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The battles for the last three circles of light on the lake ended in just ten minutes. But they were so fierce and dangerous, even Mu Chen felt his heart in his throat!

To compete for the last three circles of light, the various forces brought all of their top powers out for the match. The exchange of blows could burst every single bit of space in the entire region. The Rocky Island would have been exploded as well, had it not been for its uniqueness.

The remaining three circles of light fell into the hands of the Divine Pavilion, Netherworld Palace, and Holy Mountain. Of course, the rest of the forces were equal matches for these victors, but luck has much to do with winning, especially when everyone was cross-pinning against each other in such chaotic battles! Those who lost were truly only one step away from winning.

The three forces took out the devices once they had the circles of light in their hands. These were three crystal clear jade teapots. Old and unusual runes ran along the three teapots, and these were exactly what they needed the most at that exact moment!

Once they had the teapots, they activated them immediately, right in front of many jealous eyes. The teapots gave off bright lights, as they started to suck in streams of water from the lake. The water flowed into the teapots continuously. Golden lights flickered around the openings of the teapots. A daunting spiritual energy fluctuation slowly gathered there as well.

The three forces were astonished by this scene. The teapots were extraordinary and much stronger than the previous condensing devices.

The four pavilion masters from the Divine Pavilion heaved sighs of relief. But, they were still staring at Mu Chen. They felt that it was unfair, as the pottery jar that Mu Chen was holding could suck out water and condense the Spiritual Deity Liquid much faster than any of their own methods.

"Darn that lad!" The four masters gritted their teeth, seeing that Mu Chen would have the biggest gain of them all. All of them felt angry about this!

But, they could not lay their hands on him now. The stone soldiers surrounding Mu Chen were too formidable, and the three kings from the Daluo Territory were protecting him from a distance away. Hence, they knew it would be useless if they were to attempt to fight him. So, they figured that they might as well speed up the rate that the teapot was sucking in lake water in an attempt to condense the Spiritual Deity Liquid more quickly.

Swish, swoosh!

The chaotic battle above the lake finally quieted down. Everyone hid their killing intent and stayed in one corner to safeguard their own condensing device, while it sucked up the lake water. There were no more sounds of fighting on the Rocky Island. In fact, the only sound was coming from the nearby stream.

Although the fight had gradually come to an end within the island, the space outside of the island was burst into pieces by a series of impacts from the daunting spiritual energy. Those impacts came from the battle of Mandela, along with the other six Earthly Sovereigns and the Fourth Hall Master's spiritual puppet.


One crystal-like spiritual long rainbow struck through the sky, carrying a power that could destroy the entire earth. A petite figure stood in front of it. The figure was clearly Mandela.

She watched the incoming fearsome attack with a solemn face. Initially, the spiritual puppet was only on the defense. However, suddenly, it started to attack them aggressively, and then its offense intensified! Even with her high capabilities in battle, this made Mandela raise her guard.


A brilliant radiance surged in Mandela's golden eyes. Her fair palm seemed soft and delicate, but as she hit her palm out, the space burst into pieces. Her palm collided directly with the thousand-foot-long crystal-like rainbow.

The shocking wave exploded, causing Mandela to take a step backward. The crystal-like rainbow exploded into stardust and dispersed in the air.

While Mandela was on the defense, the rest of the six Earthly Sovereigns made their defending moves, blocking the spiritual puppet's offense. After that, they all looked solemn, as they saw that the spiritual puppet's offenses had intensified.

The Fourth Hall Master's spiritual puppet was surrounded by seven of them in the center. A radiance surged from its hollow eyes. It towards the Rocky Island and let out a low moan. The daunting spiritual energy that burst out from its body crystalized into a dazzling circle of light. Then, the seven of them watched as the spiritual energy fluctuation in the puppet grew exponentially.

"Looks like they have found their Spiritual Deity Liquid!" The Lord of the Divine Pavilion's eyes flickered. The spiritual puppet's transformation must have been triggered by something from the Rocky Island.

The rest of the lords were also slightly shaken. Delight was originally in their eyes, but that soon turned into suspicion, as they did not know who had obtained the Spiritual Deity Liquid.


While they were lost in their thoughts, the spiritual puppet descended rapidly, intending to land on the Rocky Island.

"It's going to protect the Spiritual Deity Liquid. Block it!"

Mandela yelled a command, then swung out her Spiritual Energy Palm Print. As she struck her palm, wind and rain gathered below it. The rain could pierce through the void, while the wind could tear through the earth. The impact from her palm was indeed powerful!


Mandela blocked the spiritual puppet's way with one stroke. At the same time, the rest of the Earthly Sovereigns joined forces to launch an attack. Their violent offense trapped the spiritual puppet, preventing it from entering the Rocky Island.

The spiritual puppet let out a soft groan, as it was being held up by Mandela and the rest. It swept out an even more daunting spiritual energy, forcing Mandela and the rest to be extremely cautious.

"How dare a spiritual puppet block my way?!"

At this moment, a low yell was heard. The next moment, Mandela and the rest were shocked by the Lord of the Divine Pavilion, as he leapt in front of the spiritual puppet, then struck it with his palm.

The sudden move stunned all of them, as they knew about the immense strength of the spiritual puppet. Fighting with it was no easy feat.

In fact, none of them could suppress it, were they were to have to fight it one-on-one. So, in the previous exchanges, they did not dare go near to the spiritual puppet by themselves. Instead, they had to resort to joining forces and attacking it together. But now, the Lord of the Divine Pavilion was acting strangely, going all-out on his own!


While they were all feeling a bit confused, the Lord of the Divine Pavilion struck his palm out again, sending multi-colored light rays bursting forth. The entire earth was brightened up by its daunting force.


The spiritual puppet let out a soft moan. Its hollow eyes were surging with radiance. A crystalized light circle gathered behind it, as it swept its palm out.

All of them squinted their eyes as they watched. They could have joined forces to suppress the puppet, but none of them moved, as they were thinking about something else.

After all, they were still rivals with each other at the end of the day. So, if the spiritual puppet could weaken the strong Lord of the Divine Pavilion, it would be good news to the rest of them.

As two palms collided hard with each other, a violent wave swept out. The space within a hundred feet was burst into pieces. The raging sea below seemed to have been cut in half, as a deep trench with an endless pit was formed.

The shockwave was fierce, and it threw the spiritual puppet back, causing it to have cracks on its arm. It seemed to have sustained severe injuries!

On the other side, the Lord of the Divine Pavilion was also in pretty bad shape. There was a blood stain on the edge of his lips, and his body had also been thrown off into the sea below. No one knew exactly how deep he had gone into the sea at that moment.

Mandela and the rest watched from the sky, their lips slightly drawn. They could not understand why the calm and cunning Lord of the Divine Pavilion would make such a reckless and sudden move. Although the collision had hurt the spiritual puppet, he had also been injured by it. This would not be beneficial to him in the forthcoming competitions!

"Heh heh, it seems like our Lord of the Divine Pavilion was too anxious about the Spiritual Deity Liquid," said the Serpentis Old Man from the Snake Shrine. He was chuckling at the lord's misfortune.

The rest of the Earthly Sovereigns' eyes were also snickering.

"Okay, let's not bother about him, but just continue to stall the puppet. That will give ample time for those in the island to retrieve the Spiritual Deity Liquid," said Mandela sensibly.

The rest of them nodded their heads, as they did not have the time to check out how the Lord of the Divine Pavilion was doing anyway. Moreover, they were rivals. So, the more serious his injuries, the happier they were.

So, the rest of the six Earthly Sovereigns joined hands to stall the puppet again. After witnessing the power from its palm, which could throw the Lord of the Divine Pavilion off to the sea in one strike, they were even more cautious than ever. They did not dare be as reckless as the Lord of the Divine Pavilion!

None of them bothered to worry about him, even though he did not show his face for an entire half a day. They thought that he was busy healing himself deep in the sea, so that he could recover quickly and join in the fight for Spiritual Deity Liquid again.

A violent and daunting spiritual energy wave appeared in the sky. The spiritual puppet could not get very far from the island. So, it could only focus on defending itself against the far-range offense from the rest of the Earthly Sovereigns. But, as it grew gradually more violent, Mandela and the rest knew that the Sovereign Deity Liquid should find its new owner soon within the Rocky Island.

While they were using all of their strength and resources to stall the puppet, none of them realized that a tinge of black gas was permeating throughout the deep emerald sea.

It seemed like a Demonic God was emerging!

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