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The Great Hunting War that had stirred up the entire North Territory lasted a few months but had finally come to an end. When it concluded, the entire North Territory was shocked by the final results.

The Lord of Divine Pavilion had fallen!

When the news spread, the whole North Territory seemed to be shaken and frightened to the point of being speechless. All the forces were shocked and were in disbelief that the strongest force, who had stood at the top of the North Territory, had fallen like this.

Although every Great Hunting War saw a top-notch force face extinction, at the beginning of this Great Hunting War, nobody thought that this extinction would be the most powerful force in the North Territory…

Thus, the North Territory was shellshocked and turmoil swiftly ensued, because everyone knew that once the Divine Pavilion lost the Lord of Divine Pavilion's rule, it would inevitably decay, and their present strength would not be sufficient to guard such a huge family property.

Such rich resources would only attract various forces to vie for it like vicious hungry wolves.

However, this time, once again unexpected to all, the contest for the Divine Pavilion's territory and treasury did not culminate in violent bloodshed but instead, everything was quietly divided without any fanfare.

As many outside forces observed, they were again shocked to discover that nearly half of the Divine Pavilion's territory had fallen into the hands of Daluo Territory.

It was then that many forces in the North Territory knew who the real winner was in this Great Hunting War.

It was at this time that the news of Mandela being half a step from ascending to Upper Earthly Sovereign and the many secrets that took place in the Great Hunting War began to spread across the North Territory.

Half a step from ascending to the rank of Upper Earthly Sovereign?

Upon hearing the news, many forces took a breath of cold air, and they were very clear about what this meant. This meant that Daluo Territory's strength had surpassed that of all the other top powers.

From then on, the situation of many top forces contending with each other came to an end. Daluo Territory had taken a great leap up and had become the most powerful force.

As the circumstances changed, the forces began to understand what kind of humility they should adopt in the face of the most powerful force in the North Territory…

In the future, Daluo Territory would undoubtedly become a hidden dominator, and one that no one would dare to provoke easily.

While Daluo Territory's reputation had been expanding rapidly in the North Territory, Mu Chen's name had also been unknowingly spread. From the spread of the news, it was known that Mu Chen was a major reason why Daluo Territory could be the biggest winner in the Great Hunting War. If not for Mu Chen's great power, the result might have been vastly different…

Besides, in the Great Hunting War, Mu Chen had become a war troop dispatcher, leading the army of Daluo Territory to sweep their enemies and obtain victory. Even a Pavilion Master of the Divine Pavilion could not defeat him.

Divine Pavilion's Fang Yi and Netherworld Palace's Prince of Netherworld were once top figures in the younger generation, but they had been completely overshadowed by Mu Chen during the Great Hunting War.

Therefore, when Daluo Territory firmly settled in the position of the top force in the North Territory, Mu Chen easily climbed to the top of the Dragon-Phoenix Record, replacing Fang Yi to become the true Overlord of the Dragon-Phoenix Record, as well as the peak of the younger generation in the North Territory.

With all of his astonishing and outstanding achievements, he was the top character of his generation in the North Territory, and no one in the whole of the North Territory could say anything to doubt his ability.

While the entire North Territory was shaken by the fall of the Divine Pavilion, Daluo Territory was like a pan of boiling oil, and there had been no real peace since the end of the Great Hunting War.

That's because they had gained nearly half of Divine Pavilion's territory. With such a vast territory, even with Daluo Territory's strength, it was difficult to assimilate all of it in such a short time.

Within Divine Pavilion's territory, some forces were reluctant to change their allegiance and deliberately used covert means to complicate the situation, which was aggravating Daluo Territory's difficulties in integrating the Divine Pavilion's territory.

However, when the Three Kings personally led their armies, they directly uprooted the forces contributing to the secret turmoil and eliminated the source of the problems.

After all, it was not necessarily true that these forces were loyal to the Divine Pavilion. They were just worried that their interests would be threatened once Daluo Territory was in control.

Under such circumstances, when Daluo Territory unveiled brutal and bloody means, they realized that the current situation was not something their forces could resist. The only thing that could be done was to submit, otherwise, they would not have any shelter in the entire North Territory.

Thus, with the passage of time, Daluo Territory's prestige grew increasingly prevalent, and forces who turned to them also increased in number. With this, the Daluo Territory's mobilizable forces were not the same as before.

Therefore, in a short period of about a month, Daluo Territory had gradually gained half of the Divine Pavilion's territory. Although there was occasional turmoil, it gradually started to subside.

Daluo Territory had undoubtedly become much more bloated. Fortunately, both Mandela and the Three Kings were reasonable. Although the strongest people who came to depend on them grew in number, they did not give them important ranks lightly. Some important positions were given to the original high-ranking personnel of Daluo Territory to avoid internal conflict and more problems for Daluo Territory…

However, it must be said that as long as Daluo Territory passed through this stage safely and gradually digested the vast territory and the powerful characters under its leadership, then their power would certainly overwhelm the entire North Territory.

Daluo Territory then would be the indisputable Overlord of the North Territory!

Daluo Territory, Daluotian, Nine Nether Palace.

Nine Nether Palace, with Daluo Territory's expansion, was also becoming more majestic than ever, and the number of Sovereigns in the entire palace had also risen immensely.

In Daluo Territory's expansion, the benefits that Nine Nether Palace had obtained reigned among the other lords'. The cities under it had surged from 100 to more than 600!

Such a fruitful harvest had made Nine Nether Palace surpass all the other lords. Even Lord Asura, who was the strongest, was no longer comparable to Nine Nether Palace.

However, the rest of the lords could not say much about Mandela bestowing such gifts upon Nine Nether Palace. After all, everyone knew that the reason why they could be the winners of the Great Hunting War was largely because of Mu Chen's contributions, and they could not compete with him.

Not to mention, in the end, Mu Chen even handed the Starry Suppression Tower over to Mandela…

Therefore, even if they envied Nine Nether Palace's expansion, they did not complain because Nine Nether Palace deserved it.

Although the booming increase of cities under Nine Nether Palace's leadership was a great surprise, following which was a more troublesome reception. Fortunately, with the help of Tang Bing, the great Palace Keeper of Nine Nether Palace, and with the help of many powerful people who had joined during this period, it took a whole month or so to finish the process of controlling the more than 600 cities in their hands…

With more than 600 cities, the annual offerings made to Nine Nether Palace alone could reach perhaps hundreds of thousands of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid drops, which was many times better than the desolate situation of the past.

Deep inside Nine Nether Palace, even though the scale of the palace had expanded, it was still a forbidden place. Only a small number of people could enter it.

At this point, Mu Chen stood on top of the palace with his hands clasped behind his back. He looked at Nine Nether Palace's periphery, where constant streams of light flew by, indicating that Nine Nether Palace was still in an extremely busy state.

When Nine Nether Palace had taken a big number of cities under its wing, Mu Chen had not remained idle. After all, not all these cities submitted willingly, so Mu Chen had to lead the Nine Nether Troops to visit them directly and clean up those hindrances. Thus, this month, even though Mu Chen had experienced cruel struggles in the Great Hunting War, it was still too much for him to take…

Fortunately, this effort had paid off and at last, stabilized the situation in Nine Nether Palace. As long as nothing went wrong, Nine Nether Palace's growth was just a matter of time.

"We have truly come a long way. Things have changed so much…"

Mu Chen could not help but sigh, thinking that when he came to Daluo Territory two years ago, Nine Nether Palace was almost be forced to dissolve. Who could have imagined that Nine Nether Palace would be so strong after a mere two years?

"I agree... but at least half of the credit is yours."

A gentle laugh rang behind Mu Chen. Turning his head expectedly, he saw the slender silhouette of Nine Nether smiling behind him.

Nine Nether stepped forward and stood side by side with Mu Chen. She stared into the distance as well and said pensively, "I didn't think you'd grow up so much in two years."

Two years ago, when Mu Chen first came to Daluo Territory, he could not even condense the Sovereign Celestial Body. Now, he had become the top character of the young generation in the North Territory. Such progress made had caused people to be amazed.

"I have to thank Sister Nine Nether for leading the way." Mu Chen smiled. If it had not been for Nine Nether, who had guided him to Daluo Territory, he might have wandered through the Great Thousand World aimlessly.

Nine Nether smiled gently upon hearing this.

Mu Chen stared at Nine Nether but noticed that her smile seemed a little forced and reluctant. He then frowned slightly and whispered, "What's the matter?"

Nine Nether hesitated for a moment, but finally sighed helplessly and said, "I received news from my clan. In five days, Heavenly Sparrow Elder will come to Daluo Territory to bring me back to my clan…"

Upon hearing this, Mu Chen's eyes narrowed.

Was the Nine Netherbird Clan finally making an appearance?

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