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Buzz buzz...

A dazzling shine exploded from the Spirit Seeking Compass. The strong glare stunned Mu Chen and Nine Nether for a moment. After a while, they stared at each other.

"Let's go take a look." Mu Chen licked his lips. Although the sudden reaction from the Spirit Seeking Compass shook him a little, there was no way he could let go of this opportunity, no matter the circumstances.

Nine Nether nodded, and she thoughtfully reminded him, "Be careful."

Mu Chen nodded in response, then he used the Spirit Seeking Compass to determine the coordinates. He swiftly looked to the east. When he locked eyes with Nine Nether, they both leaped forward without hesitation.

The area was filled with small, rocky islands, and both of them passed through island after island while scanning their surroundings in an attempt to find out the source of the light on the Spirit Seeking Compass.

With the positional guidance of the Spirit Seeking Compass, their search quickly became fruitful.

It was a rather large island. Mu Chen and Nine Nether floated before it. They looked at each other. The Spirit Seeking Compass indicated this was the spot, so whatever it was should be there.


They stared at each other, and then they acted without a silver of hesitation. An immense spirit energy materialized into a huge palm. Within the span of a few breaths, the island was mercilessly blasted into smithereens.

Swishh! Swishh!

Splintered stones burst forth, flying in every direction. Mu Chen and Nine Nether locked on tightly to the shattered rocks. Their eyes were focused so intensely, it seemed like nothing could escape their vision.

But as time passed by, the fragments dispersed completely. They were both surprised that there was nothing strange in sight.

"What's happening?" Nine Nether was astounded.

Mu Chen knitted his brows tightly. Their reconnaissance beforehand had been extremely tight, so there was no way they could have missed anything.

Mu Chen looked down at the Spirit Seeking Compass, and he was suddenly stunned. He discovered that the blinding light on the Spirit Seeking Compass had not gone dim. The source still existed!

"It seems like this island isn't the target," Mu Chen suggested.

"Wasn't the compass pointing here?" Nine Nether asked in reply.

"The coordinates certainly point here..." Mu Chen's eyes glittered for a moment. He suddenly turned his head and looked at the place where the island was. Suddenly, his eyes focused, and his body tilted forward. He discovered a twisted space where the island had shattered, but the deformation was not enough to make a spatial crack.

However, the appearance of a spatial deformation within an island was enough to make anyone suspicious.

Mu Chen stared intently at the twisted space. He raised the Spirit Seeking Compass in his hands. The compass suddenly shot out a bright light from its glaring light source.

Nine Nether, noticing the strange phenomenon, came nearer to him and looked at the twisted space with an amazed expression.

"It seems like this twisted space has caused a strange phenomenon," Mu Chen proposed in astonishment. It seemed like the island was just camouflage hiding the real source, which was this weird space.

"Is this the treasure?" Nine Nether asked in disbelief.

Mu Chen hummed for a while, then he squinted slightly. After a moment of silence, he suddenly asked, "Could you open a spatial crack from this twisted space?"

Nine Nether was shocked. "Are you suspecting the treasure's hidden within this twisted space?"

"Somebody took the pains to hide it here for a reason. If so, there must be a secret here," Mu Chen said.

"Then let me try," Nine Nether replied. Immediately, she clenched her fist, and an immense ribbon of spiritual energy struck the twisted space. Then, as if forming a giant hand, it attempted to tear a spatial crack in that twisted space.

When Nine Nether's spiritual energy blasted onto the twisted space, her heart shivered a little. She could feel that the twisted space was unexpectedly sturdy.

With her strength of a Grade Six Sovereign, tearing up space shouldn't have been a difficult matter. But now, even with all her strength, she was still struggling.

"Seems like something's fishy here." Nine Nether clenched her teeth. The spiritual energy within her exploded unreservedly. Suddenly, the twisted space started to vibrate vigorously. Finally, a black crack about an inch wide started to tear apart bit by bit.

With Nine Nether's great effort, the crack expanded to about two feet wide. However, at that point, Nine Nether realized that was her limit, and the spatial crack started to rebound, slowly regaining its ground and closing up.

Nine Nether cried, "Quick! I can't hold on for too long!"

"Urghh!" Mu Chen did not dare delay when he saw the situation. He swiftly raised his palm, and the center of his palm fiercely tore the spatial crack apart like tiger's teeth. A whirlpool of spiritual energy formed in the center of his palm, immediately unleashing a terrifying suction force.

Swissh! Swissh!

The heavy suction gushed into the spatial crack, and streams of stone fragments burst out. However, they were all ground to dust when they approached Mu Chen's palm.

What was hidden behind the spatial crack? Mu Chen did not know. As such, he was cautious not to rush in. By the off chance that he lost his way within the spatial turbulence, even Mandela would have a hard time rescuing him.

That was why he could only rely on the suction force he created, attempting to forcefully suck out all the air within the twisted space.

Poof! Poof!

Numerous streams of fragments were spat out continuously. They were all ultimately ground to dust by the spiritual energy whirlpool. But there was still no sign of any special objects.

As time went by, Nine Nether's hand started to shiver, as the effort seemed to be taking a toll on her.

Seeing this, My Chen could only sigh in his heart. But the moment he wanted to give up in disappointment, a different sound echoed from within the spatial crack.


A dark light shot out fiercely, smashing hard into the spiritual energy whirlpool. But instead of being minced by the whirlpool, it destroyed the whirlpool.

Mu Chen was quick to notice it. With a deft sweep of his hand, he focused his spiritual energy on his palm and caught the dark light in his hands.

Simultaneously, Nine Nether had exhausted her strength. The spatial crack shrank rapidly and finally vanished. The space where it had been returned to its former twisted state.

She wiped the sweat off her forehead and looked at Mu Chen. At the last moment, she had noticed the sudden blast of dark light as well.

Mu Chen opened his hand and saw a black object in his palm. It seemed to be a rough, triangular, black iron block. Some sophisticated ancient runes were carved in its surface, but Mu Chen could not feel any spiritual energy fluctuations from it.

Mu Chen and Nine Nether looked at each other. They clearly could not understand what was so special about this thing they tried so hard to get. It didn't seem like any kind of divine artifact.

Mu Chen frowned while trying to infuse his spiritual energy into the object. However, he ultimately realized that there wasn't the slightest reaction from it.

They both attempted various methods, but they could not force any reaction from that block. At last, they could only give up.

"After all that effort, we only get an odd piece of metal." Mu Chen did not know whether to cry or laugh at this. Though his instincts told him that this object wasn't simple, it might as well have been a piece of junk if he couldn't activate it.

"Leave it. Let's use this time to look for other treasures."

Mu Chen smiled bitterly and gave up unwillingly. He simply threw the block into his universal bracelet and swiftly continued to look for other treasures using the Spirit Seeking Compass.

When he probed again, a huge, terrifying, dark pyramid floating in the void in the distance caught his eye. He was reminded of the triangular block at once, as it looked like the pyramid.

However, Mu Chen laughed the idea off immediately and quickly followed behind Nine Nether to continue their treasure hunting.

After that, Mu Chen and Nine Nether reaped some rewards with the help of the Spirit Seeking Compass. However, the objects they uncovered were mostly dull and uninteresting. All in all, the first object they discovered was still the most surprising to them.


While they were treasure hunting, a sudden buzz resonated from afar. Mu Chen and Nine Nether stopped when they heard it. They looked at each other, then sped toward the direction of the buzz.

It was the sound of Mandela's summoning signal. It seemed like the path beyond had been fully scouted.


Above an island, the lords gathered once more. From the jubilant smiles on their faces, Mandela could tell that each of them had their fair share of discoveries. However, she did not press further on that, nor did she order them to turn their treasures in.

"Prepare to move toward the Earthly Sovereign Secret Treasure. I have sensed the other top forces entering this space."

Hearing Mandela's words, chills went up everyone's spines. The final battle in the Great Hunt would be at the Earthly Sovereign Secret Treasure. To fight for the objects residing within, the top forces would put in all they had. The violence of the competition would be unmatched.

"Let's go!"

Without another word, Mandela waved her hand, transformed into light, and launched herself toward the dark pyramid.

When Mu Chen saw Mandela rushing like the wind, he could only shrug at the fact that he didn't even have time to report on the strange object they had found. He, Nine Nether, and the rest quickly followed Mandela.

When he caught up to them, Mu Chen saw the faces of the lords gradually tightening up. He could not help letting out a puff of air. The upcoming battle would be the most chaotic battle in the history of the Great Hunt.

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