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Deep inside the Meteorfall Battlefield.

Due to this region being so violent, many people were fearful of it. The sky was always gloomy, and a horrifying spiritual energy windstorm constantly raged throughout the area. Wherever the spiritual energy windstorm would pass, the mountains would immediately be flattened.

There were also bottomless chasms all over the ground of this region, which looked like large black dragons that were creeping on the ground. Just the sight of them gave one the chills.

Cold wind whizzed out from the chasms, sounding like the howling of spirits. One could vaguely see shadows floating around the space. These shadows were formed by the spirits of the masters who had died in this region. However, they had lost their minds and lingered around in this shadow form ever since.

As these shadows had absorbed the special power from the Meteorfall Battlefield, they were able to preserve the strength that they had while they were still alive. Thus, they were aggressive and would attack anyone who came near them.

The truth be told, this entire region was like a dead region. There was no sign of life anywhere.


The dead silence had finally been broken this day. Colorful lights swirled toward the gloomy area. The lights were coming from a large group of people. These people were the men of the Daluo Territory that the Condor King had brought in.

Although the troop was being escorted by the Condor King, they were still being extremely cautious. They dared not fly high, but kept low to the ground.

After flying some distance, the Condor King would change the route, just to be safe. Some routes were longer, but they were chosen because they were out of the spiritual energy windstorm region's proximity.

The spiritual energy windstorm that was deep within the Meteorfall Battlefield was much more horrifying than the ones that were outside of it. If they were to fall into it, they would definitely be killed!

Although they could not avoid all of the spiritual energy windstorms, even under the personal escort of the Condor King, before the spiritual energy windstorm came near them, the Condor King had led the troop to take cover in a large black mountain.

Howl, howl.

When the troop had taken cover, Mu Chen and the lords stood at the entrance of the cave. A dark spiritual energy windstorm raged outside the area and space warps were all over the place.

Mu Chen, Nine Nether, and the other lords were shocked. They looked gravely at the raging spiritual energy windstorm. They could sense that, if one were to be trapped in the spiritual energy windstorm, he would definitely lose his life!

"Fortunately, when the Dominator and the rest were searching for the secret treasure, they found the safe routes as well. If we were to have simply barged in, we would have been killed," Nine Nether said.

They had managed to survive through the many tough battles in the Meteorfall Battlefield. If they were not careful while they were here, all of their efforts would go to waste.

Mu Chen gently nodded. It was extremely dangerous deep inside the cave. It was no wonder that the Condor King was being so cautious.

Mu Chen squinted his eyes and looked at the dark world outside. His senses had become extremely sensitive, as his mind power became more powerful. He noticed that there were many obscure fluctuations hidden in the area.

These fluctuations were dangerous. Mu Chen dared not probe too much into the area, for fear of inviting disaster. If one was not careful in such a place, he might not have the chance to walk out of it alive!

"During the primordial calamity, when the Extraterritorial Race invaded The Great Thousand World, a great battle had taken place here. Some ancient texts have recorded that more than 10 Earthly Sovereigns were killed in this place. This excludes those of the Extraterritorial Race, whose power was comparable to the Earthly Sovereigns," said the Condor King.

When Mu Chen and the lords heard his words, they were shocked. This great number of Earthly Sovereigns was more than the total number of masters in the entire North Territory. One could imagine the scale of the primordial calamity! It could wipe out the entire Great Thousand World!

"Lord Condor King, how much longer do we have to travel before we can reach the Earthly Sovereign Relic?" Lord Asura asked.

"Judging from our speed, we will need two more days," the Condor King said. If he had traveled alone, he could have gone much faster. However, he was now leading such a big troop.

"Along the way, if you notice any strange fluctuations, leave them alone. Too many masters have been killed here. Before they died, they could have hidden themselves in the void that has been torn apart. Although they lost their minds, due to the special power here, they were still able to retain their physical bodies and possess the strength that they had when they were still alive. If they have been awakened, they will attack us aggressively," the Condor King warned.

"When the Spiritual Pupil King and I were surveying the place, we awakened one of the spirits. Although we joined forces, we still barely managed to drive it away."

When everyone heard this, they were shocked. The strength of the spirit must have been very powerful indeed. It must be at least a Grade Nine Sovereign, or even nearing the level of an Earthly Sovereign! Danger seemed to lurk around every turn in this Meteorfall Battlefield!

The troop waited for the spiritual energy windstorm to pass by, then they continued on their journey. There were numerous obstructions along the way. If it had not been for the Condor King's expertly leading the way, Mu Chen estimated that only a handful of them would have survived.

Although their progress was slow and tough, they did not meet with any real danger. After two days, the troop finally came to some black mountains. After they went past them, they were shocked by the scene that was before them.

The spiritual energy windstorm had suddenly disappeared! Even the spiritual energy became extremely quiet!

Mu Chen and the rest were not shocked by the calmness, but were more surprised by the broken space. It seemed to have been smashed by some horrifying power. Black cracks squirmed around like ferocious mouths.

Lights shot through the back cracks, and they could see a huge black pyramid floating quietly in the space that was deep within them. The black pyramid was huge beyond description. Mu Chen and the rest were like dust in comparison to it. Then, a vibration suddenly swirled towards them, causing them to tremble.

"This black pyramid is the secret treasure of the Earthly Sovereign," the Condor King looked at the broken space and said thoughtfully. "This space must have been torn by the spiritual energy fluctuations during the Primordial Age. Some Upper Earthly Sovereigns must have been killed here."

"Upper Earthly Sovereigns?"

Mu Chen and the rest gasped. The Dominator was only a Lower Earthly Sovereign. She was one level lower than the Upper Earthly Sovereign. There was no Upper Earthly Sovereign in the entire North Territory, which was why it could maintain a balance. One Upper Earthly Sovereign would be enough to change the outlook of the entire North Territory.

"You are finally here."

As Mu Chen and the rest were stunned by the black pyramid, there was a slight fluctuation in the space before them. They then heard a tender and familiar voice. Three figures appeared in the space warp, with Mandela taking the lead. The Sleeping King and the Spiritual Pupil King followed closely behind her.

"Greetings, Dominator!"

When the lords saw Mandela, they quickly bowed to her. The troops behind them also knelt down before her to show respect.

Mandela waved her hand and looked at Mu Chen. She was shocked and said with a smile, "Have you become a war troop dispatcher yet?"

Mu Chen smiled and nodded.

"Hohoho, Mu Chen has not only become a war troop dispatcher, but he has killed the war troop dispatcher of Netherworld Palace. He has contributed a lot to the Big Hunting War." The Condor King smiled, as he told Mandela what Mu Chen had done.


Mandela, the Sleeping King, and the Spiritual Pupil King were shocked when they heard what Condor King had said. Mu Chen, who had kept a low profile among the lords, had performed so well during the Big Hunting War!

"Does that mean that we have collected enough Meteorfall Alchemy?" Mandela smiled. She seemed pleased with Mu Chen's performance.

"We have a total of 430,000 Meteorfall Alchemy units." The Condor King waved his sleeve, sending a universal bracelet flying towards Mandela.

Mandela caught the bracelet, then smiled more broadly. She tilted her head and looked at the dark cracks. After letting out a breath, she said, "We shall now try to break the seal."

Mu Chen and the rest followed her gaze, only then realizing that there were ancient runes in the dark cracks. They had formed a shield to seal up the broken space within it.

As Mu Chen stared at the ancient runes, he was suddenly taken aback. He could feel the Spirit Seeking Compass that he had obtained from the Meteorfall Battlefield getting hot.

Mu Chen froze at this reaction. His heart then started to pump fiercely, as he recalled what Xiao Qingyun had said. The Spirit Seeking Compass would guide him to the death relic of the fourth hall master of the Primordial Celestial Palace.

That meant that the black pyramid in the broken space had been left behind by the fourth hall master of the Primordial Celestial Palace!

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