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Chapter 94 – Nine Heavenly Lightning Spiritual Array

20 Spiritual Seals?

Lei Yin was slightly shocked as she watched the Spiritual Seals that were being condensed out of Mu Chen’s fingertips. A hint of complexity filled her eyes. This amount of Spiritual Seals almost reached the pinnacle of a Rank 1 Spiritual Array Master. She had always believed that she had a high talent in Spiritual Array Cultivation, however, it seemed that she was quite far behind in talent when compared to Mu Chen.

Mu Chen did not care about Lei Yin’s feelings. At this moment, he was fully preoccupied on condensing the Spiritual Seals. After he carefully condensed out 20 Spiritual Seals, he flicked his fingers and the 20 Spiritual Seals integrated into the air in front of him.

Chi Chi.

Numerous complex Spiritual Energy light beams erupted out when the Spiritual Seals were integrated into the air. They formed an extremely complicated Diagram Array. Moreover, Mu Chen had shut off all interference from the outside world and had entered the Heart Array State once again. He controlled the Spiritual Energy light beams and attempted to complete the complex connections.

At this moment, he was attempting to arrange the strongest Diagram Array that he had obtained from Wen Ling. It was the “Nine Heavenly Lightning Spiritual Array” whose power could rival quite a few Rank 2 Spiritual Arrays. At present, he would have to strain himself in order to arrange this sort of Spiritual Array even with the help of the Heart Array State. However, the situation right now will not permit him to think about that.

Whether or not the Spiritual Array would fail, he had to attempt it.

Mu Chen concentrated and his slender hands constantly changed forms. His ten fingers shuttled back and forth like a butterfly. They drew countless trajectories as cold sweat emerged on his forehead.

Seeing Mu Chen’s appearance like this, Lei Yin’s eyes became serious. It seemed that Mu Chen was not absolutely certain on whether he could arrange this Spiritual Array. Right now, he must not be disturbed. Otherwise, he would suffer a severe injury if the Spiritual Array backfires.

At the mountain peak, the troops from both sides rushed against each other. Numerous Spiritual Energies erupted out and sounds of fighting rang out.

As time passed, the cold sweat on Mu Chen’s forehead began to increase. His handsome face was extremely serious right now. However, it made Lei Yin let out a sigh of relief. The strange fluctuation in the air in front of Mu Chen did not show any signs of disorder. It seemed that everything was under Mu Chen’s control.


As Lei Yin relaxed, the air in front of Mu Chen suddenly let out a violent buzzing sound. At that location, the air seemed to fluctuate like boiling water. Then, dazzling silver lights began to emerge from the fluctuations.

These silver lights slowly began to gather and vaguely formed into a light array that was dozens of meters tall. From the light array, deep sounds of rumbling were emitted out while lightning flashed.

This array that appeared suddenly shocked everyone at the mountain peak. They quickly turned their gaze over and stared in astonishment at this complex silver Spiritual Array.

“What a powerful Spiritual Energy!”

The men from both sides stared at the dazzling lightning Spiritual Array. Then, they felt the surging Spiritual Energy from within it and their faces immediately changed. This level of Spiritual Energy was almost comparable to a Spirit Stage powerhouse!

“Stop him, he’s arranging a Spiritual Array!”

When Liu Ming, who was wounded by Mu Chen earlier, noticed this scene, his eyes instantly narrowed and he quickly shouted.

From the surging Spiritual Energy fluctuations, it was evident that Mu Chen was arranging an extremely powerful Spiritual Array. If he successfully arranges this array, even a Spirit Stage powerhouse would suffer from this great threat.

Hearing Liu Ming’s shout, the elite troops from the Liu Territory immediately rushed forward towards Mu Chen. However, there were many men from the Mu Territory and Nine Dragon City nearby protecting him. They were unable to charge forward quickly.


Seeing this, Liu Ming grunted and lunged forward. He pushed his Spiritual Energy to the limits and tore a crack through the defensive lines. Currently, all the experts were mutually restraining each other. Among the ones protecting Mu Chen all weren’t powerful experts so it wasn’t easy for them to stop Liu Ming.

“Stop right there!”

As she noticed Liu Ming charging over, Lei Yin immediately frowned. Spiritual Seals emerged from her fingers and were fired out swiftly. The air in front of her fluctuated and formed into a icy-blue Spiritual Array that exuded a freezing chill.

“Frozen Serpent Spiritual Array!”


A chill expanded out from within the icy-blue Spiritual Array. Then, several enormous ice serpents surged out and tangled around Liu Ming.

“It’s another Spiritual Array Master?!” Seeing this scene, Liu Ming’s face changed. However, he quickly noticed that the Spiritual Array formed by the girl in front of him wasn’t as powerful as Mu Chen’s.

When he became aware of the situation, a cold light flashed through Liu Ming’s eyes. He clenched his fists tightly and dense Spiritual Energy exploded out. His fists whistled through the air and crushed the ice serpents that tangled him into pieces.

Lei Yin’s face turned slightly white. However, she gritted her teeth and urged the Spiritual Energy within her body in order to arrange another Spiritual Array. She used all his strength to prevent Liu Ming from approaching closer.

Bang Bang Bang!

Due her attempts to stop him, Liu Ming was slowed. However, he still managed to rush over and appeared in a location near Lei Yin in a couple of minutes.

“Damn brat, go to hell!”

Liu Ming’s eyes were dark. His clawing attacks were like lightning and brought out fierce winds. He attempted to grab onto Lei Yin’s snowy white neck mercilessly as if he wanted to destroy a beautiful thing through ruthless means.

Seeing the grim Liu Ming rush over, Lei Yin’s face became a lot paler. However, she stubbornly fought back her fear and refused to retreat. She immediately circulated the Spiritual Energy within her body in order to struggle recklessly against Liu Ming.


Liu Ming immediately laughed wickedly when he noticed that Lei Yin wanted to fight against him head-on. If she were to arrange Spiritual Arrays from a distance, it might cause him some trouble. However, in a close-up battle, he could take her life within 3 moves.

But just when Liu Ming was about to deliver the killing blow, a brilliant silver light erupted out from behind Lei Yin. Violent Spiritual Energy fluctuations mixed with rumblings sounds were formed into lightning and struck out against Liu Ming, who was approaching.

This incoming lightning instantly changed Liu Ming’s expression. He quickly urged the Spiritual Energy within his body to form a Spiritual Energy light barrier on the surface of his body.


The lightning did not hesitate as it severely bombarded his body. As the violent lightning erupted out, Liu Ming’s body instantly flew backwards hundreds of meters, sliding on the ground before it buried itself in a boulder.


Fresh blood sprayed out from Liu Ming’s mouth. His entire body was charred as he lifted his head in surprise. He noticed Mu Chen, who was behind Lei Yin, slowly opening his tightly shut eyes. A lightning Spiritual Array slowly circulated above his head. It carried an extremely violent Spiritual Energy and would flash from time to time.

“Damn it, how could this Spiritual Array be this powerful?!”

Horror filled Liu Ming’s heart. He was bombarded by the lightning to the extent that he became seriously injured. The power was comparable to a Spirit Stage powerhouse’s attack!

The men nearby were all scared because of this. Fear immediately filled their faces. Even Liu Ming, who was at the peak of a Spiritual Rotation Stage Late Phase, could not block a single attack from the Spiritual Array. How could they dare to rush forward?

Mu Chen’s stared coldly at Liu Ming, who was severely injured. However, he ignored him and turned his gaze towards Lei Yin and asked: “Are you okay?”

Lei Yin shook her head and said: “Thank you.”

If Mu Chen had not helped during the critical moment earlier, she probably would have been killed by Liu Ming.

“It’s fine. I still have to thank you for protecting me.” Mu Chen smiled gently. Then, his cold eyes looked towards the battle between Lei Shan and Yang Gui. His hand seals changed and the massive lightning Spiritual Array slowly circulated as numerous lightning flashed.

In the sky, Yang Gui was currently fighting fiercely against Lei Shan when he felt a chill. He hurriedly turned his gaze away and his eyes instantly narrowed. Then, he revealed a surprised expression. Even he felt a hint of danger coming from this lightning Spiritual Array.

“What a powerful Spiritual Array.” Lei Shan also noticed the Spiritual Array and immediately exclaimed.

“Nine Heavenly Lightning Spiritual Array!” Mu Chen stared coldly at Yang Gui and shouted out while his hand seals changed.


Following Mu Chen’s cry, the lightning Spiritual Array had completely activated. Rumbling thunder sounds echoed throughout the sky. Then, the array trembled for a moment and a massive lightning rushed out like a lightning dragon. It tore through the sky at lightning speed and fiercely bombarded against Yang Gui.

“Damn it!”

Seeing the lightning quickly becoming larger within his eyes, Yang Gui’s face changed instantly. The violent Spiritual Energy within the lightning made his heart jump.


A powerful Spiritual Energy immediately rushed out from Yang Gui’s body. His fingers were spread apart and then he fired off from his palm: “Grand Wraith Palm Print!”

Billowing Spiritual Energy gushed out and formed a gigantic Spiritual Energy palm print. It carried a powerful energy as it collided fiercely against the lightning.


An immensely violent Spiritual Energy shockwave erupted out in the sky. As a  dazzling brilliance emerged, many people closed their eyes.


Yang Gui’s body also trembled at that moment. A muffled hmph sound emitted out from his throat. Then, his body quickly staggered a dozen steps backwards as a trace of blood emerged from his mouth. The Spiritual Energy within his body had been shocked and it was apparent that he had suffered a severe injury from that collision.

“Yang Gui, die!”

Just when Yang Gui retreated back quickly due to his injuries, a shout filled with killing intent rang out from behind him. He quickly turned around and noticed Lei Shan rushing over. The latter’s body was completely wrapped in golden light. Behind him, the Golden Armadillo seemed to have fused together with him. With a cry, an indescribable sharpness emerged from it and penetrated through his chest.

Yang Gui’s body immediately stiffened as he struggled to lower his head. He noticed that a two-foot bloody hole appeared on his chest as fresh blood poured out from it.

At this instant, the entire mountain peak was silent. The troops from Mang Yin Mountain stared at this scene in horror. Their eyes showed a feeling of intense fear.

Upon seeing this, Mu Chen let out a sigh of relief. He sat down on his butt. Yang Gui was dead. Thus, Mang Yin Mountain and Liu Territory would definitely lose today’s battle.

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