Liu Qing looked at this scene, and his eyes couldn't help but turn grave. The flames within his scarlet sea of flame were the flames of his own Life Source and were extremely domineering. Even if a Sixth Grade Sovereign had been trapped in them, after employing the Sovereign Celestial Body, they would also have gradually melted. But now, not only had Mu Chen's Sovereign Celestial remained unmoving, it had also become increasingly refined.

What are the origins of this kid's Sovereign Celestial Body? Why is it so powerful?! Liu Qing's eyebrows wrinkled, and immediately he let out a cold hum. Without any hesitation, he conjured a strange seal with one hand.


With the change of his seal, the scarlet flames that swept around the Sovereign Celestial Body suddenly condensed into numerous flame feather swords. These flame feathers were like fire swords covered with flame symbols, and blazing waves emanated between the flames.

As these flame feather swords took shape, Mu Chen's gaze turned somber. He was standing above the Great Solar Undying Body, and he could faintly sense some dangerous fluctuations from those feathers.

Liu Qing stared at Mu Chen from afar. He seemed to smile indifferently, then flicked his finger, dealing the killing blow.

Buzz! Buzz!

The sound of the swords vibrating all over the sky was heard. Suddenly, the numerous flame feather swords suspended in the sea of fire strangely disappeared.

When Mu Chen saw this, his eyes could not help but narrow, for when those flame feather swords disappeared, he had not even noticed any unusual fluctuations.

It felt as if those flame feather swords really had vanished into thin air.

No, they did not disappear, they integrated into the sea of fire!

However, the moment Mu Chen realized this, the golden light around the Great Solar Undying Body suddenly faded. In that instant, a dozen flames flickered around Mu Chen. The flames contained flame feather swords. Although it was blazing, the blades were very sharp, causing Mu Chen's skin to tingle.


When those flame feather swords made their strange appearance, there was no hesitation at all as it struck as fast as lightning towards Mu Chen's vital parts. Its speed was so fast that Mu Chen could not even react.

The flame feather sword blades were unparalleled in sharpness. Apparently, Liu Qing had given it his all. If Mu Chen was hit, even if his physical body was strong, he was bound to be severely injured.

The light of the sword was reflected in Mu Chen's eyes. In an instant, the swords' blades touched his clothes, but Mu Chen's gaze suddenly sharpened.

On the Great Solar Undying Body's crown, golden light surged out and at a lightning speed, turned rapidly into golden shields on Mu Chen's skin.

Boom! Boom!

As sword light collided with golden shields, suddenly a harsh piercing sound rang out, and in the midst of the spiritual energy turmoil, both dissipated into light spots.

"What a quick reaction…"

When Liu Qing saw that such an ingenious move had failed to work, he smiled in astonishment. However, he flicked his finger again. "What about this time, then?"

At the moment his voice fell, Mu Chen's heart dropped, for he saw that this time, there were hundreds and thousands of flame feather swords. Strangely, they appeared around him as though a sword array had trapped him.

Only then did Mu Chen realize that Liu Qing's sea of fire was not intended to burn him. Rather, it was the medium through which he attacked surreptitiously.

Those flame feather swords could integrate with the sea of fire and then appear in this sea of fire anywhere, so even if Mu Chen had the protection of the Great Solar Undying Body, it would still be unable to defend against the overwhelming flame feather swords.

Unless he could extinguish the sea of fire, the offensive attack would continue until he became a hedgehog… These means were enough to entrap a Sixth Grade Sovereign. Liu Qing's power could not be underestimated.

However, Mu Chen had been embarrassed just because he had been caught off guard. If Liu Qing had thought the same thing could be repeated, that would be belittling him.

Thus, this time, when the thousands of flame feather swords came as if they were lightning, Mu Chen's sharp blade-like gaze skimmed over them and locked onto Liu Qing's direction in the distance.

To catch a thief, one must first capture the king. As long as he destroyed Liu Qing, the sea of fire would be rendered useless.


Mu Chen huffed out a cloud of white mist, and immediately his hands conjured mysterious and complex seals at lightning speed…

Boom! Boom!

As Mu Chen's seals changed, the numerous flame feather swords surrounded him. Immediately, a dense golden shield emerged around him, and the two fiercely collided. The aura of the swords enshrouded Mu Chen, cutting gashes into his skin.

However, Mu Chen's expression remained calm as he completely ignored the diminishing golden shields. However, the speed of change in conjuring seals became more rapid. The next moment, his hands suddenly paused as afterimages scattered and flew.

In the distance, Liu Qing saw Mu Chen's seals and suddenly a sense of unease arose in his heart.

However, before he could think about it, he saw that the space above Mu Chen began to ripple, and in the rippling space, it seemed that there was a huge and unparalleled monstrous flower slowly blooming.

The demonic flower was dark purple, and the space above each petal was engraved with many ancient runes of heaven and earth, which were mysterious and cryptic.

With the blooming of that demonic flower, the spiritual energy of the world was suddenly crazily absorbed. Even the flames below were surging at this time, transforming into torrents of flames that were directly absorbed into the demonic flower.

Thus, the demonic flower bloomed even more brilliantly.

Mu Chen raised his head, and he exhaled a long breath. Immediately, his finger pointed to where Liu Qing stood in the distance, and his expression was extremely solemn. Mu Chen smirked as he pointed down in the air.

"It's impolite to not reciprocate one's favor… Brother Liu, how about this…"

His voice rang out and in the heart of the demonic flower, suddenly a dark purple divine light surged and locked onto Liu Qing. The next moment, a horrifyingly destructive blow charged out that seemed capable of destroying the world as Mu Chen chanted softly in his heart, Perfect Divine Art… Datura… Sky-wrecking Light…

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