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Golden flames blazed in the Great Pagoda Tower. Within those flames, the body of the Heavenly Dragon Tiger began to expand again, and a fierce ominous aura swept out, shaking the tower, which began to hum and vibrate.

With the bloodline of the Heavenly Dragon in the tiger's body being ignited by the Heavenly Dragon's flames, the strength of the Heavenly Dragon Tiger surged madly. At this time, even Lord Asura would be forced into a corner.

Outside of the battle platform, Lord Blood Hawk and the others felt their scalps tingling, as they could see that the reason why the Heavenly Dragon Tiger's strength grew, was due to Mu Chen.

Although they did not understand Mu Chen's intentions, they knew that he was no fool. Hence, he must have his reasons for doing such a thing. Yet, they couldn't help but wonder whether or not he was afraid of causing the situation to go from bad to worse...

The other lords pondered over this frantically, while Mu Chen watched the Great Pagoda Tower closely. He could feel the increasingly fierce spiritual energy of the Heavenly Dragon Tiger. If he clashed with it forcefully, even if he possessed the Dragon-Phoenix Body, it would be difficult for him to withstand the impact.

The Heavenly Dragon Tiger was already extremely close to becoming a Seventh Grade Sovereign. This increase in power was rather shocking, but Mu Chen did not panic. Instead, a glint flashed in his dark eyes, resembling a black hole whirlpool.


Even though its rationality seemed had dissipated, the Heavenly Dragon Tiger was clearly aware of the present danger. Immediately, it growled and roared thunderously, then charged forward in a violent manner. Then, with one brutal blow, he swiped at the Great Pagoda Tower.


The blow swept out like a storm, causing even Lord Asura's eyelids to twitch. The Heavenly Dragon-Tiger had combined all of its power into this attack.

Mu Chen was also aware of the Heavenly Dragon Tiger's frenzied counterattack. His seals transformed, and before the terrifying blow could fall on the Great Pagoda Tower, the tower vanished into thin air. Likewise, the golden flames also dissipated.


The sharp aura of the blow, which was infused with violent spiritual energy, raged, bombarding the light screen that was surrounding the battle platform. Immediately, the light screen was shaken by the impact, and it shook, appearing as if it had ripples of water on it.

Mu Chen stood in the air, staring indifferently at the Heavenly Dragon Tiger in the center of the battle platform. After issuing the terrifying blow, its formerly burly body began to shrink gradually. Its dragon scales also began to dim and dull.

At this juncture, everyone noticed that the strength of the Heavenly Dragon Tiger was rapidly weakening. In a few moments, the originally fierce Heavenly Dragon Tiger was in a total slump. Under the dragon scales, blood seeped out, and it was clear that it was extremely weak.

Mu Chen raised his eyebrows. Although he had expected that the Heavenly Dragon Tiger would suffer such consequences after burning its bloodline, he had not expected that the aftereffects would be so strong and intense. The Heavenly Dragon Tiger now was akin to a paper tiger, rendering it no threat whatsoever.

Lord Blood Hawk and the others, who were outside the battle platform, also opened their eyes wide. After a while, realization dawned on them, and they couldn't help but cast astonished glances at Mu Chen. They obviously hadn't expected that Mu Chen would use this method to win.

"Lord Mu Chen is formidable indeed."

After the shock, there were many heartfelt exclamations of praise for Mu Chen. Many were impressed that he was able to calmly find the flaws of the Heavenly Dragon Tiger, then think of an ingenious way to defeat it. Even the experienced lords were amazed at such brilliant combat instincts!

On the battle stage, Mu Chen slowly descended from the air, as the Heavenly Dragon Tiger's crimson eyes followed his every movement closely. The next moment, it rushed out like a ferocious man-eating tiger.

However, at this time, its spiritual energy had been weakened immensely, so it could no longer pose the slightest threat to Mu Chen. Thus, in the face of its charging attack, Mu Chen swiftly avoided it. At the same time, Mu Chen's palm swiftly made contact with the Heavenly Dragon Tiger's forehead.

"I'm sorry to offend you," Mu Chen murmured, as the spiritual energy from his palm raged like a volcanic eruption.


The Heavenly Dragon Tiger's head exploded in an instant. Then, its whole body shattered into light spots, which scattered in the air. Each spot of light was full of extremely pure spiritual energy. This was the spiritual energy essence that the Heavenly Dragon Tiger had left behind.

With a swing of his sleeve, the immense spiritual energy essence surged and eventually poured into Mu Chen's body. Mu Chen stood still, but his heart was slightly startled, as the spiritual energy essence that had flowed into his body was so great, its absorption was not weaker than that of the 20,000 Meteorfall Alchemy pills, which he had absorbed when he was in his phase of cultivation!

"This Heavenly Dragon Tiger was most likely an Eighth Grade Sovereign, when it was still alive. Otherwise, it would not have left such a magnificent and pure spiritual energy essence." Mu Chen let out a sigh, marveling, then immediately closed his eyes.

After this, he quickly activated the techniques to absorb the magnificent spiritual energy essence into the Sovereign Sea, which he then refined. As the spiritual energy essence was absorbed, Mu Chen could feel that his Sovereign Sea seemed to become more powerful, and also that his spiritual power had been enhanced and refined.

If I can obtain more spiritual energy essence, I will soon be able to reach the peak of the rank of a Fifth Grade Sovereign!

An hour later, when Mu Chen opened his eyes, the whirlpool of black holes in his eyes had disappeared. As he retreated from the Small Heart Demon State, he felt the spiritual energy of his body becoming more pure and powerful. He could not help but sigh.


As Mu Chen sighed, there was a sudden noise in the ancient hall. When the people looked towards the origin of the sound, they saw a bronze gate, where another bloody beast's face had slowly melted away. This was due to the Heavenly Dragon Tiger's defeat.

Thus, the seal on the bronze gate, which had been perfectly sealed, caused four seals to disintegrate away. There were also some disorderly fluctuations, causing the area to no longer be as flawless as it had been at the beginning.

Mu Chen descended from the battle stage, and the Lords laughed and congratulated him on his victory.

"Haha, this time we owe all the credit to Lord Mu Chen." Even the Condor King nodded with a smile and sighed. This last battle was very important for them. If they had failed, Mandela would have had to forcibly break through the array, which would have resulted in a hidden danger in the future.

"It would be irrelevant for me to win this battle, if all the lords had not contributed to the previous ones." Mu Chen smiled, but refused to take all of the credit for himself.

Mandela's little face, which had been tense before, finally relaxed with a smile. Her golden eyes looked at Mu Chen, then she nodded and said, "All of you have provided meritorious contributions, and you will be rewarded for your success when all is said and done."

Upon hearing her words, glee surged within the hearts of the lords. If even Mandela had said so, the rewards were bound to be extraordinarily rich, including Top Grade Divine Artifacts, Magnificent Grade Divine Artifacts, Near Perfection level or even greater Divine Arts!

Mu Chen, who was more calm and relaxed than the other lords, simply nodded with a smile.

"Dominator, can we break this array now?" The Spiritual Pupil King looked at the sealed bronze door. This door led to where the Earthly Sovereign Secret Treasure was located.

Mandela's golden eyes also turned to the bronze gate, a slight chill flickering within them. Before that, as the bronze gate was linked so closely to the entire ancient palace, even she was at a loss for what to do. Now that the seal on the bronze gate had been broken, she had nothing left to stop her.

"Just leave it to me."

Mandela's voice was cold. Soon, she reached out her little hand again, directing it towards one of the massive sky-holding stone pillars, and grasping it fiercely.


The rune-protected sky-holding stone pillar was as fragile as tofu in Mandela's capable hands. It broke apart instantly, and with a wave of the latter's little hand, a vast spiritual power enveloped the pillar. It then transformed into layers of crystalized spiritual energy.


The pillar burst into a brilliant spiritual light, then surged out fiercely, piercing through the void and fiercely bombarding the bronze gate.

Bong! Bong!

The sky-holding stone pillars shattered into pieces. But, as they disintegrated, the ancient seals on the bronze gates began to fade rapidly, and the faces of the beasts, which were condensed by blood, emitted a shrill piercing roar. They then gradually twisted…


Mandela's golden eyes narrowed. In the next instant, her figure appeared directly behind the pillar, and her delicate fist dealt a violent blow, which bombarded the stone pillar heavily.


The huge stone pillars burst into ashes instantly, and a terrible force shattered the entire space. It then began pounding directly on the bronze gate.


The crack emerged almost instantaneously, then spread along the bronze gate. The bloody beasts' faces cracked as they screamed.

The bronze gate twisted and distorted dramatically, then finally exploded suddenly! When the bronze gate had been shattered by Mandela, Mu Chen and the others' gazes turned fierce. The door to the depths of the Earthly Sovereign Secret Treasure was open to them at last!

However, they also knew that, after passing through here, this Great Hunting War would reach its most intense point. Hence, if they were to obtain the Spiritual Godly Potion, even Mandela and other Earthly Sovereigns could no longer hold back. 

The struggle from now on would surely be immensely destructive!

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