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Chapter 93 – Bloody Battle

“Liu Zong?!”

Zhou Ye and Lei Shan looked at the figure that appeared beside Yang Gui. Both their expressions immediately became serious. It seems that the affair today wouldn’t be settled that easily.

“So the one backing up Mang Yin Mountain really is you, the Liu Territory!” Zhou Ye’s face became dark as killing intent surged within his eyes: “Then, was it also the Liu Territory’s instruction which caused the sudden attack on our Mu Territory?”

“Ohoho, we noticed that the Mu Territory acted too proud recently and wanted to suppress it a bit. However, who would have thought that Brother Yang Gui would attack that severely and kill people.” Liu Zong smiled faintly as he spoke.

Zhou Ye’s eyes darkened and a crunching sound came out from his clenched fists.

“Since you’ve all come today, I think that there’s no need for you to leave here. Zhou Ye, you’re considered the right-hand man of Mu Feng. If you were to be killed at this location, the Mu Territory would suffer greatly from it.” Liu Zong pretended that he did not see Zhou Ye’s dark expression and waved his hands. Then, a sound of wind breaking could be heard from within the fortress. Afterwards, a group of men appeared on the fortress walls. The one leading them was the Third Master of the Liu Territory, Liu Ming.

It seemed that Liu Zong had brought many elite troops over to Mang Yin Mountain this time and had waited for the appearance of the Mu Territory.

“Leader Lei, prepare to attack!”

Zhou Ye said in a low tone. Although the situation was out of his expectations, it was clear that there was no way of retreating. They could only fight to the bitter end against Mang Yin Mountain and the Liu Territory.

And regarding this point, Lei Shan also understood this. The Liu Territory had already made it clear that they were cooperating with Mang Yin Mountain. If they failed to get rid of Mang Yin Mountain today, then Nine Dragon City would be eliminated by them in the future.


A chill flashed through Lei Shan’s eyes. He immediately waved his hand and cried out with killing intent.

“Leave Liu Zong to me.” A powerful Spiritual Energy erupted out from Zhou Ye’s body. His eyes remained fixed on Liu Zong. The latter was a Spirit Stage Middle Phase powerhouse and was extremely powerful. Even Zhou Ye could only barely stall for time against him.

Lei Shan nodded. Both sides had 2 Spirit Stage powerhouses. However, it seems that the opponent had a slight advantage over them. It seems that it would probably be a bloody battle today.

“Liu Zong, get the f*ck over here!”

Zhou Ye took a step forward and powerful Spiritual Energy began to gather behind him. It vaguely turned into a light brown rhino and a heavy feeling was emitting out. At the same time, the ground he was standing on collapsed.

“Zhou Ye. Do you really believe that you’re my opponent?!”

Liu Zong let out a sneer. A dense Spiritual Energy also gathered behind him and formed into a jaded green scorpion. The scorpion’s jaded green tail was flashing as a bloody smell emitted out from it.


However, Zhou Ye did not care about it and his body rushed out like lightning. The giant rhino behind him also became lively and caused the entire ground to tremble. This terrifying power was quite amazing.


Liu Zong let out a cold hmph before his body rushed out. He waved his hand and the tail of the jaded green scorpion behind him fiercely stabbed towards Zhou Ye.

The two types of dense Spiritual Energy collided with each other.  This shockwave immediately brought out a gale and caused the nearby forest to tremble.


Seeing that Zhou Ye took action, Lei Shan also let out a shout. Spiritual Energy gathered behind his back and formed into a golden armored beast. The armored beast was like a giant mouse and its entire body was covered with golden scales. It seemed like a layer of armor, dazzling and strong.

When Mu Chen saw the golden armored beast, he immediately recognized it. Golden Armadillo. Ranked 168th on the Myriad Beast Record’s Earth Rankings. It was said that it possesses the strength to pierce through a mountain.

“Haha, Lei Shan. We haven’t fought in so many years, let me see how much you’ve improved!” Seeing this, Yang Gui let out a big laugh. Dense Spiritual Energy surged out and formed in a giant dog with a crescent moon imprint behind him.

Silvermoon Canine. Ranked 177th on the Myriad Beast Record’s Earth Rankings. It had an extremely powerful sense of smell and no movement could escape its sense of smell within a radius of a hundred miles.

Lei Shan and Yang Gui also dashed out. The two of them also collided against each other heavily. Their fight was actually extremely violent and emitted out waves of Spiritual Energy shockwaves as it shaved off layers from the ground.


Since the leaders on both sides had already attacked, there was no need for the troops to have any inhibitions. The troops screamed out loud with red eyes and charged towards the fortress like a flood.

Boom Boom Boom!

A violent Spiritual Energy exploded out endlessly from above the peak. If you were to look above, it was extremely colorful and dazzling. However, beneath the dazzling sight raged a truly bloody battle.

Mu Chen also rushed into the crowd. His movements were like a ghost and a golden light would flash between his two fingers. They were like a sharp golden spear, which would cause blood to splash out every time it broke the winds. Sounds of screams accompanied it.

It was evident that Mu Chen, who had activated the Shadowspirit Step and Spirit King Finger, possessed an extreme killing ability.

“Bastard, you’re seeking death!”

However, just when nobody could stop Mu Chen’s rampage, a violent cry rang out beside his ears. Then, a powerful fist of wind swept over towards Mu Chen. The trembles even caused the earth to crack up.

“Liu Ming?”

Mu Chen looked up at the figure rushing over here and let out a sneer. During the Northern Spiritual Field Training, it was hard for him to resist against Liu Ming. However, that wasn’t the case right now.

Against Liu Ming’s fierce offensive, Mu Chen did not dodge and instead changed his fingers to a fist. Two Limitless Death Seals emerged on the surface of his fist as he punched out. An overbearing wind erupted out from his fist.


The two fists collided with each other and caused waves of air to emit out. A dozen or so individuals nearby were directly blasted back forcibly and spat out blood.

When the blast erupted out, Mu Chen’s body trembled and retreated a few steps backwards. As for Liu Ming, who had rushed over, tumbled in midair and landed on the ground. His face was extremely dark.

“Asshole, you’ve truly become powerful!” Liu Ming gnashed his teeth as he spoke. Originally, he never cared about Mu Chen. However, as they fought again today, he realized that Mu Chen was in no way inferior to him.

“It’s just that you’re too weak.” Mu Chen said with a cold smile.

“I, the Third Master, will tear you to pieces today!” Liu Ming angrily laughed. He pushed the Spiritual Energy inside his body to the extreme. Then, he rushed over towards Mu Chen like a lightning. The winds coming from his clawing attacks were extremely fierce.

Seeing this, Mu Chen immediately used the Shadowspirit Step and retreated backwards like a ghost. He waved his sleeves and the air fluctuated. A tiny Spiritual Array emerged out and Spiritual Energy chains made of light wrapped around Liu Ming’s body.

With his current ability, it was a simple act to arrange a tiny Spiritual Array.

Bang Bang.

However, this tiny Spiritual Array was not much of an obstacle to someone with Liu Ming’s strength. The Spiritual Energy rushed out from his body and directly destroyed all the chains around him. He said in a mocking voice: “I had heard that you’re a Spiritual Array Master. How come you only know to use these measly things?”

“Then, I’ll give you something big!”

Mu Chen’s eyes turned cold. A dozen Spiritual Seals quickly emerged on his palm.


Seeing this, Liu Ming’s heart jumped. He did not dare to be careless and charged out.

Although the Spiritual Arrays formed by a Spiritual Array Master were extremely powerful, they required a period of time to prepare. As long as they were able to get up close, a Spiritual Array Master could not resist against them.

“Swish Swish.”

However, Mu Chen saw through his thoughts. He immediately activated Shadowspirit Step to the limits and caused many illusionary shadows to appear. It actually made Liu Ming unable to know where his true body was located at.

“Boy, do you only know how to hide?!” Liu Ming shouted out in rage. Mu Chen’s movements were too elegant. It was evident that Mu Chen had trained in a rather extraordinary Movement Spiritual Art. Although he pushed his Spiritual Energy to the limits, he still failed to catch Mu Chen.


Just when he shouted, Mu Chen’s body suddenly stopped moving. However, Liu Ming did not have the time to rejoice, instead, the color of his face changed when he noticed the violent fluctuations behind Mu Chen. A massive fiery red Spiritual Array emerged slowly and emitted out a violent Spiritual Energy.

“Damn it! How could he arrange a Spiritual Array this quickly?!”

Liu Ming’s face twitched. It wasn’t that he hadn’t fought against a Spiritual Array Master before. However, it was the first time that he saw a Spiritual Array Master, who could arrange a powerful Spiritual Array at such a high speed.

“Devouring Tigerblaze Spiritual Array!”

Mu Chen did not allow Liu Ming to remain shocked for a long period of time. He stared coldly at the latter and the hand seals immediately changed. A tiger’s roar erupted out from within the fiery red Spiritual Array and then, a flame tiger containing a violent and burning Spiritual Energy directly rushed towards Liu Ming.

“Ghastly Netherworld Hands!”

Feeling the violent pressure coming from the flame tiger, Liu Ming did not hesitate and hurriedly pushed his Spiritual Energy to the extreme. With a loud shout, his hand smacked out and the Spiritual Energy formed into a light which gathered around his palm. Afterwards, the light covered palm collided fiercely against the flame tiger.


The violent Spiritual Energy erupted out and shattered the gravel on the ground into powder.



But just when Liu Ming used all his strength to resist against the violent flame tiger, a vague shadow suddenly rushed in from the side. Two of its fingers were straightened out. The fingertips were flashing a dazzling golden light as it mercilessly headed straight towards his throat.

This offensive was quite clinical. As he was caught off guard, Liu Ming could only smack it away with the back of his hand.


The golden lights were sharp like a spear. As it touched Liu Ming’s palm its sharpness erupted out. Then, it actually stabbed right through the center of Liu Ming’s palm and caused blood to sputter out.


Liu Ming issued out a scream immediately. His body flew back awkwardly and he held onto his bloody palm with an astounded expression.

Mu Chen looked coldly at Liu Ming. However, he did not give him time to recover and rushed over once again.

“Stop him!” Seeing this, Liu Ming quickly shouted out.

The Liu Territory’s men nearby immediately charged towards Mu Chen when they heard the cry. However, they were quickly stopped by the Mu Territory’s men.

The current situation was quite chaotic. Mu Chen glanced at Liu Ming, who was retreating quickly. However, he did not show any signs of chasing after him. Instead, he retreated back to the center of the Mu Territory’s and Nine Dragon City’s men. He frowned as he stared at the two battles in midair.

Lei Shan and Yang Gui were both Spirit Stage Initial Phase powerhouses. It would be hard to determine the victory without a period of time. However, Liu Zong was at the Spirit Stage Middle Phase. He was stronger than Zhou Ye. Therefore, Zhou Ye would be the first one to topple down if they continued to draw out the battle.

Once Zhou Ye was defeated, it would immediately lead to a chain reaction. Moreover, once it affected Lei Shan, the Spirit Stage powerhouses on their side would be defeated. It would be useless no matter how much of an advantage they obtained down here.

Therefore, they must think of a way to defeat the other’s Spirit Stage powerhouses.

Mu Chen’s eyes flashed. He immediately tilted his head and looked at Lei Yin and the others beside him: “Can you protect me for a while?”

“What are you planning to do?” Lei Yin’s beautiful face was quite unnatural. She had just seen how Mu Chen had dealt with Liu Ming using a Spiritual Array. This speed of arranging a Spiritual Array was not something she could compare with.

“I want to help your father kill Yang Gui.” Mu Chen said in a deep voice.

Lei Yin was surprised. She stared strangely at Mu Chen and said: “They are both Spirit Stage powerhouses. If you want to pose a threat to them, you must use a Rank 2 Spiritual Array. Aren’t you currently only a Rank 1 Spiritual Array?

“I’ll try it out.”

Mu Chen took a deep breath. His hand gripped tightly and a Jaded Essence Fruit emerged within his hands. This was the final one remaining. With his current Spiritual Energy, he would need a bit of external support in order to condense 20 Spiritual Seals.

He did not hesitate and shoved the Jaded Essence Fruit into his mouth. Then, under Lei Yin’s eyes of amazement, he closed his eyes tightly. Shortly after, she was stunned as she noticed Spiritual Seals emerging out from Mu Chen’s fingertips.

The amount was a total of 20 Spiritual Seals!

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