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Chapter 95 – Black Scroll

On the top of the mountain, the originally chaotic battlefield had suddenly quieted down, especially the men from Mang Yin Mountain. They were all stunned as they looked at Yang Gui whose aura was fading away while he fell down from midair. Their boss was killed just like that?

But he was a Spirit Stage powerhouse, how did he get killed so easily?

“Men from Mang Yin Mountain. If you dare to resist, then don’t blame the Nine Dragon City for making a bloodbath out of you!”

Lei Shan landed on a huge tree as he glanced at the panicked troops from Mang Yin Mountain. From within his shout, a thick murderous intent surged out.


The morale of the troops from Nine Dragon City rose. With a loud cry, they suddenly charged towards Mang Yin Mountain’s troops in order to kill them. The latter had been destroyed mentally and could not form an effective defense.

Mu Chen watched the defeated troops from Mang Yin Mountain and let out a sigh of relief. He circulated the Great Pagoda Art and absorbed Spiritual Aura in order to recover. Previously, Lei Shan’s attack was quite decisive. He did not hesitate and killed Yang Gui when he had become weak momentarily.


In the sky, violent Spiritual Energy erupted out from the place where Zhou Ye and Liu Zong were fighting. Zhou Ye retreated a dozen steps while Liu Zong only retreated two steps. However, Liu Zong had an ugly expression on his face. That was because he had seen the cold corpse of Yang Gui.

“Useless trash!”

Liu Zong’s heart was slightly shocked. He immediately gritted his teeth as he cursed. Yang Gui’s death had basically ruined their advantageous situation.

“Haha, Liu Zong. It seems that it’s impossible for things to go your way today!” Zhou Ye let out a cold laugh. The morale on their side had increased with Yang Gui’s death. And more importantly, Lei Shan could now extend a helping hand. Zhou Ye could team up with him in order to defeat Liu Zong. Even for Liu Zong, who was at the Spirit Stage Middle Phase, it would be difficult to obtain the upper-hand when facing two Spirit Stage Initial Phase powerhouses.

Liu Zong’s face darkened. He stared at Mang Yin Mountain’s defeated troops and gnashed his teeth bitterly. Then, he glared coldly at Zhou Ye and appeared next to Liu Ming, who was heavily injured and burned to a char by Mu Chen. He grabbed onto Liu Ming and quickly fled away from the mountain peak.


Seeing Liu Zong retreat, the Liu Territory’s men also shouted out and quickly escaped from the fray.

Without the support from the Liu Territory, Mang Yin Mountain’s troops completely lost their morale and quickly surrendered when the fortress was broken into.

Mu Chen stood on top of the fortress walls and watched as the troops from Mang Yin Mountain scattered away. Mang Yin Mountain would now disappear forever from the Northern Spiritual Realm’s underworld.

“Haha, Mu Chen. You’re quite amazing. You’re actually able to arrange such a powerful Spiritual Array at such a young age.” Lei Shan laughed as he landed next to Mu Chen. He firmly patted Mu Chen’s shoulder as Mu Chen gave a bitter laugh due to the force. He felt that his entire body was being shattered.

It was evident that Lei Shan was in an excellent mood. Yang Gui was a big rival for him and Lei Shan had been suppressed by him over the past few years. He had never thought that he would be able to get his revenge today. Of course, it was thanks to Mu Chen’s Spiritual Array support. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been able to take Yang Gui’s life that easily even if he had managed to defeat him.

Zhou Ye also descended down. He looked at Mu Chen with a pleased smile. It was a wise decision when he decided to bring Mu Chen along with him.

“Leader Lei. We’ll let you deal with the remaining men from Mang Yin Mountain.” Zhou Ye looked at the troops that had surrendered as he directed a smile towards Lei Shan.

“That’s fine.” Lei Shan nodded. For an underworld force, what they needed the most was manpower. The Mu Territory might despise these individuals, but Nine Dragon City required them.

“Mang Yin Mountain is the strongest underworld force within the Northern Spiritual Realm. They surely must have a lot of treasures. Since we’ve obtained their troops, we’ll leave the treasure collection to you.” Lei Shan smiled. This was within reason. Mang Yin Mountain had been eradicated and hence they had managed to resolve a big concern of theirs. Moreover, they could take this opportunity and form a friendly relationship with the Mu Territory. Thus, Lei Shan was willing to give up the Mang Yin Mountain’s treasure to the Mu Territory.

Zhou Ye smiled. He did not refuse, but he also did not plan on accepting everything. He said: “Let’s split it in half. Nine Dragon City has suffered quite a bit of losses today. Moreover, we still have an opportunity to cooperate.“

“Then, I’ll have to thank Brother Zhou.” Lei Shan did not argue as he cupped his hands and smiled. Right now, they had offended the Liu Territory. In order to avoid their retaliation, they naturally had to form a better relationship with the Mu Territory.

Since the two sides had come to an agreement, Lei Shan waved his hand and called his men to bring over a certain person. This person was exceptionally skinny, yet he had quite the cunning eyes. However, he looked miserable instead, due to the blood covering his body.

“This is the second leader of Mang Yin Mountain, Lin Hou. He is also a known figure.” Lei Shan smiled coldly at Lin Hou and said: “Bring us to the treasure room. If you are useful to us, you will naturally be able to keep your life. Otherwise, I do not mind getting rid of you right now.”

Lin Hou shuddered when he saw Lei Shan’s killing intent. He hurriedly smiled and said: “Leader Lei, relax. I know all about Mang Yin Mountain and am well aware of where the most precious collection is located.”

“Then, why don’t you hurry and lead the way!” Lei Shan shouted.

“Yes yes, please follow me.” Lin Hou quickly nodded and awkwardly led the way.

“This sort of person, who would betray anyone in his interest, isn’t suitable for staying in Nine Dragon City.” Zhou Ye stared at the silhouette of Lin Hou as he said that with a faint smile.

“Brother Zhou, there’s no need to worry. I naturally understand this.” Lei Shan smiled. He wasn’t a fool. How could he let a person, who could easily betray his former lord, stay by his side?

Hearing this, Zhou Ye did not bring it up anymore and followed quickly along with Mu Chen.

Mang Yin Mountain’s fortress was quite massive and had numerous houses. Currently, Lin Hou was turning left and right as he brought everyone to the largest building in the depths of the fortress.

Lin Hou stopped in the study room of the building. Then, the walls suddenly cracked open when Lin Hou touched the wall. Afterwards, he directed a smile towards Lei Shan and said: “Everyone, this place is Yang Gui’s treasure collection when he was still alive. I only found it due to a coincidence…”

“You can enter it first.” Lei Shan said faintly. It was clear that he did not trust this person.

Lin Hou laughed awkwardly and immediately entered. Seeing that he was completely fine, Lei Shan, Zhou Ye and Mu Chen followed him.

Behind the wall was a secret room. There was a sparkling light coming from it. The secret room wasn’t large, yet it was definitely filled with treasure. There were Spirit Coins piled up almost forming a small hill. From the looks of it, there were at least a million coins. On the other side, numerous jaded scripts were placed. It was obvious that this was Yang Gui’s Spiritual Arts collection.

Mu Chen became a little bit interested and wandered in. He looked at a few Spiritual Arts and immediately curled his lips. These Spiritual Arts were not considered that excellent. The highest level one was only at the Spiritual Tier.

Mu Chen casually looked at them and soon completely lost interest in these Spiritual Arts. He began to wander into the interior. At that location, there were a few exquisite jaded boxes. He picked one up and gently opened the cover. Then, a fist-sized blood ginseng appeared in his eyes. A rich and pure Spiritual Energy emitted out along with its fragrance.

“Nine Truths Blood Ginseng?”

Mu Chen looked at the blood ginseng and his eyes suddenly lit up. This was a worldly treasure that was even rarer than the Jaded Essence Fruit. It was extremely beneficial for cultivation. However, the Spiritual Energy within it was extremely violent. It would harm the body if it was not completely ingested.

However, Mu Chen was not afraid of this at all. The Great Pagoda Art that he trained in was exceptionally domineering. It was clear that the violent Spiritual Energy from the blood ginseng was at a level beneath it.

Moreover, if he was able to completely ingest this fully-matured Nine Truths Blood Ginseng, he might be able to breakthrough to the Spiritual Rotation Stage Late Phase in a short period of time.

“Uncle Zhou, this thing belongs to me.” Mu Chen waved the jaded box towards Zhou Ye and smiled.

“You’ve performed a great job this time. Pick as many treasures as you want.” Zhou Ye smiled.

Hearing this, Mu Chen placed it within his Mustard Seed Bracelet. However, he was not greedy. Although these worldly treasures were excellent, it would be harmful for him, in the long run, if he overrelied on them to increase his strength quickly.

Therefore, he was not envious when the other decent worldly treasures were taken away by Zhou Ye and Lei Shan. Instead, he wandered around the secret room and looked everywhere.

The secret room was not that spacious and Mu Chen quickly reached the end of it. However, he did not see anything special. Thus, he could only pout his lips. It seemed that Yang Gui’s collection wasn’t that amazing.

Mu Chen shook his head and was about to turn around.


However, he seemed to have stepped on something when he turned around. Something rolled out from beneath his foot. He lowered his head and saw a black scroll rolling near his foot.

The scroll was covered in dust. It was evident that it wasn’t taken care of properly. Mu Chen frowned as was about to leave. However, he did not know why he suddenly hesitated for a moment and sucked up the black scroll into his hands.

Mu Chen looked at it carefully, yet he did not discover anything special from it. Then, he casually opened the scroll.

When the scroll was opened, a faint black light emerged. Flashing black lines were scattered across the scroll without any rules.

Mu Chen frowned as he stared at the scattered lines. His eyes were filled with doubt. These lines seemed like a Diagram Array. However, it was disorganized and had no proper trajectories for the array.

“What is this thing?”

Mu Chen pouted his lips. The pattern within the scroll seemed like something drawn by an ignorant child and looked completely useless.

Mu Chen fixated his gaze on the black scroll. He could vaguely feel something wrong with it. Then, he pondered for a moment before suddenly closing his eyes. The sounds from the outside world were gradually being cut off. Under the silence, he actually entered the Heart Array State.

Although Mu Chen had closed his eyes when he entered the Heart Array State, he could still see the thick black light that erupted out from the black scroll. Then, he saw with his heart, a mysterious trajectory slowly connecting the originally chaotic light beams.

The black light surged through the outlines of the light beams. As Mu Chen looked at them attentively, he could see an extremely complex Diagram Array emerging from the scroll. He could vaguely perceive a mysterious black lotus and an indescribably vicious aura emitting out from the Diagram Array.


Mu Chen’s body trembled slightly and he suddenly opened his eyes. A muffled sound rang out from his throat. Then, traces of blood began to emerge from the corner of his mouth. However, he did not care about it at all and only stared in shock at the black scroll within his hands.

This item was definitely a high rank Diagram Array!

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