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When the enormous golden spear appeared in the giant hand of The Great Solar Undying Body, an extremely violent spiritual energy broke out. The golden ripples swept out and covered a vast area.

An astonishing oppressive force pervaded the entire space, and all of the top powers looked fearful. The giant golden spear could even frighten a Sovereign Grade Six.

Mu Chen stood on top of the Great Solar Undying Body. He was also staring at the giant golden spear. Shock and amazement flashed in his eyes.

The Sovereign Super Power of the Great Solar Undying Body was the Nine Sun Super Power, which could activate the power of nine suns, thus dramatically increasing its combat effectiveness. But, the Nine Sun Super Power did not stop there. It could also transform into a more superb power, just like the Heavenly Sun Golden Seal and the Five Suns Spear.

Assuredly, these are strong and powerful Sovereign Super Powers. However, one must fulfill a stringent condition before one can activate them. The person must master the Nine Sun Super Power. Thus, Mu Chen could only activate the Five Suns Spear after he had circulated the power of five suns in the Nine Sun Super Power.

Mu Chen knew that the Nine Sun Super Power had not reached its limitation yet. But, he had to practice even more before he could witness a more powerful transformation by the Nine Sun Super Power. He could not wait for that day to arrive.

However, now was not the right time to look forward to that day. Mu Chen took a deep breath to suppress his excitement, then lifted his head. A wind-breaking sound rushed through the sky. Two light rainbows dashed forth at a high speed, like huge dragons. Fang Yi and the Prince of the Netherworld were making their full-force attack!

The reflections of the two dragon-like light spears enlarged quickly in Mu Chen's eyes. Despite facing such a dominant offensive, Mu Chen had a smile on his face. After he circulated the Five Suns Power, Mu Chen had no need to fear his opponents anymore.


As Mu Chen was mulling over these thoughts, the Great Solar Undying Body was gripping onto the golden-like Five Suns Spear. Five scorching suns were rotating at the tip of the spear. It looked like there were really five suns on it, all of which were exuding an infinite amount of oppression.

"Let me try this out. This Five Suns Spear must be truly powerful, since I need to use the power of five suns to activate it…" Mu Chen mumbled to himself, as he flicked his long fingers.


The moment his fingers flicked, the giant golden spear shot out from the hand of the Great Solar Undying Body. The speed was so fast, it produced a blasting sound. The space burst open, and huge cracks were formed.

"Five Suns Spear, Shatter the Sun!"

Mu Chen blinked. The five rotating golden suns burst out suddenly on the spear tip. The daunting golden heat wave swept out with rage.

As the five suns burst, the golden ray on the spear tip grew even stronger. Finally, it became a long light pillar and shot out.

The light pillar was very strong, as it contained raging spiritual energy that was daunting. Those top powers, like the Sleeping King and the Condor King, had a slight change in their expressions when they saw this. At that moment, that light pillar penetrated the void and clashed hard with the two dragon-like light spears.


As they collided, a loud crash was heard. The terrifying impact from the hard crash followed. The waves from the impact swept out forcefully, distorting and tearing up the space within the whole region.

Prince of Netherworld and Fang Yi watched the collision with their eyes wide open. The next moment, their expressions hardened.


The spear and the halberd that was hidden in the light spears shattered into stardust.

"Dang it!"

Both the Prince of Netherworld and Fang Yi looked sullen. With their killer shots, they never expected that they might not be able to easily deal with Mu Chen.


Mu Chen looked at them with his pitch-black eyes, showing no emotion, while they were feeling angry about it all. They could feel the chill when he looked at them.


Mu Chen lifted his finger and tapped the air on top of them, still not showing any expression.


As he tapped the air, the Prince of Netherworld and Fang Yi witnessed something frightening. The previous light pillar that had blocked their killer shot had not dissipated. Instead, it had divided into two, darting towards them at the speed of lightning.

Death was rushing towards them. The Prince of Netherworld and Fang Yi showed fear on their faces, as they knew if they were to be dragged into the dashing golden light pillar, they would be dead for sure!

Both of them turned white. They gritted their teeth and decided to retreat. As they backed off, their Sovereign Celestial Bodies below their feet were thrown off. The large bodies clashed hard with the golden light pillar.

As both of them were decisive and ruthless people, they figured that, although they suffered a loss, it was still a better choice than using their own physical bodies to block the blow. Unlike Mu Chen's Humanoid Divine Beast, their physical bodies would definitely be crushed into pieces.


A rumbling sound was heard, as the light pillar collided with two of the Celestial Bodies. As the golden light ray shone, all of them could clearly see that cracks were spreading out from the two bodies at an alarming rate. Eventually, golden rays shot out from the cracks as well.


The two Sovereign Celestial Bodies burst into stardust once again. Both the Prince of Netherworld's and Fang Yi's faces were as white as sheets. They were barely breathing. As the impact was quite harsh, they fainted directly.

Mu Chen was attracting too much attention. The three of them were the top powers among the younger generation. But, their confrontation was even more exciting than those Sovereign Grade Nine top powers, like the Sleeping King and the East Pavilion Master. Although the stone island had suppressed all of the spiritual energies, the confrontation did not stop anyone from casting their surprised gazes in their direction.

Snapper, Su Biyue, and the rest, who were keeping their eyes on the match, were drawing in cold breaths. They looked at the Prince of Netherworld, and Fang Yi, as both of them were lying unconsciously on the floor. They had witnessed how Mu Chen had defeated them.

Even so, they still could not help but feel shocked. They thought it would be good enough for Mu Chen to remain unbeaten under the joint forces of the Prince of Netherworld and Fang Yi. But, who would have thought that Mu Chen could bash them each into a half-dead state?

Snapper and Su Biyue heaved sighs of surprise secretly. Back in the Dragon-Phoenix Rift, Mu Chen had done all that he could, but he could barely win the fight with the Prince of Netherworld.

However, as of this moment, even when the Prince of Netherworld joined hands with Fang Yi, they were no match for Mu Chen. It is hard to imagine how fast and how amazing Mu Chen would become in another few years time!

There were surprised gazes on faces everywhere. But, Mu Chen continued to stare at the half-dead bodies of the two with his icy-cold eyes. He flicked his fingers, and two spiritual energy ribbons darted out, targeting the two heads. It was quite evident that Mu Chen was trying to eliminate them completely!


Even though Mu Chen was decisive in his move, he did not succeed. Just when the two ribbons were about to hit them, another two figures dashed out in front of them, blocking his blow with their sleeves.

Mu Chen frowned, as two Sovereign Grade Six elders from the Netherworld Palace and the Divine Pavilion appeared before them. It seemed like both of them were going to protect these two persons at all costs.

Even though the two Sovereigns Grade Six did not make any further moves after saving the Prince of Netherworld and Fang Yi, they did not dare look down on Mu Chen anymore, either.

They knew that they did not have the confidence to defeat the Prince of Netherworld and Fang Yi, but that Mu Chen could do it. This meant that Mu Chen had improved his skills to a level that was on par with them. Hence, both of them did not hesitate to retreat after they made their rescue, mainly for fear that Mu Chen would hurt them!

Mu Chen was laughing at the speed with which they retreated. He did not insist on killing the Prince of Netherworld and Fang Yi, as the both of them not only used black magic, but they were severely injured, too.

So, Mu Chen withdrew his gaze from them and focused his attention on the center of the lake. The group of lights that were there were reduced during the recent fighting, but none of them had managed to obtain the Spiritual Deity Liquid.

"Is the Spiritual Deity Liquid still around?"

Not many groups of lights were left, and Mu Chen was staring at them. There were only five remaining groups. They had the brightest lights, and their speed was fast. The top powers tried to catch them, but they failed.

Mu Chen was eyeing the five groups of lights. Just when he was about to use his sense to feel the item within the light, he felt something strange. He clenched his hands, and a dark object appeared in his palm.

It was the mysterious black iron triangle. After he had got it, the black iron triangle did not have any reaction. Then, it suddenly became scorching hot!

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