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Chapter 931.5: The Center of the Secret Treasure

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“Let’s go!”

When the bronze gate suddenly burst open, Mandela’s command rang in Mu Chen and the other’s ears. Everyone immediately charged out, transforming into dozens of silhouettes surging towards the bronze gate.

Mandela took the lead and stepped into the gate.


The moment Mu Chen swept through the bronze gate, he could clearly sense the fluctuation of the surrounding space. His sight was dark for an instant, and then it suddenly cleared.

However, at that moment of clarity, a murderous aura carrying terrible and ferocious rage suddenly surged in from all directions like a fierce beast on a destructive rampage.

In that brutal and horrifying murderous aura, Mu Chen and the others’ backs were instantly drenched in cold sweat.


They looked up and saw that the world before them had changed dramatically, as if it were an endless plain, and at that moment, the space began to tear apart with huge cracks in the dusky yellow sky.

Within the cracks, a monstrous evil energy swept out. Mu Chen saw a black torrent continuously pouring out from the spatial cracks.

A strange growling roar rang from the black torrent. The sound seemed incompatible with the Great Thousand World, because when the sound rang out, the world’s spiritual energy frantically fled, as if in repulsion.

Mu Chen was staring at the black flood, and suddenly he was shocked. Within the black flood, he saw a myriad of obscure dark shadows that seemed to be very magnificent. However, their bodies were somewhat distorted and wispy, as if transformed from smoke. Where its head would be, its crimson gaze gradually lit up and was filled with a devouring and greedy glint.

Those shadowy figures emitted the strange and harsh sound that the heaven and earth’s spiritual energy rejected.

Just when those black torrents burst out of the cracks in space and appeared between the heavens and the earth, the spiritual energy between the heavens and the earth seemed to be ablaze. Mu Chen lifted his head and saw rolling clouds whistle and surge in that distant sky, as a myriad of silhouettes flitted across the sky’s horizon among the clouds. Looking at them carefully, they were Sovereigns from all around the Great Thousand World who emanated powerful spiritual energy fluctuations…


The endless black torrent saw the thousands of Sovereigns sweeping across the sky. The torrent roared, and then surged out and enveloped the world. The next moment, the two terrible torrents collided ruthlessly in a destructive manner.

The heavens and earth were crushed and shattered under the collision.

As the two torrents clashed, Mu Chen and the others could clearly see several black, smoky shadows shuttle and flash through the space. Their arms, which were like wispy smoke, suddenly pierced through the strong defense of a Sovereign. The arm was like a sharp blade, penetrating the Sovereign’s body.


The Sovereign screamed loudly, and his body rapidly shrank and withered. A few moments later, it exploded with a bang, disintegrating into powder and dissipating. That smoky shadow let out a strange cackling laugh.

Upon witnessing this scene, Mu Chen and the others were so shocked that their scalps tingled in fear.

Such devastating battles took place in every corner of the world.

The fierce, murderous atmosphere enveloped the world, and under the impact of such an aura, Mu Chen and the others’ eyes seemed to be flooding with crimson.


However, just as their eyes grew red, the clear chime of a bell suddenly rang, and the bell was akin to an awakening call. It instantly cleared their minds, and the scarlet in their eyes faded away, thus shaking off the influence of the murderous spiritual energy.

Even so, they felt a palpitation of fear in their hearts. Raising their heads, they saw Mandela standing in front of them, flicking her small hands, and the sound of a bell’s clear chime was heard in the spiritual energy vibrations.

It was apparent that it was she who had helped Mu Chen and the rest to shake off the influence of the murderous spiritual energy.

Mandela looked down at the tragic battles that occurred beneath the heaven and earth, and stated slowly, “This is the war that broke out in the Meteorfall Battlefield when the Extraterritorial Race invaded the Great Thousand World.”

Although they had been speculating before, their eyes could not help but narrow when they heard Mandela’s confirmation.

Were these black and smoky human silhouettes the supposed Extraterritorial Race?

“We don’t know where the Extraterritorial Race came from, but wherever they passed by, they were like locusts that devoured the power of the heavens and earth. If they were to invade and dominate the Great Thousand World, the entire world would inevitably collapse, and then this decay would spread to the innumerable Lower Planes beneath the Great Thousand World.

“I have seen the continents that have been invaded by the Extraterritorial Race, where the spiritual energy has disappeared entirely and is no longer suitable for spiritual cultivation. The life on the land has become unusually common because of the spiritual power’s disappearance.” Mandela’s small face became even more grave as she explained.


Mu Chen and the others could not help but gasp. They really could not imagine what it would be like if there was no spiritual energy between heaven and earth. What scenario would it be? That would undoubtedly be the end of the world.

No wonder the whole Great Thousand World would unite in the face of invasion by the Extraterritorial Race. All the spiritual energy practitioners of the whole world would face extinction, which was a heavy price to pay.

“The ancient battlefield here is just a projection. Don’t be influenced by its murderous spirit, or you will become one of them,” Mandela cautioned.

Mu Chen and the others nodded hastily. If they didn’t have Mandela around to protect them, less than half of them present would be able to escape alive. Every corner of this Earthly Sovereign Secret Treasure was indeed perilous.

Mandela said no more as she turned to the end of that place and surged forward. She waved her little hand and concealed the torrential murderous force sweeping beneath her.

Mu Chen and the others immediately followed, triggering spiritual energy to protect their whole bodies, not daring to have the slightest gap in their defense.

As they flew across the battlefield, they discovered the vastness of the arena. They had flown for some time, but they still could not see an end to the battlefield.

It seemed that the whole world was turning scarlet because of the slaughter.

They didn’t know how long they were going to fly like this, but since Mandela, who was in front of them, hadn’t made a sound, they had to follow closely…

After what seemed like a long time, Mandela slowed slightly, and her solemn voice rang in everyone’s ears, “Be careful!”

They suddenly heard Mandela’s reminder. Mu Chen and the rest were stunned momentarily, but still reflexively became alert and triggered their spiritual energy again.


Just as they triggered their spiritual energies to protect their bodies, they suddenly realized that the fierce fighting that broke out between heaven and earth seemed to have disappeared suddenly.

The surrounding world also changed dramatically at this time.

The vast battlefield had disappeared, replaced by a vast and boundless ocean. The ocean was dark bluish-green. The waves surged tumultuously and then fell, and when the waves crashed, they could clearly see that the space seemed to be crushed by the waves…

Every drop of seawater seemed incredibly heavy, weighing about a kilogram per drop.

They stared at this scene in amazement. The sea seemed to be so extremely deep that they could not see the end. The depths of the dark bluish-green sea were as if they had been transformed into infinite darkness, causing a chill to spread in people’s hearts.

In the sky above the sea, there was also a vast darkness.

They all looked at each other, and though the strange ocean was not as terrible as the ancient battlefield, somehow they felt an extremely heavy pressure.

The sense of oppression was indescribable and was rather suffocating.

Mandela stood in the air, and her golden eyes swept across the dark blue sea. A moment later, the golden light in her eyes seemed to flicker, and she murmured to herself, “That’s a clever way to do it.”

“Dominator… This place is?” The Condor King asked in a low voice, the ocean caused even him to feel an invisible pressure.

“If I’m not wrong, this should be what the Fourth Hall Master’s Sovereign Sea transformed into,” Mandela stated nonchalantly.

“Transformed from the Sovereign Sea?”

The lords’ eyes widened and gaped at the heaven and earth. The Sovereign Sea was the source of supreme power for a Sovereign, so they were all familiar with it. However, it was the first time they saw that a Sovereign Sea could transform into this majestic sight before them.

“When your power reaches the level of the Fourth Hall Master’s, the Sovereign Sea is equivalent to a piece of space. When they encountered an enemy, they would unleash the Sovereign Sea and directly absorb the enemy into it. Then, even if one were an Eighth Grade Sovereign, they would be crushed into nothingness with a turbulent spiritual energy wave,” Mandela said.

Mu Chen and the others were shocked and gasped internally. Generally, Sovereigns similar to their level would hide their Sovereign Sea in the most secretive place within their bodies, as they were afraid it would be destroyed. After all, for a Sovereign Master, even if the physical body was destroyed, it would not hinder them. However, once their Sovereign Sea was destroyed, their cultivation would all be for naught.

Therefore, no one would dare to absorb his opponent into his Sovereign Sea lightly.

How could they have imagined that the means they avoided like the plague, in the hands of an Earthly Sovereign, would be so terrifying…

“This should be the center of this Earthly Sovereign Secret Treasure.”

Mandela’s golden eyes gazed into the depths of the sea and pointed towards it. “Be careful.”

When they heard her words, their hearts jolted. Have we finally reached the center of the Earthly Sovereign Secret Treasure? Have the other top powers arrived?

The lords looked at each other, and their faces were all tense, as they could perceive the terrible storm coming…

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