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Chi! Chi!

The ancient runes disappeared gradually under the influence of the corrosive liquid formed from the Meteorfall Alchemy. Within a few seconds, the rune seal in front of Mu Chen had slowly torn apart.

A crack, the length of around ten feet, appeared in front of them. When the crack appeared, an ancient gas leaked out, containing an oppression that caused their bodies to instantly stiffen.

Signs of tragedy could be felt in the gas. It seemed as if the gas had witnessed the destructive battle between the fourth Hall Master and the Sky-Devouring Evil Emperor...

Mandela's face was calm. She then dispersed the gas by waving her hands gently. This freed Mu Chen and the others, but their faces were dim as a result of the trauma.

As was expected of the Earthly Sovereign Secret Treasure, it was extremely dangerous, and merely a small breeze of gas from the entrance had already paralyzed them! In fact, without Mandela's leadership, they would not have had the courage to visit this dangerous place at all.

"Let's go, but be careful."

The innocent voice of Mandela had given a strong sense of security to all of the powerful people in the Daluo Territory. After she finished speaking, she was the first to step into the crack of the space. Behind her, the three emperors and Mu Chen joined her hastily.

When they stepped into the cracks, they felt the ancient atmosphere sweep through, but this time they had already anticipated its arrival. Hence, they had already adapted slowly to the atmosphere. They looked up and observed this strange dimension.

The dimension was like a starry sky, dark and dim, with only a faint light. It twisted from time to time and was full of violent and disorderly fluctuations.

In this broken dimension, there were countless large and small rocks floating. Some of them were as large as a mountain.

However, after a quick glance, their gazes immediately focused in the far distance. There, they saw an indescribably huge Dark Pyramid. Although it was far away, its spirit of oppression was astonishing.

"Some very powerful people met their deaths on that floating Stone Island over there, I believe. If we are lucky, we might find some good stuff there, like ancient artifacts, divine arts, and god pills," said Mandela, after glancing at the floating Stone Island.

After hearing the words of Mandela, the princes' eyes all lit up. Looking at them, Mandela also smiled and said, "Let me go to the front to explore with the three kings, as you guys explore by yourselves. If you are in danger, crush the Spiritual Jade that I gave you before, then I will come and save you." 

"You have my thanks, Dominator!" The princes were very happy about this, too. A person who had fallen in this area was bound to have been a top-notch figure. If some of their legacies could be obtained, there would be a great improvement in one's combat power!

Mandela nodded, and her golden eyes glanced at Mu Chen, indicating that he must be careful. Then, she immediately left with the three kings.

When the princes saw them leave, they looked at each other with a smile. Then, they quickly dispersed and went to the Stone Island, which was floating in the void.

Mu Chen and Nine Nether did not get separated, but rather chose to be in a group of two. They moved around a bit aimlessly at first, constantly observing the floating Stone Island with their sharp eyes.

As the group separated, sounds of the shattering of the Stone Islands were heard, reverberating around the normally quiet place. The princes were forcibly smashing the Stone Islands, searching for the relics of the fallen warriors. Although this method was somewhat arrogant and reckless, it was obviously extremely efficient in this current situation!


Using his spiritual energy, Mu Chen punched fiercely, issuing an attack that blasted a giant rock into pieces. Yet, nothing was found between the scattered rocks.

Mu Chen shrugged his shoulders, looking at Nine Nether. Since there were so many floating boulders in this space, luck would be needed to find any relics.

Nine Nether tilted her ears, hearing some laughter in the distance. She smiled and said, "It seems that someone has found something! I wonder who the lucky guy is."

Mu Chen smiled, then suddenly felt his heart fret. He was about to move, but instead clenched his palm, and the Spirit Seeking Compass appeared in his hands.

"The Spirit Seeking Compass is very sensitive to the spiritual energy fluctuation. If there are any ancient relics nearby, then it should be able to reveal them," Mu Chen said.

Nine Nether was happy after hearing Mu Chen's words. If the Spirit Seeking Compass had this ability, it could be used as a powerful treasure-seeking item. This was more efficient, compared to breaking boulders!

Mu Chen's hand grasped the Spirit Seeking Compass. He was not sure whether this item would work, but he figured that he must at least give it a try!


The two quickly swept past the floating Stone Islands, avoiding some space distortions along the way. In just one or two minutes, they had passed dozens of Stone Islands. However, to their disappointment, there was no movement on the Spirit Seeking Compass.

"It seems that the compass is not useful here," Nine Nether slowed down and said helplessly.

Mu Chen also sighed, ready to give up. However, at that moment, a loud buzz could rang out.

Although this humming sound was extremely subtle, it was still noticed by Mu Chen and Nine Nether. The two quickly looked at the Spirit Seeking Compass, seeing that a light spot had appeared on it.

"There is movement!" Nine Nether said happily.

Mu Chen's eyes were shimmering. He looked up, then locked his gaze on a Stone Island not far away. It was an ordinary boulder, which seemed similar to the many other Stone Islands in this void. However, Mu Chen knew that the light spot on the compass had directed them to that exact boulder!

Mu Chen and Nine Nether looked at each other. They moved immediately to appear in front of that Stone Island. The two attacked at the same time via a single palm attack. Using their spiritual energy, their attack easily shattered the Stone Island.


When the rubble was blasted away, they saw that there were two lights that had burst out from the gravel in the air. The two moved to appear in front of the light in a flash. Their spiritual energy then formed a circle, sealing the light within it.

Boom! Boom!

In the spiritual circle, the light moved around like a crazy mad cow, colliding with itself in the spiritual circle. The strength that shook the spiritual circle surprised Mu Chen. He immediately pumped in more spiritual energy to suppress the light.

After the light was completely calmed, Mu Chen started to observe it. Unexpectedly, he saw a long blood-red needle, as thin as a cow's hair. Although this needle looked inconspicuous at first, Mu Chen's sharp eyes saw that the needle was inscribed with countless runes. Each rune looked like a ferocious beast's face.

A dark red light was surging on the needle, with a fierceness that startled Mu Chen slightly. Mu Chen carefully injected some spiritual power into the blood needle. After tens of thousands of years, this needle now belonged to nobody, which allowed Mu Chen to control it more easily.

When Mu Chen had gained the control of the needle, there was some information that became injected into his mind. This was apparently known as the Needle of a Thousand Beasts, and it was a consumption-type upper-class artifact.

It had been refined by using ten thousand beasts. Also, it was only by one's own blood that the needle could be activated. The stronger the blood was, the stronger the power...

"It is a consumption-type upper-class artifact!"

Mu Chen grinned. Even though this kind of consumable artifact had unsustainable shortcomings, it also had its advantages, the most impressive one being its power. It was more powerful than any ordinary upper-class artifact, in fact!

Moreover, this object was extremely stealthy, making it difficult for any opponent to defend against. It would offer a priceless element of surprise against any enemy!

While Mu Chen was smiling, Nine Nether had grabbed ahold of something as well. There was a happy smile on her glamorous and pretty face. It seemed like she had found something good, too.

Mu Chen looked at Nine Nether. Before he even asked, she spread her hands to show him an emerald green pill in her palm. The surface of the pill exuded a faint glow that formed the shadow of a phoenix.

Faintly, a clear cry of a phoenix could be heard. An ancient and rich scent was also being emitted from the pill, which actually slightly increased Mu Chen's spiritual power!

"What is that?" Mu Chen asked, surprised.

"The Pill of Phoenix! It was refined using the blood of the phoenix tribe. If the same kind of divine beast consumes and refines it, its blood will be strengthened. If fate allows it, a crow might even transform it into a phoenix," Nine Nether smiled.

Mu Chen, after hearing the words, could not help but be amused. He had not expected that Nine Nether could obtain such a powerful pill. She was a Nine Netherworld Bird right now, meaning that she had the blood of the immortal bird. Since the immortal bird was also a considered to be a member of the phoenix tribe, this pill was an extra special treasure to her.

With the help of the Spirit Seeking Compass, both of them found some other good stuff in their treasure hunt. Nine Nether packed up the Pill of Phoenix, but remained unsatisfied.

She said, "Hurry up, let's explore this place further!"

It seemed that the pill had completely ignited her desire to continue the hunt for more artifacts. For them, this area was the most pristine land of treasures!

Mu Chen smiled and nodded. It had taken a lot of hard work to get here, after all, so it would be a waste to not gain as much as they could from this treasure hunt!

The two moved on, and the Spirit Seeking Compass once again showed its ability. In just a few minutes, it had once again responded, but this time, its detection shocked both of them.

This was because the light spot on the compass was shining like a scorching sun! That kind of detection was never normally observed, even when it was detecting a Grade One Relic! Thus, this was a big deviation from any of the previous Stone Island detection results!

They looked at the compass and immediately were fearful. They wondered what kind of thing could lead to such a big reaction from the compass?!

Was it the peerless artifact, or perhaps it was something stronger?

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