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The crisp, resonant roars of dragons and elephants reverberated in the ancient hall. Mu Chen hovered in the air, and behind him, ten massive silhouettes stood majestically. The five dragons and five elephants radiated astonishing spiritual energy fluctuations.

Near Perfection Divine Art, Nine Dragon Nine Elephant Art.

Mu Chen acquired this Divine Art on the Continent of Trade. Although it was only at the rank of Near Perfection Divine Art, once it had been accomplished, the power it could erupt would not be inferior to some truly Perfect Divine Art.

Mu Chen stood in the sky, his black eyes like an unpredictable whirlpool. After he had condensed the five dragons and five elephants, he clasped his hands together without any hesitation and conjured up seals at the speed of lightning.

"Nine Dragon Nine Elephant Art, Dragon Elephant Wheel!"

A low roar suddenly rang in Mu Chen's heart. Immediately, the five dragons and five elephants suddenly burst out with a deep roar, transforming into ten rainbows that whistled out, and in the next moment, clashed together with a heavy impact.


The dazzling light from the collision swept out, only to reveal a huge, unparalleled light wheel condensed in the light. Dragon elephant symbols were etched on the edge of the light wheel, and a violent spiritual energy fluctuation caused the space to vibrate.


Mu Chen flicked his finger, and the Dragon Elephant Wheel suddenly turned into a flash of light and shot away with a speed like lightning. In a flash, it pierced through the space, and in the next moment, appeared in front of the Heavenly Dragon Tiger.

Even Sixth Grade Sovereigns like Lord Blood Hawk were shocked at such speed and strong spiritual energy fluctuations. Their eyelids twitched. Facing such an offensive attack, even they would not dare to underestimate it.


The Heavenly Dragon Tiger seemed to be aware of the danger of Mu Chen's brutal attack. Its eyes instantly turned grave, and it stomped its feet heavily. A sharp glint flashed in its crimson eyes, and it opened its mouth fiercely.

The raging spiritual energy gathered madly in its maw, and an ominous aura surged out from its massive, ferocious mouth.

"Heavenly Dragon Tiger Roar!"

A low growl burst out of the Heavenly Dragon Tiger's ferocious mouth. The earth-shaking dragon chant erupted, and Lord Blood Hawk and others were shocked to see a storm of soundwaves a hundred feet long materialize into something tangible that surged out.


The soundwaves were vast and majestic, and resembled a dragon and tiger charging out. Where the soundwaves passed, the space shattered and cracked.

What a furious attack!


The dragon and tiger soundwaves burst out, and then, under everyone's unblinking gaze, clashed brutally with the roaring Dragon Elephant Wheel.

At the moment of collision, a deafening sound reverberated, and the violent shockwaves raged and permeated space. A layer of the hard and unyielding floor on the battle stage was actually torn off.


The two figures both suffered a fierce shock and abruptly retreated backwards.

Mu Chen's body hit the light screen on the edge of the battle stage. Ripples surfaced on the light screen from the impact, and a muffled groan gurgled out from his throat. He grabbed the light screen to stabilize himself as his dark eyes stared ahead. There, the Heavenly Dragon Tiger knelt on the ground with one knee, its paws were inserted into the rune-engraved slab, and a long crack appeared in front of it.


The Heavenly Dragon Tiger's crimson eyes also locked onto Mu Chen. Emitting a low growl, it slowly pulled its paws out of the deep floor. Its arms were covered with criss-crossing bloody gashes.

The two had actually been equally matched in the prior clash.

Outside the battle stage, the lords looked at the fierce confrontation with grave faces. They did not expect the Heavenly Dragon Tiger to be such a formidable opponent. Mu Chen had already displayed such a powerful Divine Art, but could barely counter his opponent's attacks.

"The strength of this Heavenly Dragon Tiger is probably ranked one of the top among the ten ferocious beasts." The lords sighed. Compared to the Black Iron Demonic Monkey in the previous battle, the Heavenly Dragon Tiger was much more powerful.


Just as the lords ruminated on this, the Heavenly Dragon Tiger let out an alarming roar as everyone saw blood-red light emanating from its body.

An ominous aura permeated the blood-red light.

Accompanied by the emergence of the blood-red light, the crowd suddenly found that the Heavenly Dragon Tiger expanded gradually while the black dragon scales on its body also darkened.

In just a few moments, the Heavenly Dragon Tiger doubled in size. It stood on the platform like an ancient ferocious beast, and the dragon horns on its forehead became darker.

"D*mn it, the Heavenly Dragon Tiger's spiritual energy became stronger. What's going on?!" All the lords saw the Heavenly Dragon Tiger's change, and their expressions suddenly twisted in shock.

"It's burning the Heavenly Dragon's bloodline in its body," Mandela said, her eyebrows knitted into a frown. It was very rare that ferocious beasts could burn their own bloodline, and those ferocious beasts before had not taken this step, thus they did not expect that the Heavenly Dragon Tiger could do so.

In this way, its strength would be increased, which came as the worst news for Mu Chen.

Mu Chen had exhausted many means just to keep up with the Heavenly Dragon Tiger, and now that it had become stronger, the situation was looking pretty grim for Mu Chen.

A ripple of emotion flashed in Mu Chen's otherwise indifferent expression. He was clearly aware of the Heavenly Dragon Tiger's changes.


However, the Heavenly Dragon Tiger did not give him much time to react. A glint surged fiercely in its crimson eyes. It stomped its feet, and its huge body charged out at an extremely terrifying speed. In a flash, it appeared beside Mu Chen, and the shadow of its massive body enveloped him within.

The tiger's paw whistled down, carrying a terrible power, aiming towards Mu Chen's head. Even the space shattered and exploded under the tiger's paw.

Mu Chen quickly shifted sideways. His arms were like shields, blocking and attempting to withstand the tiger's paws.


A muffled sound rang as Mu Chen's body flew out from the impact of the blow. His body skidded on the ground for 1,000 meters, and immediately he clapped his palms on the ground. The floor cracked before he was able to stabilize himself.

Mu Chen's eyebrows knitted tightly. His sleeves were torn, and a golden light flowing under his skin could be seen. The previous blow from the Heavenly Dragon Tiger was enough to shatter the bones of an ordinary Sixth Grade Sovereign. However, Mu Chen possessed the Dragon-Phoenix Body, so his physique's strength was not inferior to some of the Divine Beasts'. Even so, excruciating pain bloomed on his arms.


As Mu Chen frowned, something whistled through the air. Immediately, the Heavenly Dragon Tiger's violent attack charged again like a torrential rain.

Mu Chen retreated quickly.

The Heavenly Dragon Tiger pursued relentlessly. It's terrifying blow was infused with spiritual energy, causing the space to ripple and fluctuate.

On the battle platform, the situation had changed, and Mu Chen had completely fallen into a disadvantageous position. When the lords saw this, their hearts sank. If this continued, no matter how strong Mu Chen's physical body was, it would not be able to withstand the Heavenly Dragon Tiger's barrage of violent attacks.

Nine Nether clenched her fists tightly, as Mu Chen's challenge was particularly crucial. If he failed, Mandela would find it particularly difficult to break through the array.


The blow of the tiger's paw was infused with shattering mountain-like force as it fiercely bombarded Mu Chen's arm. The space fluctuated under the impact as Mu Chen flew backwards. He immediately landed a blow on the void, barely stabilizing his body as spiritual energy rippled. He looked down at his arms. They were badly bruised and torn, and blood flowed profusely.

Burning its Heavenly Dragon's bloodline has increased its spiritual energy, speed, defense and strength... Mu Chen's eyes glistened. He was at a disadvantage, but because he was in the Small Heart Demon State, he did not have any emotional fluctuations at all. Instead, he constantly analyzed the subtle changes in the Heavenly Dragon Tiger's power.

Now that the Heavenly Dragon Tiger is stronger, the odds of me winning are extremely low…

However, burning its bloodline also has its after-effects, and when its power is temporarily exhausted, it will become weakened.

I cannot resist until it exhausts its blazing bloodline, thus I have to speed up the rate at which it burns its bloodline.

How do I increase the rate of its blazing bloodline?

Mu Chen's eyes were like black holes, and as his gaze flickered swiftly as he pondered. In his heart, inspiration flashed in bouts… Finally, his eyes suddenly turned focused.


There was another harsh collision. Mu Chen's body was shocked and slammed heavily against the light screen, but he did not pay any attention to it as his hands suddenly conjured ancient and mysterious seals.


The mighty spiritual energy swept out of Mu Chen's body like a storm. Golden flames flashed in his dark eyes, and in the next moment, a dark and fierce beam of light stormed out from Mu Chen's forehead.

That ray of light rose against the storm, and in an instant, it expanded to thousands of feet in size. Outside that battle platform, everyone glanced towards the light as their gazes turned focused.

It was a huge dark tower, on which were inscribed runes of the ancient heavenly dragons flying in circles. With the emergence of the black tower, an ancient wave of fluctuations emanated.

This dark tower was the Great Pagoda Tower.

As Mu Chen's seals transformed, the Great Pagoda Tower soared into the sky. It then descended in a suppressive stance as swift as lightning, and in the next moment, enveloped the Heavenly Dragon Tiger within. Dozens of golden dragons roared as they circled the tower and turned into golden flames, rushing into the black tower and wrapping around the Heavenly Dragon Tiger.

This time, however, the golden flames did not seem to be attacking the Heavenly Dragon Tiger head-on, but instead turned into curling flames, pouring down its nose and into its body.


The tiger's eyes turned blood-red instantaneously. At that moment, the tiger's Heavenly Dragon bloodline seemed to blaze entirely in its terrible glory, and a horrifying spiritual energy fluctuation broke out.

Upon sensing the waves of spiritual energy, the lords' faces twisted in shock. Lord Asura's eyes narrowed, as even he would be troubled by the fluctuation.

What exactly was Mu Chen trying to do? Why did he suddenly strengthen the power of the Heavenly Dragon Tiger?

The lords looked at each other, apparently unable to understand Mu Chen's intentions. Only Mandela was faintly astonished, but her golden eyes became bright.

"This fellow actually thought of this method… but thanks to the black tower, the heavenly dragon runes on it transformed into the flames of the heavenly dragon, which is of similar bloodline to that of the Heavenly Dragon Tiger, so it instantly ignited the bloodline in the latter's body…"

Mandela's gaze shifted to the Great Pagoda Tower, and her brows suddenly knitted into a frown. Her expression gradually grew grave.

This black tower seemed a bit familiar... One of the clans, the Pagoda Divine Clan of the Primordial Clan possessed a Pagoda Divine Tower, which was extremely similar to this…

Why would Mu Chen possess the Pagoda Divine Tower, which is unique to the Pagoda Divine Clan, unless... he's one of the members of the Pagoda Divine Clan?!

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