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An ancient looking stone board appeared in Mu Chen's hand. It had mysterious and complicated lines on it. When he looked closer, he could see mini stone figurines on it as well. The stone figurines were vivid, causing them to look almost alive!

This stone board was the Divine Chessboard of Fighting Intent, which was given to him by the Sky Array Emperor. It had been taken from the Death Relics. Also on the board, there were a thousand stone soldiers, whose collective power was extremely strong.

But this object was meant for a one-time use only. As such, Mu Chen did not want to use it yet, because then the stone soldiers would disappear. However, at this moment of crisis, he realized that he may have no choice. If it meant losing his life, there was no point in keeping such a treasure!

"Hmph! You still dare to resist? You're really stubborn!" The South Pavilion Master gave a cold smile towards Mu Chen. Although the stone board seemed to have an unusual fluctuation, it did not seem to worry him. After all, even if he had his spiritual energy suppressed, he could still kill Mu Chen without any difficulty.

As he finished his statement, he opened his palms. There, a tremendous selike spiritual energy gathered crazily. In just a few moments, the spiritual energy transformed into a fiery red feather, which was burning in a blazing fire. The temperature on the land suddenly shot up and became intensively hot.

"Fire Phoenix Divine Art, Fire Feather Sky Burner!"

Although the South Pavilion Master was not afraid of Mu Chen, Mu Chen was still considered as one of the top powers in the North Territory. As such, he remained cautious, not holding back. The move that he had just made would kill any Sovereign Grade Six!

"The old man from the Divine Pavilion is indeed ruthless. However, Mu Chen is displaying such formidable skills…"

Outside of the region, the various top powers who saw this scene could not help but feel shocked. Some of the most influential players who reached the Sovereign Grade Six level were showing great solemnity and fear on their faces. Apparently, this unfolding of events was unexpected. Mu Chen, who was receiving such a brutal offensive attack, probably had a slim chance of even surviving!

The South Pavilion Master stood in mid-air. He was looking at Mu Chen with his sharp eyes, as he flicked one of his bare fingers.


As the finger was flicked, a fiery feather swept out furiously. The scarlet flames spread, as if they were swallowing the entire land. As the red flames soared, they seemed to transform into a fiery phoenix, which carried a flame that could destroy the whole world! Now, it was charging towards Mu Chen!

Mu Chen took a deep breath, as he faced such a daunting offense from the South Pavilion Master. If he hadn't had any trump cards, like the Divine Chessboard of Fighting Intent, he would have lost big time today!

"This old man…"

Mu Chen scolded secretly in his heart. He grit his teeth. Without any hesitation, his spiritual energy poured into the chessboard via his palm.


With the influx of the spiritual energy, glazing rays shone forth from the ancient stone board. Figures also shot out from the board. In a flash, a daunting fighting spirit suddenly broke out, then transformed into a fighting spirit emblem. The emblem collided head-on with the fiery feather.


A daunting spiritual impact occurred, and the space within a few thousand feet was vibrating. The nearby top powers' bodies and auras were badly shaken. They immediately took a few steps back.

When they finally stabilized their bodies, they cast their sights towards the battle once more, their faces surging with shock and disbelief. Mu Chen was still standing there, without any injuries, in the sky. The formidable move that the South Pavilion Master had just displayed did not hurt him one bit!

"What is that?"

Their shock lasted for only a moment, before another shocking scream was heard. By then, they saw grey lights shining behind Mu Chen. These lights were actually thousands of gray-armored soldiers! The daunting fighting spirit that exuded from this gray-armored army was incredible.

"Seem like I have belittled you."

In the sky, the South Pavilion Master was also slightly shocked when the gray-armored army suddenly appeared behind Mu Chen. His old face turned gloomy. He had not expected that his killer move would be blocked by Mu Chen so easily.

"So you have the Divine Chessboard of Fighting Intent. You lad, have a treasure!" said the South Pavilion Master, looking gloomy and gritting his teeth.

After all, he was a top power in the North Territory. As such, he was very knowledgeable and easily recognized Mu Chen's stone board with one look.

Mu Chen was a little surprised by this awareness of his opponent. After all, this was a very rare treasure. The old man indeed had sharp eyes.

"Since you know this treasure, please help me test out its power today." Mu Chen smiled.

Since this was only a one-time use object, he was determined to make full use of it. As he finished his last sentence, he struck his finger lightly on the chess board.


A humming sound spread, as a thousand soldiers suddenly opened their eyes behind Mu Chen. They did not have any intelligence, but they possessed great passion!


The majestic fighting spirit burst from their bodies, like an erupting volcano. The fighting spirit gathered in mid-air, engulfing the sky and the sun. The daunting oppression caused the top powers around the lake region to change the expressions on their faces.

Feeling such a daunting fighting spirit, the expression on the South Pavilion Master also hardened. If he had still been in his prime, he would not be afraid of these stone soldiers. But, the spiritual energy in his body currently was only a fragment of what it had once been. Thus, if they were to fight it out now, the outcome would be unpredictable.

The South Pavilion Master thought to himself, That Divine Chessboard of Fighting Intent requires the circulation of spiritual energy. If I killed that lad in a few swift moves, the stone soldiers would disappear!

With his eyes flickering, the South Pavilion Master suddenly wore a fierce look. As he stepped out, his figure suddenly disappeared into thin air.

Although he had made an unusual move, Mu Chen was already prepared for it. The moment the old man disappeared, he pulled out his pair of phoenix wings and flapped them wildly, moving into the army at lightning speed.

The South Pavilion Master arrived at the space where Mu Chen stood, but he missed him. His face turned solemn, as he had not expected that Mu Chen would be so cunning.

Mu Chen, who was now mixed among the crowd of soldiers, smiled coldly towards the old man. He held tightly to his chessboard, then started to inject even more spiritual energy into the army's ranks.

A thousand pairs of eyes, hollow yet frantic, stared at the South Pavilion Master. As the thick dark fighting spirit starting to rumble like dark clouds, it transformed into a fighting spirit stone spear, which had runes running along it. There were an estimated few thousand runes on that single spear!

The stone spear went through the void and appeared before the South Pavilion Master. It darted straight towards him.

Facing this incoming offense, the South Pavilion Master, looking solemn, moved backward. He then changed his hand formation and yelled, "Fire Phoenix Palm!"

He put his palm forward, sending forth a violent fighting spiritual energy and causing the fiery red flame to swirl. It eventually turned into a vast fire phoenix palm and collided with the stone spear.


It was a hard clash, which emitted a violent shockwave that spread out quickly. The space was distorted immediately. Even the lake below it had rising tidal waves as a side effect!


The shockwave had obviously shaken the South Pavilion Master, as he made a hmph sound before moving back a few feet. Mu Chen, on the other hand, was hiding among the stone soldiers, so he was nowhere close to being hurt.

Apparently, the South Pavilion Master was at a disadvantage in this exchange of blows. The top powers from various forces felt shocked.

As a Sovereign Grade Eight, the South Pavilion Master was a prestigious person within the North Territory. But, after seeing him lose to Mu Chen repeatedly, the impact that this created for the others was somewhat serious!

The old man stabilized his body with an angry look. He looked at Mu Chen like he wanted to tear Mu Chen into pieces. But, he knew that he had already lost face in this fight.

He thought it would be a piece of cake to deal with Mu Chen, as he was just a Sovereign Grade Five. But the truth is, not only could he not deal with Mu Chen, but he had landed himself into an embarrassing situation!

This rascal!

The South Pavilion Master was furious, but he did not make any further attempts at fighting Mu Chen. After exchanging blows, he already knew that he would not be able to defeat the thousand troop in his current state.

"It would be easy to kill that rascal, if I was still in my prime state. This is such a waste!" The South Pavilion Master grit his teeth and stared at Mu Chen with hatred. But, he did not dare enter the attack range of the stone soldiers.

The outcome of the confrontation was shocking to both kings and pavilion masters in the Daluo Territory and the Divine Pavilion. The Sleeping King had been worried about Mu Chen, but was greatly surprised that the outcome turned out so differently than most had expected. Mu Chen was not apprehended! Instead, he had forced the South Pavilion Master into such an embarrassing state!

"This lad has numerous trump cards! He is full of surprises…" The three kings exchanged glances and heaved sighs of relief. Despite their reserved characters, they could not help but sing his praises in their hearts.

But, Mu Chen would never know about such high praise. Still, he was relieved that he could make use of the stone army to force a retreat from the South Pavilion Master, regardless of whether it brought him fame or benefit.

He grasped his hand, the previous circle of light appearing in it. With the protection of the stone army, now was the best time to take out his treasure.

The light surrounding the object quickly dispersed, and the object slowly surfaced. Mu Chen took a closer look at it, becoming immediately stunned as the object was revealed.

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