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The movement from the Spirit Seeking Compass astonished Mu Chen. If the ruins in front of them were the Primordial Celestial Palace preserved by the fourth hall master, some information about the palace might be obtained.

"What's wrong?" Mandela asked after noticing the change in Mu Chen's expression.

He replied with a laugh and without hiding anything, told them everything he knew.

"Primordial Celestial Palace? The fourth hall master?"

Hearing Mu Chen's words, the Condor King and the others were shocked. Although they did not have a clear understanding of the name of the fourth hall master, they were aware of the power of the Primordial Celestial Palace.

In ancient times, the overlord of the Tianluo Continent was the Primordial Celestial Palace. It was also rumored that even though the palace had already been destroyed, its ruins still existed somewhere else on the continent, prompting the top forces to search for it over the years.

Mu Chen nodded. He looked at Mandela and noticed her face was slightly dazzled. But soon she recovered and said, "I have read about the fourth hall master in the ancient books. He seems to have fallen on this ancient battlefield, but I didn't expect the battlefield to be right here.

"It is said that he and the Sky-Devouring Evil Emperor had a battle, and it ended with both of them fallen…"

"The Sky-Devouring Evil Emperor?" Mu Chen and the others were slightly startled.

Mandela explained, "A super strong warrior from the Extraterritorial Race. His strength was equally comparable to superior Earthly Sovereigns. He was one of the commanders of the invasion of the Tianluo Continent."

Immediately, Mandela's golden eyes looked at the dark pyramid deep in the broken space. A bright color crossed her eyes, and she slowly said, "If this place is really the one preserved by the fourth hall master, then the Spiritual Godly Potion of this place must be inevitably powerful, and this must not be taken by powerful forces like the Divine Pavilion. Otherwise, they will invade the North Territory, and with their temperament, we will be the first to bear the brunt."

Mu Chen nodded to calm down the emotions in his heart. He turned to face the other direction, and with some doubts he asked, "Aren't the other top forces also looking for this ruin? Why don't we see them?"

"This broken space is extremely vast, and the other top forces are in different locations. They are quite far away from each other. This is because there is no entrance to the ruins of the Earthly Sovereign. As long as there is enough Meteorfall Alchemy, we can enter here from everywhere."

Mandela smiled and continued, "Actually, just opening one entrance is enough to let everyone in, but it is obviously impossible to have the forces share their own Meteorfall Alchemy with others."

Slightly startled, Mu Chen started to understand that although doing so could indeed save a lot of Meteorfall Alchemy, this was obviously not what the top forces would do. They would rather pay more to prevent the other forces from getting the upper hand. This would force anyone with insufficient Meteorfall Alchemy to fall back. Reducing the number of rivals was the most important matter for the top forces.

At that moment, one had to stand on their own. Failing to do so indicated that one was still not qualified to compete for the Earthly Sovereign Secret Treasure.

"The journey to the Earthly Sovereign Secret Treasure is full of traps. Only the kings can follow me. The rest of the people shall stand by here." Mandela looked at the mighty army behind her. Such a large-scale army would cause nothing but trouble in this dangerous place. They might trigger the traps, and the consequences would be unimaginable.

The Condor King and the others nodded. The reason why they came here with a large army was without the lords on guard, these troops would be easily besieged outside. But now, though it seemed dangerous, it was actually extremely safe.

"In this case, it might be unfortunate for Lord Mu." Lord Mountain Cracker and the others looked at Mu Chen. He could not bring his army along. After all, he was a war troop dispatcher. He would be powerless without his army.

However, Mu Chen replied to their pity with a calm smile. "The fighting spirit might be a great shortcut, but it will be counterproductive if I am too reliant on it. The power I possess is not merely that of fighting spirit."

His voice was calm without any forcefulness. The light was surging in his black eyes, and it was derived from a kind of trust in himself. For Mu Chen, the power of the fighting spirit was like the icing on the cake, but after all, that strength was borrowed from others. In the world, eternal strength came from what one truly cultivated themselves.

Therefore, even if he knew that he had the talent to control the fighting spirit from the beginning, he was only slightly impressed. He never thought of giving up his cultivation for that power, which was why even without his fighting spirit, Mu Chen still had confidence. With his own ability, he would still be someone special. This had been proven by his own ability over the years.

When the Lord Mountain Cracker heard Mu Chen's calm words, he was startled. Even if it had been slowly and solemnly raised, there was a sense of admiration in his heart. After all, after mastering the powerful and convenient fighting spirit, Mu Chen could still treat it plainly. His heart was as sturdy as a rock. Even Lord Mountain Cracker might not obtain that same fortitude.

At that moment, they started to understand why this young man could rise in Daluo Territory in just two years.

"Well said! The truly strong are not controlled by power, but control the power!"

Mandela's tiny hands clapped, and her face was full of admiration. Even the Sleeping King, who was always sleepy, opened his eyes and looked at Mu Chen, and seemed to be surprised by Mu Chen's mentality.

Mu Chen was a little embarrassed by Mandela's admiration, and he could only smile and shrug. He just felt that he must not rely too much on the power of the fighting spirit, lest one day when he lost his army, he would fall and would not have the chance to get up.

"Get ready to move out."

With a smile, Mandela did not say anything more. Her body was slowly rising. In the rear, the Three Kings followed. Then, Mu Chen, Nine Nether, Lord Asura, and the others followed behind.

This "premium" lineup basically consisted of all the elite of Daluo Territory. Should any accident happen to them during their search for the Earthly Sovereign Secret Treasure, Daluo Territory might collapse in an instant.

Mu Chen and the others followed Mandela, and after a while, they gradually approached the broken space. With such proximity, they truly felt the pressure coming from the criss-crossed black cracks.

The black cracks continually squirmed in the void with ancient runes swimming between them, radiating light to each other and forming a dark red light curtain, which just happened to block the cracks.

Mu Chen stood before a crack. Although the crack in that space had a rune seal, the sense of oppression emanating from it still made them breathless.

Facing those space cracks, even Mandela's face turned solemn. When she discovered this ruin, she tried to use the Earthly Sovereign's power to forcibly tear the runes, but she clearly failed.

Many powerful people had fallen in this Meteorfall Battlefield, and they were stronger sovereigns than she was. The fall of those strong people led to a strange and powerful force in the entire Meteorfall Battlefield. Although this force didn't have the power to attack directly, it had the power to defend. It seemed like the force was protecting the sleep of the dead people who had fallen there.

That was the rule of the Meteorfall Battlefield. It was impossible even for someone as powerful as Mandela to break it.

Clenching her fist slightly, a universal bracelet appeared in Mandela's hand. She touched it lightly, and it emitted a sharp siren. Torrents immediately flowed out from the bracelet.

The torrents coalesced in front of Mandela like giant pythons. Beyond the torrents, there was a huge amount of Meteorfall Alchemy everywhere.

With such a large amount of Meteorfall Alchemy appearing, a rich and extremely pleasant fragrance filled the atmosphere. Mu Chen took a deep breath, and they all felt the spiritual power rising in them.

The spiritual power contained in the hundred thousands of Meteorfall Alchemy was possibly thicker than a million drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid. If even a Grade Five Sovereign were to absorb the power, their Spiritual Energy would improve quite a bit.

Mandela was looking at the Meteorfall Alchemy. She closed her hands, and the torrents made by the Meteorfall Alchemy blasted out, and then seemed to be compressed by a powerful force.

The torrents began to shrink rapidly within a short period of time. The Meteorfall Alchemy turned into a viscous liquid.

The liquid flowed slowly in the void, but when it flowed through, the space was twisted as if the liquid were heavier than mountains.

As they all watched the scene, their jaws dropped. It would have taken at least a few months for Mu Chen to refine such a large amount of the Meteorfall Alchemy. However, it seemed easy for Mandela. That was how terrifyingly powerful an Earthly Sovereign was.

Mandela's golden eyes blinked, and then with a snap of her fingers, the viscous liquid from the Meteorfall Alchemy whistled out and dripped on the ancient runes of the spatial crack.


As the viscous liquid dripped down, the ancient runes trembled and plumes of smoke quickly rose. Astonished, Mu Chen saw the runes slowly dim and then at their darkest, they melted away completely.

In just half a minute, the rune seal that had exuded unlimited oppression completely melted under the erosion of the Meteorfall Alchemy.

At that time, the door to the Earthly Sovereign Secret Treasure has completely opened.

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