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"I'll bail her out," Mu Chen said.

All of the Sovereigns from the different forces glanced in the direction where Mu Chen pointed, only to see the beautiful silhouette standing where the Sovereigns from the Divine Pavilion stood. This beautiful silhouette was Zhantai Liuli, who had once formed an alliance with Mu Chen in the Death Relics.

Among the Divine Pavilion Sovereigns, all of whom looked visibly flustered, Zhantai Liuli's strength was not necessarily outstanding, but when people looked at her, surprise and awe still surfaced in their eyes. This was because she always seemed to remain calm, never despairing, even as she watched the Lord of the Divine Pavilion fall.

In fact, if one looked carefully, it was as if they could see a slight smirk on her mouth, which was clearly an expression of extreme delight. Her expression was a stark contrast to the gloomy and despondent Sovereigns that surrounded her.

However, astonishment soon surfaced in Zhantai Liuli's eyes, replacing her previous nonchalance...


Mandela glanced at Zhantai Liuli with surprise, as the latter had extremely mediocre strength. Moreover, when compared with the Divine Pavilion's many powerful beings, Zhantai Liuli could easily be considered the weakest. However, Mandela could still sense a strange fluctuation emanating from her.

"Could that be the power of fighting intent, meaning….She's a war troop dispatcher?" Mandela raised her eyebrows, questioningly, as the existence of war troop dispatchers was very rare in the North Territory. If such was the case, this woman had impressive qualifications indeed.

"Be careful to not belittle her! After all, if she were to attempt to thwart me on this rocky island, I'm afraid that I wouldn't be able to obtain that perfect Spiritual Godly Potion," Mu Chen said.

His words were true. After all, others may have thought that, since no army was around, this Zhantai Liuli was basically useless, Mu Chen knew differently. After all, in the Death Relics in the past, Zhantai Liuli and he had both received half of a Divine Chessboard of Fighting Intent.

Once this object was triggered, only an Eighth Grade Sovereign and above could resist its power. So, if Zhantai Liuli had employed her Divine Chessboard of Fighting Intent on the rocky island, not only would it be impossible for Mu Chen to win the ancient pottery jar, but he would also find himself in great danger!

Apparently, the reason why Zhantai Liuli had chosen not to interfere with Mu Chen was because of her hatred towards the Divine Pavilion. She hated to see the Lord of the Divine Pavilion complete a breakthrough, as if he did so, she may not be able to avenge the feud that had consumed so much of her life!

Upon hearing this, Mandela was slightly surprised. She immediately glanced towards Zhantai Liuli, much less wary now. Although she was not very clear about the details of their past encounters, she simply took Mu Chen at his word, meaning that the Daluo Territory surely owed this lady a debt.

"In that case, the Daluo Territory is indebted to you. Thus, we will protect you, naturally." Mandela then smiled at Zhantai Liuli, turning to announce aloud to the rest, "And, as long as she is willing, I will open the Daluo Territory's door to her at any time. At that time, she can be the eleventh Lord of the Daluo Territory."

As she finished speaking, the rest of the top powers' faces changed a little. After all, they were all aware of the potential of a war troop dispatcher.

Upon hearing her words, Zhantai Liuli froze, a hesitant expression coloring her face.

Mu Chen saw the look of hesitation on her face and said, "Miss Zhantai, if you are worried about the safety of your family, the Daluo Territory will send someone to the Divine Pavilion to pick them up. I assure you that your family will be safe and sound."

Hearing Mu Chen's promise, Zhantai Liuli gently bit her teeth and said, "If I can save my family, I will gladly help the Daluo Territory!"

"Zhantai Liuli! You traitor! The Divine Pavilion expended so much to help you to cultivate and become a war troop dispatcher. You ungrateful wench! How dare you betray us?!"

Upon hearing this, the powerful people of the Divine Pavilion shouted at her angrily, especially the four Pavilion Masters, who glared at Zhantai Liuli with fierce eyes. If she had not fallen under the current protection of Mandela, they would have killed Zhantai Liuli on the spot with swift and brutal means.

Upon hearing their furious curses, Zhantai Liuli's red lips curved sarcastically, revealing a trace of irony. She then said in a chilling voice, "Fostering my talent? When you saw that I was gifted in fighting intent, you sent people secretly to slaughter my family, forcing me to take refuge with the Divine Pavilion. But, you still did not stop at that. instead, you poisoned my sister and ruined her life. You then tried to force my loyalty to the Divine Pavilion forever. Oh, this 'fostering' of yours, I will always remember! But fortunately, heaven has eyes, too, and today it is time for the Divine Pavilion to pay back what you owe me!"

Zhantai Liuli's voice was full of chilling resentment and rage. Now that the Divine Pavilion was in ruins, she could finally vent the resentment in her heart, no longer having to worry about the consequences.

Zhantai Liuli's cold and poisonous words forced the four Pavilion Masters of the Divine Pavilion to remain silent. They could only stare at Zhantai Liuli with harsh gazes.

Before they could speak again, Mandela waved her sleeve and a terribly oppressive power of spiritual energy emanated out from it. It caused the four Pavilion Masters to groan, as traces of blood trickled down their lips, making them deathly afraid to speak again!

"Haha, congratulations to the Dominator of the Daluo Territory! You have gained another powerful member." The Holy Ancestor looked at this scene and smiled. He was clearly trying to curry favor with his words.

Mandela had no feud with Holy Ancestor, so immediately returned a smile. She then looked directly at the other Earthly Sovereigns, who had never spoken, and said, "Now that the Lord of the Divine Pavilion has fallen, there is no reason for the Divine Pavilion to exist anymore. How do all of you think the Divine Pavilion's territory should be distributed?"

Upon hearing this statement, the eyes of Holy Ancestor, Liu Tiandao, Demon Emperor and the others grew more focused. After all, the Divine Pavilion was once the strongest top power in all of the North Territory, so its resources and treasures were bound to be extremely rich. Such a huge pie, as long as one could even have a fraction of it, would enhance each of their strengths immensely!

In the past, after the Great Hunting War, there were no definite rules regarding who would obtain the holdings and lands of the defeated top powers. Basically, whoever was stronger at the time of their defeats would get the bigger shares. Thus, it had always been the Divine Pavilion that was the biggest winner in the Great Hunting Wars in the past.

However, that was in the past. Now, the situation was very different, as the Daluo Territory's power now far exceeded the other top forces'. So, if Holy Ancestor and the others thought that Mandela would be magnanimous enough to share it equally, they would be showing their foolish naivety.

As the various Earthly Sovereigns looked at each other, Holy Ancestor eventually said gently, "What does the Dominator of Daluo Territory think?"

Mandela smiled at the attitudes of these guys, but then opened her mouth, answering without hesitation, "I want half of the territory and treasury of the Divine Pavilion."

Hearing Mandela's exorbitant demand, Holy Ancestor and the others' faces changed slightly. If she had her way, the other top powers could only divide the other half of the Divine Pavilion among themselves. Then, each force would probably get less than 10%...

Mu Chen and Nine Nether were shocked to hear this, as there were no less than ten million units of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid left in half of the Divine Pavilion's treasury. This was a terribly rich income, enough to let Daluo Territory's income double in size!

Furthermore, half of the Divine Pavilion's land surpassed the entirety of the lands that the Daluo Territory presently possessed. So, if they had obtained those, the Daluo Territory would inevitably expand to become the strongest force in the North Territory!

"Dominator of the Daluo Territory, aren't you being a bit greedy?" The Netherworld Palace Master knit his eyebrows into a frown and rumbled lowly.

"Gentlemen, do you need me to remind you of the rules of the North Territory?" Mandela asked nonchalantly, choosing to ignore the questioning glances of the other five Earthly Sovereigns.

After all, in the North Territory, the strong were respected, and the bigger the fist, the more cake they got! The top powers used this idea as a benchmark in all of their dealings. Now, the Daluo Territory had replaced the Divine Pavilion as the strongest force in the North, so they were naturally entitled to the biggest slice of cake!

Upon hearing this, Holy Ancestor and the five Earthly Sovereigns also were silenced, but there was obviously still some unwillingness revealed in their glances.

"Everyone, you needn't be so tense. I have another thing to discuss with you, but we will discuss it later." Mandela looked at the five silent Earthly Sovereigns and smiled again.

"What else is there to discuss?"

Mandela lifted her gaze and said, "I intend to propose an alliance agreement with all of you."

"An alliance agreement?" The five Earthly Sovereigns' faces changed, and they all couldn't help but laugh coldly. "Why?" Is it true that the Dominator of the Daluo Territory is also planning to learn from the Lord of the Divine Pavilion? Do you want to rule over this North Territory?"

Mandala scoffed disdainfully at this, saying, "I am not idle enough to do such a silly thing."

Hearing this, only then did the Five Earthly Sovereigns quietly breathe sighs of relief. If Mandela was really going to emulate the Lord of the Divine Pavilion, then the North Territory would inevitably become turbulent. Then, even the top forces would not have absolute confidence of their survivals.

Then, with a flick of Mandela's finger, the Starry Suppression Tower flashed out, and she said calmly, "All of you should know, the Starry Suppression Tower can sense where the Primordial Celestial Palace is at any time. However, I think you also know that such relics as the Primordial Celestial Palace, once they emerge in this world, are bound to be earth-shaking. So, I am afraid that all tof he top forces in the entire Tianluo Continent will be swarming in. Thus, the Daluo Territory is not capable enough to swallow this cake..."

When Mandela finished speaking, the five Earthly Sovereigns' hearts were beating fiercely, and the light in their eyes had brightened intensely. Their gazes were burning, boring into Mandela's own.

Mandela smiled faintly and said, "Thus, I want to reach an alliance agreement with you. When I detect the relic of the Primordial Celestial Palace, we can work together, so that, when the time comes, we can all gain from the profits of the Primordial Celestial Palace. What do you think?"

When Mandela finished speaking, Holy Ancestor and the others' eyes turned red. They stared at Mandela, before one of them among the group said incredulously, "You allow us to have a share in this?"

This was indeed a great opportunity! After all, ordinary Earthly Sovereigns would not have been allowed to see it at all, but now Mandela was willing to share these opportunities evenly!

"Although it is an immensely great opportunity, I am aware that I am not strong enough to handle the ancient relic of the Primordial Celestial Palace alone." Mandela smiled. She knew that their Northern Territory was only a small domain of the Tianluo Continent, so they alone were not qualified to compete with the top forces of the Tianluo Continent. Thus, she needed to draw on the top forces of the North Territory, so that she could contend with the top forces of the Tianluo Continent.

"So, Are you interested in my proposal?" Mandela asked again.

When Holy Ancestor and others heard her words, they looked at each other and immediately gritted their teeth. Then, without hesitation, they said, "As long as the Dominator of the Daluo Territory is willing to let us have a share of the Primordial Celestial Palace, then we will certainly do our utmost to help!"

Mandela smiled and laughed gently. She nodded satisfactorily, then said, "That's settled then. In addition, how about the distribution of this Divine Pavilion?"

"We'll follow the decisions of the Dominator of the Daluo Territory!" Holy Ancestor declared decisively, without a trace of unwillingness.

"My utmost gratitude then," said Mandela.

Behind them, Mu Chen saw how Mandela and other Earthly Sovereigns determined the fate of the Divine Pavilion just by mere words, which caused him to sigh. He could see the truly immense power of these Sovereigns. Even as strong as the Divine Pavilion was, the moment the Lord of the Divine Pavilion fell, it had been reduced from a ferocious tiger to a fat lamb, being divided effortlessly, without the power to resist at all. Such cruel circumstances led many people to sigh helplessly indeed.

At the same time, Mu Chen's heart also grew more determined. It seemed that his strength was far from enough and that he still had a long road ahead of him. However, he had always believed that sooner or later, he would possess enough power. He just needed time...

Mu Chen raised his head and exhaled a gust of white air, as he thought. In any case, this Great Hunting War had finally ended, but fortunately, when the war ended, the Daluo Territory still stood strong in the Northern Territory! And, in the future, it would only grow stronger!

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