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A glimmer of light flashed through the void with lightning speed and headed straight for the spiritual puppet in the sky over the rocky island. Although Mu Chen was discreet and concealed his actions, it was ultimately impossible to escape the Lord of Divine Pavilion's perception.


Although the Lord of Divine Pavilion was not clear about the intention behind Mu Chen's move, he was experienced in combat and cautious, thus he was unwilling to allow any unexpected circumstances. He hummed coldly and grasped at the space, only to see the space twist and distort as he attempted to block and capture the glimmer of light.


However, while the Lord of the Divine Pavilion struck, a cold glint flashed in Mandela's golden eyes, and she stretched out her slender fingers suddenly, pressing down on the void.

The moment she pressed down, immense spiritual power swept out and transformed into a huge Spiritual Energy Light Finger thousands of feet long. Crystallized spiritual energy layers covered the light finger, making it seem indestructible.

The Spiritual Energy Light Finger charged towards the Lord of the Divine Pavilion. Meanwhile, the rest of the Earthly Sovereigns did not hesitate to strike. Exhibiting their own means, their brutal offensive attacks carried power capable of destroying the heavens and the earth. The attacks surged overwhelmingly as they enveloped the Lord of the Divine Pavilion.

Faced with Mandela and the others' sudden attacks, the Lord of Divine Pavilion knitted his brows into a frown. He had to give up obstructing the glimmer of light, but he pressed his palm against the void.


When his palm pressed down onto the void, the space shattered and collapsed. If one observed from beyond the nine heavens, they would find that it seemed that the space had collapsed directly into a massive Void Palm Print.

This palm's power was enough to bury and destroy the mountains and rivers.

As the blow descended, no matter if it were Mandela or the rest of the Earthly Sovereigns, all their attacks were crushed under the palm as it dissipated into light spots.

Mandela and the others all let out muffled grunts as they were impacted by the blow. Their expressions turned downcast, as they did not expect that even with several people joining forces to attack, they would still be unable to match up with the Lord of the Divine Pavilion.

This Upper Earthly Sovereign was terrifying indeed!

"Haha, resistance is futile. You are all merely courting death." Darkness pooled at the Lord of the Divine Pavilion's feet, and a faint smile appeared on his face. His gaze was filled with contempt. His present strength was enough to dominate the North Territory.

Mandela and the others' expressions were steely with rage as they clenched their fists tightly. Facing such a situation, they had to risk their lives to put up a desperate fight. The only thing they could expect now was that the Lord of the Divine Pavilion had yet to fully master and control the supreme power of an Upper Earthly Sovereign. If they poured all their efforts into the attack, there might be a chance of survival. As long as they managed to escape alive, when the news spread, the Divine Pavilion would be asking for destruction.

Behind Mandela, Mu Chen's expression also changed slightly because of the power the Lord of the Divine Pavilion exhibited, but then his gaze turned focused. In the distance, that dim glimmer of light finally appeared in the sky over the rocky island.

However, what made Mu Chen's heart sink was that when the dim light approached, the spiritual puppet sitting cross-legged in the sky above the rocky island remained motionless, as if it did not sense anything.

"How could it be?"

Mu Chen's eyebrows wrinkled into a frown. This item was quite mysterious. According to his conjecture, it was very likely that it was left behind by the Fourth Hall Master, but why did it not react to the spiritual puppet now?

Mu Chen's gaze flickered and a moment later, he gritted his teeth and flicked his finger. He detonated the spiritual energy that was surrounding the glimmer of light, and then shot it directly into the brow of the spirit puppet.

As the glimmer of light surged into it, the spiritual puppet still did not respond. Finally, Mu Chen's beam of light shot directly into its forehead. As sparks flashed, a glow was embedded on its forehead.

This was a desperate attempt, purely to see if it would work, but to his surprise, when the glow was embedded between the spiritual puppet's eyebrows, the hollow eyes that had been closed slowly opened again.

The glimmer of light on the forehead glowed brighter as ancient symbols emerged and spread, transforming into strange and ancient runes. Finally, the runes seemed to be squirming, wriggling little by little into the hollow eyes of the spiritual puppet.

When the runes penetrated the spiritual puppet's pupils, the original hollow pupils began to exhibit a coalescing mystical light, and a strange ripple began to spread out from the spiritual puppet.

Suddenly, the spiritual puppet's strange fluctuation was detected by the Lord of the Divine Pavilion and other people in the distance. His eyebrows knitted into a frown, and he glared at Mu Chen. Obviously, the spiritual puppet exhibited these changes because of Mu Chen's prior actions.

Mu Chen heaved a sigh of relief. It seemed that his guess was true. This mysterious object had indeed been left behind by the Fourth Hall Master, but he did not know what kind of role this object could play…

The sudden change in the spiritual puppet caused the confrontation to stagnate for a moment, and even the Lord of the Divine Pavilion did not dare to underestimate the spiritual puppet, who had inherited most of the power of the Fourth Hall Master when he was still alive.

Although he claimed that he had broken through to the rank of Upper Earthly Sovereign, his strength was at the same level as that of the Fourth Hall Master. However, there was clearly still a considerable gap in the combat power between the two.


The light in the spiritual puppet's eyes grew more and more intense under the gazes of Sovereigns from all forces. Then, a strong light shot out. It was so brilliant, it even twisted the space.

The puppet reappeared when the light dissipated, but to the disappointment of the crowd, it did not seem to have undergone any strange changes.

Mu Chen's gaze turned sharp as he exclaimed, "No, its eyes!"

It was only when they hurriedly glanced over that they suddenly discovered that the hollow void in the puppet's eyes seemed to have faded away, and had been replaced with some confusion and weary vicissitudes…

The spiritual puppet now had some soul in it!

In the crowd's shocked eyes, the puppet slowly lowered his head and looked at its palm. A moment later, the blankness in his eyes began to fade. At the same time, everyone felt a majestic and authoritative aura begin to emanate from the puppet's body.

"This aura…"

When Mandela and the others perceived this aura, immediately their eyes narrowed and in the next moment, they exclaimed in unison, "It's the Fourth Hall Master!"

Mu Chen's heart was also shocked, and he immediately gasped as realization dawned on him. "So, this object contains a trace of rationality left behind by the Fourth Hall Master..."

Obviously, it was Mu Chen who had mistakenly shot the black iron into the forehead of the puppet so that the rationality contained within could surge out and enter the puppet. This allowed the rationality to control it, giving rise to the appearance of the Fourth Hall Master's aura.

"I didn't expect anyone to wake me up after a millennia." In their shock, the spiritual puppet, that perhaps should now be addressed as the Fourth Hall Master, raised his head slowly. His gaze pierced the void and locked directly onto Mu Chen. His eyes were full of majestic authority.


However, just as the Fourth Hall Master's gaze locked onto Mu Chen, his gaze suddenly changed dramatically as it focused on the dark aura that pervaded the space. The power that permeated within was one that he found familiar and was disgusted by.

"The power of the Sky-Devouring Evil Emperor?!"

The space surrounding the Fourth Hall Master erupted and burst under his furious roar, and numerous shards of space gathered around him like a terrible storm, painting a terrifying scene.

A torrential murderous intention emanated from his weary gaze, and with a wave of his sleeve, the darkness that permeated the atmosphere was torn apart, and the silhouette of the Lord of the Divine Pavilion was finally revealed.

"As a member of the Great Thousand World, how dare you assimilate the power of the evil Extraterritorial Race. I cannot allow you to live!" Although only a shred of spiritual rationality was preserved, the Fourth Hall Master was still sensitive to the power of the Sky-Devouring Evil Emperor. His murderous gaze locked onto the Lord of the Divine Pavilion.

Sensing that the Fourth Hall Master had targeted him, the Lord of the Divine Pavilion's face twisted grotesquely. However, although he was intimidated, he was not afraid. He just sneered and said, "How arrogant. If you were here, maybe I would be wary of you, but now that you are merely a shred of rationality that is reliant on the power of spiritual puppets, you actually boast about killing me?"

After all, he was an Upper Earthly Sovereign now. He could hold his own, even in the face of the true Fourth Hall Master, so the current situation did not make him panic.

Nevertheless, he originally thought that victory was already in his hands, but now circumstances had become even more difficult, which undoubtedly caused a great headache for the Lord of the Divine Pavilion. His malicious gaze was directed towards Mu Chen, presumably harboring intense hatred towards him for thwarting his plans.

Facing the Lord of the Divine Pavilion's fierce, brutal glare, Mu Chen's scalp tingled, but he heaved a sigh of relief internally. With the Fourth Hall Master's involvement, the current situation had begun to deviate and break away from the Lord of the Divine Pavilion's control. Thus, even if they failed to defeat the Lord of the Divine Pavilion, the chances of them escaping alive increased.

Mandela also glanced at Mu Chen. She was apparently relieved to see this, for Mu Chen had helped create a ray of hope for the current situation. Now, they had to see if the Fourth Hall Master had any means, and if they could also take this opportunity to form an alliance to kill the Lord of the Divine Pavilion.

As everyone was ruminating, the Fourth Hall Master stared at the Lord of the Divine Pavilion with a chilling gaze. He immediately smiled coldly and said, "It is ridiculous that a junior who has just broken through to attain the rank of an Upper Earthly Sovereign dares to put forth boasts in front of me, how ludicrous...

"If we were outside, maybe I would be of no threat to you in my current state, but since this is my burial place, I'm afraid it's not the place for you to be presumptuous and show utter disrespect!

"Since you like the power of the Extraterritorial Race so much, then stay here forever and be buried together with the Sky-Devouring Evil Emperor!"

When the Fourth Hall Master's icy voice fell, he stretched out his palm, and the dark three-dimensional triangle that had been embedded in the center of his forehead fell down slowly into his palm.

Seeing this scene, the corners of Mu Chen's eyes suddenly twitched. Something which he had always regarded as useless now had more to it than met the eye?

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