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Sticky green water from the large lake shot up into the sky. Upon closer inspection, broken crystals could be seen in the water. This happened when the spiritual energy had been highly suppressed.

The lake was formed by the fourth hall master's Spiritual Energy Essence. Even the ocean came about because of the lake.

Under normal circumstances, even a martial artist with the strength of a Grade Nine Sovereign would not dare to absorb the Spiritual Energy Essence. This was due to the powerful spiritual energy that had been condensed by the Earthly Sovereign. Once it entered the body, it might take over the body and encroach on the martial artist's spiritual energy. Thus, it would not be a worthwhile endeavor.

Although the Grade Nine Sovereigns were fearful of the Spiritual Energy Essence, they went ahead and kept it in special containers.

Mu Chen was protected by the Stone Army. The ancient earthen vessel hung before him and drew the water out in a large water column. It was like a long whale gulping down the water. Although the earthen vessel looked small, it was bottomless.

The absorption speed of the ancient earthen vessel had surpassed that of the other artifacts. It was 90 percent more efficient than the jade pot that the Divine Pavilion had obtained.

Thus, whenever they looked at the spectacular water column in front of Mu Chen, they were jealous. The Spiritual Energy Essence in this lake was not ever-flowing. There was a limit to it. With so many people sharing pieces of the Spiritual Energy Essence pie, the lake would soon dry up.

By then, Mu Chen would have condensed the most perfect Spiritual Deity Liquid.

Whether the masters of the forces could break through their current levels would be highly dependent on the Spiritual Deity Liquid. No matter how hard they fought, it would not affect the actual situation. What would really affect the top forces would be their masters.

It was apparent that the masters of the forces were their pillars.

If the Lord of Divine Pavilion could break through to Upper Earthly Sovereign, the structure of the entire North Territory would change, even though Mu Chen and the rest had doubts earlier regarding the differences of the levels. The Lord of Divine Pavilion was nearest to being an Upper Earthly Sovereign among the seven Earthly Sovereigns, but he did not have absolute confidence he could kill another Lower Earthly Sovereign.

When the Lord of Divine Pavilion advanced to Upper Earthly Sovereign, the situation would be completely different. Judging from how the spiritual puppet of the fourth hall master was able to stop the seven Earthly Sovereigns from entering the rocky island, it had proven how powerful an Upper Earthly Sovereign was.

One Upper Earthly Sovereign was enough to break the current stability in the North Territory.

As the sound of running water was heard in the peaceful rocky island, the top powers of the forces were having different thoughts in their minds.

The Big Hunting War had almost come to an end, but the real danger was about to begin…

No one could know the final outcome of the situation.

Time passed by quickly, and half a day had gone by. The people realized that there was less water in the lake as the Spiritual Energy Essence had been absorbed by the top powers.

As the amount of water lessened, horrifying spiritual energy fluctuations surged above the lake. These were from the special containers that were in the sky.

Suddenly, someone shouted happily, "The Spiritual Deity Liquid has been condensed!"

The top powers lifted their heads and saw that the Divine Pavilion's jade pot, which had been slanted earlier, had stopped absorbing water. Golden light burst out from the pot's mouth, and as the golden light whizzed out, even the sky turned golden.

A horrifying spiritual energy fluctuation surged, and even the four Pavilion Masters of the Divine Pavilion felt oppressed. They were taken aback.


As the Divine Pavilion was in a state of commotion, joyful sounds were heard from the other directions as well. Golden light surged on one side of the horizon, but it was not from the Divine Pavilion.

It was from Netherworld Palace and Holy Mountain. They had tapped into the power of the jade pots and condensed powerful Spiritual Deity Liquid.

After that, other golden lights shined out. The other artifacts had condensed the Spiritual Deity Liquid as well, but they were weaker than those condensed by the three jade pots.

"Finally, it is done."

The four Pavilion Masters of the Divine Pavilion smiled when they saw it and heaved a sigh of relief. After their hard work, they had finally gotten hold of the Spiritual Deity Liquid and had completed their mission.

"There is still no movement over at Mu Chen's side. Ha, this guy is so boastful. It looks like he is unable to condense the Spiritual Deity Liquid!" The South Pavilion Master suddenly looked in Mu Chen's direction and saw that the Spiritual Deity Liquid had not taken form.

"I hope that he will fail to do so. Once the Pavilion Master manages to break through, he will definitely destroy Daluo Territory. They will then become homeless curs!" The other three Pavilion Masters looked devilish as well.

The top forces who were above the lake automatically turned their gazes in Mu Chen's direction as well. After all, the ancient earthen vessel that he had obtained was extremely powerful. It could absorb the most Spiritual Energy Essence, so it seemed riskier.

The Sleeping King, Condor King, Nine Nether, and the rest looked at one another anxiously. The Spiritual Deity Liquid was extremely important to Daluo Territory.

However, Mu Chen remained calm. He fixed his gaze on the ancient earthen vessel and continued to absorb the Spiritual Energy Essence from the lake.

The lake was about to dry up. The last stream of sticky water shot up and entered into the earthen vessel…

When the last stream of water had been absorbed, there was no reaction from the ancient earthen vessel.

When the four Pavilion Masters of the Divine Pavilion saw it, they were elated. Mu Chen has failed! This stupid guy!


Suddenly, there was thunder. The top powers were shocked and quickly lifted up their heads. Mu Chen's ancient earthen vessel, which had remained silent, suddenly burst out with golden lightning. The lightning tore the area apart, and it exuded a horrifying oppression like a golden dragon.

Golden lightning continued to burst out as the golden light gathered crazily together in the earthen vessel. Golden fog surged, and a golden embryo could indistinctly be seen jumping in the fog.


Although the movement was small, the sound caused the sky to quake.

The top powers widened their eyes as they saw it. They were jealous, as they could tell that the Spiritual Deity Liquid that Mu Chen had condensed was extraordinary.

The expressions of the four Pavilion Masters of Divine Pavilion froze. They turned pale and stared at Mu Chen as though they wanted to tear him into pieces.


The Three Kings of Daluo Territory shot past the Stone Army and appeared around Mu Chen. Powerful spiritual energy burst out from them to protect Mu Chen.

They knew that the Spiritual Deity Liquid that Mu Chen had condensed was extremely powerful, thus they had acted quickly to protect him in case those envious top powers tried to snatch it.


Mu Chen heaved a sigh of relief. He stretched out his hand and grabbed the ancient earthen vessel. He had finally condensed the Spiritual Deity Liquid after going through much hard work.


As the earthen vessel landed on Mu Chen's hand, the Stone Army burst out, turned into light spots, and dissipated. It was apparent that the Divine Chessboard of Fighting Intent was at its optimum, and it could no longer hold up.

Mu Chen looked at the empty stone chessboard and sighed. He found it a pity that there were no longer any stone statues on it.

The Sleeping King smiled and said, "Hohoho, Mu Chen, you have done a great job. The Dominator will definitely reward you, and it will be more than a Divine Chessboard of Fighting Intent."

When Mu Chen heard it, he merely smiled. He had never thought of the reward. He had given his best in getting the Spiritual Deity Liquid because Daluo Territory had been protecting him ever since he came to the North Territory, and Mandela had given him much guidance. He had never thought of getting any reward.

"Come, let's leave this place and hand the Spiritual Deity Liquid to the Dominator!"

The Three Kings looked at one another and clenched their fists. A jade seal appeared, and they crushed it. This was a signal to inform Mandela that they had completed their mission.

The other forces pulled out their signal items and did the same. Light instantly surged everywhere.

After they had crushed their signal items, the Light Shield above the rocky island started to quake, and cracks started to appear.

The Sleeping King gathered all the top powers of Daluo Territory together and instructed them, "Get ready to move!"

Mu Chen lifted up his head and looked at the cracks. He then took a deep breath and grabbed the earthen vessel tightly in his hands. He had obtained the Spiritual Deity Liquid. He wondered if Mandela would be able to use it to have a breakthrough.

This was the most critical moment in the Big Hunting War.

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